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These are reviews of 90s concerts submitted by our site visitors.

  • Nirvana / 07/02/1994
    Review by: Luis David
    This was one of the last concerts ever of Nirvana. Nirvana played in Cascais Pavillion -Lisbon, Portugal on the 7 of February 1994 a few weeks before Cobain died. The concert was the first of the European Tour for "In Utero" the place was full, and the first act, with Buzzcocks Opening didn't go very well. The crowd started to make huge fires all over the place, and, then when Nirvana hit the stage, the crowd just gone hysterical. Nirvana opened with Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, but of course Smells Like Teen Spirit still was the most welcomed song that night. It was really crazy. Nirvana also played songs by David Bowie and Vaselines that night. Kurt Cobain at a moment got on his knees towards the audience and start to pass his hands by everyone. It was cool. Shortly after a month, we all knew what happened, unfortunately.

  • N'SYNC / 11/19/98
    Review by: Krystal Marie
    This was my first concert that I went to and it was great. It was sold out and the crowd was so loud. The guys sounded amazing and it was totally worth it. They performed songs from their only album at the time. Britney Spears was the opening act and no one had heard of her at the time and (gasp) she was booed by the mobs of crazy teenyboppers.

  • The Beastie Boys / 1995
    Review by: Robin
    The Beastie Boys Rabid tour in ATL was an awsome time with the Boys rhyming their hearts out to a packed stadium. We sure miss them touring down here in the southern states. No matter how old they get they continue to grow as artists and deserve mad respect in the history of hip hop culture.

  • Kid Rock / 1999
    Review by: Jared
    If you ever have a chance to go see Kid Rock in concert, take it, he rocks,He came out in his fur coat and pimp hat and cane and sparks flew up and started out with Bawitdaba,the whole place went crazy, I've also seen Destiny's Child,Krayzie Bone,DJ Quik,TQ,Monifah,Camron,112,Tyrese,South Park Mexican,Krayzie Bone had the whole crowd up as he sang all his parts from their hit songs especially 1st of tha month, and 112 was another great performance.

  • Judas Priest / 2/28/98
    Review by: Steve Stroppiana
    The Warfield Theatre, downtown San Francisco was packed to the gils. Everuone from old, tired hippies now living in Marin county to Cholos and their girlfriends stood shoulder to shoulder, about to experience the newly revamped Priest with new singer Tim "Ripper" Owens. Skepticism was all over the place. The lights went down, the into to "Electric Eye" started playing, the band struck their fisrt chords on guitar, and standing on the drum riser was Ripper-the place went absolutely bat shit. He had them in the palm of his hand from the get go, and never let up. They played EVERYthing, the show was about 2 hours long. Ripper was very good, hit the high notes like Rob Halford, and the only complaint this critic had with his delivery is Ripper didn't sing from his soul, as does Halford. Meeting them afterward, they were grateful for the reception they got from SF, and after thanking them for coming back from the grave, they in turn thanked ME. As a #1 fan, it was just incredible....I saw the Ripper version of Priest 2 more times, and I have to say that while it was great to hear the SAME songs, Rippers presence was lacking. Saw the newly reformed Pries at Ozzfest 2004, and it was great to see the band go from 300 spectators at the Fillmore with Ripper to 20,000 at the Ozzfest. HAIL TO THE PRIEST!!!!

  • Backstreet Boys / 7/12/1999
    Review by: Andrea
    ok my musical taste has changed but I loved BSB back then and the concert was a great experience! It wasnt my 1st concert but it was still great. We slept at the venue's door (thats embarrassing) and the show was great, still the greatest ive seen. The stage was circular and it was located in the middle of the ground. Suddenly the lights were on and if u looked at the left corner of the venue u could see the boys hanging on those snoboard tables things lol it was a good thing to see...lots of fire flying and histerycal teenyboopers! btw the concert was in Zaragoza (spain)

  • Reel Big Fish, Nancy Vandal, Quadbox / 9th October 1999
    Review by: Steph
    Californian Glam-wannabe Ska Rockers -RBF, teamed up with Australia's finest (& both now deceased) bands- NV and Qb... I figured most of these concerts are in US... so i thought a taste of an AUSSIE concert is in order. This has to be the raddest gig EVER! The love in the room was just overwhelming, everyone sweated and sweated. There was no hostility int he room and the walls sweated, and the windows steams up. In my many concert and gig experience, this was by far the most active, the most loving and the funnest concert I have ever witnessed. Everyone helped each other out.. that is how a concert chould be.

  • Madonna (Blond Ambition Tour) / April 13, 1990-August 5, 1990
    Review by: Ben
    Madonna was the biggest artist on the planet at the beginning of the 90's, so it only makes sense that she had the first major concert tour of the decade. This concert is the closest Madonna will ever get to a greatest hits tour. The show begins with "Express Yourself." The stage is set up like a Metropolis future world with the men as slaves to Madonna and her two backup singers, Donna and Nikki. Madonna dances and feels her now infamous "cone bra" throughout the song as she lipsyncs to the pre-recorded vocals. (one of three) The next number is "Open Your Heart." Madonna does a chair ruitine similar to the one in the 1986 video for the song as she is persued by one of her male dancers. The third number is "Causing a Commotion." Madonna and her two backup singers stage a mock fight and take insane stabs at humor. Madonna of course wins the fight and bad mouths her two friends to the audience (all tounge in check of course). She then breaks into "Where's the Party," a highly choreographed number with her dancers. Before the song ends Madonna disappears from the stage only to reappear seconds later on a velvet bed and belts out "Like a Virgin." As the song comes to it's climax, Madonna reaches her own "climax" humping the bed and grabbing her crotch. The lights immediately change and we are now in a church. Madonna puts on a choir robe and crusifix and goes into a rousing rendition of "Like a Prayer" with all her dancers and backup singers. They disappear as the song ends and Madonna is on stage alone for "Live to Tell" in a medley with "Oh Father." Madonna sings the songs with intense emotion and puts her heart on the line for her fans. The medley quickly ends and her male dancers join her for "Papa Don't Preach." Once again, a very emotion driven performance given by Madonna and the dancers. After some great dancing Madonna is gone again as the dancers dance to final violin riffs of the song. Madonna kicks off the next section of her show atop a piano to sing "Sooner or Later" from her new film, Dick Tracy. That quickly goes into "Hanky Panky" a song about getting a spanky when you're good. Dick Tracy makes an appearence on the stage (one of her dancers) and she trades in her microphone for a mimed couple dance of "Now I'm Following You." Madonna disappears once again for another full costume change (the 4th of the show) and comes back with her two backup dancers to do a humorous rendition of "Material Girl." It is immediately followed by "Cherish" in which Madonna sings like she's five years old as she plays with a harp and three male mermaids. Te mermaids disappear in favor of three T-bird styled men for "Into the Groove." Madonna, Donna, and Nikki flirt with these men and dance with them throughout the entire song until it abuptly ends and goes into "Vogue." The tightly choreographed retine as the video is the centerpiece as Madonna lipsyncs her latest hit. After the song ends Madonna, her dancers, and musicians take a bow for the audience. They return minutes later with the first encore, "Holiday." This really gets the audience going and Madonna encourages them to sing with her and scream as loud as they can. After the song Madonna says "Thank you everyone. Goodnight!" But, surprises them with another encore, a cover version of Sly and the Family Stone's "Family Affair" followed by her modest hit "Keep it Together." Throughout the song, Madonna's dancers and musicians disappear one by one leaving Madonna as the last person on stage singing acapella the final lines of "Keep it Together." At the songs conclusion she takes of her headset and blows a kiss to her audience and leaves the stage for a final time. Madonna has succeeded in producing the most entertaining concert in Pop History.

  • N'Sync / April 27, 1999
    Review by: Nick
    This was such a cool concert! It started out with Blaque performing for about a half hour, then Tatyana Ali came on for another half hour. When she was done, there was a 15-minute intermission. Then, the lights all dimmed. A screen came up, and you could see a big monster on it and on the stage. After a moment, it disappeared. Then,5 people in neon clothing came out and did a big dance with matching sticks. They disappeared, and the *N Sync flame logo came on the big screen, and all you heard was "here we goooooooo......." then there was this big BOOOM, flames shot up, and there they were! They performed a few songs, then the whole stadium dimmed again and there was a "Remember the 60's" thing on the big screen. After a moment, they all came out, playing instruments,and sang The Wonders' "That Thing You Do!". Then, the lights dimmed again, and they showed a review of the 70's, and *N Sync came out dressed as the Jackson 5 and did a Jackson 5 medley. The lights dimmed, they showed a review of the 80's, and they came out dressed in these zoot suit looking things and performed Kool and The Gang's "Celebration". When they did the review of the 90's, *N Sync came out as themselves and performed " You Got It". After some more songs, the coolest thing happened. When they were performing "Sailing", JC floated up into the air and was flying over the audience! They all eventually were up over the floor audience, and then floated back to the stage. After a few more songs, they finished up with "Tearin Up My Heart" and then it was over. That was the best 3 hours of my life!!!!

  • Pearl Jam / Mudhoney / April 8, 1994
    Review by: Dim
    The day they found Kurt Cobain's body. Mudhoney blew through their set in 30 minutes without saying a word in between songs. Eddie kept saying that they may not be able to finish the show but they kept playing. They put on a kick ass show that included a cover of American Pie. Best show ever.

  • Metallica Summer Sanitarium Tour / July 10, 2000
    Review by: Jay L.
    The Summer Sanitarium was the most incredible thing that could ever be witnessed, It went from System of a Down and Powerman 5000, to Kid Rock who had the place bumpin. By the time Korn took the stage the place was full of crazy rowdy people who were there to hear the music. I never realized how much music effected people's lives until Metallica came on however, when i heard 60,000 people including myself screaming out the lyrics to "Nothing else matters" and "The unforgiven". You just realize how so many people can unite and have a great time with something that has affected their life so greatly.

  • Lalapalooza 96 / June 1996--Kansas City Missouri
    Review by: Elizabeth
    This Lalapalooza was absolutely fantastic. Metallica headlined as well as Soundgarden (This was their last tour as well as The Ramones). Screaming Trees, Wu Tang Clan, Rage Against the Machine, and Rancid were also big names at the concert, over 30,000 people were in attendance and it was opening night. Was able to meet John Norris of MTV, he was there along with the Rock the Vote Bus. Overall the concert was everything you'd expect from a Lalapalooza.

  • Lilith Fair/Prentenders/Sheryl Crow / June/July1999
    Review by: Sherri
    The concert was held at Polaris in Columbus OH. I gotta say....the pretenders ROCKED! I didn't realize how many of thier songs I actually knew but I do now!! The crowd was mostly "younger" people..not familar with this group..I think Crissy Hynde was disappointed over the reaction.However..I was amazed at thier performance.Sheryl Crow also "jammed" They were definately worth going for. We enjoyed the entire show..but these 2 performances were by far the best! Send the Pretenders back our way!!

  • ORGY / March 10, 2001
    Review by: Kechera
    I recently went to see Orgy at the Jam des Neiges in Montreal. I must say that their performance surpassed any expectations I had about the show. They sounded great, and looked just as good. I would definitely go see them a second time.

  • Page and Plant / May, 1995
    Review by: Debbie
    Jimmy Page and Robert Plant performed at the Keil in St. Louis in early May of 1995. This was, by far, the best concert I have ever seen. No detail was spared, production was top quality, and the musicians were incredibly well-rehearsed. We had seats in the balcony at stage right, and they proved to be incredibly good, as we could see the entire layout of the stage all the way to the back of the orchestra. The light show on the stage floor was an swirl of moroccan designs that couldn't posiible be seen from the auditorium floor. The combination of the St. Louis Symphony and obscure instruments kept the crowd at their feet throughout (and this was a very long concert by most standards). I was impressed, to say the very least.

  • Britney Spears / November 9th 2000
    Review by: Jennifer Lynn
    IT was a blast, everyone screamed and had a good time. she even talked to us in the audience, and she was so friendly. The rumor that she lipsyncs is totally a lie! Her dances were so cool, and she even threw out her cowboy hat and glow sticks to us.

  • Public Enemy / Reading Festival, 1992
    Review by: Christopher Dell
    Public Enemy, the original politcally minded rap outfit were already losing ground to the new G-funk sound (pioneered by Dr Dre, made even more popular a year or so later by Snoop Doogy Dogg) as well as Cypress Hill, House of Pain and many other cross-over acts. But they still had the clout and the name to headline the main stage at Reading, and drew a huge crowd. The show was the usual all-out audio assault, complete with Terminator X on the decks, Flavor Flav and Chuck D. Nirvana headlined the same stage the same weekend, but Public Enemy were the ones who blew me away.

  • Dave Matthews Band / September 1996
    Review by: Nicole
    It was the most amazing concert ever! It was the Crash Tour. DMB puts on an amazing concert. I guess that's why they were voted Best Live Performance on My VH1 Awards. Amazing lights and instrumental solos. It was awesome.

  • Billy Idol w/Faith No More / September 21, 1990
    Review by: Michael
    This show was at the Brendan Byrne Arena in NJ - Idol was good - moved around the stage minimally with a cane due to a motorcycle accident earlier in the year. I remember his songs kind of felt rushed and didn't sound a rocking like they did on the albums. Brought a t-shirt and a poster (both of which I still have!). Faith No More was great! They were only on for about 30-40 minutes or so, but they did a lot of stuff from The Real Thing, including Epic, and they even did a version of the N-E-S-T-L-E-S jingle. Overall a fun show.

  • Spin Doctors / September 27, 1990
    Review by: Bryan Gray
    Although billed as a mere EP, this six-song live set recorded at New York City's Wetlands club in September 1990 runs 45 minutes, which used to be the length of a full-fledged album. Calling it an EP is a way of de-emphasizing its significance, since it is intended more as an introduction to the band than as the major statement implied by a debut album. Fair enough: Up for Grabs gives you the kinetic, groove-heavy approach of Spin Doctors, especially on the leadoff song, "Big Fat Funky Booty," and Christopher Barron proves to be a funny, crowd-pleasing frontman, but it's also obvious that not much money was spent producing this record.

  • Jimmy Page and Robert Plant / Summer 1998
    Review by: Abbey
    I've been sitting here for 5 minutes and I'm at a loss for words. It's been over 3 years ago and when I think about it, my mind still reels. I was a mere child when John Bohnam died and ended the illustrious recording career of Led Zepplin, so I missed out on seeing them live. I missed them with they toured with the three remaining members and Bonzo's son as drummer. So I was not about to miss the chance to see Page and Plant together. I was not disappointed. Jimmy Page is still the greatest guitar player around, and Robert Plant can still wail (although he doesn't as much as he once did). They played some new stuff, but plenty of LZ classics. The pinacle of the evening for me was when Jimmy got out the violin bow and played his guitar with it. If you like LZ, but you don't understand the significance of this, watch "The Song Remains the Same." Jimmy should donate one of his bows to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum because that is a piece of rock history that should never be forgotten.

  • DCTalk / Summer 98.
    Review by: yoDe
    This is a Christian band. Don't let this fool you! The put on a rad show! SO loud and the 11,500 seat stadium was full! All three singers have fantastic voices. I'm not too sure how good they'd be now, but back then, they'd just released "Jesus Freak" and it was huge. Good times!

  • THE SMASHING PUMPKINS / Wednesday, April 14, 1999
    Review by: Sarah Dawn Bolam
    On April 14th, 1999, I had the luck, and pleasure, of seeing another Smashing Pumpkins show, this time at at Tramps Theater in New York City, NY. Jimmy was back, and the band was awesome. The music was beautiful, and their outfits were very interesting! They played such a variety, and all of the songs were played with such power, and it was just so perfect. Their new songs were great, their old songs were great, everything was... great. They played I Am One, Zero, Pug, La Dolla Vita, Glass's Theme, Virex, Dross, Speed Kills, Blue Skies Bring Tears, Stand Inside Your Love, Glass + The Ghost Children, Wound, Cash Car Star, Ava Adore, Today, Muzzle, Soma, Home, If There is a God, With Every Light, and Geek USA. I'm so glad I finally got to heear a Gish song, live. I've always dreamed of it, because I wasn't really into music when the Pumpkins made Gish. I never got to see them, and I wasn't allowed to go to concerts when Siamese Dream, or even MCIS came out. I am so lucky to have been able to be there and hear all of the wonderful songs I've always wanted to hear. I loved it, and since it was such a small venue, the band got very into the crowd. They were smiling, waving, winking, and everything else. I was standing so close - front row, but to the left - right near D'Arcy! She was very nice! I loved the show!

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