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What movie locations during the 90s that you can think of? This is a list of the real-life counterparts to places used in movies. I'm not looking for the shooting location of something, so much as I'm looking for things that really exist and are shown in a movie that you can go visit.

  • Days of Thunder
    Being from DeLand,Florida, I was really surprised when I found out that they were filming parts of Days of Thunder in DeLand and at Daytona Speedway nearby. The scenes in the house were actually shot at a peer's family's home, to which they were handsomely rewarded and one scene was shot at Tom's Pizza, a favorite hang-out. Tom Cruise was really nice to everyone from what I understand.

  • Dracula 2000
    Esplanade Avenue and most of the French Quarter was the filming locations for this one.

  • Waynes World
    In one scene of the movie, they show a shot of cars stacked on top of each other. This is located in Berwyn IL at the Cermak Plaza shopping center on Cermak avenue in Berwyn.

  • Twister
    In the film "Twister" with Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt, most of the scenes were shot in Northern Oklahoma. Wakita, the town where "Aunt Meg" supposedly lived, is approximately 45 miles from the Kansas Border. The water tower is real, but the buildings destroyed by the tornado are fake.

  • Tom Sawyer
    Many of the outdoor scenes were filmed in and around the tiny village of Mooresville, Alabama located between Decatur and Huntsville, just off I-565. The little church clearly visible in one scene dates to the mid-1800's. Of interest is the fact that Mooresville was occupied by the Union forces during the Civil War. That is the reason these old buildings survived. Most buildings in neighboring towns were destroyed.

  • Nell
    Nell was filmed outside of Robbinsville, NC and also parts in Charlotte, NC. The hospital is actually a city government building and the motel that Liam Neeson took Jodie Foster to is still a Days Inn in Uptown Charlotte.

  • The Winter People
    Not exactly a blockbuster, but still a decent movie. Starred Kurt Russell and Kelly McGillis. This movie was shot in different parts of Avery County in NC, including the small towns of Heaton and Plumtree. In a scene with Kelly McGillis, some local children are featured.

  • Mumford
    Petaluma, CA ... The actual scene where he skateboards down from the second story of his company building was filmed out at the Coast Guard base in Two Rock. They redid the face of the court yard entrance and built a skate board ramp down from the second story. The ramp took two weeks to custom design and was in the movie for two seconds. Then they trashed it. Wouldn't even donate it to the kids on the Coast Guard base.

  • Stir of Echos
    The Realto theatre in Joliet, and Menards in Joliet both are shown in the movie.

  • Amistad
    Scences of this movies were filmed at the Massachusetts State House in Boston.

  • Scenes From a Mall
    Some of the mall scenes were taped at the mall in Stamford CT. Nothing has really changed.

  • Ten Things I Hate About You
    This film was shot almost entirely in Tacoma, Washington and Seattle, Washington. The 'castle' style high school is known as Stadium High School in what's known as the "Stadium District" of Tacoma, just north of downtown. The home that Kat and her sister live in is located in the neighborhood just west of the high school. The music store is known as "Ted Brown Music Company" and is located on Broadway in downtown Tacoma. The lake where they ride the peddle boats is Lake Union in downtown Seattle and the location of the paint gun fight is known as Gas Works Park on the north end of Lake Union.

  • Kindergarten Cop
    This movie was filmed in Astoria, Oregon, as stated in the movie. The motel and elementary school used in the movie are in Astoria, as is the marina where the characters had dinner. The road the characters are traveling on after their plane flight is the Sunset Highway, which leads from Astoria to Portland.

  • Crooked Hearts
    This movie was filmed in Vancouver BC. And the house in the movie used to belong to Grandma, and that the some of the stuff (such as curtains, and lighting) were made by my grandparents. The house is still there but looks really different now!

  • Reindeer Games
    This movie was filmed in Vancouver and Prince George BC Canada. And the prison in this movie was filmed in Prince George. The prison now is not even functinal anymore, but still stands there.

  • GroundHog Day
    This movie was filmed in Woodstock,IL

  • Air Bud 2: Golden Retciever
    This movie, filmed in vancouver, has the championship game played in a HUGE football stadium for Washington state school. When it's actually a REALLY small outdoor stadium that once hosted a junior baseball team, but now is commonly used for annual rodeos.

  • Pelican Brief
    This was shot in the French Quarter, on the riverfront by the big fountain and the riverwalk shopping entrance also the Garden District.

  • Scream I and II
    Tomales, CA ... They rented out an old farm house and redid the whole front of it. It was set way off the road so nobody could watch the filming.

  • Water Boy
    The University scenes were shot at Stetson Univ. in DeLand, FL. Since that college doesn't have a football team/stadium, those shots were taken from local DeLand High School.

  • Mission Impossible
    When Tom Cruise uses a public telephone in a London(England) Railway station, it actually is Liverpool Street station in London.

  • Waynes World
    While driving in theyre infamous car they pass a large indian on top of a building. the scene is quick however i pass that indian everytime i go to my grandmas house...so it always seems important to me. the indian is on top of what used to be an eye clinic but is now a small gift shop. its located on 63rd and Pulaski in Chicago.

  • That Thing You Do
    The beginning of the movie takes place in downtown Orange, California. The Army-Navy store and Watson's Pharmacy are clearly shown.

  • The Bridges of Madison Country
    The bridges really do exist, the movie was shot on the actual bridges, and you can visit them in Madison County, Iowa. my family has pictures from when i was younger and we passed by madison county on a trip.

  • Home Alone
    The family's house is located on Lincoln Ave. in the city of Winnetka, IL. It has maintained the same exact look as it was in the movie. The house is located a few streets from its creator, John Hughes. His home and offices are both there.

  • Dead Man Walking
    The housing project where sister Helen was supposed to live is the St. Thomas housing project located in the lower garden district between Race St. and Jackson Ave. Very dangerous and very scary.

  • Interview with the Vampire
    The plantation fire scene was shot at Oak Alley Plantation built by the Pilie' Family located in Vacherie La.Much of the movie was shot in the French Quarter and also Lafayette Cemetary on Prytania Street in the Garden District.

  • Lost and Found
    The recent movie staring David Spade had a long scene of David and the dog he dognapped in a pet supermarket. That pet supermarket is on the corner of White Oak and Vanowen in Van Nuys, CA. You can still see all the old latice work and facades that have been there since the 1960's when the market was called Piggly Wiggley's.

  • Hot Shots!
    The reservation land where Topper Harley is found in the beginning of the movie was actually filmed at the Star B Buffalo Ranch in Ramona, California, off Highway 78 (about 1 hour from San Diego). The Buffalo are still there today at this nationally-known breeding ranch run by Ken & Denise Childs and family. (Teepees not included). Coincidentally, the Buffalo Burgers that come from this stock are favorites of current Hollywood hot shots.

  • Somewhere In Seattle
    The restaurant in which Tom Hanks and Rob Reiner have lunch is called the Athenian and it's located inside the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. On the north end of the market you'll find a steep road that leads up to 1st Avenue. It was on this short road that Rob Reiner inspected Tom Hanks "butt". The waterfront home Tom Hanks lived in is on Lake Union and can be seen while driving north on I-5 from downtown Seattle (look to the west when you see the water - it's the first beach house north of the marina housing the large tourism boats). The beach where Tom Hanks played ball with his son is several miles away. It's called West Seattle and the beach is actually a several miles long waterfront stretching to the east from what's called Alki point. It appears the small building Meg Ryan hid behind while watching him play ball is no longer there. I've tried several times to find it but I've been unsuccessful.

  • Double Jeopardy
    The scene where she walks into the hotel lobby to buy the dress is the Hotel Monteleone on Royal St. Lafayette Cemetary is where she gets trapped in the casket.

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