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Did Ya Notice? Movie Trivia of the 90s

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This is a list of the hard to notice items you come across in movies. These aren't trivia questions.

  • Air Bud
    There are 3 noticeable mistakes in this one. 1. When Josh takes the box to make Buddy's temporary home, he draws a face with thin eyes and a wide mouth. When it shows him and Buddy in front of the box, the face has thick eyes and a thin smile 2. Josh has a desk with a denim chair in front of his window, but when he goes to look through his dad's old cards and he opens the window to let Buddy in, there is a trunk instead of a desk for the rest of the movie 3. Near the end, when the whole basketball team is in the locker room before their state finals game, Josh has a towel around his neck, but when the camera shows the whole team, the towel is in his lap, and this happens for the rest of that scene

  • American Pie
    In the bed room seen when the guy ejaculates in the cup and the next people come in the room when she is about to take a sip out of the cup and he pulls the cup away from her mouth it changes from clear plastic to blue cardboard with a white inside

  • Batman and Robin: The Movie
    When the girl looks at the picture to crack her uncles codes, it has nothing on it, then she looks at it again, and it has a little message on it!

  • Bram Stokers Dracula
    The scene where Lucy is talking to the Texan at the party and Jack walks in. The Texan is holding his hat when Jack sits down. In the next shot, Jack gets up and hands the Texan his hat, crushed, and says "Sorry about that."

  • Clueless
    Cher's last name is read out in class as being Horowitz. But then on her report card, it says Cher Hamilton.

  • Fled
    The main guy is wearing a sweater in one scene, then they turn the camera onto something else, then like less than a second later back onto him and he's not wearing a sweater

  • Forrest Gump
    When Forrest Gump is at Jenny's apartment you can see a iron on a ironing board behind him. The iron is in the up right position when the cut to Jenny then back to him the iron is down. When the cut to her then back to him the iron is back in the upright position.

  • Great Expectations
    In every scene but the last one, Everyone wears green, esspecially Stella

  • Hope Floats
    During the scene where Harry Connick Jr. Takes Sandra Bullock on a tour of the house he's building there is a huge microphone hanging in the center of the screen as they open the door.

  • Hope Floats
    When they're in the country dance club, they turn on the jukebox, but you can still see the band playing in the background.

  • Jurrasic Park
    When the T-Rex gets loose, the lawyer runs out of the car with the kids. The door stays open. In the next shot you see Dr. Grant and Malcolm looking at the car and the door is closed. After that you see the boy closing the door.

  • Major League 2
    A few things...when the Indians played any other team...it didn't matter who the home team was, the field was always the same. Milwaukee's county Stadium if not mistaken.

  • Mall Rats
    When Jay runs from the security guard into the food court he say's "that bastard is faster than Walt Flanagin's dog." Walter Flanagin is the guy who played the guy who was signed all over by Stan Lee and his name is in the credits.

  • The Matrix
    While still working his desk job, Neo gets the FedEx package. Behind him, on his desk, is somebody's hand. Weird. Note: Only in VHS version, not on DVD.

  • Navy SEALs
    The SEAL team undertakes a mission that requires them to make a HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) parachute jump into the ocean where they will begin underwater SCUBA operations. When the team members get on the plane, they are wearing spit-shined combat boots. When they jump out of the plane, they have the same boots on. When they land in the water...thay have swim fins on. Where and how in a skydiving free-fall, do you stop to unlace your boots, take off your socks, put on your neoprene dive booties, stow your boots and then put on your swim fins prior to hitting the water?

  • Now and Then
    In the scene where the teenage girls are looking in the attic, there is one part when a girl is looking in a mirror and you can see a microphone in the reflection of the mirror.

  • The Players Club
    In the beginning when Diamond first starts at the club and she's talking to Ronnie, her hair is in one style. When she goes upstairs a second later it's totally different.

  • Preacher's Wife
    When Courtney Vance meets Denzel Washinton, Vance is seated in a car, Denzel is standing on the sidewalk. The location of the car's rolled-down window changes back and forth from scene to scene.

  • Pulp Fiction
    The move begins in the diner and the girls says she's "gonna execute every mother-fu**in' last one of ya". At the end of the movie, she yells that she's "gonna execute of last one of you mother-fu**ers." this is no big deal except for the fact that the above line is the most important line in the movie because it ties the whole thing together.

  • Street Fighter : The Movie : The Ultimate Battle
    In an edited scene the monster Blanka "poops" on the floor much to the disgust of General Bison(the late great Raul Julia).

  • Tommy Boy
    did you notice when tommy bent the door and in the side of the car was a big dent and then got it shut and when richard walks back you can see there is not dent in the car now...

  • Twister
    In the movie "Twister" all of the television meteorologists are real. The first scene shows a tornado advisory broadcast of Channel 9 anchor, Gary England (the clip is an authentic one from the 1960's). Gary is still reporting for channel 9 in Oklahoma. The Weather man interviewing Cary Elwes is Jeff Lazileer from channel 4, and Mike Morgan from channel 5 is on the television later on.

  • Twister
    During the second twister, Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, and Jami Gertz, are in the truck, and a cow flies by. If you look at the window next to Jami Gertz right after the cow scene, you will see that it is not raining and a black minivan drives by.

  • Twister
    Towards the end of Twister, Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton are driving ahead of the last tornado and trying to avoid falling debris. A large piece of farm equipment hits the right side of the windshield and cracks the glass. In the next scene, the windshield is not broken.

  • Wedding Singer
    In the Wedding Singer when they go on the shopping spree for Julia's wedding and they are at the Carvel Ice Cream Parlor you should notice that if the movie takes place in 1985, why oh why do they have the new Carvel logo with the spinkles the 80's was vanilla ice cream in a cup with a cherry.

  • Wedding Singer
    When Robbie Hart who is in the dumpster after the "Love Stinks" brawl is talking to Julia, there is a decorative silver hoop that hops from left to right to left every time the scene cuts back to him.

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