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What memorable commercials were introduced during the 90s that you can think of? This isn't a list of every commercial to appear in the decade, just the commercials that really stood out for one reason or another.

  • 1-800-COLLECT
    There's a bunch of body building muscle guys working out on the beach. Someone needs to make a phone call but they don't have correct change, but not to fear because all of a sudden Sandra Savealot(Alyssa Milano) emerges from the calm and tranquil sea. She explains to them about they can save money by using 1-800-COLLECT

  • 1-800-COLLECT
    I liked the one 1-800-COLLECT ad with O.J. Simpson's mother getting a 1-800-COLLECT call from O.J. Simpson

  • 1800 collect
    This is just a mistake that you made. The comercial with Alyssa Milano in it is the "Eva" Savelot comericials. Not Sandra. Just thought Id let ya know!

  • 7-Up
    A businessman comes home from work and finds his son laying on the couch. He asks "Have you done anything all day?". The son replies "Got my report card (straight A's), finished my extra credit assignment, did your taxes, gave blood, found a home for a stray cat, gave Muffy a haircut, oh, and I ordered Chinese for dinner, on me, which should be here (doorbell rings) right about now." The dad then faints and the announcer says "Think that's refreshing? Try 7-Up!"

  • 7up
    "Hi! I'm the guy that makes 7up! I also make the advertising. I just thought of a great new slogan: Make 7up Yours! *shows front of his shirt* 'Make 7'...*turns around*...'Up yours!!!'" Hard to believe you can get one of those shirts for yourself.

  • 7up
    Other 7up commercials in the 'Make 7up Yours' era included: -The [possibly fictional] 'Show Us Your Can' contest, ended up having people take pictures of their butts and sending them to that one guy -The one where he rhythmically flicks the tab on a 7up can 'It's not exactly hip-hop, but I'm working on it.' -The one one where he has a big laser and plans to use it to make a big 7up logo on the moon, but ends up blowing it up instead 'It's not like anyone sees it!' -The one where he puts a vending machine in the middle of a highway, and the machine gets WASTED by a big semi, sending about half a gazillion cans and sprayed 7up everywhere.

  • A&W Root Beer
    Yes, the Mr. Dumass description should include the part where after the guy leaves, the boss says, "What a dumbass."

  • A&W Rootbeer
    a man is getting a job interview by the boss whose name is Mr. D-u-m-a-s-s. and he keeps calling him Mr. Dumbass. The boss leans over the desk and says, "the name is Dumas." (it's pronounced Dumas, but spelled Dumass.)

  • Aladdin: The Series
    A man and a woman would step out from behind the buildings in Arabia. Then the man sang: "A race across the desert sa-ands." Woman: "Escaping in the nick of ti-ime." Man: "See which evil man he'll conquer ne-ext." Woman: "Wonders appear before your ey-eyes." Together: "Come along for the ride, just on our caravan." Man: "When Aladdin is your guide" Woman: "Then excitment is at hand." Together: "Come along for the ride through Arabian Nights." Man: "On a carpet you'll fly." Woman: "And you won't believe the sights." Together: "Come along!" Man: "Watch evil men do evil dee-eeds." Woman: "Ooohh, a bird that has a change of hear-ar-art." Man: "A princess and her stunning beads." Woman: "Adventure is about to star-art." The commercial ends with Aladdin saying: "Wow."

  • Amazin' Fruit Gummi Bears
    This commercial had THE catchiest jingle EVER! A bunch of little colorful bears holding fruit start chanting "It's our Amazin' Fruit! It's our Amazin' Fruit!" over and over again until they go into their package. After this, a little bear does a Tarzan yell while swinging on a vine just before the announcer says, "Tropical flavors too!" It got very heavy rotation on Nickelodeon, and they also had this promotion where you could go into McDonald's and said to the cashier, "Nick sent me!" And then the cashier would give you a little bag of Amazin' Fruit. I remember being too embarassed/shy to do that...

  • American Express Card/Supermarket
    In 1997, Jerry Seinfeld declares "I love to shop!" He parades around the store, tossing produce in the air and catching it in a bag, rides on a cart saying "Franks and beans in Aisle 2," and "Beans and franks in Aisle 3." He walks up to the cash register, says "Check this out." and is named the 1 millionth customer. He is then all teary eyed as he says "I love this card." I get teary eyed because of how funny it was!

  • American express
    Seinfeld is at a gas station with his girlfriend in his car.And as he takes out the gas pumper he says,"release the hounds".The Gas station employer says something to seinfeld.Seinfeld starts pumping gas in his car.The price meter starts raising up.It goes up to i think 20 dollars.Seinfeld pumps the price up a little more.His girlfriends shocked.The gas employer says"pay up". Seinfeld takes out his creditcard.And the Gas employer lets out a little grief.

  • Amigo
    Aired in late '97 and early 1998. It was a car commercial and went to the tune of the "Slinky" song. "What rides down stairs and even in pairs and even rides up roads? A car,a car a marvolous car everyone knows its amigo..." and at the end a voice-over says "batteries included." Its one of my favorite commericals!

  • Beggin' Strips
    I love this one. It shows the nose of the dog (a golden retriever) going around the kitchen looking for "bacon, bacon, bacon" and sniffing out and sees it on the top of the counter and the lady takes a strip out of the box and gives it to the dog. (You hear the dog "munching" on it) and at the end of the announcer's voice the dog's voice calls out "It's BACON!"

  • Blackcurrent Tango
    The one that started off with the complaints manager reading a letter from Sebastian from France who didn't like Blackcurrent Tango and ended with the words "Come on then France! Europe! The world! We'll take you all on!" with Harrier Jump Jets hovering in the background of the White Cliffs of Dover.

  • Blockbuster Video
    A guinnea pig named Ray and a bunny named Carl are in a cage in a pet store window accross the street from a Blockbuster Video. Ray starts talking about his favorite action flicks and starts swinging around a carrot. It hits Carl in the face and Carl looks at Ray and asks "Did you just whack me with a carrot?" Carl waves his hand and several mice jump into the cage in karate stances making karate noises and Ray says "Oh, no! ninja mice!" and they attack him.

  • Blow-pops
    Lots of kids with frizzy hair and vibrant clothing running around a blow pop room and eating blowpops. At the beginning it was like "Blow pops-Take 1" or something like that that. At the end, they would all yell "BLOWPOPS!!" and then a kid would whisper "by Charms...."

  • Boar's Head Ovengold Turkey
    A man sees two different kinds of turkey lunchmeat at a supermarket delicatessen: a generic "turkey breast" and a Boar's Head Ovengold. While the man decides which kind to buy, the narrator states that the generic turkey is really a concoction of ground-up turkey by-products, fillers, and even SEAWEED. A documentary of the manufacture of the generic turkey is then provided, with machines churning a mush-like mixture and extruding this mixture into balls (which then become the "turkey breasts") on a moving conveyor belt. The narrator then states that Ovengold is 100% pure turkey breast ("the kind you grew up with") while showing the audience its picture. Finally, the man in the deli decides to buy Ovengold. The commercial closes with "Boar's Head Ovengold. Turkey. Not Technology."

  • Bridgestone- Tires
    Search Bridgestone- Tires Commercial with the american Supercar Vector Avtech-WX3 towed by an F15- Jet!!!

  • Bud Dry (?)
    The "Why ask why?" commerical......doing some reseach and have hit..nothing

  • Bud Ice
    A commercial with penguins sitting on icebergs singing "dooby, dooby,do" The commercial ends with the tagline "Drink Bud Ice, but beware of the penguins."

  • Bud Light
    Johnny is out fishing with his father while he says, "Dad...you're my dad, and I LOVE YOU MAN!!!" As Johnny reaches over for a hug, his father abruptly says, "You're not getting my Bud Light, Johnny."

  • Bud Light
    (radio)There's a series of commercials saluting "real american heroes." One of them salutes "Mr. Golf-ball-picker-upper." "For our pure entertainment, you throw yourself in the face of adversity-and you do it on a tractor." (singer) "Riding high!" (announcer) "Though the rules call for friendly fire, you know we're all gunning for you." (singer)"Gunnin' for you! (announcer)Yet you go on, because you know, sooner or later, someone's gonna hit a dribbler, and when they do, you'll be there" (singer) "You'll be there!" (announcer) So crack open an ice cold Bud Light because, in a world filled with namby-pambies, you've got the most balls.

  • Bud Light
    It is Ladies night at a bar where Bud Light is $1.00 for ladies only and a bunch of guys come in dressed as ladies to get beer for $1.00.

  • Budweiser
    Three frogs sitting on lillipads croaking Bud---wei----ser.

  • Budweiser
    Three frogs sitting on lillies croaking "Bud-Weis-er" and then the Budweiser sign falls down, and they croaked "Growl." Made in 1996, and lived 'til the middle of 1998.

  • Budweiser
    superbowl 98, the ones where the iguana's where trying to kill the frogs, and so they sent the ferret to blow them up. he screwed up, so the frogs kept croaking, and the great tag line "never send a ferret to do a weasel's job." it's not just one, but about 5 in a row that told the little story.

  • Bugle Boy
    Three guys out playing golf lament the fate of their "poor friend" who had to stay home with his wife. They trudge through the woods and step into ponds, looking for lost golf balls, etc. complaining about how hen-pecked their friend has become. Meanwhile, shots are interspersed of the friend, at home, with his wife clad only in his Bugle Boy shirt, having a much better time than the golfers are. A true celbration of marriage. Anybody know where a copy of this ad can be located? I want to use it in a marriage class that we teach.

  • Bush's Baked Beans
    This commercial featured a man (Bush) and his dog sitting in the living room, talking about his home made baked beans, he mentions that it's a family secret which he's only told his dog, and he says "And he's not saying anything!" The dog turns to him and says "Rrroll that beautiful bean footage!" The guy down at his dog and says "Uh oh!"

  • Cadbury Caramilk Fudge
    The commercial begins with an ancient sage awakening from his long meditation and he says that after so many years he has finally discovered the Caramilk secret and as he walks out of his meditative chambers or mountain to tell the seret to his young pupils, he begins to tell them the secret. They ask him and just as he begins to explain one asks, "So you know how they get the chocolate fudge in the Cadbury Caramilk bar?" and the sage asks with a shocked look "Chocolate Fudge!?" He tastes it and closes his eyes and goes, "Mmm" and then he says "Just when I discover the secret they come up with another Caramilk" as he walks away back to his meditative chamber "Think think think, that's all I do"

  • Calvin Klein Jeans
    Remember the banned Calvin Klein commercials that used skinny and shy teen girls with a baritone male voice speaking softly and seductively in the background telling them how to model the jeans? One girl unzipped just enough to show a hint of underwear, another girl was shy about turning around and showing the back of her jeans (but did after coaxing from the voice).

  • Carl's Jr.
    The franchise's shameless celebration of cholesterol and sex took the form of ads showing people spilling the fatty mayonnaise and sauces from their burgers all over the place. The most prominent one had office guys spying on a hottie dressed in the most gleaming white dress in the next skyscraper and betting whether she'd drip her sauce on her clothes.

  • Castrol Syntec Motor Oil
    Several car engines are mounted on stands in a lab. A lab technician pours Castrol Syntec into one of the engines, while other lab techs pour conventional oil into the remaining engines. The lab techs then drain the oil from all of the engines and start them without oil. As the narrator comments on Castrol Syntec's "unique molecular structure", four engines formerly filled with conventional oil seize up one after the other (the fourth does so with a screeching noise). However, the engine formerly filled with Castrol Syntec keeps on running. The narrator closes with "Castrol Syntec. Protects in ways other oils can't."

  • Chevrolet Monte Carlo
    NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, during a race, turns into the Tasmanian Devil. When he pulls in for a pitstop, the Devil swallows a tire, spits out the lugnuts, and then swallows an air tank, which explodes inside of him and turns him back into Dale Earnhardt. Very funny commercial.

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch
    These commercials started airing in the mid 90's, featuring some adult with a burr up their butt and the kids telling how the adult probably cant tell why Cinnamon Toast Crunch was so good. The adult gives some lamebrained answer and the kids all laugh and correct them. Then the fat chef from the original commercials comes out and says "Cinnamon Toast Crunch...the taste you can see"...or something like that. I grew up in the 80's and I liked the commercials that had all three of the chefs, back when Cinnamon Toast Crunch had enough sugar in it to send you into insulin shock

  • Clairol Herbal Essences Shampoo
    Those ads where women would shampoo their hair in unusual places. The people who were around them would them hear them having their "organic" experience. That is, the women would express their enjoyment much like Meg Ryan's character faking an orgasm in WHEN HARRY MET SALLY. An older woman who had witnessed the scene would then say "I'll have what she's having." much like the movie.

  • Claritin Syrup
    There are these annoying kids and they are singing, "I believe in a syrup!" It was so weird...

  • Clorets chewing gum
    The Clorest commercials with Kramer off of seinfeld.He creepsaround an expensive french restaurant avoidung a disgruntled Chef pushing CLorets on people eating garlic filleed meals. WHile being found in a flower pot and running out of the restaurant he screams "Get fresh with your breath get clorets!"

  • Coca Cola Classic
    1990- New Kids on The Block Commercial- It helped kicked off NKOTB's Magic Summer Tour- The gimic was you could actually win money when you opened the can. Money was supposed to pop up out of the can. The commercial went like this : " You never do know you might find magic in a coca cola classic. There's magic in the real thing " It featured the New Kids singing on Stage.

  • Coca-Cola
    The coke logo in the center of the screen with bright colors behind it while singing, "The stars will always shine, the birds will always sing, as long as there is fun there's always the real thing. Coca-Cola Classic is always the one, whenever there is fun there's always Cola-Cola"

  • Coffee Crisp
    ok. theres these two old eurpoean women with accents sitting in a diner talking to eachother woman 1: how do you liking you coffee? woman 2: crisp woman 1: you like you coffee crisp? woman 2: i like my coffee crisp (shows her chocolate bar) woman 1: ah, im supposed to laugh now. you dont know from joke, you never did. face it deary, youre no jane rivers...

  • Coka-Cola
    The coke logo in the center of the screen with bright colors behind it while singing, "The stars will always shine, the birds will always sing, as long as there is fun there's always the real thing. Coca-Cola Classic is always the one, whenever there is fun there's always Cola-Cola"

  • Coke
    This commercial had Michael Jordan in it, and the song went something about, "If I could be like Mike".

  • Coke and pepsi
    It might be worth noting that the Coke and Pepsi ads involving Michael Jackson and Cindy Crawford of the early 90s were the final salvos fired in the Cola wars of the previous decade.

  • Creepy Crawlers
    Kids making the wax creepy crawler bugs and setting them places then the parents scream when they see it.

  • Crystal Pepsi
    Commercial composed of various images set to Van Halen's tune, "Right Now."

  • Detrol LA Overactive Bladder Capsules
    There are several commercials for this product ever since it's campaign debuted in the late 1990s. Each commercial goes with the same song that can be found below. One of them features a traffic officer/crossing guard. She stands there dancing around while the music plays: "Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go Right Now! Gotta Go, Gotta Go Gotta Go! Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go Right Now! Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go! She then says "I Have To Go....NOW! Stop". She then runs to the potty. The concept for these ads are always the same. At the very end, we hear a young person's voice saying "and I don't have to go right now!". It is said softer and then the 1-888-4-DETROL number appears.

  • Diet Coke
    Starred Paula Abdul and Elton John, Paula danced on top of his piano. Paula also did another Diet Coke ad that featured her dancing with a troupe of deceased celebrities such as Groucho Marx and Fred Astaire, who were computerized into the commercial.

  • Diet Coke
    The 11:30 'Diet Coke Break' ad with the women in the office looking down at the building site(there are other variations) with the builders stripping off to Etta James's 'I Just Wanna Make Love To You'... what a classic.

  • Diet Coke
    Where the women in the office building all take their "diet coke break" at the window to watch the hot construction worker take his shirt off?

  • Diet Pepsi
    Ray charles sings, "You got got the right one babyyy!!!" "UH HUH!!!"(sung by thre younger women) Then a voice goes with (100% uh huh)

  • Diet Pepsi
    That is for your listing of unknown for... Youv'e got the right one,baby! Now, for the one I can't find....your true voice....where did that come from...my son has a trivia questionaire for school that we have found a ton of answers on your sight....but can't figure that one out. please let me know if you figure it out. Thank you. Lisa

  • Dirt Devil
    Three golden retrievers and the owner of Dirt Devil at christmas time.

  • Domino's Pizza
    Did you "avoid the noid" when you ordered your pizza?

  • Doublemint Gum
    This Commercial Aired In 1994, and This Had A Song That Had The "Double...Double...MMM...MMM...Doublemint Gum"

  • Drug-Free Commercial
    Theres a little animated cartoons and he sang a tune saying "I'd rather eat a big ol' bug, than ever take stupid drugs..."

  • ESPN SportsCenter
    They did a great Y2K spoof late in 1999. It showed one of their lead anchors explaining they were about to demo their Y2K preparedness, counted down, threw he switch and all hell broke loose. Pure slapstick and one of the funniest TV promos I've ever seen.

  • ESPN Sportscenter
    ESPN commercial, when Dan Patrick has his 100th show, and that lady comes riding out on the lawn mower, and has a shirt on that says "Dan 100", while confetti is flying and the various mascots are shaking Patrick's hand.

  • ESPN racing coverage
    The "NASCAR Ride-Along Program" had NASCAR drivers driving with passengers. The passengers ranged from being freaked to criticizing family members (Richard Petty and Kyle Petty). The best (and last?) one during its' 1998 run was the three ESPN announcers stuffed in the backseat and whining.

  • ESPN the Magazine
    My favorite in this series has a clueless cheerleader who wants to know more about the sports she cheers for, and she says, "That's why I read ESPN (pronounced ESS-spin) the Magazine."

  • Eclipse Gum
    It has the Eclipse song in the background "a spicy lunch and your breat tastes hot? Now you can Eclipse it" then it goes to this guy who was smoking a cigar and he puts it out, has some gum and has the biggest smile ever on his face. Every time it would just cause me to crack up laughing.

  • Eggo Waffles
    A surfer dude sits on the beach watching a female surfer stroll out of the water as the Beach Boys' "Little Surfer" plays. He puts an Eggo waffle into a toaster and turns his back. When it pops up, he and we assume the girl grab it at the same time. Surfer dude says "You wanna let go, or do you wanna talk?" and we see the other grabber is an old guy who says "Sure! Let's chat!" The commercial fades out as the old guy relates some of his surfing stories to the kid.

  • Eggo Waffles
    A surfer boy sits on the beach while a surfer girl strolls out of the water while the Beach Boys' "Little Surfer" plays. The boy puts an Eggo waffle into the toaster behind him and turns away. The Eggo pops up and he and someone else grab it at the same time. The guy says "You wanna let go, or do you wanna talk?". He then turns around to see the other grabber is an old guy who says "Sure! Let's chat!" As the commercial fades out, the old guy is regaling the boy with surfing stories.

  • Excite.com
    A man is seen trying to close his overstuffed trunk in a parking lot. The screen says "He met his wife in an Excite.com chat room." We then see the man make one last attempt to close his trunk. This time, he slams it so hard he breaks the window. The screen then says "If he can, why can't you?"

  • Foldgers Coffee
    1991 commercial starring Kyle Maclachlan, directed by David Lynch. Only aired a few times in the US.

  • Fox Kids Network
    They used to play this almost every afternoon during late 1994. The song started off with Wakko playing the drums. Then the man starts singing: Hey now tell me what's the commotion? Background girls: It's a hot party that rocks! Man: You've got to come see all the excitement! Girls: Everything is happening on Fox! Girls: Every day's another adventure, thrills and fun, yeah we're the tops. Now you know the place'll be right here, everything is happening on Fox. Then various characters from the Fox Kids shows would exclaim: "Fox Kids." At the end everybody would shout: ON FOX KIDS!

  • Frosted Cheerios
    They had that Gumby and Pokey cameo where they said Hey they're frosted and Hey we're clay.

  • GAP Commercial
    There was a series of commercials that came out for the Gap in the late 90s where they'd have a bunch of Teenagers/20 year olds standing in a group in front of a white back drop and sing oldies or something and they'd all be decked in GAP wear. I will always remember how annoying those commercials were.

  • The Game of Perfection
    Tune to ''Pop Goes the Weasel'': ''Put the pieces into the slots, make the right selection! But be quick, you're racing the clock! POP! (Here the singing man's chest explodes with Perfection pieces) Goes Perfection!

  • The Gap
    This is when Gap started to have those "singing" commercials. The first one was a plain white background with a bunch of models standing there in their Gap outfits singing "Gonna dress you up in my love...all over, all over...gonna dress you up in my love...all over your body..." Yea, there were more, but that's the first.

  • Gap
    "They call me Mellow Yellow". When Gap came out with the whole campaign where they used old songs and the models would sing. Those were the good ones.

  • Gap Ad's
    When all of the models wear strikingly similar clothing and sing to songs popular in the 1980's. For example " I'm just mad about Saffron, Saffrons mad about me...."

  • Gap swing commercial
    Swing dancing to sell kahkis.

  • Geico
    A spokesman for Geico announces that many people are switching their car insurance to Geico and suggests that it's something in the water. At a reservoir, he walks up to a scientist with a test tube full of some red liquid and asks for his professional opinion. The scientist says "I think people just want to save money." The spokesman asks if the water in the test tube should be red.

  • Geico
    A man opens his insurance bill as his scotts terrier( i think that's the type of dog) looks over his shoulder on the back of the recliner. The dog sees the price and falls on the floor laughing hysterically. This is simply the best!

  • Geico
    An obviously tired woman runs down the middle of the street with one high heel shoe missing. She stops at a stop sign and puts her hand out. The crossing guard looks confused. As she runs, you can see an elementry bumper sticker on her bum. SShe she stops in front of a school where children are filing out and blows her fog horn and yells "Tracy!" Her daughter's friend sees her and asks if that's her mom."No, let's go." she replied. A car behind the Mom honks and she with an upset look on her face, uses her fog horn to honk back.

  • Golf Mill Ford
    Annoying local commercial in suburban Chicagoland that featured a song telling viewers "Why don't you do like Stu? Push it! Pull it! Tow it to Golf Mill Ford!" and "So do like Stu and you'll save too!" Stu was an obese man who was about 400 lbs, and various shots of him were shown pushing, pulling, and sitting on cars.

  • Good Seasons Salad Dressing
    The bunny with the Barry White voice who tells the lady to loooooove her salad. I crack up when he hops down the front walk singing, "baby baby baby, you can't bottle love!"

  • Grey Poupon
    1992. This is when the commercials started get more and more comical. One of them was for the new squeeze bottle, as a modern alternative to the customary glass jar it used to come in. The usual middle-aged guy is in the backseat of a limo squeezing some of the mustard on a sandwich...*ppbbbbtt!!!!* 'Pardon me!' Another one, which I think was an advertisement of a new flavor, involved another middle-ager and a young boy. Later in the commercial, they start insulting each other in immature ways [probably because the boy wouldn't give the old guy any Grey Poupon].

  • Hallmark
    Those damn ad guys at Hallmark sure know how to tug at your heartstrings. The one in particular that actually made me cry (there's nothing more embarassing than crying over a commercial) was the one with the old lady who checked her mailbox every day but never got any mail, so the woman across the street sends her a "Hello" card. The next day the woman's kid comes home with a jar of preserves or something and says they're from Mrs. So-and-so from across the street and then he says "I think she was crying". When they walk across the street to each other and hug, I turn into a sobbing fool.

  • Hallmark-Laura's Good behavior
    In this December 99 ad, which aired during a Hallmark movie, a girl named Laura, who is probably about 15 years old, gets called to the principal's office, and when she enters she automatically assumes that she's in trouble, because she says "Look, whatever it was, I didn't do it! I told you I'm trying to behave!" The principal mentions some past incidents that Laura committed, and she claims it wasn't her fault. the reason, however, that Laura was called down was not to accuse her, it was to give her something. The principal says "Laura, this is for you. I'm proud of you. Merry Christmas." Laura walks out of the office, and opens the envolope, only to find a card that tells her she's been good, and that the principal is proud of her. Quite emotional, since many of the best Hallmark ads air during Christmas.

  • Hallmark-Thanks to the teacher
    In Christmas 1996, a teacher dismisses an elementary school class for the holidays. Meanwhile a young boy sits waiting. The teacher tells him that the class is over, and he walks up to the front of the room, thanking her for all her help in teaching him to read better, and hands her a Hallmark card. He begins to walk away, and she turns to him, smiles, and says "Thank you." At that point I am trying not to cry, and then in the final heart tugging moment, he asks her if he could read it to her. I remember seeing this during a Hallmark Classics movie presentation in December '96 , and this commercial remains one of my favorites.

  • He-Man Sword
    A kid is in bed, and wakes in the middle of the night to find Skeletor in his room. I forget how he gets the sword, but he defeats Skeletor, who disappears.

  • Intel Pentium 4
    Pentium 4 commercial with a bunch of aliens all dancing. It just came out, I have just seen it (April 2002) and I really like the techno song that is in the back ground. I do not know what the song is and I have been trying to find out. Please, if you know what the song is email me back. thank you

  • Ivory
    Cute commercial from around 1990-91. A little boy is sitting in a bathtub, singing the "Ivory Baby" song while cleaning himself. You know, the one with "99.4% cream" in it. A very cute rarely seen commercial.

  • Joe Montana Football game for Sega Genesis
    Doctors are showing X-ray pictures to Joe Montana. The doctor asks Montana what he sees in every X-ray picture and every response which Montana gave was "Reggie White". At the end of the ad, the doctor asks Montana, "Now what do you see?" Joe Montana's response was the Sega shout. "SEGA!"

  • Juicey Fruit Gum
    They are all on bikes and the music goes Juicey fruit the taste the taste the taste is gonna move you all day looooong!

  • Juicey Fruit Gum
    They are all on bikes and the music goes Juicey fruit the taste the taste the taste is gonna move you all day looooong!

  • Just For Feet
    It starts off with a boy and a girl sitting on a bed doing homework or something, with the announcer telling about the great sale on kids' shoes Just for feet is having. Suddenly a shoe flys out and the girl grabs it and looks at it, saying,"Cool!" and one flys at the boy who grabs it and goes,"Awesome!" The narrator keeps talking, and more and more shoes keep flying at the kids, but now they're getting hit in the face and stuff while they're franticly trying to escape. The commercial fades out with them screaming and sinking to the floor under hundreds of shoes, that just keep coming. Hilarious!

  • Kellogs Corn Flakes (Christmas commercial)
    In this commercial, a few little kids are trying to stay up to see Santa Claus. They leave him out some Corn Flakes and that night the littlest girl hears a noise and wakes up and sure enough, she sees Santa eating his Corn Flakes! She looks at him and he looks at her and puts his finger to his lips and she does the same and then says "ho, ho, ho" and goes back to sleep! It is such a cute commercial I used to see all the time around 1993-1996.

  • Lee Dungarees
    Buddy lee... that doll guy advertising jeans. "bet you cant bust em" he like saves people and skydives. it's funny.

  • Lee Dungarees
    A 90 foot tall supermodel goes searching through a city. She causes massive panic and crushes a taxi cab and snap a power line in half. Eventually finds a guy and gives him her phone number before stumping off.

  • Levi Jeans
    A group of doctors rush this guy into the ER and the heart monitor is beeping.. Then they all start singing Tainted Love and partying...in the end the guy gets shocked. It's such a funny commericial if you think about the song lyrics.

  • Levi's Wide Leg Jeans
    An injured man is wheeled into an operating room and begins to sing "Tainted Love" to the beat of the heart monitoring machine. Soon, the doctors and nurses join in playfully singing and dancing around the O.R. until his heart "beep" stops...they give him a quick jolt...then the beeps (and the song) continue. Hilarious!

  • Levi's jeans
    A young, handsome guy stands with a plain background. He paces back and forth saying, "Yeah, so I work in a cheese factory..." He continues saying how some people think it's strange to work in a cheese factory, but he learns all the names to the different cheeses. He lists different cheese...mozzarella, parmesan, blue, e.t.c..

  • Levis wide leg jeans
    Starts of kid in wide leg jeans badly injured getting rushed into the ER. Once in one of the rooms hooked up to all the machines. It goes quiet except for all the machines. He's looking around at everyone in the room and pulls off his oxygen mask and starts sing "Sometimes I feel, I've got to (heart monitor "beep beep") get away." You realize all the machine sounds are making the music from Soft Cell's Tainted Love. All the nurses join in singing then you hear the heart monitor flat line. They yell clear shock him, and when he comes back everyone sings together "OOh Tainted Love."

  • Life Call Emergeny
    A device elderly and sick people put in their homes to alert the paramedics if they had an accident and could not get to a phone. What made this commercial famous was the "falling lady" named Mrs. Fletcher who made this one line a very popular early 90s craze: "I've fallen, and I can't get up!"

  • Life Cereal
    Same as the classic commercial from the 70s. Same script, same cast. The only difference is everyone's just about 20 years older. 'He likes it! Hey Mikey!' So, NO, he's not dead...

  • Life Savers
    A little boy and a little girl are sitting on the porch steps and the little boy says to the girl, "Will you marry me?" The little girl says, "Where's my ring?" The boy hands her the life savers candy. The girl says, "A life saver?" The boy says, "It's a bigging, don't worry, we'll live with my mother." My favorite commercial.

  • Lipton Brisk Ice Tea
    The scene starts with Babe Ruth up to bat, and the announcer saying, "Babe Ruth is up and he looks sluggish." Get it? Sluggish? And then the skipper is scene in the dugout saying, "Barton, all he's doing is sweating, I'm not sweating and I'm wearing a turtleneck. You're fired." Ruth then throws the bat and the skipper goes rolling back (a bowling alley sound effect is used). Reggie Jackson then comes out and asks what's wrong, Ruth says, "I was out all night, Reg." Jackson then gives him a can of Brisk. Ruth proceeds to hit a home-run. The ball hits the Brisk blimp and sends in crashing. Ruth can be heard in the backround saying, "Save some of this for the post-season." What's great about the commercial is that it was all clay-mation. It aired during the Super Bowl in 1997 or 1998.

  • Little Caesar's
    Who could forget the early 1990s commercial with the family conga line? Everyone young and old is in this line. The music was traditional conga line music, and the little boy crashed into the old lady's rear end, the old man shouted "Oy!" and the biggest kicker was the poodle. As the family proceeded into the living room, the dog was shown, and was the last one through the door, but not before looking back at the camera.

  • Little Caesar's Pizza
    The Little Caesar's commercial where there is a baby sitting in a high chair at the dining room table, twirling plates on sticks and singing: "Give my regards to Broadway". The rest of the family is staring in awe at the Little Caesars pizza in the middle of the table, and the "Dad" says: "I've never seen anything like it."

  • Little Caesars
    The kids version with all the foam puppets and a bunch of caesar guys are dancing and playing instruments while singing "Caesar Caesar bo-be-zer banana-fanana fo-feez-er me-my-mo-meez-er caesar. Little Caesars!" and this banana comes out and screams. Man i used to laugh my head off...

  • Little Caesers
    A bunch of scientists are sitting around a control panel. Another scientist is down in the lab next to a sheep. One scientist pushes a button on the control panel and a cloned sheep appears. At that moment another scientist brings in Little Caesars pizza and everyone jumps for joy. They smash the box down onto the button and keep pounding it as dozens and dozens of sheep appear in the tiny lab. The poor scientist tries to signal for help as he is being squashed by sheep!

  • Little Ceasar's
    Those mid-90's "Pizza! Pizza!" adds put them on the map. They were funny, and always stayed with you.

  • Little Ceasar's
    It was for the Cheezer Cheezer pizza. A man grabs a slice and the phone rings and there is so much cheese that he stretches the pizza all the way to the phone. Then he lets the slice go and it catches the parrot.

  • Little Ceasar's Pizza
    A guy is having the best day of his life. He gets his Litte Ceasar's Pizza pizza deal and the best things begin to happen to him....he finds his wallet and exclaims "My wallet!", then he opens the door and his dog jumps into his arms and he shouts gleefully..."sparky, you came back", finally he finds out he has a twin brother, exclaiming..."I have a brother?!" Oh that is the best- whenever I am excited about something I have just received or if I am excited about what a wonderful day I've been having I can be heard shouting ..."I have a brother?!" Bless the PR world of marketing!

  • Lucky Charms
    Hearts, Stars, Horseshoes, Clovers, and Blue Moons! Pots of Gold and Rainbows, and The Red Ballons! The Little kids were always trying to steal the leprachaun's Lucky Charms "Me Lucky Charms are Magically Delicious"

  • M & M's
    1999. A Man Finds Red, Yellow and Crispy eating bags of M&M's Chocolate Candies. The Man deadpans "You don't eat your own kind. It's unnatural". To placate him, the spokescandies switch bags. At the end, the man says when he was going out of the store "Oh, it's just disturbing"

  • M&M's
    The red and yellow m & m are in a house, and santa claus comes in and they look at each other and the m & m 's gasp and say "he is real" and santa gasps and says "they are real", and passes out, and the m&m says "umm.. santa?"

  • M&M's
    A man is cleaning a shelf and finds a wrapped heart shaped box and hurries it over to the table asking the girl in the room "Is this the chocolate I sent you last Valentine's Day?". He open's the box and the red M&M character is in there; then he chokes and passes out.

  • M&M's
    Red, Yellow, and Crispy are in a deli and they eat bags of M&M's. The Man deadpans "You don't eat your own kind, It's unnatural". Red, Yellow and Crispy Switch Bags Of M&M's Chocolate Candies Because they invented Crispy M&M's. When he gets out of the deli, he says "Oh It's just disturbing. The music is great.

  • M&M's
    2 Commercials Aired In 1999. One Had Crispy On The Run In A Diner, and Says "Nothing's What It's Gonna Be Like To Be Hunted For Food! Nobody!". The Turbey Sits Beside Him and Crispy asks "Hold That Turkey Burger". There Was Another Commercial When Red, Yellow, and Crispy eat bags of M&M's Chocolate Candies. The Man Deadpans "You Don't Eat your own kind. It's Unnatural". Red, Yellow, and Crispy Switch Bags Of M&M's Chocolate Candies. At The End, The Man Says "Oh, it's just disturbing".

  • M&M's--Candy Bar
    In this spot, which was the follow-up to the M&M's talking to Dennis Miller, the M&M's are basking in the sunlight at a swimming pool. A smooth talking chocolate bar (voiced by the late great Phil Hartman)struts his stuff over to a beach chair, and tries to hit on the other candy there. But, the hot sun proves dangerous, as the candy bar begins to melt. It just proves that M&M's "Melt in your mouth, not in your hands." Or do they not melt in beach chairs too??? Very good commercial.

  • M&M's-Chit Cat
    The yellow and red M&M's are talking with comic Dennis Miller. He is telling them which one he likes better. He is sitting on the ground at eye level with them. The red one is angry with him, and tackles him. Miller isn't much of an actor, but he tries. The Red M&M (plain) is voiced by Jon Lovitz. Aied from mid 1996 through 1997.

  • MasterCard
    Various situations are posed that involve certain expenditures. Each item and its price is listed. Then, the cumulative end result, which is usually something intangible and emotional is listed with a price of "Priceless." Narrator clinches it by saying that there are some things you can't buy; for everything else, there's MasterCard. Very effective campaign that entices consumers to spend on credit because, supposedly, the free stuff is worth so much more.

  • Mc Donalds Happy Meal
    A little girl tells everybody "Im Queen Amidala"(For Starwars Episode 1) Then her mom and her were talking at McDonalds, the mom said "Your Not Queen Amidala.... I AM!" Then she turns into Queen Amidala. It was advertised for star wars toys.

  • McDonald's
    This was my favorite McDonald's commercial of all time--one of their heartwarming ones. Circa Early 90's It was a little boy at school, about 8 yrs old. It was Show and Tell day at school and you see clips of others showing and telling. Then this boy gets up there and he had brought his Dad to school. (Enter snickering from his classmates) He said that they had spent time building a dog house together and "Maybe one day, we'll get a dog." Then he said that every Saturday morning, they let the mom sleep in and they went to McDonald's for breakfast, just the two of them. Then the tear-jerker--"This is my dad, he's my best friend." It made me cry every time I saw it!

  • McDonald's
    When McDonalds were selling the Arch Deluxe and the two elementary kids are on a date both eating Arch Deluxes. The boy is pulling all the lettuce and tomatoes off his sandwich and the girl looks on at him in utter disgust because he's not acting like an adult. Adults treat the Arch Deluxe with respect by eating all the toppings. The two could have avoided this whole uncomfortable situation if they had just met up at Burger King and had it "their way".

  • McDonalds
    Early early 90's was the Michael Jordan verses Laryy Bird in a game of PIG for McDonalds french fries. "Of the building, through the window, off the megatron, nothing but net." And then also there were a few where Charles Barkley kept asking to play but they wouldnt let him.

  • McDonalds Arch Deluxe
    The were many ads to support the Arch Deluxe at McDonalds and I believe most of them had an angle of McDonalds growing up and not just for happy meals. One had a young boy and girl eating across from each other and the boy would always take out his pickles and it was like girls mature faster, and the arch deluxe: for more mature appetites. Also they had some creepy commercials with Ronald McDonald doing more adult things like dancing at a nightclub and such. There were some good spoofs of this at the time as well.

  • McGruff the Crime Dog
    McGruff's nephew, "Scruff": Scruff! McGruff! Chicago, Illinois! 6-0-6-5-2

  • Mentos
    A business man is on his way to work and he sits down on a white bench. He then realizes that the bench was just painted, and he got white paint all over his black suit. He pops a Mentos in his mouth and then proceeds to roll all over the wet bench to make the white stripes on his suit even. Then he just gets up like nothing happened, and goes to work. Their motto was: "Mentos...the freshmaker"

  • Mentos(The Freshmaker)
    It was a very weird commercial.They play the song,and at the end,the person holds up and their mentos breathmints and make dorky faces!

  • Mervyn's California
    A husband and wife are waiting early in the morning for the store to open, as the woman looks through the door and says: "open, open, open!"

  • Michelin Tires (Late 80s - Early 00s)
    Always features a baby/toddler in a tire and rides around the place. These commercials were updated often.

  • Milk
    This old lady is about to give milk to her cats when she finds out she's out of milk! she finds french vanilla coffee mixer and mixes it with water and says " They won't know the diffrence!" but when she feeds it to the cats they spit it out and go crazy or something like that and then you see the Got Milk? Logo. This aired around 1998. I saw it on Animal Planet.

  • Milk
    The second good commercial. A man is walking across the street not paying attention to his surroundings and gets hit by a truck. He then goes to heaven where he is completely surrounded by things in white. You see beautiful angels dressed in white. A cat meows at him. The furniture is white (you get the general idea...) He notices a huge plate of cookies on the table and goes to eat one. He says mmmmm good. Then he goes to the refridgerator filled with milk. He begans pulling out carton after carton realizing that they're all empty he says "Wait a minute, where am I?" Then you see the slogan "Got Milk?" surrounded by flames.

  • Milk
    It starts out with anywhere, U.S.A. and the jingle kicks in "Oh Mama, Oh Papa, I'm feeling so down. How can htere be theres no milk in this town? Don't give me no cornflakes 'til things get better. My coffee is dry, cake tastes like a sweater. I'd give anything for that glass of white silk. I'm living my life, in a town, without milk." All the while it shows a mom pouring water on cereal, really dry cake, and kids trying to eat them. Its wonderful!

  • Milk
    A man sits down in his study to eat a peanut butter sandwich while he listens to the radio. As he's eating, the announcer on the radio says "For $10,000, who shot Alexander Hamilton in that famous duel?" Suddenly, the man looks very surprised and we take a quick look around his study and see that it's dedicated to the duel in question. Just as suddenly, the phone rings and the man answers. With his mouth full of sandwich, he tries to answer the question. Unfortunately, the announcer cannot understand his answer of "Aaron Burr". He tries to pour a glass of milk only to discover the carton's empty. The announcer hangs up and the man stares at the receiver sadly and mumbles "Aaron Burr". The screen goes dark except for the words "Got milk?"

  • Milk
    A young man is paying for some things in a convenience store. One of the things he bought is a box of Trix. The clerk says "Trix are for kids!" When the man got home, he "unzips" his skin to reveal that he is actually...the Trix Rabbit, the mascot! But when he got out a milk carton, there wasn't any milk left. His plans have been bungled again.

  • Miller Lite
    A middle aged, fat, bald guy opens the fridge to get a beer. He puts it on the table and through the window you see him do the twist. Then he stops and looks closely at the cap and it says 'Twist to open'.

  • Molson Canadian Bubba Beer can
    A guy walks in and says to his friends: "Hey guys, look wat the neighbours threw out!" He drags an old theater-style organ behind him. Everyone smiles. They start walking down the street and singing, "Beer beer beer, bottle of beer beer beer..." and break into a hearty song. Along the way, one guy gets hit in the balls by a hockey ball shot, while another gets hit by his girlfriend while she's on the swings. The group of guys enter a beer shop. End of song. This is the original song. The sequel sees Don Cherry in the commercial. Only available in Canada!

  • Mountain Dew
    Radio ad. Two guys are in a car with the stereo cranked up way too loud. They try to converse, but one guy can't understand what his friend is saying. ("Wow, your system's got a lot of bass!" "What?" "I said your system's got a lot of bass!" "Man, my sister don't have a hairy face?") Finally, the guy turns it down and the other guy asks to go to the market and get a Mountain Dew.

  • Mountain Dew on SNL
    The late Chris Farley and David Spade (still alive) are sitting at a table looking over a clear glass of Mountain Dew. "What does that look like to you?" asks David. Chris tries a few catchy phrases you might actually try to sell Mountain Dew, but engrossed by the glass of yellow liquid, David insists that it's something else. Finally, they both agree on what a clear glass of Mountain Dew looks like. "Mountain Dew... it looks EXACTLY like Liquid Sunshine."

  • NY Lotto
    We see a group of evil-looking businessmen discussing their evil plans. The CEO gets up to speak and is interupted by a yes-man yelling "We've been acquired!" The CEO asks if it's their competitors, but the yes-man says it was Chuck from the mail room. Apparently, he won the lotto and bought the company.

  • Nestle's Chocolate Bars
    Dog puppets, quite possibly Jim Henson characters, are standing around singing: N-E-S-T-L-E-S. Nestle's makes the very best......CHOCOLATE.

  • New Blue M&M's
    In 1995 M&M's took a color vote and blue won, so M&M's put out a commercial to promote it, A uy walks into a store and finds 3 M&M's all blue. The guy says, "Hey, You Must be the new blue M&M's." You see 2 of the M&M's holding their breath, and they breathe out revealing that those 2 M&M's are The famous yellow and red m&m's, and the guy walks away.

  • Nike
    My all time favorite Nike commercial was the one where Lance Armstrong was riding through the streets and ruminating on the rumors that his cancer treatments had made him stronger,that somehow the drugs were an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE. (?!) He ends by saying "What am I on?" "My BIKE". My second favorite Nike commercial was Picabo Street in the hospital after her knee surgery. They used the sounds of the hospital to mimic the sounds of the ski race. Heart monitor for the starting buzzer, crying babies for the crowds with cowbells..really clever ad that ended with her "crossing the finish line"/escaping from the hospital.

  • Ninja Turtles Anti-Drug Commercial
    This commercial aired in the early 90's in the wake of Nancy Reagan's Anti-Drug campaign. It featured typical school kids and the Ninja Turtles and often quoted by kids today who remember it, especially the line, "I'm not a chicken...you're a turkey!" The commercial took place in a locker hall and went as follows: Drug Dealer: "Hey, Joey! I got some stuff you just gotta try!" Joey: "What is it?" Drug Dealer: "Pot...you know...marijuana..." Joey: "Oh...well...I don't know..." Drug Dealer: "What...are you chicken? Bock, bock, bock, bock!" * Ninja Turtles appear * Leonardo: "Joey's in a jam! What should he do? Hmm...Kate!" Kate: "Get a teacher!" Raphael: "Excellent! Mike?" Mike: "Get a pizza!" Donatello: "Get real!" Kid #1: "Get out of there! Donatello: You got it! Let's see if Joey's that smart..." Joey: "I'm not a chicken...you're a turkey!" Donatello: "He's right! Drug dealers are dorks...don't even talk to 'em!" All: Cowabunga!*They "high-five"*

  • Nissan
    The cool old guy with the little dog who said, "Dogs loooooooove trucks!!" The one with the armchair dog was even better.

  • Nissan Maxima
    Title "Dirty Bird". Set to "Highway to the Danger Zone / Mighty Wings" from the movie Top Gun. Cliff Claven from Cheers is the pigeon commander "Dirty Bird" of a flock of pigeons trying to dive bomb the new Maxima. Watch pigeon poop blasts follow the car thru city streets and back yard barbecues (I thought the splashes in the punch bowl were a nice touch). After all the rest miss, the "Dirty Bird" makes his run. He is running the Maxima to ground and finally chases it to a stop...crashing into the now-closed garage door. From his beak (now protruding from the inside of the door) are his final, pained words...Medic!

  • Norelco
    This great piece of creativity continued a legacy that had begun in the 1960s, each time getting more technological. In this 1993 version of thea hugely popular commercial, the Santa Claus rides on the Norelco Triple-Head Electric Razor Blade.

  • Old Navy
    Throughout 1998-1999, when they were expanding, they had a great series on performance fleece, with a cute jingle that everybody knew "Old Navy! Old Navy! Old Navy Performance Fleece!" Everybody knew that entire commercial by mid-November and was singing it through next March!

  • OnLine SportsTrivia (?)
    A man is standing in front of a mirror and wearing a bra. As he is looking at himself, his wife walks into the room, sets down her shopping bag, and calmly asks, "Scott, who's the NBA all-time leader in blocked shots?"

  • Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires (1990)
    This entertaining commercial starred an old man being arrested. The funniest part is where the old man said his business adress, "2107 Doral and Glengate." From the director of the Hugh Grant Film "About A Boy."

  • PSA
    This commercial took place around 1991 and occasionally can be still seen today. It features the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles asking kids what a boy should do. Should he "Get a Teacher", "Get a Pizza", or "Get Out of There". Kid #1: Hey! Joey! I got some stuff you just gotta try! Joey: What is it? Kid #1: Pot. You know. Marijuana. Joey: Oh. Well I don't know.. Kid #1: What are you a chicken? (Bock, Bock, Bock, Bock, Bock, Bock, Bock....) Leo: Joey's in a jam! What should he do? Uhhhh Kate! Kate: Get a teacher! Raph: Excellent! Mike: Get a pizza! Don: Get real! Kid #2: Get out of there! Don: You got it! Let's see if Joey's that smart! Joey: I'm no chicken... You're a turkey! Don: He's right! Drug dealers are dorks, don't even talk to 'em! The TMNT: Cowabunga! NOTE: That the Kid #1 & Kid #2 characters have names that are unknown. Also note that the photos in this commercial were not exclusive commercial photos. They were photos taken from some episodes.

  • PSA- Partnership for a Drug Free America
    A person holds an egg and say "this is your brain". The egg is then cracked over a hot skillet, and the egg starts to cook. The person then says, "this is your brain on drugs...get the picture?"

  • Pace Picante Sauce
    Series of commercials from the mid-90's that had cowboys in it, and in the end they'd always proclaim 'New York CITY?'

  • Parfums de Cur Designer Impostors
    A naked woman sprays the stuff all over her body. Her breasts and private parts are covered with black boxes that move with her. It ends with the view of a naked man with a black box covering his private parts.

  • Partnership For a Drug-free America
    They used to show this one on USA network during the Cartoon Express. It was a cartoon about a boy and his friend Bobby the Bear. The boy talked about how Bobby would sometimes do some dumb things. The boy says: But, one day when some kids offered him drugs, Bobby said to those kids: Then Bobby yells: "Beat it!" "I've done alot of dumb things in my life, but drugs is not one of them!" Then the screen says: Partnership For a Drug-free America.

  • Partnership for a Drug Free America (celebs)
    The male voice goes (I don't remember the exact words) "In advertising, they say the best way to convince someone is to use a couple of celebrities. We've decided to try that out. We hope they're right." While he talks there is a slide show featuring Janis Joplin, John Belushi, Jim Morrison, River Phoenix, and a few other celebs who died from drug-related incidents. Each slide showed a celebrity with his/her name at bottom along with his/her year of birth and year of death. The final slide shows Partnership for a Drug Free America.

  • Partnership for a drug free America
    They have like 200 million commercials for this but here is another one. A boy is running though bad neigborhoods with a backpack. He saying stuff about how hard it is to live in that kind of neighborhood and that teachers and cops told him to just say no. But then the boy says that they don't take no for answer. It came out in like 1992 or 1993. Somewhere around that time period

  • Patnership For a Drug Free America
    These series of commericials started around 1989 or 1990. You always hears a little kid say, "when I grow up, i want to be a 'some occupation'. Then an male adult voice would go, "Nobody ever says, 'I want to be a junky when I grow up.' Don't let drugs get in the way of your dreams." One ad had a ballerina that collapsed while dancing. Another had an aspiring track star who either collapsed or was push down to the ground by a cop or someone rather. Another had an aspiring millionare(a bum) who was standing on the city street with a cup in his hand and people were putting coins in it.

  • Pepsi
    A Generation of Pepsi, A Generation ahead.

  • Pepsi
    It is the one where cindy crawford pulls up to a vending machine in a pink lamborghini and the camera checks her from head to toe while she's drinking a pepsi in front of two awe-struck kids.

  • Pepsi
    There were two men sitting side-by-side in a restaurant one night. One man worked for Pepsi, the other for Coke. They shook hands, then let each other try the other one's drink (pepsi and coke of course.) Then the Pepsi man gives the coke back to the Coke man. The Pepsi man asks for his can of Pepsi back, but the Coke man wouldn't give it back to him (because Pepsi RULES!) That didn't sit well with the Pepsi guy, and chaos begins from there (only hearing a glass break when it shows the restaurant from outside and the sign saying "Nothing else is a Pepsi."

  • Pepsi
    A little boy at the beach is drinking Pepsi through a straw and he sucks so fast that he sucks himself into the bottle while his little sister watches. When he's sucked completely in, he says, "ahhh." The little sister picks up the bottle and shouts "Mom, he did it again!" She walks off hitting the bottom of the bottle.

  • Pepsi
    Pepsi commercial featureing Van Halen's "Right now"

  • Pepsi
    in the 1998 super bowl, pepsi had that one comercial with the fly singin the rolling stones song "brown sugar"(brown sugar, how come you taste so good! brown sugar, just like i knew ya would! I said hey! hey! hey!)and then the kid squashes him with the soda can. He picks it back up and the fly does one of those crazy rock "OW!"s and it ends. best superbowl commercial ever

  • Pepsi Cola
    1997 Pepsi ad that featured the Spice Girls singing "Move Over/Generation Next".

  • Pepsi One
    Featured the almighty Tom Green, whom you may remember for his crazy MTV show. He went various places plugging this product, like a gas station, school, etc.

  • Pizza Hut
    Pizza Face was a piece of pizza with topping as eyes and mouth, appeared in a series of commercials until being taken away by aliens.

  • Pizza Hut
    A bunch of boys in a cafeteria at a private school. The oatmeal is grossing everyone out so all the boys start banging their forks on the table and chanting "Delivery, Delivery, Delivery!" A boy picks up the phone and says "Hello, Pizza Hut?"

  • Pizza Hut
    When Pizza Hut had their "Stuffed Crust" Pizza, they had lots of different commercials encouraging various celebrities, "If you do one thing wrong, eat your pizza the wrong way" said in various ways. They had people like Rush Limbaugh, John McEnroe, Howard Stern, and Michael Jordan in these commercials.

  • Pizza Hut
    This commercial is for the stuffed crust pizza when it first came out. It featured Ringo Starr saying that the time has come to eat your pizza crust first. My favorite part was when the screen was divided into four sections and in one square there was Ringo and the other three was Davey Jones, Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork from The Monkees and Ringo said "Wrong lads." I loved this commercial so much since Ringo is my favorite ex-Beatle.

  • Playskool
    I remember this commercial from I think the early 90's @ Christmas when the Muppet Family Christmas was on TV, Playskool played their dinosaur commercial: Narrator: "At Playskool we know kids love our dinosaurs because they made them the most popular ones in history." Lil' Kids: "We love Playskool dinosaurs they're big and strong and tough; spines and teeth and tails. Jaws and horns and sails. We can play with them real rough." Narrator: "And now we made eight more just as big and realistic with parts that move & cavesters too. Playskool's Definitely Dinosaurs." Lil' Kids: "Playskool's dinosaurs, they're big and strong and tough, we can play with them real rough." Lil' Boy: "Arrggh!

  • RC Cola
    There's a guy in a fishing boat (or maybe it was a dock) and he's drinking an RC Cola while he's fishing. He gets a fish on his line, and as he's reeling it in, you see it jump out of the water. You then see that he's using other colas (Pepsi and Coke) as bait, and it's people on the other end of the line. He reels them in and stacks them up, and they are lying there, just flopping around like regular fish do. Really weird.

  • Raid
    Two green bugs are bragging about how tough they are and all of a sudden they look at the camera and yell RAID!?! Then they disappear in a puff of smoke.

  • Rallys
    Seth Green plays a person Working at some random fast-food place. A picture-perfect family come through the drive thru and orders.....seth green repeats it back... Seth:" Leme repeat your order here: One Double Cheeseburger, *CHING!* Large Fry and a Large Soda *CHA-CHING!* 2 Kids Meals and 2 Medium Sodas **CHIIING!!!** 1 Chicken Sandwich a Large Fry and a Vanilla Milkshake *BADA-BING!*. That will be $62.75! Father in the car.. "Uh.. We're a little shy." The kids start handing him Allowance money form the back seat. Ends with Rally's "Beep Beep Cheap Cheap" theme song.

  • Ray-Ban Sunglasses
    At the beginning of the commercial, a twenty-something looking guy leaves his house just before dawn. We see his friends all sitting on steps, waiting for the sunrise and putting on Ray-Ban Sunglasses. The guy finally joins his friends and he starts looking for his sunglasses, but he can't find them. The sun comes up and the guy vaporizes. One friend says "Somebody forget his Ray-Ban Sunglasses?" then he laughs and we find out they're all vampires.

  • Revlon
    L enjoyed those Revlon commercials with Cindy Crawford. She was talking about sye lashes in this one. During the ad, she said "A woman loves loves to make her mark, but not with her eyes." At the end she dramatically turns to the camera with her red hair flying, smiles and winks. What a woman!

  • Revlon
    Cindy Crawford is one of the sexiest, most beautiful ladies in this planet, and the Revlon commercials she did proves it. In one commercial for eyeliners, Cindy passionately said, "A woman like to make her mark, but not with her eyes". At the end Cindy dramatically turned to the viewer with her hair flowing, smiled and winked. WOW!

  • Ricola Cough Drops
    Showed two men in the Alps, one playing a foghorn and the other one calling out "Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicoooooooooooooooola!"

  • Right Guard
    the one with Tom Green and he was talking about how much it lasts and there are some muscular guys working out tigers go after them and they are running around screaming and Tom yells OH NO THE KITTYS GOING TO GET then he yells KITTY KITTY KITTY!

  • Rold Gold Pretzels
    First one of a series of commercials starring Jason Alexander ("George" from Seinfeld). At the opening, the camera pulls up and away from a hockey player being taken off the ice on a stretcher. We hear an announcer saying, "No goalie? This hockey team's in trouble!!". Then a shot of the coach rubbing the back of his neck in frustration and turning toward the crowd. He points and says, "YOU! With the pretzels! Get in there!" We see a stunned Jason Alexander, wearing a jacket, button-up shirt, and tie, stuffing his face with pretzels. He pauses, then quickly hands his pretzels to his girlfriend and takes off his jacket. "Good thing these new Rold Gold Pretzels are fat-free!" he says. Next we see him in the crease, where he makes an incredible save. He makes a smug face at the attacking opponent, who makes a completely bewildered face. Then we see him make several amazing saves, including one hanging from the bar of the net by his knees, and I believe one where the puck just bounces off his crotch. The entire time he is still dressed in button-up shirt, tie, and glasses. Finally, he makes a stop by catching the puck in his teeth as it whizzes past. He smiles and the crowd erupts in cheers and we hear the announcer exclaim, "A hero in the making!!" Then we see Alexander in his seat again as he stands and cheers "YES!!" in the mostly quiet stadium. Several people turn to look, and his girlfriend asks him, "are you alright?" -- Awesome commercial, definately best of the series and certainly one of the best commericals ever, a real classic.

  • Roundup weed killer
    Aired in 1999. Featured two weeds, one of which was named "Hank". The other weed, not named Hank, was saying, "They really sprayed us good, huh, Hank? We'll be okay, right. They've sprayed us before. Hank, I can't feel my roots, Hank. I CAN'T FEEL MY ROOTS, HANK! HANK!!!!!! HANK!!!!" Hank was already dead, and the other weed was dying, because they were both sprayed with Roundup. Funny commercial

  • Safeguard
    The one with the doctors who tested safeguard and found it that its more better than the other soaps and have proven it that it kills 99.9% of germs in our body.

  • Schnapps
    (Eerie music and occasional screams+wolf cries are played continually) It starts with a wooden puppet of red-riding-hood walking along the stage. She stops at the centre at throws off her cloak. Beneath is an evil wooden puppet. He reaches into the bag and pulls out a bottle of Schnapps. A womans voice plays over the music. "Beware the Jabberwok"

  • Shake -N- Bake
    It's the commercial where mom is getting ready to cook dinner and her daughter comes in and helps her momma. They put dinner on the table with the family eating dinner and says something that stucked in people's mind for awhile " It's Shake -N- Bake and I helped ! " in a somewhat country voice. It was funny !

  • Shock Spots
    Although Shock Spots only aired a few times in the mid 90's, if you saw one, you'd never forget it. They were public service announcements about train safety, and the catch was that they were very graphic and violent. One featured a pair of pre-teen boys walking along the railroad tracks. All of a sudden, a train appears, and they are sucked beneath the wheels. In another, a family tries to drive in front of a train, and -- well, you get the idea.

  • Skip-It
    ''Skip-It, Skip-It, do a good jump, do a hop! Skip-It, Skip-It, twirlin' and a-whirlin' and a bop-she-bop! And the very best thing of all, there's a counter on this ball. So try and keep your very best score, see if you can jump a whole lot more!''

  • Smirnoff Vodka
    The music from 'The Shining' is playing and the camera follows a Smirnoff bottle around a ballroom. Everything changes when you look through the bottle. It's kind of creepy.

  • Smoking Prevention PSA
    There's a cowboy sitting on his horse about to light his cigarette, just like in the Marlboro ad. However, he accidentally drops the cigarette on his groin and then he falls off the horse. The horse in shock starts running dragging the man along the ground (his groin still burning).

  • Snickers
    Probably the funniest commercial I've ever seen. A QB gets hit hard in a game. The coach comes onto the field to make sure he is OK. He first asks the QB "Where are we?"...and the guy answers it right. The coach then asks "Who am I?"...and he says "Well, you're coach!"...and his last question is "What is your name?"...and the QB says "I am Batman!!!". The commercial ends with the guy on the bench, next to another huge football player. he asks him "Do you want to ride? Do you want to ride with BATMAN?".

  • Snickers
    We see this old guy painting the end zone at the stadium in Kansas City. We see every part of the tedious job. Finally, he looks at the finished work and one of the Kansas City Chiefs runs up and says "Hey, that's great! But who are the 'Chefs'?" We then see an aerial shot and see that he left out the "I". The announcer says "Not going anywhere for a while? Grab a Snickers bar. The Chief says "You see, you spell it..." and the old guy says "Nuhhh!"

  • Snickers
    That commerical how it has all those people hiding in the waiting room and that one guy talking about the pandas!! that commerical is the best! He has the magazine on the door window and is like and then he spins it around and going like "Pretty pretty dancing.. I'm so pretty. You know hwat pandas like? Pandas like bamboo" and then you hear that voice saying "not going anywhere for a while, grab a snickers" THATS THE BEST COMMERICAL IN THE WORLD BECAUSE IT HAS PANDAS IN IT!!!!

  • Snickers
    This commercial was either 98 or 99, it was this guy in a locker room showing off his really cool tattoo that took up about 85% of his back. It was the team logo and all the other players were admiring it "Oooo ahhh" all that stuff. Anyways, the coach walks in and the tattoo guy is like "Hey coach, check this out" and turns around to show him the mascot on his back. The coach replies, "That's great. You've been traded to Miami." Then you see him lying on the table getting it removed and the announcer says, "Not going anywhere for awhile? Grab a Snickers."

  • Space.com
    1999--Comical and cute advertisement with bouncing spacemen. Every 3rd spaceman would do a backflip. The song that played in the background was "Dancin' in the Moonlight," and the spacemen were so funny. You couldn't help but smile watching this quirky ad.

  • Space.com
    1999--Footage of the first moonwalk, and then the web site address. At the end of the advertisement, the astronaut voice said "Houston, we have a website."

  • SportsCenter (ESPN)
    A hilarious spot that started as a "behind the scenes" look at the ribbing and name-calling that goes on at ESPN headquarters during commercial breaks in the middle of SportsCenter, the campaign expanded to spoof every aspect of contemporary sports, from perfection (i.e., the perfect broadcast [no grammatical errors] = MLB perfect game) to post-broadcast locker room frustration and lashing at the media. Also included famous cameos by world-famous athletes, the most popular perhaps being Mark McGwire giving his 1998 No. 62 home run ball to Dan Patrick to safeguard only to find Dan mysteriously driving to work the next day in a brand-new red sports car with something like "Sweet62" on the license plate. Very funny.

  • Sprite
    A Voltron commercial that aired in the late 90s. It had six popular hip-hop artists piloting Voltron as the Evil Zarkon threatened to destroy all hip-hop.

  • Sprite
    In a 1990s Sprite commercial had monks singing a song that started like "Sprite, Sprite will lift you to a higher place, Sprite will help you find a new awarenes" and endedd with "If you think a soft drink can help you see the light, then it's time for you to get a life" I dont know the exact wording of the rest of the 'song' or how the rest of the commercial went. I would like to know :)

  • Sprite
    A young man watches Grant Hill perform some nice basketball moves and then drink a Sprite. The kid comes to the conclusion that drinking Sprite makes you a good basketball player. He then drinks a Sprite and tries the same move that Grant Hill did. The narrator says "If you want to make it in the NBA...practice." The kid then misses his shot and falls on his rear.

  • Sprite
    It starts off like a commercial for "Sunny Fizz," a fictional beverage complete with cartoon sun mascot. The mom is telling her kids how great Sunny Fizz is, when the mascot magically leaps from its bottle to contribute. The mom and her kids immediately start screaming in terror, and the mascot is chasing them through the house, saying stuff like,"...but I'm fortified with ten vitamins and minerals!" The commercial ends with the mom tripping and falling on the ground, the sun guy almost upon her. "MOOOOOOM!!" cries her little girl. "No, save yourself!!" the mom screams in reply.

  • Sprite
    3 basketball players are engaged in a very sporty commercial. All of the sudden the commercial stops and the players return to thier truly thespian nature. They are very irritated and ask "Whats my motivation?" "Once again you have ruined my concentration!" and "I played Hamlet at Cambridge!"

  • Sprite Sunshine Guy
    A happy little computer-animated Sunshine Guy jumps off the bottle of "Sunshine Drink" (spoofing "Sunny Delight") and TERRIFIES a quiet suburban household.

  • Stetson Cologne
    Aired in December 1994, a young couple rides in a horse-drawn sled in the woods over a beautiful blanket of white snow. A gorgeous song sung by a choir plays in the background: "Stetson, makes it easy for you." A gorgeous Christmas commercial.

  • Stetson Cologne--Christmas
    This commercial aired during the Christmas season during the early 90s. A couple is on a sleigh ride through a barren valley. A beautiful song is being sung by a chorus as a horse pulls the sleigh. The end of the song goes "Stetson makes it easy for you." Very dramatic and gorgeous.

  • Sunkist
    The drink in the sun commercial with everyone playing volleyball and having fun at the beach! There was a song and it went a little something like this "take me where i wanna be...ohh ohh drink in the sun EVERYBODY!!whoaaa DRINK IN THE SUN!

  • Sunny Delight
    What so we have in the fridge...cola, some purple stuff...sunny d!

  • Super Golden Crisp
    In one commercial, the bear on the box and Little Red Riding Hood were trying to get the cereal away from the Big Bad Wolf. Then they finally got the cereal back. The commercial ends with the bear singing: "Can't get enough Super Golden Crisp." Little Red Riding Hood: "Mmm. Love that honey crunch."

  • TNN
    The commercial for The Nashville Network around late 1990 to early 1991 had a jingle that went like this: "Listen to the heart of TNN. Listen to the heart of TNN. TNN, the heart of country! Now it is commonly known, (Everybody knows) the heart holds everything we own. It's where the love is, it's where the light is with you. Ooh yeah. Listen to the heart of TNN. Listen to the heart of TNN. TNN, the heart of country!"

  • Tab Clear Cola
    A very artsy commercial that showed all these supernatural events such as A UFO sighting, bigfoot sighting, and the inflatable bratwurst! Anyway, it was a very strange commercial for the even stranger "clear" soft drink. Came out around 1993 I believe.

  • Tabasco Sauce
    A man is eating pizza, while pouring tabasco sauce (very hot) on it after every bite. I mosquito flies into the scene and sucks blood out of the man. When the mosquito flies away, it blows up, and an explosion noise is heard. It aired during the Super Bowl in 1998.

  • Taco Bell
    the commercial where the fat guy dances around eating nachos singing "Nacho Man" (a knock of the Village People's "Macho Man") Little kids everywhere sang that for ages...it came out in 1995, I believe.

  • Taco Bell
    Right before Gozilla came out Taco Bell produced this commercial that had the infamous spokes dog sitting infront on a box with a taco under it saying "Here lizard lizard lizard." Then Godzilla stomped out from behind a building and the dog turns and looks at the screen saying, "I think I need a bigger box."

  • Taco Bell
    the "Taco Neck syndrome" commercials showing people in laboratories eating tacos and having their heads stuck in the bent position

  • Taco Bell
    A little Chiwawa is walking down the street and he passes a girl dog of the same breed, he sits down in front of this guy who's eating the tacos and he says "Yo quiero Taco Bell" (I want some Taco Bell).

  • Taco Bell
    All I remember is this people in a basketball field, then someone throws the ball and the shot was great. When they check, it was the little chihuahua who did it. They were staring strangely at him, whe he says: "what did you expect... Shaquille O'Neill?

  • Taster's Choice
    This dashing man and stunning woman meet in their apartment building. They drop the subtlest of hints and get together for a cup of coffee and ended each spot with a mini-cliffhanger that led to the next one. You wanted them to get it on, and the coffee was the catalyst. Like a mini-soap opera.

  • Tim Hortons Coffee
    on December 6 1995,Tim Hortons aired a commercial based on a true story filmed in Saint John Newbrunswick on a golden lab going for coffee and donuts,taking it back to it's master. it only aired a few times.

  • Tositos Tortilla Chips
    I rember this one commerical From Tositos back in 97 or 96 where there was this guy that jumped out of an airplane and he was at this football stadium and he was conntected to some bunji cord and he had this Tortilla Chip in his mouth and he reached the ground and dip his chip in the salsa. That was a good commercal and i remember it got banned because i guess people were trying to do that stunt.

  • Toyota
    In 1997, Toyota's new product campaign is "Toyota Everyday" and the commercials features various reinditions of "Everyday People" By Sly Stone.

  • Toyota Celica
    A car sitting stationary in the street. A dog runs out of the garage and chases the sitting still car. The dog PLOWS into the back of the Celica and falls down. The screen then says, "looks fast"

  • Toys For Tots
    A small boy walks up to a marine standing at attention and asks him if he is santa. The boy tells the marine that if he knows santa would he give santa his wish list. After a brief silence the marine slowly opens his hand palm up and takes the list the the boy. the boy walks away and whispers "He is Santa Clause"

  • Toys R Us
    The same kids in the 80's toys r us kids are in this one, and it shows them then and now and they're singing the same song and doing the same thing they were in their old commercial. SO CUTE! "I don't want to grow up I'm a Toys R Us Kid..."

  • US Postal Service Collectible Stamps
    The announcer says: When is a stamp not just a stamp? A stamp with flowers, the little girl says: When it's really cool! The Elvis stamp, that lady in the leopard suit says: Elvis!!!! When it's Elvis!!!

  • VW Jetta
    Man parks his car in a supermarket parking lot and get out to go in. You see a shopping cart go by and see him run and tackle the cart before it hits his car. He then says in the background "I'm OK"

  • Victoria's Secret-Angels on clouds
    Dennis Miller is truly the man of many commercials. In this installment from 1997, Miller says "I've died and gone to heaven." All these models flank him wearing underwear and bras and angel's wings. Miller is what I saw the commercial for, I'm female, so I dont want to pay attention to the women. Did Miller's wife, a former model, approve of this? Or was she in it?

  • Virginia Lottery
    1990. First Commercial. A man, standing in the driveway, followed by a woman who was going in her car. The Man says "Excuse me! Lady Luck?". Then the woman says "I've got it, man!" Again the man says "Where are you going?". The woman says "Virginia! To get a ticket!". The man says "What's in Virginia?". The woman says again "Lotto". The announcer says "Lotto. The jackpot keeps growing until someone wins it".

  • Virginia Lottery*
    This commercial aired in 1990. First Commercial. A man, followed by a woman going in her car. The man says "Lady Luck?" and then goes "Where are you going?". The woman says "Virginia! To get a ticket!". Then the man goes "What's in Virginia?". Then the woman says "Lotto". The announcer says "Lotto. The jackpot keeps growing until someone wins it"

  • Visa Check Card
    A man is seen just standing on the sidewalk in London. People ask him for directions, it rains on him, people ask what he's looking at, a dog lifts its leg on him, and he still doesn't react. Finally, a British Royal Guard walks up to him and says "Drycleaners wouldn't take a check again, eh, Nigel?" We then see a Royal Guard's uniform on the rack at a drycleaner, then we see Nigel in his street clothes walking in formation with a group of Royal Guards.

  • Volkswagen
    This commercial appeared in the fall of 1997. In a red car are two teenages, the only sound is a song, to the tune of "Da, da, da, da..." The two see a chair waiting to be thrown in the garbage, look at each other...the next seen is them with the chair in the car. Their noses curl at a smell, they look at each again...the next seen the viewer sees the chair back on a curb..."Da...da..." song. (the song is Da Da Da by Trio)

  • Volkswagen Golf (Styx)
    The guy in the driver's seat is lip syncing and making funny hand gestures. His friend enters the passenger's seat, and as soon as the door opens, we hear "Domi arigato Mr. Roboto..." from Mr. Roboto by Styx

  • Volkswagen Jetta.
    The commercial shows two guys driving in a new Volkswagen Jetta. One of them pops a tape into the casette player and music starts playing. The windshield wipers move,the signal lights flash and the people wakk to the beat of the music.

  • Volkswagen Passatt
    This guy, quite possibly a neighbour, is washing a car he's making sure to get every single nook and cranny and then the guy who owns the car is picking up the morning news paper and he says: "What are you doing?" and the guy who's washing the car runs away and the announcer says: "Get your own Passatt." I don't have a clue if this commerical ever aired in the States but it is a HOOT over here.

  • Volkswagon
    Just a one of mistakes. It could be the difference between the European version and the US version. Anyway the one for the Jetta with everything going to the beat it was a guy and a girl in the car. Another great volkswagon commercial is the one for I think the Golf. It shows this guy in an almost deserted parking lot in his Golf. You can see him moving around making funny faces and basically chair dancing. There's no sound whatsoever. Then his friend walks to the car opens the passenger door to get in, and when he opens it you hear Styx's Mr. Roboto playing really loudly and that the guy was lip syching to it.

  • Volkswagon Passat
    A guy parks his Passat in a parking lot, and walks away. After a second, you hear a shopping cart, getting louder and louder. Then you see the guy running top speed across the screen, and totally plows over (tackles) the shopping cart when it appears, hence protecting his precious Passat from it. It's hard to beat the Volkswagon commercials.

  • WWF Wrestling
    The WWF Wrestlers are walking around beating each other up, and they say that wrestling is good wholesome clean fun, while in the background people are getting beat up by the wrestlers.

  • Waffle Crisp
    Basicially, they showed that Waffle Crisp cereal was made by grannys in a big factory. Two young boys dressed up as granny's so that they could get the Waffle Crisp.

  • Wrigleys gum
    Double your pleasure double your fun its the statment of the great mint of double mint gum. Double your sentiment your merriment double your moments of fuN! yea i dont know the rest...

  • air jordan basketball shoes
    michael is in the background playing and a guy is singing this poem: boarding all rows flight 23.Jameralla on the flight oh say you can see. 23 banks right on a non stop flight, gives you the tongue tucks you in, nighty night. from 1992 or 93 or 94?

  • aiwa
    It's a Aiwa comerical.. theres a guy driving a car with a muppet in the next seat. They are play a song and the muppet is bobbing to the bassline.while checking out women and tapping his finger on the door. Please help me Find this comerical. Thanks

  • alloy.com
    a bunch of teens were sitting in a resturant and they were saying that they smelled something funny,and they found out it was from the menus,and when the watress came and they all ordered what they wanted,then after the watress took their menus,they saw her carrying the menus under her armpit! and then they all stood there with a blank stare.

  • anheuser-busch
    there is a ferrett singing "take me out to the ball game".

  • anti drug commertial
    it has puppets singing a song about dont put things in your mouth. One of my favorite parts are when a muffin and a beat say "its okay to eat somthing like a muffin or a beat" Its one of the great classics. Also I am trying to find it on the internet. If anone has it or knows where to download it pleas eamil me at osoyoos_bum@hotmail.

  • burger king
    i don't remember the entire commercial, but i do remember a young "blonde" girl saying "It's BIG i'm serious!" referring to the whopper.

  • conseco
    i think it was in 1999, it was a series of commercials for conseco financial services. they were hilarious. one had a well dressed businessman on the subway begging for money because he was renovating his kitchen. another had an elderly guy in a scuba suit diving in a park fountain looking for change. the voice over was: "how do you plan on financing your retirement?",

  • cross fire
    a board game with little metal marble you shoot at disc type things. at the end of the match one kid spins away a great commercial.

  • drug free america
    it was this commercial about a guy who was probably trying to quit smoking but couldn't and was just smoking ciggarette after ciggarette, and in the end he just lays back on the couch he was sitting on, but in the background was a song. I'm trying to get the lyrics ,but what i think it says is like. I got to have it its cool i feel alright, you know that heaven is cool on the other side i'm not an addict baby that's all right i'm not an addict bay ay by.

  • "i Cant Believe Its Not Butter
    I cant believe its not butter commercial with Fabio

  • ikea
    a lamp is turned off and the lady who owns it puts it outside on the curb with the rest of the garbage. the next scene shows a new, nicer looking lamp the woman just bought. then at night it starts to rain, and it shows the view of the lamp from the curb. the woman is reading under the new lamp light. she then puts down the book and turns off the lamp. but before she goes to a different room, she strokes the new lamp lovingly. now the camera is moving away slowly, with sad music playing to a climax. just then a man in a rain coat comes up and looks into the camera and says: "you are feeling sad for the little lamp, that is because you are crazy. the new one is much better, besides, it is just a lamp, it has no feelings". and then the man walks away. hilarious.

  • john west salmon (this is funny!)
    a bunch of bears are at the river mouth fishin for salmon one catches one then a big guy from john west comes running out of the bush jumps on the bears back and starts hitting it.the bear throws him down and they start doing a bunch of karate moves and beating eachother up.the bear kicks him in th shin and the guys in agony then he shouts "O LOOK,AN EAGLE"!!! the bear turns around and looks the guy kicks the bear in the you know what. the bear groans and is beaten.the guy walks away with the salmon.

  • john west salmon (this is funny!)
    a bunch of bears are at the river mouth fishin for salmon one catches one then a big guy from john west comes running out of the bush jumps on the bears back and starts hitting it.the bear throws him down and they start doing a bunch of karate moves and beating eachother up.the bear kicks him in th shin and the guys in agony then he shouts "O LOOK,AN EAGLE"!!! the bear turns around and looks the guy kicks the bear in the you know what. the bear groans and is beaten.the guy walks away with the salmon.

  • little ceasars 90's
    was there an ad in the early 90's where little ceasar said dozi dozi or something like that instead of pizza pizza? just seem to remember it that way. would love to know. was about '92.

  • mountain DEW
    DEW THE DEW!!! the commercial on tv when they play the song behemim rapsody. and kind of act out the video

  • nike
    "the bigger match" is the name of the commercial. its about soccer, aired in 1993

  • nike
    The one where the guy wakes up on January 1, 2000 and everything is chaotic. The guy goes jogging and missiles have been launched. He jogs by another jogger and they both say "hey" to each other.

  • nissan
    nissan altima manuvering down a road with the pigeons flying above trying to "dive bomb" the car, to the song "danger zone" by Kenny Logins it ends with the pigeon's beak getting stuck in the garage door

  • skip-it
    the commercial shows some kids using skip-it, and the counter on the skip-it counting. there was a jingle with just the words "skip-it, skip-it." (i think)

  • snickers
    it's at a football game and one of the players gets knocked down pretty hard. the coach runs out on the field and asks the player several questions, such as "how many fingers am i holding up?" which the player answers correctly, and then the coach asks the player what his name his and the player yells "i'm batman!" the announcer says the whole "not going anywhere in awhile phrase?" and the camera flashes back to the player who is sitting on the bench with a towel around his neck and then he mumps up on the bench and says "come robin! to the batcave!" and then he runs off the screen.

  • snickers
    workers in an office situation exited thier cubicles to another room where they closed the door and ate a snickers. however, they were escaping from one weirdo co-worker who went up the the frosted window on the door to the room where everyone else was, put a picture of a panda on the window, and while rotating it sang, "pretty pretty dancing." classic!

  • sprite
    grant hill is in the locker room with a bottle of sprite talking about how good it is and every time he says something good about the drink, a pile of cash in the corner of the screen grows larger

  • sprite
    IT's an old commercial from the late 90's. That features Lord finesse, Paroahe monch,mos def and also another rapper who's name I can't recall.That has something to do with each rapper walking around carrying a briefcase with top secret documents throughout the city.

  • sunkist
    ...and we'll drink in the sun. Sunkist, sunkist, we will drink in the sunkist!

  • sunny-D
    it starts with a family having breakfast, and the mom is pouring sunndy d for her kids, when the cartoon character ont he bottle comes to life and starts acting all cheerful like cartoons do and the mom goes "RUN KIDS! GET AWAY FROM IT!" And she fends the character off while the kids run screaming out of the house.

  • york peppermint pattie
    A commercial where this lady starts eating a York Peppermint Pattie, and then it shows her in the mountains--> and she's like "when i bite into a york peppermint pattie, i get the sensation that im mountain climbing in the swiss alps" [or something like that.]

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