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Favorite Movie Scenes of the 90s

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What is your favorite movie scene of the 90s?

  • 10 Things I Hate About You
    It's the sceen where the geek goes to show off that he can ride a moped. He falls over a hill, crashes, and falls off of his bike. He turns around to the crowd of watchers and throws his hands up like he meant to do it, but when he turns around....he mutters "oh, my balls"and grabs them in agony.

  • 10 Things I Hate About You
    Bianca (being shallow): There's a difference between like and love. I like my skechers, but I Love my Prada backpack. Chasity: But I love my Skechers... Bianca: That's because you don't have a prada backpack!

  • 10 Things I Hate About You
    1.The scene where Heath sings to Julia during soccer practice and he's running around being chased. 2. The paintball scene where Heath pulls Julia down and they start making out and they are COVERED with paint.

  • 10 Things I Hate About You
    Their over protective dad speaks his mind:(obvious white guy) "Kissing does not keep me up to my elbows in placenta!" " And hell is just a sauna." " I've got the 411. I am not going to let you get jiggy with some guy. I don't care how dope his ride is... My mama didn't raise no fool."

  • 10 Things I Hate About You
    The part where Biannca and Kat are in a fight and Biannca says, "Where did you come from? Planet Loser?" and Kat says," As opposed to planet, 'Look at me, look at me." It makes me laugh more and more every time I see it.

  • 10 Things I Hate About You
    Chasity: I know you can be overwhelmed, and I know you can be underwhelmed. But can you ever just we 'whelmed'? Bianca: I think you can in Europe. :) Stupid people just make me laugh.

  • 10 Things I Hate About You
    The scene where Kat helps Patrick get out of detention. (I happen to think the entire movie is fantastic, so picking one scene is tough!) It is a really funny scene!

  • 10 Things I Hate About You
    The scene where Kat is telling her father to stop trying to run her life just because he can't control his. It's a great scene :)

  • 10 things I hate about you
    The part when the father makes Bianca use the fake preagnat belly....Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 10 things I hate about you
    The part when Kat backs into Joey's car on purpose, that part always makes me laugh.

  • 10 things i hate about you
    The scene where bianca is trying to pursuade kat to go to bogies party and she does The bogies party speech.. that's so cool.. bogies party is just a lame excuse for all the idiots at our school to rub against each other in hope of distracting themselves from the pathetic emptiness of their meaningless consumer driven lives... it's pure poetry..

  • 10 things i hate about you
    where kat is sitting on the couch after ramming Joeys car,and her father comes up to her..and says "whoops?My insurance does not cover P.M.S!" I laugh so hard i cry every time i see that part.

  • 10 things i hate about you
    when heath's character sings to Kat beautiful

  • 200 Cigarettes
    when Cindy (Kate Hudson) smashes that light with the snooker cue. in fact, any part of the movie with her in it is funny cos she's so dumb about everything apart from when she dumps Jack. Also when she gets lipstick on her dress is funny too.

  • 28 Days
    When they're in therapy, and the German guy is talking about relationships, but using the bad analogy of forks. "When you're a fork, and they're a soup spoon...; when you're a little crab fork and they're a great big serving fork." It cracks me up every time!

  • 8 mile
    The scene where eminem battles the guy for the championship, he explains everything that had happened. When it is his turn he chokes. A great scene in my opinion. Eminem deserved to win he is the best rapper.

  • Ace Ventura
    The scene where Courtney and Jim go to Shady Acres Mental institute to "admit" him. He's running around the lawn screaming "I'm open, I'm open....over here!" and of course the whole half-time bit!

  • Ace Ventura
    The scene where Ace rescues Dan and they are on the way to the superbowl. Dan ask Ace "Hey Ace you got anymore of that gum?" Ace answers "That's none of your damn business and I'll thank you to stay out of my affairs from now on" It is totally hilarious

  • Ace Ventura, When Nature Calls
    The best is when ace and that one man enter the fancy ball type thing and he sees a woman with a real mink shall thing on, Freaks out and goes up to the short man saying "You must be the monopoly guy" knocks the man out, throws him over his shoulder starts flaunting him around like the woman was with her shall was and puts him back in her arms. That is my favorite.

  • Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
    There's this one scene when Ace was invited to a conference on a mission to save a mystic bat from a pair of hunters. He was making shadow puppets in front of the slides, like picking the hunter's nose, and gobbling at their bodies. LOL

  • Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
    the scene where ace first sees the empty dolphin tank and the reporters come and he acts like hes the trainer and starts acting like a dolphin......and also the scene where he is at camp's party and he goes to the bathroom, and turns hte water on and he creeps over and out of the window with the koolest walk! its like creep creep!

  • Almost Famous
    The morning after the lead singer is at the party and he gets on the bus and no one talks to him and all of a sudden tiny dancer by elton john starts playing and everyone on the bus starts singing it. Its so great. I love it more everytime I see it

  • Almost Famous
    The Part on the bus when everyone eventually joins in on singing "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John, the movie wouldnt be complete without this part, it brings everyone together. The other best part is on the AirPlane when they're about to die, and the guy yells "F**k it! I'm Gay!!" hahaha...funny funny.

  • Almost famous
    the scene where kate hudson is on the plane leaving, and she relizes what the kid had said, and she looks out the window,and he's running from window to window in the airport..she puts her hand up to the glass, and he in running through her fingers.....i LOVE that scene

  • American Beauty
    The basketball sequence in which Lester (Kevin Spacey)first meets Angela (Mena Suvari) and begins to fantisize about her then she unzips her jacket opens it and all the rose petals fly towards the camera...that's a masterpeice.

  • American Beauty
    The Final Scene of this master piece when lester is reminiscing on all the joyous things in his life, such as his daughter and his wife, just before he was about to be shot by surprise. He dies with a smile on his face. The Cinemetography and editing on that one scene, that short 5 minute scene, was just amazing. They cut back and forth between showing what all the major characters are doing while cutting into little black and white clips of lester's memories, beautiful.

  • American Beauty
    The scene where Ricky shows Jane the videotape of the plastic bag... and his beautiful speech is echoed by Lester in the voice-over in the end. It's overwhelming.

  • American Pie
    Stifler and the Pale Ale! What else needs to be said?

  • American Pie
    The scene where Oz is in the car with the "college chick" and looks at her seriously and says, "suck me beautiful". That's funny as h*ll. Also when he tells Stiffler about it at the party and Stiffler repeats the same phrase at the top of his lungs.

  • American Pie
    When Lester writes his job description and his new supervisor reads it - "my job consists of basically masking my contempt for the a**holes in charge and, at least once a day, retiring to the restroom where I can jerk off and dream of a life that doesn't so closely resemble hell"

  • American Pie
    Jim is strip-dancing for his dream girl in his own bedroom for everyone in his school to watch on the Internet. You first feel the embarrassment he's going to feel the next day but then really start laughing your butt off because of how into the whole thing he is. And, quite frankly, the guy has some moves.

  • Anastasia
    In the end When Anastasia and Dimitri first Kissed in Paris

  • Animal House
    jon belushi is on his way down the stairs when he passes a guy singing "I gave my love a cherry that had no -!!!etc,with a slight raise of his eyebrowe and no emotion grabs the guitar and smashes it into a thousand pieces then turns and say`s SORRY. !!!

  • Armageddon
    when harry is telling aj goodbye and he says that he loves him... and aj is crying. i cried so hard. also love when he is telling grace goodbye. great movie

  • Armageddon
    The "Animal Cracker" scene. Where AJ and Grace are on their own before AJ goes and saves the world from the massive meteor. He does a wonderful impression of the Discovery Channel guy. Its so romantic! *Sniffle, Sniffle* *

  • Armageddon
    The "Animal Cracker" scene. Where AJ and Grace are on their own before AJ goes and saves the world from the massive meteor. He does a wonderful impression of the Discovery Channel guy. Its so romantic! *Sniffle, Sniffle*

  • Armageddon
    When Bruce Willis pushes Ben Affleck back into the ship after Ben Affleck draws the short straw. It is so good, because you know that even though Bruce Willis wants to live, he wants his daughter to be happy and still have Ben Affleck in her life. It made me cry more than any other scene in any movie ever made

  • Armageddon
    the Touching scene at the end when Bruce Willis is saying goodbye to his daughter through satalite and then it cuts out, makes me cry everytime!!

  • Armegeddon
    I love the scene at the end where Grace and AJ are getting married. The camera swings around and you see a picture of Harry. And at the end I like watching all the shots of their wedding.

  • Armegeddon
    When Ben Affleck is about to get on the shuttle to take off and he sings to Liv Tyler before he leaves the song leaving on a jet plane and sweeps her into his arms classic movie and scene!

  • Austin Powers
    when austin was trying to get his assistant (i forgot her name) into bed. Then he like makes the bed start spinning around and he falls on top of her and he's like "oops i fell! oops! i fell again!!!"....hahhaha cracks me up every time!

  • Austin Powers (the first one)
    I like the part where Doctor Evil has all those people sitting around his table and they're making a plan and his estranged son Scott says something to p*ss him off and he reaches for his new "Scott" button to push it to send Scott to the furnace but that fraulein lady smacks his hand really hard. I also like the part where Evil wants to feed Austin Powers to sharks with lasers on their heads but that businessman/henchman guy tells him that all they could get were mutated sea bass! That cracked me up. Dr. Evil utters his famous "Throw me a frickin' bone here" line.

  • Austin Powers 2:The Spy Who Shagged Me
    When Mini-me is humping the laser. What else can you say!

  • Austin Powers Gold member...
    When Dr.evil gets sharks with laser beams attatched to there heads he goes "Are those fricken sharks, with fricken laser beams, attatched to their fricken heads?" "COOOOOOOLLLL" Also when Dr.evil is talking about Preperation H..and he goes.."On the whole preperation H feels good" then Scotty goes "Your right preperation H does feel good ON THE HOLE!" austin powers rocks my life!!!

  • Austin Powers: Goldmember
    The rap video that Dr. Evil and mini-me do while in prison has to be the best. "Stick that in your pipe and smoke it."

  • Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
    The funniest part is when AustinPowers is trying to turn around after Venessa went off to try and find Dr.Evil. He keeps going back and forth and hitting the wall and it was just the funniest part of the movie.

  • Austin Powers: Spy Who Shagged Me
    Scott and Dr. Evil are on Jerry Springer when a fight breaks out between Dr. Evil and a member of KKK. Dr. Evil is restrained but keeps breaking free then runs off stage with a globe.

  • Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
    Scott: "A Trillion is more than a Billion numbnuts!"

  • Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
    Just as he's about to go back in time, Austin is told about the principles of time travel by Basil Exposition. After that, Austin tries to figure out the potential paradox and goes cross-eyed. Basil tells him he'd be better off if he didn't think about it, then looks into the camera and gives the audience the same advice.

  • BLADE (1998)
    The first few minutes of the movie when BLADE enters the club full of vampires,the cool techno music stops,there is haunting silence and then BLADE fights and murders off some vampires in a well done club fight. Another great scene, while BLADE is fighting in the club. He jumps up and leans on a wall. Quinn(one of the vampires)and three other vamp SWAT guards are going to shoot BLADE, BLADE takes out his sharp double edged boomerang and throws it at them,while Quinn ducks down cuz he encountered BLADE before and knows what to expect,and the projectile decapitates the 3 vampire SWAT guards simultaneously and it returns to BLADE,BLADE just catches it without even turning his head to look at it. It was great. Oh and the last one,for now, where BLADE is in the hospital and wanted to save Dr.Karen Jenson. He throws her out of the hospital window and she lands safely on another building. Since the police are after BLADE,that is why he did that. Now, BLADE sees them entering the room and BLADE grips the sides of the opened window and he jumps all the way down to the other building across from the hospital. The way he jumped was so awesome. It made the whole aspect of how he has vampiric powers make more sense. He even reminded me of Batman in that scene. It was awesome.

    The part where the FBI agent and his gay lover are in bed and someone calles the agent...his hispanic lover keep rubbing on him so he smacks his face...then when the agent gets off the phone he says "what are you doing?" The gay man says "I just wanted to cuddle." the Agent replies "WHAT A FAG"...THIS MY FRIEND IS THE FUNNIEST SEEN IN A MOVIE.

  • Barton Fink
    Charlie visits Barton in the burning hotel. "Christ, Barton. It's hot in here."

  • Beauty and the Beast
    The sequence where Belle and the beast are dancing in the ballroom. That one's always got me(sniff, sniff)

  • Beverly Hills Ninja
    When Chris Farley is on top of the palm tree swinging to the song "Tarzan Boy" and he flys like 100 ft.

  • The Big Lebowski
    The most underrated Coen movie ever. THE scene: Walter wants to throw Danny's ashes into the sea, but the wind blows it directly into the Dude's face.

  • The Big Lebowski
    Probably the greatest comedy film there is, so underated its sick. but anyway. The scene where The Dude, Walter and Donnie are interrupted by Jesus, the facial expressions and acting from Jesus are truly classic! "Nobody f**ks wit da Jesus!"

  • The Big Lebowski
    when the cop is giving that huge speach about how he hates The Dude and The Dude just looks up and goes "I'm sorry, I wasn't listening.." and out of no where the cop throws an empty coffe mug at his head and knocks him out of the chair. I have ruined many a good pair of pants because of that scene.

  • Billy Madison
    When at the end of the movie everyone kisses each other, the clown, bus driver, penguin, maid, Billy's friends, it's classic!

  • Billy Madison
    well, I know the movie by heart, but the best part was "shampoo vs. conditioner" in 3rd grade the "my cuz fanny/the 69 joke" and basicly i love the movie and enjoy every part, it is just funny!

  • Billy Madison
    I love the scene where they're looking on the ground and billy's like, "Here's a nice peice of shit."

  • Billy Madison
    When Billy looks down at Ernie's wet pants and shouts"YOU!!" The other kids make fun of Ernie,so Billy gets his pants wet and says it's the coolest,and of course the kids believe Billy,and Ernie is now cool.

  • Billy Madison
    The Penguin chase scene, you've gotta love it!

  • Billy Madison
    When they went to the farm and the little boy wet his pants and then Billy puts the water on his pants and all the other children see it and Billy says "If you don't wet your pants your not cool".

  • Billy Madison
    when the little boy pees his pants and when adam sandler sees he screems goooooo!!!

  • Billy Madison
    When they went to the farm and the little boy wet his pants and then Billy puts the water on his pants and all the other children see it and Billy says "If you don't wet your pants your not cool".

  • Billy madison
    When Billy is in the bathtub, and he is playing with the shampoo and conditioner! It's classic. STOP LOOKING AT ME, SWAN!

  • Bio-Dome
    You left out the two very best scenes in Bio-Dome. 1. When Mimi and Petra come in to the room and make out with them and they start humping the door. 2. The scene were the try to convince the scientist to let them grow hemp. Illegal! Illegal!, that is the very best scene

  • Bio-Dome
    When Bud and Doyle are going to find a bathroom and see the bio-dome and think it is a mall and go up to the guard and say that they have to use the bathroom and the guard says no so they go around to the side wall and they throw firecrackers over the wall and the guard thinks that it is a gun so he leaves and then Bud and Doyle go in and they can't find a toilet tree or a bathroom so they look around and find a rainforest and take a wizz in the waterfall and in this room the computer says warning toxins being introduced to the rainforest.

  • Black Sheep
    When they are at the gas station, david spade goes inside, chris farly backs up and bends the door back and then fixes it. When david spade comes out and shines his car with his sleeve and opens the door and the door falls off and chris farley says "Whad Ya do?" LOL

  • Black Sheep
    When Richard is in the woods talking to himself and hes saying how he would beat up the kids and he says "Rabbit Punch, Rabbit Punch!!"

  • Black Sheep
    When the frig fell on Mike and Richard says " Are you ok?" and Mike says "ya but i have a bowl of choclate pudding in my under pants." and Richard said "hey buddy, we didnt have any choclate pudding in there." it cracks me up every time!!!!!

  • The Blair Witch Project
    The last 15 minutes of the movie. You are on the edge of your seat because you have no idea what is going on in the house. The end comes...you see the shot of Mike standing facing the corner...you hear the screams and then the camera falls...the end. Great filmmaking!

  • Boondock Saints
    the scene where agent Smecker is describing how the saints broke into the house and met with El Duce. He screams "And there was a fire fight" then we have pure unadulterated suburban combat.

  • Bordello of Blood (Tales from the Crypt)
    The scene where Rafe Guttman (Dennis Miller) shoots the she-vampires with holy water from a Super Soaker gun. Dialogue wasn't needed for this scene-but the use of "cha-ching!" was perfect! The use of "Ballroom Blitz" was also perfect--I hear that song and think of this scene automatically. For a movie that was pretty silly and over-the-top, this was the perfect scene.

  • Boyz N the Hood
    The scene near the beginning when Trey was a little boy still. He had just gone fishing with his Dad but before he left Doughboy had mentioned going to the store, when another kid told him he didn't have any money he had said, "I'll go anyway." When Trey gets back home with his dad he sees his friends getting put into the police car and he locks eyes with them while his dad comes up from behind to console him. The next scene is a welcome home party for them getting out of jail and everyone has grown into teenagers.

  • Braveheart
    The speech he gives the scottish rebels prior to their first big battle with the english. this scene gives me chills.

  • Braveheart
    The massively epic battle scenes and the historical barabarism of the film is the start of the "controversial" works of actor/director Mel Gibson. This movie soon influenced many "war" movies of the late 90's and 2000's like the patriot, gladiator, troy, The lord of the rings trilogy, The Passion of the Christ(not really a war movie but hey), Kingdom of Heaven, and so on.

  • Braveheart
    The end when Mel Gibson is being tortured. One of the men tells him,"say mercy and the pain will end." Of course instead of yelling "mercy" Gibson screams a long and triumphant "FREEEEDOOOMMMM."

  • Bring It On
    I liked the part where the blonde head cheerleader of the white team goes over to the clovers school and says " You better bring it", and the head cheer leader of the clovers says " dont worry i'll bring ". I just thought that it was pretty funny.

  • Broken Arrow
    The scene where Mr. Pritchett is freaking out on Deke in the jeep, yelling at screaming at him about how stupid he is. Deke picks up a flashlight and nails him right in the Adam's apple, then turns to him and says, "Hush! Hush!"

  • A Bronx Tale
    the part when Sonny, Calogero,and his boys are in the bar and these white bikers were disturbing Sonny's terf, the mob came in from the back door after Sonny saif these words "Now you can't leave." and locked the front door. The mob kicked the shit out the bikers while there was song of The Beetles "Come Together" and was changed to "The Ten Commandments of Love" by The Classics. it was the shit

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    The Cheer that the cheerleaders and Buffy cheered. How funky is your chicken, How funky is your chicken, How loose is your goose, my goose is very loose!

  • Bullet
    When Mickey Rourke stabs the knife in guy's eye and says: "Tell that n*gga'... Tank ... Bullet's back"

    When Eric goes to dexter's funeral and leaves wearing one shoe and Dexter has only one shoe and is lying there holding Eric's then Eric sends Dexter's shoe floating down the river and smiled. What a tear jerker!!!

  • Can't Hardly Wait
    The scene where the 'angel' in the parking lot thinks the main character is confessing his love over the pay phone to Barry Manilow.

  • Canadian Bacon
    At one point, Sherriff Boomer, Kabral, and Roy Boy steal a truck and paint anti-Canadian graffiti on it. Later, they get pulled over by a cop on motorcycle (played by an uncredited Dan Aykroyd) who tells them that the graffiti on their truck must be written in both English and French.

  • Cats Don't Dance
    Too many to name, so here's a few: 1. The "Little Ark Angel" scene, when Danny (Scott Bakula) tries to steal the scene, by repetitively singing "Meow." 2. Darla Dimple eating animal crackers and acting sickeningly sweet. She started to scare me just a little. 3. Danny doing all sorts of variations of "Meow." This scene proves Scott Bakula has range.

  • Cats Don't Dance
    The scene where Darla Dimple (voice of Ashley Peldon) is eating animal crackers in front of Danny the Cat (voice of Scott Bakula). She is biting the heads off, and Danny is cringing. He is trying to get her to give the animals a chance to audition for her agent Farley Wink, the most powerful agent in Hollywood. Ashley Peldon pulls off the "sweetly evil" voice perfectly.

  • Charlie's Angels
    Where Drew Barrymore is fighting the guys and is doing the hand movements like "Lotus on a Flower", and then when the guys are all down and out, she says " And that's kicking your ASS!"

  • Chasing Amy
    The scene where Holden and Alyssa are coming back from dinner and it's pouring. Holden pulls the car over and in this incredibly written monologue pours his heart out to Alyssa telling her how he really feels about her. She gets mad and gets out of the truck in the rain, he follows her and they start to argue. She walks away and as he's heading back to the truck you just see her rush him and they start kissing. Love it. The best part is the monologue though.

  • Chasing Amy
    The scene in the beginning where Banky gets mad at everyone who calls him a tracer when he tells them he is the inker of the Bluntman and Chronic comic strip.

  • Cliffhanger
    The entire sequence at the beginning where Stallone is trying to get to his partner's girlfriend as she hangs by a snapped safety harness' buckle twenty MILES above a yawning gorge. No matter how many times you've already seen it, the sequence is just as harrowing EVERY TIME.

  • Clueless
    when Cher falls off the bed when Christian comes round to watch tony curtis videos.

  • Clueless
    The scene where Cher is driving and she speeds through a stop sign Dionne:"HEllooo, that was a stop sign!" Cher: "Duuh! I Totally paused!" THE WAY SHE TALKS IS SOO FUNNYY!!! :D

  • Clueless
    The part when Cher tells her P.E. teacher that she's riding the crimson wave, so she can't participate in class.

  • Coming To America
    when samuel jackson comes in to rob the restuarant and eddie murphy gets up to thwart the incident and samuel jackson turns around and says, who in the f@#k is the @$$hole!

  • Con Air
    the bit at the end when nicholas cage's character is reunited after 7-8 years with his loving wife and his beautiful daughter he has never seen before. he still has the stuffed animal, although dirty, as a gift and gives it to her daughter. all this playing to the tune of "how do i live" by trisha yearwood.. magic moment

  • Contact
    The destruction of the first Machine, built at Cape Canaveral, not only rids the story of Dr. David Drumlin (Tom Skerritt), but also provides some pretty tense action. In this sequence, we're briefly treated to a shot of the late John Holloman, who covered space for CNN.

  • The Craft
    I think one of my favorite scenes from that movie is when all four of the main characters are sitting in the grass in front of their school talking about how their spells have worked, and Nancy (played by Fairusa Balk) gets up and walks away. One of the other girls asks what's the matter with her and the character of Rochelle (the black girl), responds " I think she doesn't wanna be white trash anymore. I told her, 'you're white, honey, just deal with it.'" She says it so nonchalantly, it's great!

  • Cruel Intentions
    When Kathryn is trying to talk to the people in the auditorium at the end, and they all leave and "Bittersweet Symphony" starts playing. That B***H got what she deserved! That was a wonderful moment in the movie!

  • Cruel Intentions
    I love the part where Katharine calls Sebastion and says, "Did you f*** her yet? He replies, "Almost", She then says "P*ssy", Sebastion replies "Blow me" before hanging up

  • Cruel Intentions
    When the song Color Blind by Counting Crows is playing and Annette(Reese) is coming up the escalator, and sees Sebastion(Ryan) he looks so hott and it makes you so happy to see him there!

  • Cruel Intentions
    After Sebastian has threaten to call Cecile's mom after she snuck out the house, and he tells her "I don't what to kiss you here, I want to kiss you...there", then goes down on her. That was so funny to me because she's so naive, and she's falling for all of Sebastian's effortless tricks. Classic!

  • Cruel Intentions
    When Katherine says I'm the Marsha F**king Brady of the Upper East Side and some times I want to kill myself

  • Cruel Intentions
    When Sebastian knocks on Katherin's door she says "just a minute" and it's obvious she hiding the guy. Then Sebastion walks in and finds the guy Katherin says "You don't get to have all the fun. So I guess you've come to make arrangements" Sebastian turns her down and she yells "But I wanna f---!" and he says "And I DON'T!" That scene's hilarious!

  • Cruel Intentions
    My favoirte scene of this movie is when Annette is coming up the escalator and Sabastian is at the top waiting for her in his bright blue shirt and Annette says, "I'm impressed" and he replies, "I'm in love."

  • Cruel Intentions
    Where Cecil is telling Kathryn about her first orgasm, not really knowing what it had been. Kathryn tells her that it is okay because even she has had one. Cecil suggests that they must be in a club together now, like a secret society. Kathryn agrees to shut her up and walks out, muttering under her breath, she leaves Cecil dancing and chanting "Secret Society, Secret Society, Kathryn and Cecil"

  • Cry Baby
    when cry baby and his girl friend are making out and lighting hits the tree. the girl says "its just a little electricity" and cry baby goes " NO NO electricty makes Me insane" he rips his shirt open and shows his tat of an electric chair. he explains his parents were killed in an electric chair your supposed to feel dramatic, but the whole movie was so corny, and the acting was so bad that it was just so funny

  • Dazed and Confused
    When Slater and some buddies are Smokin a joint and he's talking about how all the girls are prudes in his class, then He starts talking about Martha washington.

  • Dazed and Confused
    I like the scene in Dazed and Confused when Don Dawson is laughing when the angry mailbox owner is shooting at their car.

  • Dazed and Confused (1993)
    In this film, the scene in which freshman Mitch Kramer (Wiley Wiggins) Gets into David Wooderson's (Matthew McConaughey) SS Chevelle for a ride to the high school party. Wooderson just says "How's it going" and then looks back and asks, "Say man, you got a joint?" Mitch replies,"Ahh, no, not on me man." Wooderson just chuckles and says,"you'd be a lot cooler if you did!" It's some great stuff, check it out sometime.

  • Deep Blue Sea
    Samuel L. Jackson's rousing speech on the bottom level, just before...something rather unexpected

  • Demolition Man
    A cop that was crioginicaly frozen wakes up in the future to kill a crimanal that has been trained to know how to use and work with the futuristic equipment and technology.the person responible for this is the mayor.

  • Die Hard 2
    I loved the bit at the end where Mclane(Bruce Willis) lights his cigarret lighter and goes "Yippi Kaye mutherf*ckers!" then lights up the leaking fuel of the plane to kill all the bad guys.

  • Die Hard: With a Vengeance
    My favorite scene in this film was when McClane (Bruce Willis) and Zeus (Samuel L. Jackson) are having a car chase/gunfight with terrorists behind them in another car and McClane decides the best way to get out of this is to pull the brakes to turn and blow them all away which he does. One of the coolest car chase scenes in a long time.

  • Dirty Dancing
    I just love the movie, but my most favorite scene was at the very end when they are dancing to Time of my life!

  • Disclosure
    The creepiest scene of the film, when Demi Moore and Michael Douglas go into a foreplay, with Moore ripping off Douglas's shirt in a fit of sexual rage. She unzips his pants, and he begins to get into the mood. Realizing what he was doing, Douglas zips his pants and buttons his shirt again, leaving Moore on the ground screaming and cursing him off. In the bok, this scene is so well described, its very scary.

  • Doc Hollywood
    The scene where Ben (Michael J. Fox) and Lou (Julie Warner) dance to Patsy Cline's crazy. That was filmed just beautifully. It was a very romantic scene.

  • Dream A Little Dream
    The scene where Corey Feldman's character is talking to his parents and says to them "You spend so much time talking about me, why don't you try talking TO me?"

  • Dream for an Insomniac
    The scene where the movie goes from black and white...into color.

  • Drop Dead Gorgeous
    The part where Becky and Amber are getting ready for the physical fitness part of the pagent and Amber accuses Becky of stealing her tap outfit. I love it when Becky says, "As my mother says at Sunday dinner: come and get it." And then Amber says,"Oh, I'll get it alright, I might even take seconds!"

  • Drunken Master 2
    I cant believe you guys forgot about the final fight in this movie! This fight is WAY classic! You have to agree with me! Jackie chan vs. Ken Lo (his real life bodyguard)

  • Dumb & Dumber
    When Llyod and Harry are at the diner and they are ordering their food and he askes the waitress, "What is the soup de jour?" and she says, "It's the soup of the day." and then he says, "Mmmmm, that sounds good, I'll have that." I think that was the funniest!

  • Dumb and Dumber
    The scene in the movie when Lloyd pulls up to Harry who is sitting in a field on a tiny moped. "I traded the van for it back in town--straight up. I get 70 miles to a gallon on this 'hog'" Harry--"Lloyd, just when I think you can't get any dumber you go and do something like this....and totally redeem yourself!!!" That's the best!!

  • Dumb and Dumber
    the part where Jim Carey sprays mouth freshener but misses his mouth and doesn't realise. I literally fell off my seat in the cinema.

  • Dumb and Dumber
    When Lloyd is in the bathroom practicing what he's going to say to Mary, "You make me feel like a school boy again. I desperately, desperately want to make love to you(or whatever he says)." Then when he comes out he's really nervous and says, "I desperately want to make love to a school boy." and she's like, "oh... maybe I should go."

  • Dumb and Dumber
    The scene where Loyd and Harry stop for gas and Loyd buys alot of junk, and Harry wants to know where he got the extra money from and Loyd says "well I raised some extra money before we left" and Harry wants to know how, and Loyd says he sold some stuff to the blind kid in their building and then Ha rry wwants to know what and Loyd says "You know just stuff, some marbles, a few baseball cards, Pete, ..." Harry: "What you sold Pete??? Loyd Pete didn't even have a head!!" Loyd: "Harry I took care of it!" Then they show the blind kid sitting there petting a bird with its head taped on. That was the best!

  • Dumb and Dumber
    The funniest scene I think ever in a movie has to be the bathroom scene with Jeff Daniels taking the huge power crap after drinking all that laxative. Just the sounds, his facial expressions, the twitching legs, and even the little "poot" at the end. By far the funniest thing I ever saw in a movie.

  • Dumb and Dumber
    The best is when they are riding around on that scooter and one of them has to pee. So he just goes and the one driving says, "Nah, it's okay it's warm..." or something like that. Then, later when they get off the scooter the pee is frozen because its so cold. So basically one of them is piggy-backing the other because of his frozen piss...

  • Dumb and Dumber
    "...some place warm, where the beer flows like wine, and beautiful women instinctually flock like the salmon of Capastrono. I'm talkin' about a little place called AAssppeennnn..."

  • Dumb and Dumber
    The scene when Harry and Lloyd finally get to Aspen on the moped. Its freezing and as they get up, Harry is stuck on Llyod's back. HAHAHA!!!

  • Dumb and Dumber
    ok the best scene from the 90's was when Harry, Lloyd, and the bad guy were in the car and Harry and Lloyd were annoying the crap out of the guy and he says "GUYS, GUYS! cant we just listen to the radio or somethin?" and then lloyd says "Radio, who needs a radio? ready harry?" and they proceed to sing the "mock, yeah" song as my family has come to know it.

  • Dumb and Dumber
    The scene where Lloyd's seeing if he could go out with Mary. And he says something like, "So like one in a 100?". And she says, "More like one in a million." And he looks at her with this big smile and exclaims, "So you're saying there's a chance! Yeeessss!" I ultimately love that part.

  • Dumb and Dumber
    The part where Jim Carey walks out of the bar in the hotel and sees the newspaper on the wall and says "no way, we've landed on the moon" and then walks out and screams to everyone that we landed on the moon.

  • Dumb and Dumber
    When Lloyd and Harry are in the diner and he throws the salt over his shoulder and it hits "Seabass" and all his friends are like, "Kick his ass Seabass!!!" That was hilarious!

  • Dumb and Dumber
    When the two morons scotch tape the head back on the budgie bird and sell it to the blind kid....hysterical.

  • Dumb and Dumber
    Oh yes... the scene where Loyd is walking down the side walk with 2 huge boxes of boose a toy and a big stupid hat, he then stops to buy "The Rhode Island Slut" Newspaper and looses his wallet in the vendor. Then he asks the "little ole lady" to watch his stuff; Loyd: "hey you know, they're right... senior citizens, although slow, and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose. Don't you go dyin' on me!" That part just rules what can I say?

  • Edward Scissorhands
    Two: When Kim asks Edward to hold her and he says "I can't" and When he's looking over the pictures in Kim's house with Peg and his smile just gets bigger and bigger... so sweet!

  • Edward Scissorhands
    Edward cutting hair for the dogs and the housewives in the neighborhood. Classic.

  • Empire Records
    At the end of the movie, everyone is on top of the roof dancing. They seem to forget about all there troubles and just enjoy everything.

  • Empire Records
    When Warren is trying to pick the glued quarters off the floor and says "Who glued all these quarters to the floor?" AJ: "I did." Warren:"What the h*ll for?" AJ: "I don't feel I need to explain my art to you, Warren."

  • Empire Records
    The scene where Joe is jamming on the drums and Lucas broadcasts it all over the store and then Lucas, AJ, and Warren all dance in front of Joe's office. Such a great scene, I love the way Lucas dances!

  • Empire Records
    The GWAR scene! Everytime I see it, I almost crap myself laughing.

  • Evolution
    When Seann William Scott is singing in the mall to the bird and that makes it come back, only to try and kill him. Also, when the bird coughs up and eg, and Seann goes" It looks like a big loogie! and orlando Jones yels out Great Googemunda!

  • Face/Off
    John Travolta walks in to Aero1 prison, after having eliminated everyone that knew about the operation to switch identities. Nicolas Cage is waiting for one of the people now dead. The look of dominance on John Travolta's face as he walks over to a Cage to utter the line "It's like looking in a mirror, only... not."

  • The Faculty
    When we discover the identity of the "queen bee". BEST PLOT TWIST EVER!

  • Few Good Men
    Courtroom scene: Tom Cruise: "I WANT THE TRUTH!!!" Jack Nicholson: "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!"

  • The Fifth Element
    The Diva Dance. The whole opera part is spectacular, but particularly as the song transitions to a more funkier tone, it syncs with the fifth element kicking ass as the shit hits the fan. The diva's unique and goddess-like appearance, coupled with her superhuman vocal range add a lot. It gives me goosebumps!

  • The Fifth Element
    The activation of the elemental stones, particularly the suspense of the fire one, as the fate of the world hinges on the match.

  • Fight Club
    The scene with the security guard in the airport; Edward Norton;"You mean my suitcase was ticking?" Security Guard;"No, throwers don't worry about ticking, because modern bombs don't tick..." EN; "'Throwers'?" SG; "Baggage handlers. But when a suitcase vibrates, that's when they've gotta call it in. 9 out of 10 times it's an electric razor, but just occasionally, it's..." (Looks conspiratorially to either side, then leans in closer)"...A dildo!" EN; "But I don't OWN a..."(Guard waves his hand to quiet him down) SC; "Of course, in the event of a dildo, it's company policy to use the indefinite article 'A dildo', never 'YOUR dildo'." It's so funny, because you just know that somewhere, an airline really has a policy for wording reports of sex toys found in passengers luggage...

  • Fight Club
    When the Narrator beats himself up in his boss's office. He comments that he remembered his fight with Tyler Durden. (Foreshadowing alert)

  • Fight Club
    The scene where Brad Bitt is beaten up by the owner of the bar and he jumps on him and pukes up all the blood in his mouth onto his face

  • Fight Club
    The final scene, after the Narrator (Ed Norton) has blown Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) out of his mind and him and Marla (Helena Boham Carter) are holding hands while in front of them, the entire city blows up, with "Where is my Mind" by the Pixies playing on the Soundtrack. And, oddly enough, within that sequence, the most talked about thing about the movie, the split second clip of porn and fade to black. Never seen an ending quite as good, meaningful, absurd, and random like that one.

  • Final Destination
    The scene in the movie when the couple is arguing and Terri starts walking backwards into the street. She says "I'm moving on Carter. And if you wanna waste the rest of your life beating the s*** out of Alex everytime you see him, then you can just drop f****** dead" and BAM!!!! the bus hits her. I have never seen an audience jump like they did during that one.

  • Finding Nemo
    I love the part when Dory and Marlin are in the swarm of Jellyfish and Dory says, "I want to touch it!"

  • The Five heartbeats
    The middle of the movie when they are performing and everybody starts booing them but Eddie Kane Jr. stepped to the mic and he start singing. That part did something to my soul. The end was also terrific when they all got back together.

  • Following
    The end of the movie where the cop asks Bill if that is his signature on the credit card. He answers yes knowing there is no way he can get himself out trouble.

  • Forest Gump
    The scene when Forest and Jane are going home and the other boys come to bully him. They start chasing Forest as he barely can run so suddenly the orthopaedic device of his legs breaks off and Forest manage to scape.

  • Forrest Gump
    So many scenes, remember all the "Hi im Forrest Forrest Gump" introductions? Or the "Life is like a box of chocolates" or even the scene outside Alabama University when the whole race discrimination of the 60's was going on and Forrest saw the black girl drop a book and picked it up for her and ran after her past the riot guards. Or when Forrest runs out of those braces, classic!

  • Forrest Gump
    When the President tells Forrest he'd like to see his "million dollar" wound so Forrest turns around and pulls down his pants to show him.

  • Forrest Gump
    That scene where young Forrest is being chased by the bullies and Jenny is saying, "Run Forrest,run!!!!!". While Forest is running, his foot braces come off and he starts to run fast and one of the bullies drop his bike.

  • Free Willy
    the scene when willy is about to be free and the boy gives willy the sign to jump as high as he can so that he can join his family.

  • Friday
    this is one of the ones that are hidden scenes. when craigs girlfriend called him to scold him about being seen with another girl and was cursing him out about it and all along she had another man sleep on the other side of her in the bed.

  • Friday
    when the preacher comes by to see Creg's parents, and Smokey & Creg says something about weed so does the preacher, and then the preacher gets distracted, by the neighbor bending over.

  • Gattaca
    the end when Vincent Morrow stares at the universe and says" for someone who was never meant to be part of this world, i must admit.. i'm suddenly having a hard time leaving it. Ofcourse they say that every atom in our body once belong to a star, maybe i'm not leaving...maybe i'm just going home...."--so wrenchenly powerful!!!

  • George of the Jungle
    Lyle Van de Groot, Max and Thor spy on George and Ursula from behind exotic ferns. Lyle pops his head up, head covered with fern bushes.

  • Get Shorty
    When the gangster Ray Barboni (Dennis Farina) is sitting on the toilet, reading his book, when the phone rings. It's funny because it happens to everybody at some point! It shows all sorts of weird things that are in Barboni's bathroom. Moreover, the scene serves as a reminder that even gangsters have to go to the loo sometimes.

  • The Ghost and The Darkness
    Val Kilmer's character and another character, Samuel, are burning Michael Douglass's body after he's killed by the last remaining lion. They hear a roar behind them in the tall grass and Val Kilmer fearlessly takes a torch and starts burning the grass field. A very cool "this time, its personal" style theme

  • Girl, Interrupted
    Lisa and Susanna sing Downtown to Polly after she's gone through a rough patch. One of the best scenes in the movie, it was so sad but sweet.

  • Gladiator
    When Maximus is telling his name to Comodes in the arena of Rome.

  • Gladiator
    Actually, it was made in 2000, but Gladiator's got some of the best lines. "At my signal, unleash hell." Though, my favorite. Maximus: "My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, Commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next." Heh, that's all.

  • Good WIll Hunting
    The scene where Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are sitting on a pickup truck, on break from the consrtuction work, and Affleck tells Damon that if he's still there, 20 years from then, working at the construction site and screwing around south boston, that hes gonna kill him. He then goes on to tell Damon that the best part of his day is when he goes to pick him up at his house, and he hopes Damon (Will Hunting) isn't there.

  • Good Will Hunting
    "You like apples?" "I got her number!" "How do you like them apples?"

  • Goodfellas
    The scene where Joe Pesci is executed by the "made men". Just the look on his face at the very last second as he realises it's over.

  • Goodfellas
    so many unbelevable parts in this great film but how's about the Pesci scene when he messes with ray liotta with the "am i a clown". its great!

  • Great Expectations
    The scene where Finn(Ethan Hawke) asks Estella (Gwyneth Paltrow) to dance after running after her in the rain; it's intensely romantic!

  • The Guyver(live Action Movie)
    My Favorite scene in the movie was Fighting against The Zoanoids in The Abanded Warehouse Sequence. This is Actually based on a violent Magna In Japan.

  • Happy Gilmore
    The scene where Happy is playing golf with the two movers and they bet that he can't hit the ball further than the movers so happy tries and hits the ball into a house's window then they say beginners luck so he tries again and hits the guy standing in front then they say double or nothing so he tries again and hits a lady standing in the top floor window of the house she screams and falls out of the window "C L A S S I C"

  • Happy Gilmore
    The fistfight between Adam Sandler and Bob Barker. That was a classic!

  • Happy Gilmore
    When Happy's grandmother is in the nursing home and she asks the orderly "can I trouble you for a warm glass of milk?" and he replies "you can trouble me for a warm glass of shut the hell up"

  • Happy Gilmore
    The scene where Happy (Adam Sandler) is putting the golf ball from like a foot away and he misses it. He starts yelling at the ball "why don't you just go home, are you to good for your home! Answer me! Suck my white *** ball!" Then for about two minute he curses at this golf ball, and all you here are bleeps trying to sensor his language. The best part though is when it goes silent and you here him yell at the ball "piece of monkey sh$#" That scene makes me laugh every time!

  • Happy Gilmour
    I'm surprised no one has mentioned this one yet...but everynes gotta love the show-down between Bob Barker and Adam Sandler, "the price is WRONG bob!!" I laugh everytime!!

  • Head Over Heals
    Where the five girls are watching Freddie work out in his appartment with the binoculars. It's funny and FREDDIE IS SEXY!

  • HeartBreakers
    The scene where they are all on the boat, and Ray Liotta looks over the side and says: "Hey look! Fish!", then fires a few gunshots at them, then says: "Heheheh!...Got em!"

  • Heat
    The massive shootout between the cops and robbers on the crowded L.A. streets. Flawlessly executed.

  • Heat
    The coffeehouse conversation between Vincent (Al Pacino) and Neil (Robert De Niro), marking the first time these two legends have shared the screen together.

  • Here On Earth
    When Harrnet and Kline are talkin about Lee Lee and Harrnet tells him that he doesn't care if he is with her but that he loves her alot and he wants her to be happy, and he knows that she would be happy with him!!!! I LOVE THAT MOVIE SO MUCH!!!!!!!

  • Home Alone
    when the head of the one burglar starts to burn.

  • Home Alone 2 Lost in New York
    When Kevin was on South Tower of the World Trade Center and I can always remember this scene

  • Hope Floats
    When Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr. are slow dancing to Garth Brooks"To make you feel my love."

  • House Party 2
    The pary scene was da bomb and the music made you want to get up and dance. Also the scene peewee thought he was at the party and he started singing and dancing and was disapointed and said "i want to shake my a##"

  • If Looks Could Kill
    After Michael Corben is given the Lotus, he takes it for a drive in the French countryside. During his drive, he encounters the female spy and tries to roll down the windows to talk to her, but winds up activating every gadget in the car in the process. After destrying Siegfried's car, he hits a switch that blows out the Lotus' tires. As the female spy drives away, he pounds the dashboard and the windows finally roll down.

  • Independance Day
    Will Smith after the alien has crash-landed: Welcome to Earth!

  • Independance Day
    The speech by Bill Pullman on why the humans should fight the aliens. Also the scene where the Whitehouse was destroyed.

  • Jurassic Park
    when that teacher guy is on the toilet and the dinosaur or whatever just like eats him while hes taking a dump. classic

  • Jurrasic Park
    The scene where the T-Rex first appears, with the water vibrating in the glass. Also, the raptors in the kitchen.

  • Jurrasic Park
    The scene where the T-Rex first appears, with the water vibrating in the glass. Also, the raptors in the kitchen.

  • Leon the profesional
    I love the part in this movie when Leon comes around the corner with the pig oven mit to try and cheer up Matilda. GREAT MOVIE! ITS A CLASSIC ! WATCH IT!!!

  • Lethal Weapon 4
    The scene where Riggs, Murtock, 7 Butters are trying to find Uncle Benny at the dentists office, and end up high on laughing gas.

  • Liar Liar
    ok, this is the best move ever jus b/c of this one scene where jim carrey is in the courtroom and the lady asked him what his case is and studders and makes a big scene. i think its hillarious. the whole movie is pretty frickin hillarious but that sticks out the most!!

  • A Life Less Ordinary
    The karaoke scene right smack in the middle. I love it. It's so sweet. Oh yeah, and the part where Robert answers the door and there's that fat guy and Celine comes up wearing nothing but a sheet and explains that they were newlyweds when in reality she was being kidnapped. That is the funniest movie. It's so cute.

  • The Lion King
    The opening and closing scenes where all the animals are gathered round Pride Rock celebrating the arrival of the new prince.

  • The Lost World
    A T-Rex (I think) was attacking that gymnast girl and her father and the girl jumps onto these two bars that are different heights (like parallel bars) and does gymnastics on the bars to knock the dinosaur down.

  • Magnolia
    The "rainy" ending at the end has to be one of greatest endings ever concieved. Some people were to confused by it so they trashed the film. All you need to know is Exodus 8:2 from the bible which is hinted all over the film.

  • Magnolia
    When it was raining frogs. It hit like such a reailty check

  • Major League 3
    The scene where Gus (Scott Bakula) is talking to the Minnesota Twins manager, Leonard Huff (Ted McGinley), and Gus tells him that his team likes Leonard's toupee. Leonard begins to go on a rampage: "I DONT WEAR A TOUPEE!" and simotaneously messes up his hair. Gus just giggles and replies, "What ever you say!"

  • Major League 3
    Gus (Scott Bakula) has just given one of his players advice about throwing the ball, and walks away, not paying attention. He begins to say to himself that he doubts and regrets ever working with the Buzz, and that if God didnt intend this for him, to strike him dead where he stands. At that exact moment, the pitcher hurls a pitch that slams into the back of Gus's head. Gus's eyes roll up in their sockets and he collapses onto the dirt. Afterwards, as Gus is coming to, he sees a blurry figure. Gus: God? Man: No. Gus: Moses? Man: No, but you're getting close. Gus: Cerrano. Cerrano: Yes!

  • Mallrats
    the scene where Willam is trying to see the sailboat in the hidden picture, these kids come up and see it straight away, though call it a schooner, instead of a sailboat. Willam calls the little kid a dumb bastard and says it's a sailboat, not a schooner, to which the kid retorts, a schooner is a sailboat, stupidhead. Willam gets really angry and yells 'YOU KNOW WHAT? THERE IS NO EASTER BUNNY! THAT THING OVER THERE IS JUST A GUY IN A SUIT!'

  • Mallrats
    The 'stink palm' scene. Brodie is telling TS how to stick it to Mr. Svenning without him knowing it. TS: How do you suppose I do that? Brodie: You stink palm him. TS: Stink palm? Brodie: (sticking his hand down the back of his pants) You take your hand, and you stick it in your ass. Now you've been walking all day and you're also nervous so you are no doubt sweaty as hell... TS: You should see yourself right now, a grown man with his hand down his pants. Brodie: Yeah, I probably look like my old man. Now you shake hands with him. TS: And? Brodie: Do you know how long it takes for that smell to come off? Scrub all you like, but that smell is gonna stick around for at least 2 days. How will he explain it to his friends and family? They'll think he doesn't know how to wipe his *** properly. TS: While you yourself are left with a hand that smells like sh*t? Brodie: It's a small price to pay for the smiting.

  • The Mask
    When Jim Carey puts the mask on and says "Somebody stop me"

  • The Mask
    I like it when the sexy man, aka Jim Carey, shouts in the mirror "P-A-R-T-WHY? Because I CAN and I WILL!" Makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!

  • Matilda
    The scene with the principal making the boy eat the chocolate cake. Yum, Yum, Yum!

  • The Matrix
    The scene whem Neo and Trinity first enter the government building and Neo sets off the metal detector. Guard:"Please remove any metalic items. Keys, change..." Neo opens his coat. Guard:"Holy Sh*t." That was the ultimate humor moment for people like me.

  • The Matrix
    Neo sets off the metal detector and is asked to remove all metallic items. He opens his coat and reveals a vast array of guns before he and Trinity shoot through about twenty cops.

  • The Matrix
    On the rooftop when Neo turns to confront the agent by unloading his two pistols then proceeds to dodge the bullets returned. The agent: "Only human." Trinity: "Dodge this."

  • The Matrix
    Lobby shootout scene. 'Nuff said.

  • Matrix
    The only scene I saw--quite possibly the Coolest! Keanu Reeves is standing on one building's rooftop with Laurence Fishburne, and Fishburne jumps from one building to the one across from it. It was some jump. No music at all--complete silence. Keanu Reeves' reaction? "Whoah."

  • The Matrix
    "I know kung-fu" I looove that scene.

  • The Matrix
    When Keanu Reeves goes to see the Oricle, she tells him that it doesn't matter about the vase, he then turns around and smashes the vase. She then says "Now your going to ask me what would have happened if I'd not said anything?". She then tells him that he is not the one.

  • The Matrix
    The scene where Neo and Morpheus go at it Bruce Lee-style in the training program is definitely one of the best parts of the entire movie. It doesn't take itself seriously, knowing that the audience is going to laugh at some of the moves, and it's just lightweight fun in a movie that's anything but light.

  • The Matrix
    The end when the helicopter smashes into a building. That is so awesome!!! (by the way, if you're going to write a movie title, PLEASE spell it correctly!! "Jurassic" is not "Jurrasic" and "Independence" is not "Independance"! Thank you!)

  • Matrix
    In The Subway. The Whole Fight Scene!!! Best Ever!! Well... There is one Little Favorite Out of That Scene. When Neo Goes To Punch the Agent, The Agent Grabs Neo's Wrist To Stop The Punch, Then Neo Extends His Fingers, Hits The Agent Right In The Trach!!! GREAT!!!!

  • The Matrix reloaded
    Having entered the elevator at the Merovingin's, Neo comments on the fact that they are going nowhere. Then Morpheus, arms coolly crossed on his back, patiently and phylosophically says: "everything happened the way it should have happened and it could not have happened any other way." Trinity asks him how he can be so sure and he says: "We are still alive, are we not?" Then the door opens and there comes, in all her cold beauty, Persephone....Morpheus rocks!!!

  • Meet Joe Black
    When Brad Pitt's first character gets hit by two cars.

  • Meet Joe Black
    As Joe Black and his little girlfriend are walking away from each other, looking back at each other occasionally, Joe walks out in front of a huge bus and neither one ever knew what happened!

  • Men In Black
    I like the scene when Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones cornered the alien bug dressed as an obnoxious, ugly farmer. The big, bad bug revealed himself and nearly swallowed Jones whole. That forced Will to fight the bug and save his partner. After he "killed" the bug and saved his partner's life. Will rated it an 8 on his weird-o-meter. All of a sudden, the head jumped up and nearly got them. But somebody else got the bug first.

  • Men In Black
    in the beginning when the bug lands, and becomes the farmer guy, then walks in to his house and tells his wife "need water", and she pours him some, and he says "need sugar", so she puts some in, "more sugar", she puts in more,"more" and she just dumps the rest in. after he drinks it she tells him his face is sagging, and he pulls the skin back and says, "is this better?"

  • Menace 2 Society
    At the end of the movie , when all the good guys die , but the 2 who really started the trouble in town live. its very sad , especially since the ones that died were just getting ready to move.

  • Mrs Doubtfire
    Stars Robbin Willams and Sally Fields. My favourite sceene is when Mrs Doubtfire is reaching over the stove trying to get the salt and pepper shakers and then his chest catches on fire. He puts the fire out with the two pot lids and he says: "I've only been a woman for a day and already I'm getting hot flashes!"

  • Mrs. Doubtfire
    One of my favorite parts in Mrs. Doubtfire is when Robin Williams in the bathroom dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire and his son, Matthew Lawrence, walks in on him. His son runs into the other room, turns to his sister and goes, "Mrs. Doubtfire! He's a she, she's a he...he's a she-she!"

  • Mrs. Doubtfire
    The Bridges Restaurant scene. Daniel must juggle both of his identities--as himself while meeting with Mr. Lundy for an interview for the host of Lundy's new TV show, and as Mrs. Doubtfire as a guest of honor with his family plus Stu for Miranda's birthday. When Stu chokes on some food that Mrs. Doubtfire (Daniel) snuck into the kitchen and sabotaged, Mrs. Doubtfire (Daniel) rescues him--but the cat is let out of the bag when Daniel's disguise falls off and Miranda goes ballistic.

  • Mrs. Doubtfire
    The scene with the social worker and Mrs. Doubtfire. Williams loses his face/mask, plops his face in a lemon meringue pie, and suddenly pops his head up and screams, "HELL-OOOOOOO!" It's hilarious.

  • My Best Friend's Wedding
    I love the scene where everyone's at that resturant and Rupert Everett's character starts singing "Say a Little Prayer",and soon everyone joins in. Talk about spicing up an otherwise average and ameable film!

  • My Best Friend's Wedding
    the bathroom scene in the train station near the end of the movie where Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts meet and Julia apologizes for kissing Cameron's fiance.

  • My Best Friend's Wedding
    When Julia lets them borrow her song at the end of the movie until the find their own. Pretty tough to take w/o crying

  • My Best Friend's Wedding
    My favorite scene would definitly be the one where they're all chasing each other, after Julia Roberts Kisses that Guy. It was hilarious!

  • My Cousin Vinnie
    when Joe Pesci gets out of his car after having spent the night in the middle of the woods and is walking across the street when the tall red neck who owes him $200 yells at him that he has his money where upon Joe Pesci waves him off, yet the red neck persists in yelling at him. At which point Joe Pesci does a flying leap and body slams him to the ground and he gets up, takes the money and walks away like nothing happened.


  • Naked Gun
    The baseball scene at the end where Frank attempts to impersinate the singer and then a referee to catch the Queens assasin.

  • Nation Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1
    The first scene of the movie when Whoopi Goldberg is on the phone and Tim Curry walks up to the door donning a girl scout outfit and after an interesting chain of events kills Whoopi, but not before getting some important information...and then killing her again, but not before getting some more important information...and then killing her again, but...

  • National Lampoon's christmas vacation!
    When chevy chase's brother comes to see him with his whole family the brats from hell.. in there mobile home. the scene where he's out side cleaning out the ceptic tank in the mobile home. and yells out the Sheeters full.. I almsot died laughing.. great scene..

  • Natural Born Killers
    The ending scene where somebody is flipping through channels on t.v. and every channel is talking about violence. Then it plays hard music and shows quick flashes of bloody people and demons. VERY INTENSE!

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
    In the last episode when Shinji is standing on top of the world with Gendo and Yuri, as well as Misato and Rei, Asuka, etc... I love it because it pulls everything in and really makes you think and even question yourself and your beliefs.

  • Never Been Kissed
    When Jose has her hangover and is talking to Rob on the phone and she says "You know what's a weird word? Fork!" Also Rickford when he's talking to everyone at the paper "And I said to myself *bangs cane on chair*...'HOLY SHIT! I don't even know my own kid.'" It's all do to with the tone, but those parts make me laugh hysterically every time.

  • Never Been Kissed
    At the end when Josie is standing on the pitcher's mound and the clock runs out of time and there's this weird silence. Then Sam runs out, everyone cheers, they kiss, and then he says "Sorry I'm late, it took forever to get here."

  • Never been kissed
    When the teacher(I can't recall his name) run in to a field to kiss 'Drew Barrymore' .. come with the song 'Don't worry baby'

  • A Night At The Roxbury
    I love this movie to death. There are too many funny parts to name in the movie, but here are a few. 1. When Doug and Steve Butabi are waiting in line to go into The Roxbury and they're telling everyone in the line about how they met Emilio Estivez. 2. All of the corny pick up lines that these guys use. (BOOOO-BooooOOOO that's the sound of the ambulance coming to take me away, because the sight of you stopped my heart.) 3. Steve and Emily are about to get married, when out of nowhere Doug shows up with a boombox playing "What is Love" (the theme song). It's the Roxbuy way to speak-now-or-forever-hold-your-peace. As I said before, there are just WAY too many HILARIOUS scenes to write... so here are some of the best.

  • A Night at the Roxbury
    The part when Doug is at the flower shop playing with those little figures and he says: "HI EMILY, HI STEVE YOU'RE SO CUTE AND TALL AND FUNNY! HEY LET'S SHAKE IT!"

  • A Night at the Roxbury
    When Steve picks up supplies for them and he says "little post-its for you cuz you write smaller than me, mugs with our names on them... Yours says doug" He passes him a brand new planner in wrapping and asks him if hes busy on a certain day, doug opens the planner and searches through all the blank pages to the right day and says "Im free"

  • A Night at the Roxbury
    The part when Doug is at the flower shop playing with those little figures and he says: HI

  • Night at the Roxbury
    Will Ferrell and Chris Cattan are driving in their pimp SUV in their funky 70s' suits, blasting really loud music and bobbing their heads back and forth at the same time. Chris Cattan hits his head and the passenger window shatters, and he goes "I broke the window again."

  • The Notebook
    The scene on the beach where Ally thinks she may have been a bird in a previous life. Ally-"Now, say you're a bird" Noah - "If you're a bird, I'm a bird". Noah just responds so perfectly and it's so sweet!

  • Now and then
    I like the part where the girls are watching the guys swim in the lake and take their clothes and throw them in the road. Any scene showing Devon Sawa's *** is good enough for me

  • Now and then
    I love the scene where the wormers were skinny dipping and the girls are watching them and Teeny goes "I saw his penis" girls-"whose?" Teeny .."and the balls" girls-"whose?" Teeny-Scotts" and so on.Thats the greatest.

  • The Nutty Professor
    At the end of the movie when Eddie Murphy is about to "Make a 400 pound fat man dissappear forever", than Jason runs in the room screaming. It is a selfhandeled battle between Sherman, and Buddy Love.

  • The Nutty Professor
    The funniest scenes from the Nutty Professor: 1. When he(as Buddy Love) goes with Carla(Jada Pinkett) to "SCREAM"(the nightclub) and he makes those "memorable" jokes about Reggie and his mom 2. One of the last scenes when he goes to the party and he suddenly changes to Sherman and then back to Buddy so many times and they having a "fight" with eachother...and then his father yells out "Somebody call the Exorcist!"

  • Office Space
    Right at the end when Peter Gibbons is shoveling the remains of the office for Initech with Lawrence, and he says "What could be better than this? Fresh air, working outside.." Lawrence thinks about that for a moment then just goes "F***in A" and Peter nods and just says "F***in A." And most definately every scene where Ahmed(is it Ahmed? The Saudi guy anyway) swears because he gets the swear words mixed up. "This is a f***" "Oh *ss"

  • Office Space
    "Resurrection", the slammin' Geto Boys tune blasts as Peter, Michael and Samir take out their favorite office equipment, ghetto-style. A good scene made great when Michael totally loses it and begins punching the printer.

  • Office Space
    When Peter and company destroy the printer with the help of a baseball bat.

  • Office Space
    After Michael and Samir are laid off, Peter takes them to a field where they destroy the copy machine.

  • Once Upon a Crime
    While being interviewed by the police, John Candy tells them he was with his wife in his hotel room at the time of the murder. The police leave, then come back and tell him that a hotel employee saw a man climb down the fire escape from his room. John insists that it was him and reprises said actions. He finds himself on a lower roof and surmises that the man walked across a narrow beam. The police inspector confirms this and tells him to do it. He walks across the beam, ends up on a balcony on the other side, and walks through a pair of doors. The police inspector confirms that the employee said he did so, then turns on the lights to reveal that he's at the scene of the crime, thus making him look guilty when he thought he was proving his innocence.

  • Orange County
    When Lance sets the college office on fire and hes in his underwear and the cop questions his for the second time, first time saying he had nothing to do with it and the cop says that woman said you were inside with her when it started... Lance says "Yeah, she was all "I hate my job! I'm gonna burn this mother down!" and I said, "You better not... you better not."" The cop says "it was an electric fire" GOLD PART OF THE MOVIE

  • Orange County
    Firefighter: What's your name? Lance: Joe... John. Joe-John. Firefighter: Your name's Joe-John?

  • PCU
    When gunner is sitting down daydreaming about going before the senate and is trying to explain himself and then mersh adn the other guy show up and explain his use of marijuana and all gunner can say is i didn't exahle and they are like sounds good to me. Two thumbs up!

  • Patch Adams
    It is not often I laugh out loud in a movie because most of the jokes are pretty lame. However, when the anal Dean of the Medical School offered to give "Patch" Adams one more chance to redeem himself for a meeting of visiting OB/GYN's, I knew something was up. I thought he would dress in drag. Instead, the columns of the Medical School Building looked like a woman's legs spread apart and he welcomed the doctors by coming through its opening. I lost it! Only Robin Williams could have pulled this scene off!

  • Pearl Harbor
    When Evelyn and Danny just get back from their plane ride and they run into the parachute hangers and have their first kiss and make love with the parcutes are blowing around them. Its a great romantic scene.

  • Pearl Harbor
    The best scene is definitly the scene where the bombing happens at Pearl Harbour but another really good one is when Danny and Evelynne are flying the plane through sunset... but the cutest scene ever is at the end, when Rafe and Evelynne name the kid Danny after his dad and they're standing around his gravestone, I bawled it was definitly a tear-jerking moment.

  • Poetic Justice
    Chicago gets his butt kicked. He was a dork anyways.

  • Powder
    I love the scene when Powder saves that boy's life by using the electricity in his hands to shock the boy's heart back into beating.

  • Pretty Woman
    When Julia Roberts puts her hand in the jewelry box, and Richard Gere snaps it shut, and she laughs.

  • Pretty Woman
    When Julia Roberts is trying to eat escargot, which is french for snails, and it flys off her fork into the waiters hand.

  • Pretty Woman
    When Julia Roberts goes back to the store she was turned out of and all the saleswomen flock to her like vultures and she tells them off.

  • Primal Fear
    When Edward Norton displays his second personality to Richard Gere for the first time. Edward Norton is flawless with every character he portrays.

  • Prospero's Books
    I have never seen a movie do this and I don't think I will ever see it again. For the entire opening credits (15 minutes) of this movie their are no cuts, just one long tracking shot where the story is set up amid a troupe of modern dancers and 200 extras doing random tasks. This is further complicated by every four seconds a frame of a burst of fire interrupts followed by a hand's catching water. All this to understand that our character is a wizard. The wizard then repeats how he got on his island and is seeking revenge.

  • Pulp Fiction
    When Butch is saying: "Zed is dead baby, Zed is dead.'

  • Pulp Fiction
    Butch (Bruce Willis), after hanging the Gimp, grabs a huge samurai sword and kills Maynard and Zed, saves Marcellus Wallace's life, then utters to his girlfriend, "Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead."

  • Pulp Fiction
    The scene where Samuel L Jackson's Character is giving a speech to the man holding up the Pancake house while pointing a gun at him. Jackson's wallet has the words "BAD ************" Written on it.

  • Pulp Fiction
    Vincent and Mia dancing in the twist contest.

  • Pulp Fiction
    The scene from Brett's apartment, when Vincent(Travolta)and Jules(Jackson)are in looking for the briefcase. Samuel hits Brett with the, "ENGLISH MOTHERF-----!, DO YOU SPEAK IT?". Quite possibly the funniest scene in a movie ever.

  • Pulp Fiction
    The closing scene, in which Jackson's character explains to Pumpkin his interpretation of Ezekiel 25:17.

  • Pulp Fiction
    "What ain't no country I've ever heard of! Do they speak English in What?" - Jules

  • Pulp Fiction
    When vincent Vega shoots Marvin in the face.

  • Pulp Fiction
    The closing scene in the dinner. Samuel L. Jackson is the definition of cool when he's holding the gun in Tim Roth's face reciting Ezekial 25:17. He say's, "The truth is your the weak. And I am the tyrany of evil men. But I'm tying Ringo. I'm tryin' real hard to be the sheapard." Great intense scene.

  • Pulp Fiction
    In the end of the movie when Samuel and Josh are going out of the restaurant.

  • Pulp Fiction
    Samuel L. Jackson's Ezekiel 25:17 , when he kills Brett and others.

  • Pulp Fiction
    When Vincent Vega talks to himself on the mirror.

  • Quiz Show
    John Turturro and Rob Morrow meet at a restaurant. Just as Morrow is leaving, Turturro has a confession to make.

  • The Rage: Carrie 2
    I want to see the scene where Rachel is at Mark's party and she starts to go mad with rage. The scene I'm talking about is when her tattoo starts to move and the vien go's up and down her arm and all over her body. I want a picture that shows off the viens.

  • Raising Arizona
    The entire fight scene inside of the trailer, especially the scraping of the knuckles against the cheap stucco-like ceiling.

  • Raising Arizona
    Ok, the part where Nick Cage is fighting his friends that just came out of jail. He puts his hands together and lifts his arms and scrapes his knuckles on the ceiling.

  • Reality Bites
    This is the epitome of all 90's movie scenes. When Lelaina (Winona Ryder), Vickie (Janeane Garofalo and Sammy (Steve Zahn) are crazy dancing to The Knack's "My Sharona" in the convienience store. Truly Classic!

  • Reservoir Dogs
    When Mr. Blonde is torturing the cop, and is about to set him on fire when...

  • Reservoir Dogs
    Mister Blonde tortures a cop. "Stuck in the Middle with you" plays on the radio.

  • Reservoir Dogs
    When mr blonde has the cop all to himself , he states he likes to torture cops, asks him if he s ever lstened to the super sounds of the 70's. Stealers wheel's "stuck in the middle with you" plays (as you know its a brightfully, cheery pop bubble gum favorite) and as he dances around he pulls out a razor blade, slashing the cops face every now and again. Then he hacks off the cops ear, talking into it as the cop screams, jokinly mocking him. in the middle of it he goes to his car retrives a can of gasoline and as the big finish dumps it on the cop, as the music comes to and end, he asks "does that burn?" the cop begs for his life, his only reply, "are you done? here, have some fire scraw crow," right before hes shot out of frame by mr orannge.

  • Reservoir Dogs
    "Mexican standoff" finale. Everyone is ready to kill each other.

  • Return of the Jedi
    Luke goes to Yoda, to complete the training, but hears that there is no more training and than asks whether Darth Vader is his father. But the end of the scène is even better, when Yoda gives him some last advice and information, and then died. I had to remove a tear from my right eye.

  • Road Trip
    The scene where E.L. sees the fat girl's leopard underwear when they are all in the bus, and he says "what the hell is that?? did you kill a cheetah or something??" thats so funny.

  • Road Trip
    When they are in the car and they are talking about cheating on people and the "dork" says that if you spread peanut butter on your balls and have your dog lick it, its not cheating because it's not dog get it not your dog

  • Robin Hood Men in Tights
    When Achoo and Robin are fighting the bad guys and Achoo bends down and says, "Excuse me bad guys, but I am running out of air." And pumps up his shoes then says, "Time in."

  • Robin Hood: Men In Tights
    The part where they break down into song about them being men in tights, and looking like pansies and stuff. Its funny what all happens during the song.

  • Robin hood men in tights
    When blinkin goes: "i can see! I can see!" Then he walks into a tree and says:" No,i was wrong." Cracks me every time!

  • Romeo Must Die
    When Aaliyah gets into the taxi with Jet Li, and he drops her off at her music store, and he asks her name, she says"do you think I want you calling me?", he goes "I don't have phone", she goes besides you drive like sh*t", and then winks. That was the coolest. Play hard to get!!

  • Romeo and Juliet
    When Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo and Claire Daines as Juliet first see each other through the fish tank!!

  • Romeo and Juliet
    When romeo thinks juliet died but she didnt and he takes the poison but right after he does she touches his face..he had the most shocked expression on his face.I hate it when Leo dies and claire shoots herself.Its so sad*sniff*

  • Rudy
    when Rudy is waiting for the coach to let him dress and all the guys on the team hand in their jerseys and say "let Rudy take my place"...that's the best movie ever!

    How can we forget the greatest scene at the end of scarface when tony montana's sister gets killed, then he goes crazy and takes on all the other cubans in the best gun shoot out in any movie to date... " SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND"

  • SLC Punk
    When Steve-O is talking about the fake punks in Salt Lake. It is so funny how much he reads into the lifestyle. Matthew Lillard was so perfect for that role. He makes the perfect punk.

    The very end when they show all of the boys dancing and walking down the hall in slow motion. it shows their innocence and a time when nothing could tear them apart "The future lay sparkling ahead and we thought we would know each other forever". Classic

  • Salt Lake City Punk
    the scene at the end where Heroin Bob dies is the best....Matthew Lillard does one of the best crying scenes i've ever seen. "I wasn't ready for this! You weren't supposed to die, you stupid f**k!....I'm sorry Bob, I didn't mean it..."

  • The Sandlot
    When the geeky kid gets that really hot lifeguard girl to do CPR on him because he pretended to drown. And then he grabbed her head and just started making out with her. That was pretty funny.

  • Saving Private Ryan
    The opening scene of the landing on Omaha Beach. The grittiest, most brutal half-hour ever seen on film.

  • Saving Private Ryan
    After Capt. Miller has died and the B-52's fly over head and Pvt. Ryan(Matt Damon) looks up then it fades back to him when he is old at Arlington Nationl Cementary. And when he salutes Capt. Miller's Grave.

  • Say Anything
    the boom box scene, "...in your eyes..."

  • Scar Face
    when at the end Tony grabs his Ar-15 with grenade launcher and cleans house.

  • Scary Movie
    The scene where the person is about to get killed and the killer is hidding behind the couch

  • Scary Movie
    The sex scene between Cindy and Bobby towards the end. She is on top of him and slapping him in the face saying "what's my name". She then starts to scream and moan and her voice changes and sounds like a demon. That part kills me everytime!

  • Scary Movie
    O.K. I have sooo many, but I'll cut them down...1)when the group reminises about the guy they killed and then it goes into the story of I know what you did last summer and Buffy says here's a boot, and Greg asks "where's the foot";2)when the killer calls shorty's crib and he answers "Whaazzuup";3)when the killer busts the party, and he ends up getting high and does his own rap;4)and my favorite is when the police officers go to Duffy and make him smell their fingers, and then Duffy makes them smell his, and the officers go "what was that?", and Duffy says "my ass".That was the best!!!!

  • Scary Movie

  • Schindler's List
    The entire movie is in black and white, except for one important scene. A little girl is shown in color walking all alone through her war ravaged town. The black and white town is competely empty, except for this girl in technicolor walking down the street. With the John Williams' score in the background, this is truly a great part of a great movie.

  • Schindler's List
    The part where all of the Jewish concentration camp prisoners are forced into the dark room. The lights go out,, and the showers come on--all the people start screaming. Then, the showers go off, and the gas begins to pour out, with people screaming and dying. It had to be one of the most brutal things I have ever seen in a movie, besides the opening scene from Saving Private Ryan. Very scary.

  • Scream
    The scene where Tatum (Rose Mcgowan) goes down to the garage. The shot of when she first opens the door almost made me faint from the view!! The whole scene was good. Tatum had some of her best lines in that. She also put up a good fight such as throwing the door into Ghostface's face and chucking beer bottles at him. The best was when she was stuck in the door though, when she got taken to them top and her head was crushed.

  • Scream
    When they are at the party at Stu's house and Billy walks in: "Billy, hmm, what are you doing here?" "I was hoping to talk to Sid alone."... "Tell you what, why don't you guys go up to my parents room. You know, you guys can talk... whatever!" "Subtlety, Stu. You should look it up!"

  • Scream
    My favorite part is at the end of the movie, after Billy kicked Gail out the door of Stu's house. The two boys come into the kitchen and can't find Sidney, when suddenly the phone rings. Stu answers it and Billy grabs the phone from him when he finds out that it's Sidney. He goes nuts, drops the phone and goes off into the living room. Stu picks up the phone and says, "Did you REALLY call the police?" and Sidney says: "You bet your sorry *** I did!" The Stu says, "My mom and dad are gonna be so mad at me!" in a whiney little kid-like voice. It's so funny! You can't help but feel sorry for Stu, no matter how many people he killed.

  • Scream
    At the end when Billy and Stu have Sidney and they have stabbed each other and Stu says he is feeling a bit woozy. Its so funny, he is all upset and you actually feel sorry for him after he has killed like 3 people!

  • Scream
    Where Stu (Matthew Lillard) and Randy are going over the "rules of all horror films." Randy: Never ever, ever say you'll be right back cause you wont be back Stu: I'm getting' another beer you want one? Randy: Yea, sure. Stu: I'll be right back! Randy: See you stretch the rules and you end up dead, I'll see you in the kitchen with a knife.

  • Scream
    The Scene in the nd where Sidney is talking to Stu while Billy looks for her..... Stu: Did you really call the cops? Sidney: you bet your sorry ass i did Stu: My Parents are going to be sooo mad at me!

  • Se7en
    Near the end of the movie, Kevin Spacey has taken the detectives out to a deserted area. There is a dead dog on the side of the road. Spacey says "I didn't do that."

  • Se7en
    The ENTIRE last sequence. With Kevin Spacey revealing the last two sins. Hello? One of the most memorable movie sequences ever.

  • Serial Mom
    The scene myself, my brother, and my best friend laughed at the hardest: When Beverly Sutphin (Kathleen Turner) kills Mrs. Jenkins with a leg of lamb because she didn't rewind the video tape she returned to the video store. The kicker is, the killing is done to the tune of "Tomorrow" from "Annie," which Mrs. Jenkins was watching and singing when Beverly let her have it! Oh my god, it was too funny!

  • Serial Mom
    The scene where Mrs. Jenkins returns the video cassette, and Chip (Matthew Lillard) asks her why she didn't rewind it. She screeches at him "I didn't FEEL like rewinding it!" Chip just kinda gently informs her that she has to pay a $1 no-rewind fee.

  • Seven
    My favorite part of Seven is the scene where they go into the apartment and discovered the horribly decomposed body of the sloth victim. The only problem, the body may be rotting, but the person is VERY much alive. That scene made me jump!

  • Seven
    The last 15 minutes...my God...it was the most nerve-racking 15 minutes I have ever watched on a movie screen. If you saw the movie you know exactly what I am talking about...

  • The Shawshank Redemption
    I love the whole film, but especially the sequence where Brook Hatlen is readmitted into the world, and writes a letter to his friends back at Shawshank. Whitmore's acting is superb, and the power of the two or three minute scene is incredible. Generally the closest I get to tears when it comes to movies.

  • Shawshank Redemption
    The whole scene where we learn how he escaped from the prison. It gives the viewer a sense of amazement at his ingenuity and genius and a sense that in this world, some things can be rectified, even if it's through justifiable deceit.

  • The Shawshank Redemption
    Actually,I have 2 scenes that really touched me.The First one, is where the old man "Brooks" was finally released after serving 50 years in prison.As he gazes around at his return to freedom,he begans to realize after a while, that society has changed drastically from the way he remembered it. Coping with a grocery store job was awful for him. People seemed nastier,angrier,and faster! He didn't sleep good at night at all. Even a casual walk down the street was a rough task,being that there were cars on the road now instead of horse and buggy.He was also very,very lonely,whereas in prison he had friends,respect,and he felt very much needed.(During the whole scene, a letter he wrote is being read to Andy, played by Tim Robbins, about how it is on the outside). Realizing that he cannot cope on the outside world, he goes back to the boarding room he lives in,and hangs himself.At the top,above where he hung himself...he carved "Brooks was here".-- Very powerful,touching scene! Also,the other is the ending scene, where Morgan Freeman,finally catches up with Tim Robbins on the beach carving his boat. Then the shot moves far away from them, and you see Morgan and Tim hug eachother after being years apart! --Classic moments in movie history indeed!!

  • Shawshank Redemption
    AHHH, Clearly the best scene in the movie, even momre gripping and emotional than the ending. Good old Andy manages to get alone in the Warden's Office where he proceeds to look through his record collection and flips on Mozart's Marrage of Figaro. . Only a moment passes before he locks himself in the room and boots up the prison Intercom system and plays the music all over Shawshank, but wait.. Although this is an amzing concept, I find the great acting of Tim Robbins to be the aspect that sealed the deal, When the the warden comes to the door of his office, pounds on the door and screams "Turn That Damn Thing Off" and Andy reaches for the power switch, then pauses and cuts his eyes up at the Warden and proceeds to reach right over that power switch and cranks it up and throws a little smirk at the Warden. I guess every now and then you gotta show people where you stand, which is to say "Right above the Warden" in Andy's case.

  • She's All That
    My favorite part in She's All That is when Zack makes the 2 boys eat the pizza that the 2 boys try to make Laney's brother eat.

  • She's All That
    When Zach first goes to see Laney's 'talent' on stage and does that horrendous hackey-sack routine.

  • She's All That
    The scene where Brock Hudson (Matthew Lillard) dances at Preston's (Dule Hill) party to the tune of "Give it to Me Baby". The dance is so rediculous, the viewer can't help but laugh hysterical as the incredibly skinny Matthew Lillard (who's actually buffer than hottie Freddie Prinze Jr.) performs his rediculous dance moves and mortifies Taylor Vaughn (Jodi Lynn O'Keefe). She had it coming anyway. What girl in her right mind would dump Freddie Prinze Jr.?!

  • She's All That
    The scene where Taylor Vaughn (Jodi Lynn O'Keefe) dumps Zach Siler (Freddie Prinze Jr.) after she returns from Daytona Beach, FL, where she was on spring break. I LOVED how she described her new boyfriend. ZACH: Brock Hudson?! What kind of a name is "Brock Hudson"? TAYLOR: And what kind of a name is "Zach"? Besides, Brock is from "The Real World." ZACH: What? Like Resceda? TAYLOR: No, "The Real World." Los Angeles, 2nd season. ZACH: What?! The dyslexic volleyball player? They kicked him out of the house. She goes on to inform him that they would still be voted prom king and queen because its only right, and asked him if he really thought she'd leave for college still dating him. He just looks at her, and Taylor gushes "Oh! You did! That's so sweet."

  • She's All That
    At the Graduation Ceremony when Zack had to go naked with nothing but the soccer ball and when his name was called he went up on the stage and threw Laney the ball.

  • She's All That
    Taylor Vaughn (Jodi Lynn O'Keefe) dumps Zach Siler (Freddie Prinze Jr.). She tells him about her spring break in Daytona, where she met Brock Hudson (Matthew Lillard)--the dyslexic volleyball guy from "The Real World's" second season that got kicked out of the house. The shocked look on Freddie Prinze Jr.'s face when he heard WHO she was dating was comical!

  • She's all that
    When Lani is walking slowly down the stairs after the make over and Freddie Prinze gazing at her while they play the Sixpence none the richer song "kiss me" That scene just reminds me of crushes that I had in high school.

  • The Silence Of The Lambs
    When Dr. Lecter is on the phone with Clarice at the end of the movie, watching an earlier character get off a plane. He smiles, cheerfully says "You'll have to excuse me, I'm having an old friend for dinner", and hangs up.

  • Silence of the Lambs
    Hannibal Lector's diatribe to Clarise Starling from inside his cell in the dungeon of a mental institution. Hannibal: You know what you look like to me with your good bag and your cheap shoes? You look like a rogue, a wild scrub hustling roque with a little taste. Good nutrition's given you some length of bone but you're not more than one generation from poor white trash, are you Agent Starling? And that accent you try so desperately to shed, pure West Virginia. What was your father, dear? Was he coal-miner? Did he stink of land? You know how quickly the boys found you all those tedious sticky fumblings in the back seats of cars, while you could only dream of getting out, getting anywhere, getting all the way to the F-B-I. Also, Hannibal Lector's comment that lives in infamy: "A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some farva beans and a nice cianti. Fffftttt."

  • Simon Birch
    At the end of the movie when Joe is sitting by Simon's hospital bed. Then Joe says, "your the best friend I ever had"; Joe begins cry. Simon replies, "Joe I gottat go now". Joe says "see you later alligator". That was the saddest scene in any movie I EVER saw.

  • Singles
    When Bridget Fonda wants her boobs humongous but the doctor keeps trying for a smaller implant. Funny and fun to imagine what bridget would look like with biiiig boobs

  • The Skulls
    The final scene where Joshua Jackson and the Skull leader are walking out of the school, and says "You can's just walk away from this." And then Joshua Jackson turns to him and says, "Watch me." And then the leader says, "Well done, son"....revealing that he was his father.

  • Sleepers
    Stickball, and also the whole hot-dog plan, complete with awesome soundtrack. But my favourite part is definitely Billy Crudups line to Kevin Bacon in the diner; 'You should try the briskett here... It's really good.' Just as he places his gun on the table. Powerful :)

  • Sleeping With The Enemy
    The end where Julia Roberts dials 911 while pointing a gun at her alive husband and says: "I just shot and killed an intruder."

  • Sleepless in Seattle
    Its a perfect scene to wake up to..a snowy, winter's morning, with a little boy doing his paper route. That is until he goes to throw a paper, and goes flying with it and crashes. It has nothing to do with the movie, and is not expected at all. It is so quiet, and then, BOOM!! It is the funniest thing I have seen in a while.

  • Snatch
    Where Bullet Tooth Tony is viciously slamming his car door on some poor jerk's head, when the car phone rings, and Tony answers very cheerily "Bonjour!"

  • Son of the Mask
    When the dog went crazy then the baby puts on the mask. I laughed so hard becuz I didn't expect that stuff. LOLZ

  • South Park, Bigger, Longer, Uncut
    When Cartman started to Sing Kyle's Mom is a bitch song.

  • South Park: The Movie, Bigger, Longer, and Uncut
    Matt Stone and Trey Parker wrote this whole movie to make fun of the MPRAA and PMRAC, two major censorship organizations in the US, but they also throw in pithy social commentary and cultural in-jokes galore. The best scene is at the beginning when Kenny proceeds to light his fart and sets himself and some of their clothing on fire. AS ususal Kenny burns to death.

  • The Specialist
    The romantic scene of sharon stone with rambo in bathroom

  • Splash
    Tom Hanks is in the big lab tank, after they find out Daryl Hannah is a mermaid, and he screams out, "I am not a fish." I cant get over how funny that man is.

  • Star Trek: First Contact
    First, the scene when all Federation vessels engage the Borg cube, and the Defiant gets hit and Worf says: "Seems like today is a good day to die" Later on, when the Borg start taking over the Enterprise-E and assimilating people, man, that was scary! The Borg really impressed me.

  • Star Wars Episode I : The Phantom Menace
    when little anikan skywalker goes into the plane hanger and has the plane go on auto-fly and starts fighting all the people in space and destroys the Trade Federations mother ship.

  • Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
    When Anakin and Padme' get tied up beside Obi-Wan in the Geonosis arena. "I was wondering if you got my message," said Obi-Wan. "I re-trasmitted it just as you requested, Master," said Anakin. "Then we decided to come and rescue you." Obi-Wan looks up at the chains tying their hands then looks at Anakin again, "Good job!"

  • Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
    The door opens, and Darth Maul is just standing there. Qui-Gon says, "We'll handle this," and the audience goes crazy because you know what's coming: the coolest swordfight in movie history. All three of them ceremoniously take off their cumbersome robes and draw their swords, then go into this plain bad-ass two-on-one swordfight.

  • Steel Magnolias
    The end; when the mother is at the funeral and starts asking, "Why!" "Why!" it makes me bawl every time :(

  • Super Troopers
    the best part is when all the guys are on the highway and are getting pulled over so they eat all their weed and shrooms. its so funny!! you gotta see this movie!!

  • Super Troopers
    This whole movie is hilarous! But one of my favorite scenes is when Farva and Ramathorn are at the fast food place and the kid is taking is order and he says that he wants a liter of cola...its great!

  • Superstar
    When every time Sky made up a new dance move and the whole set changed behind him to a club scene, and when Marie Cathrine Galliger daydreamed about Sky saying that she had sum nice moves, and everyone and the lunch room does a little robot dance.

  • Swingers
    I love the scene where Mikey and the boys are trying to figure out how long he should wait to call the girl who's number he just got. It sums up nightlife and dating in a few short minutes. "How long you guys gonna wait to call your babies?" "Six days."

    When spud spills poop all over the living room, WHO COULD FORGET THAT???

  • Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood
    the mother of all attack scenes: Dennis Miller and Chris Sarandon, led by Miller, shoot the vampresses in the brothel using Super Soakers full of Holy Water. The scene is done to The Sweet's "Ballroom Blast", as smoke roe from the burnt bodies, and vampresses ran screaming and collapsing in flames. It didn't require any dialouge to be cool--Miller simply saying "Cha-ching" as he pumped his gun was enough. A great scene from a very corny movie!

  • Terminator 2
    Got to be the scene at the end as Arnie is lowered into the metal and makes the 'thumbs up' sign. Heartwrenching.

  • Terminator 2
    When the bad terminator gets covered in liquid nitrogen and freezes and arnie says "hasta la vista baby" and shoots the bad terminator who shatters

  • Terminator 2
    Is the scene when John Connor, is in the freeway tried to escape from the T 1000, and John Connor looks up, the truck who drives T 1000 felt down and start the persecution, then appears the terminator and save the kid and stop the killer for a wile.

  • Terminator 2
    When The Terminator opens the door in the beginning and "Bad to the Bone" starts playing, that parts great

  • Thelma and Louise
    The last scene when thelma and louise drive off the cliff when they clasp their hands together. It's the symbol of their bond and friendship it's my favorite part in the entire movie.

  • There's Something About Mary
    Who could forget the "hair gel" scene?! That was so funny. It's the part when Mary put the petroleum jelly in her hair, and her hair sticking straight up. She asked Ted how she looked and ended up going out like that. It was hilarious!

  • There's something about mary
    The moment Cameron Diaz uses Ben stiller's sperm as gel is so hilarious

  • A Time to Kill
    The final courtroom scene. Carl Lee's lawyer is summing up his case. He tells the jurors to close their eyes and imagine, and then he grapically describes the rape of the little girl. A hush falls over the courtroom as the words sink in...and then he says, "Now imagine she's white" and walks away. Wow. It gives me chills every time I see it. I never thought I'd say this, but sorry, this one does it better than the book.

  • Titanic
    The "flying scene" on the ship's stern where Jack and Rose kiss for the very first time as the sun set's on Titanic forever.

  • Titanic
    The part where Jack and Rose are seperated when she is going on that little boat with her mom and all the rich people. You see her looking up at jack and u see the pain in both of their faces...it made my heart hurt!! I was crying like a baby. Then she gets off the boat when it is halfway down and run up and finds him. awwwwwW what a beautiful movie :)

  • Titanic
    Where Leo and Kate are sitting in the car and Leo asks " Where to, miss?" and she replies in his ear " To the stars." It's SOOO romantic especially when she pulls him into the backseat with her. I also like in the end when she is being asked her name: "Your name miss?" "Rose, Rose Dawson." It's so cute and sends soo many tears to my eyes.

  • Titanic
    When Rose says "Come back" several times in her gravely voice, when she's frozen in the ocean. I liked it.

  • Titanic
    When Rose is on the door and she's holding Jack's hand and says... "I'll never let go Jack. I'll never let go." and she does

  • Titanic
    Right after the kissing scene when it shows them under water with the shawl still really visible.

  • Titanic
    OK I have 3 favorites 1.When Jack and Rose are in the elevator running from the guy Cal got to chase them and Rose gives him the finger then waves. 2. When Rose spits in Cal's face! I saw the very first showing of Titanic in my hometown and everyone applauded when she did that. 3. The very end of the movie, when Rose dies and then it shows her going down to the ship and meeting Jack on the Grand Staircase with everyone who died on the ship looking on.

  • Titanic
    The part where Rose is naked( her butt is showing!) and Jack draws her..i think its beautiful.

  • Titanic
    When Rose jumps from the life boat to the ship to be with Jack. Jack tells her how stupid she is while kissing her simultaneously.

  • Titanic
    the best Titanic scene is on deck; just after the ship hit the iceberg;when rose spits in Cal's face and tells him;'I'd rather be his whore than your wife!!!' That is not a way a woman of 1912 would speak; but well represents how a woman of the 1990's would have spoken. It is a message to us modern women; ordering us to stand up for our rights!!!!

  • Titanic
    Yeah, I know a lot of people write in on this movie, but my favorite scene is when Jack finally gets Rose in a boat and she whirls around and grabs his hand, but then they cut the ropes and she begins to descend. Soon after, once the boat reaches about A-deck, Rose jumps out and starts running up the deck to the Grand Staircase, where she intercepts Jack and they hug and kiss and he tells her she's 'stupid' and all that mushy stuff. Then Cal tries to shoot Jack because he saw the whole thing. (^_^ I don't like DiCaprio very much.)

  • Titanic
    One of the scenes from 'Titanic', that is completely etched into my mind, is the scene where the drowned woman is seen suspended inside of the ships grand entryway. She appears as an angel, with her clothing flowing about her, in the water. That, to me, is a scene, which would probably be so very close, to an actual scene, had there been a camera inside of the actual Titanic.

  • Titanic
    the scene ware the boat is going down and jack and rose tell eatcher they will never let go

  • Tommy Boy
    When Tommy goes to get pizza and Richard is alone in the hotel and he spies on the lady that takes off here Bikini and thong and just before she does Tommy goes by and says "I was looking for workout room" and tommy comes back and sees Richard spying on her.

  • Tommy Boy
    When the deer wakes up in the back seat and proceeds to rip Richard's car to shreds. After watching the whole incident, Richard is standing there staring and says, "No way that just happened." Tommy turns to Richard and says, "I've seen some crazy stuff in my time, but that...was...... AWESOME!!! Hahahahahaha! Oh, but sorry about your car, man....that sucks."

  • Tommy Boy
    When they go to eat in the family resturant and Tommy starts talking about the pet roll, followed by the tearing up of it and the funny expressions on everyones face.

  • Tommy Boy
    The hotel scene where Richard comes back to the hotel and Tommy is still sleeping. He knocks on the door and says in a high voice: "Housekeeping..." Tommy: "Go Away...No thank you..." Richard: "Housekeeping...you need towels?" Tommy: "No, need more sleep!..." Richard: "Housekeeping...want me to fluff your pillow?" Tommy: "No! Need Sleepy!!" Richard: "Housekeeping..you want me to jack you off??" Tommy: "What kind of hotel is this?"

  • Tommy Boy
    Richard: (in a squeaky voice) housekeeping Tommy: no thank you sleeping.. Richard: Housekeeping..you need towel? Tommy: NO TOWELS..NEED SLEEPY! Richard: Housekeeping you want fluffed pillow? Tommy: Please go away let me sleep FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! Richard: Housekeeping you want to jack you off? Tommy: ! what kinda hotel is this?! (opens door) Tommy: OH ITS YOU! Richard: good morning sunshine!

  • Tommy Boy
    When Richard and Tommmy Boy are in the hotel, and Tommy puts on Richards jacket, and starts singing.."Fat guy in a little coat, fat guy in a little coat." Then he bends down and the coat rips.

  • Tommy Boy
    When richard and tommy are eating in the resturaunt and tommy is decribing his face, then the waitress comes up and says "jesus what happened to you," tommy, "I knew it richard"

  • Tommy Boy
    When Tommy and Richard are driving down the road and Richard is drinking in the car and the cops try to pull them over--Tommy gets out and yells BEES, KILLER BEES!!!! also, Richard knocking on the door saying "Room Service", "You need towels."

  • Tommy Boy
    When tommy and the girl (i forget her name) are out on the sail boat and the kids start yelling the funny comments at how fat he is. That whole part is hilarious.

  • Tommy Boy
    When Richard is in the hotel sucking moths into the vacuum!

  • Tommy Boy
    The funniest scene is when Tommy and Richard are at the diner having a meal. Tommy orders the chicken wings, but the waitress tells him the kitchen's closed. So, Tommy starts rambling on about how he cannot make a sale and rips up the piece of bread screaming, "Ahhh! I've killed it!!!" The waitress says "God you're sick." and ends up cooking Tommy his precious chicken wings. As she leaves, Tommy says "Tommy likey! Tommy want wingies!!!" LOL! The funniest scene in the whole movie!

  • Tommy Boy
    when they sing "it's the end of the world as we know it" by REM (an awesome band and song by the way) when they're in the crappy beat up car! good movie

  • Tommy Boy
    The Scene where Richard (David Spade) is knocking on the door and yelling in a falsetto "Room service...you want me fluff your pillow" and Tommy Boy yells back "No sleeping!" and Richard yells "Room service you want me suck your..." you know the rest. Cracks me up every time.

  • Tommy Boy
    Tommy is goofing off in his office. "Luke I am your father..lor,lor,lie,lor" Richard comes in and says "Oh Ive interupted happy time!" He proceeds to tell him that he's got to work. "That was from star wars" Tommy defends. He looks at the catalouges in confusion. Richard helps him out. "Its called reading, top to bottom... group words together in a sentence. Take excedrine for any headaches midol for any cramps."

  • Tommy Boy
    After the cow tipping bit tommy goes to a car wash and is dancing around like the girl on flashdance "She's a Maniac" while the other guy sprays him with a waterhose.

  • Tommy Boy
    Its the part where they're in the plane and Richard says "Ok folks me and Tommy are gonna take you through my little shpeal here. That Tommy everyone he is a scorpio, likes Biking and he's never been Laid. LOL that is great!

  • Tommy Boy
    Tommy bends back the door of Richard's car, but finally manages to get it shut. When Richard comes out of the gas station, he goes to get in the car and pulls the door right off. Tommy looks at him all innocently and says, "What'd you do??"

  • Tommy boy
    When richard wakes up tommy and tommy's blanket falls off and you see tommy's crack in a pair of girls underwear!

  • Trainspotting
    Four words: Worst Toilet In Scotland. Priceless!

  • True Romance
    Dennis Hopper, father to runaway Christian Slater, up against Scilian mafia boss Christopher Walken in a "vendetta kinda mood". Hopper understands he is about to die, and makes the most of it. He details how Sicilian's are really "spawned from nigga's" whilst casually puffing on a Chesterfield. All Accompanied by the classic Viens Mallika Sous Le Dome Edais.

  • True Romance
    James Gandolfini and his boys are asking Brad Pitt for directions to the motel Clarence and Alabama are staying at, and Brad Pitt(Floyd)asks if they want to take a rip off the bong. They cock their guns and Brad Pitt goes "OH. Well if you take...." PRICELESS.

  • True Romance
    The scene with Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken is intense and subtle throughout with these two actors at their best. As the scene progresses and the inevitable outcome becomes more clear, both are magnificent as their confrontational mood becomes resignation with the conclusion. Beautifully written and wonderfully performed by both.

  • Twister
    the scene when they are driving up and close to the twister and I forget who but they go "oh look a cow"..."another cow" than someone else is like "no i think thats the same cow"

  • Twister
    When Helen Hunt's Jeep Pickup is picked up by the tornado and she says "Where's my truck?". Then it falls from the sky & lands upside down right in front of them & she says, "Oh, there it is." Another is the scene at the drive-in when the lightning lights the sky just for a second & you can see the twister there in the darkness. Also, when the station wagon comes through the roof & crushes the Ford camper.

  • Undercover Blues
    The Blues have lunch at an outdoor cafe just a few tables over from the enemy agents. They have an exchange of wisecracks and then Muarte comes over and tries to attack Mr. Blues. Then the bad guys pull their guns and scare Muarte half to death. The look on his face is hilarious!

  • Unforgiven
    The grand finale, after Eastwood clears out the bar and only Richard Harris is left. As Harris is about to die he can only muster "I don't deserve this", to which Eastwood's reply is "Deserve's got nothing to do with it". Good stuff.

  • Unforgiven
    The way Will Munny puts it to Little Bill at the end. Bill's been bragg'n and bullying the whole town around, telling the biographer how you have to be cool when you kill someone. At the end, he's buying drinks, and in the process of calling Will and the kid skunks, when Will steps into the saloon, cooler than a cucumber. Bill ends up on his back dying,looking around listening to the dialogue between Will and the biographer. ( penny for Bill's thoughts ay?) capped by a skunk.

  • The Usual Suspects
    Having just heard Verbal's testimony, Agent Kujan sits back and takes a look at his noticeboard. His coffee crashes to the floor, and he realises he's been had.

  • Vanilla Sky
    The last half hour of the movie where all is revealed the music alone was awesome.

  • Velvet Goldmine
    The Circus Press Conference: Brian Slade (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) quotes Oscar Wilde and oozes glam rock style before being joined centre-stage by Curt Wilde (Ewan MacGregor) to play up to the journalists. "Ha, nothing makes one so vain as being told that one is a sinner".

  • Virgin Suicides
    I love the part where they are showing the montage of the news broadcast on suicide and the girl on the TV says, "I baked a pie full of rat poison. My grandma, she really likes sweets. She had three pieces!" tears, tears, etc.

  • Way of the Gun
    When Ryan Phillippe and Benicio Del Toro come out of the bar and Benicio Del Toro sits on this guys car and the alarm goes off. The guys girlfriend starts mouthing them off and finally Ryan Phillippe turns around and says "Shut that c*nts mouth or I'll come over there and f*ckstart her head".

  • Wayne's World
    the Grey Poupon scene! after seeing that movie, i can't imagine who didn't pull up to someone, roll down his or her window, and say, "Excuse me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?" that was the best!

  • Wayne's World
    The "Oscar scene". Wayne: Am I supposed to be a man, am I supposed to say, it's OK, I don't mind? I don't mind?! Well I mind! I mind big time! And you know what the worst part is? I NEVER LEARNED TO READ! Cassandra: Is that true? Wayne: Yes, everything except the reading part.

  • Wayne's World
    When Garth and Wayne spot Alice Cooper, then immediately drop down to their knees and pardon "WE'RE NOT WORTHY! WE'RE NOT WORTHY!"

  • Wayne's World
    The part where they pull up beside the car and Mike Meyers turns to the guy in the car next to them and says, "Excuse me, do you have any Grey Poupon?" That part is so good! And when he is in the guitar store playing the white guitar and then the employee points to the sign that says 'No Stairway to Heaven' and Meyers says "Stairway denied!"

  • Wayne's World
    The opening scenes where Wayne, Garth and friends are lip-syncing to Queen's Bohiemian Rapsody, they then pick up another friend who had been partying all night and on into the wee hours of the morning and they all start lip-syncing to Queen. It makes me laugh just thinking about it.

  • Wayne's World
    When Stacy is riding around on her bike. She says hi to Wayne and Garth and crashes into a car!

  • Wayne's World
    Wayne (Mike Myers) and Garth (Dana Carvey) sit on the roof of the AMC Pacer in a field outside Chicago O'Hare Airport. Garth whistles "Star Trek" and says he wishes he could go where no man has ever gone before. He asks Wayne what he's thinking about, and Wayne tells him Cassandra. They go on about how she's a fox. After a pause, Garth asks "Wayne, did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played a girl bunny?" And then the two giggle uncontrolably. Wayne then instructs his buddy to keep looking up, as a plane passes overhead. The sound is deafening, but we can hear the boys screaming as wind blows back their hair when the plane lands. The scene ends with Wayne and Garth cheering and going "Whoo!" and laughing. A comical and very memorable scene, which probably inspired all those people I saw in the Orlando area when I was on vacation to lay on their cars and watch the skies.

  • Wayne's World 2
    The opening scenes, where Wayne describes what has happened since the first movie. Wayne: Oh yeah, and Garth finally got his pubes. Garth: You didn't tell them about my pubes, did you? Wayne: No!

  • Wayne's World 2
    When Wayne and Garth are getting the paper work for Waynestock and the guy w/the bad eye is giving them their paper work. And they keep making comments about the eye without meaning to. And they're like "We'll go home and cross our t's and dot our(look at the guy's bad eye)...lowercase j's"!!

  • Wayne's World II
    After the show when they tell Wayne that they don't want him to come along when they leave. Wayne says: " Pshing," takes the invisible knife out of his back and gives it to Garth, " I believe this knife is yours. No, No, you guys go on, I'll just stay here and lick the cat's butt."

  • Waynes World
    When they get out of the car after doing the famous bohemian rapsody scene they see their friend, i forget his name, they pick up up and he is oviously drunk, and garth pulls out that little cone thing and says , "if your gonna spew, spew into this..." it cracks me up

  • Waynes World
    When they are marketing Reebok. Pepsi, and much more

  • Waynes World
    The scene where Waynes ex-girlfriend somes into the restraunt. She gives him a gift and he opens it. She says its a gun rack and he says, "What am I gonna do with a gun rack? I dont even own a gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack!" its way funny

  • Waynes World 2
    When Cassandra is watching Wayne and Garth with Christopher Walkens character and they get into a conversation, Wayne is in the background (On TV) telling Garth that he's the leprecaun and Garth's freaking out.

  • Waynes World 2
    The scene is when Wayne and Garth are tring to get a form to have the Wayne's Stock concert. Wayne keeps on making fun of the man with the discolored eye. "I'd give my left eye to have this concert", and "i'll take this home and cross the 'Ts' and dot the..."

  • Waynes world
    When Garth has a fantasy about his dreamgirl and starts lip-syncing Jimmy Hendrix's Foxy Lady! That is some classic cr*p cuz of those funny facial expressions and his dancing!!!!

  • The Wedding Singer
    The part at the end when Robbie comes out from first class into coach and he's singing to Julia!! Every time i watch it I get this huge goofy grin on my face and it doesn't go away until the movie actually ends.

  • The Wedding Singer
    The very end, when they're all on the airplane. Adam Sandler comes out playing Billy Idol's guitar and singing the sweetest song to Julia. It makes me smile like an idiot every time I see it.

  • The Wedding Singer
    The scene when Billy Idol stops Glen from getting to Robbie and he says " Get out of my way billy" then the biker dude gets up and says " No one talks to Billy Idol like that!" ha classic scene

  • The Wedding Singer
    the part when Adam Sandler saings "I wanna grow old with you" to Drew Barrymore, well basically the whole air plane scene...oh, so romantic :')

  • The Wedding Singer
    Adam Sandler singing"Somebody kill me please" oh and the song he sings to Julia on the plane "I wanna grow old with you"

  • The Wedding Singer
    Robby's sister and brother-in-law have two little boys, and the younger one is blonde and about 4 years old. When Linda (the girlfriend who stood up Robby at the alter) comes by and is talking to Robby out on the porch, the younger boy runs outside and says very seriously, "Hey, Linda. You're a b****.", then runs off!!!

  • Welcome to the Dollhouse
    The part at the end where Dawn is sleeping on the streets of new york and has a dream that everybody loves her the way that Ralphie says it: "you know ive always loved you" and the way the brother says it is funny.

  • Welcome to the Dollhouse
    When Mrs. Weiner gets a phone call from the police to inform her that they found her kidnapped daughter, Missy's tutu in Times Square as Mark and Dawn look on and the dramatic blare of "The Nutcracker Suite" plays is classic!

  • Welcome to the Dollhouse
    When Missy dances around to a weird-sounding song played by the quadratics. Then they stop and Mark goes," That doesn't sound like "satisfaction"." The best joke in the movie, which I thought was more sad than funny.

  • While You Were Sleeping
    The dinner scene. The family is gathered around the dinner table, and it all starts with the line "These mashed potatoes are so creamy."

  • While You Were Sleeping
    I like the part where Joe Jr. tells Jack (Bill Pullman) that he know karate and then he gets his hat knocked off by a tree. (Someone mentioned the scene from this movie where the kid falls off his bike, but they called the movie "Sleepless in Seattle.")

  • Wild Things
    the ever so notorious love scene between Denise Richards, Matt Dillon and Neve Campbell in the hotel room was FANTABULOUS!!!! Ask any guy you know if they remember this movie, and i can bet anything that he will most likely to mention this scene!!

  • You've Got Mail
    When the guy goes to the resturaunt and realizes it's the women he can't stand that he's fallen in love with. Also at the end when they meet in a park and they kiss, it's cute! I'm not really a romantic movie watcher but it was actually pretty good.

  • Young Guns 2
    Doc (Kiefer Sutherland) holds a rifle to Billy the Kid's(Emilio Esteves) head and says "William H. Bonney, you are not a god." Billy looks him straight in the eyes and says, "Why don't you pull the trigger and find out?"

  • Zoolander
    The funniest scene ever in that movie was when tne whole bunch of models are playing with gasoline and the asian lights up a cigarette...

  • american pie
    shannon elizabeth gets undressed

  • any given sunday
    the part when jamie foxx and al pacino are having dinner at his house and talking about football

  • armageddon
    when harry took over a.j's job to stay behind and save the world it was the saddest part.And when grace and a.j got married on the end grace looks at her father's picture it looks like she is starting to cry.

  • The big Lebowski
    the scene where the dude and John goodman are gonna give the kidnappers underwear. Goodman freaks out and opens the car door and rolls out

  • blood in, bloodout; bound by honor
    The begining of the movie portrays a mural painting in East L.A. I need a copy of the picture of the mural or info about where to obtain one. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  • cabin fever
    when the kid says he has a better story and starts talking about his best orgasim.

  • dazed and confused
    when the guys pull up to the middle school and get on the PA system and tell about the paddling to insue...it's a great moment

  • the dollhouse
    Its about this young girl who's in middle school and she is a nerd and she is just tryin to find her place in the world.....but she is constantly teased and this one boy allways says thats hes going to rape her which is dark and desturbing but quite amuzing oh yeah her little sister gets kidnaped

  • don't be a menace
    I like the part when Dishiki and Ashtray were sitting on the couch and Dishiki was saying a poem while Ashtray was squirming because of the words she was saying. She said "love is by far the most precious thang on earth, like a roses fragrance or a childs birth, love me, leave me, thats the story ... of my... life, but it wont happen again see, since i bought a butcher's knife yea see, the next man that loves me and leaves me so quick, mm-humm im'ma cut off his balls and, im'ma chop off his d***, im'ma shoot that mothaf*cka, im'ma kill him, im'ma run him over with my car see, he f*ckin with the wrong mothaf*cka, he don't want to fuck with me..." and that's where Ashtray cut her off and said "baby, baby, baby. That's enough, that was nice. That touched me in a very special place." That was funnyyyyyyyyy, that was some funny shit.!!. really .

  • edward scissor hands
    The part where they are eating dinner, and the dad tells Edward that hes not charging people for cutting their hair. His wife says that their neighbor made cookies for him, and the dad replies you can't buy the neccessities of life with cookies. its so funny because he just cares about the money and of course you cant buy anything with cookies.

  • edward scissorhands
    My favorite part is when Edward is on the TV show. When the talk show host asks if there is a special girl in Edward's life, Edward looks into the TV screen. Kim looks at it in silence yet shock. It's like they both see each other. She sudenly sees him for him. She doesn't think of him as a phyco. That part just touches my heart, and makes me feel so happy.

  • forrest gump
    it is my favourite movie scene its wonderfully full of love and spirit i love to see forrest running when he is runnng he leaves everything but get the whole world

  • gettysburg
    the scene in which gen. armistead conveys his deep conflict to gen. longstreet reguarding the final day of battle(pickett's charge) and his extremley strong friendship and concern about the welfare of his best friend almost brother gen. hancock a commander for the other side. very moving scene and pretty much sums the frustration of a war that history could not seem to prevent.

  • ghost
    when patrick swayze's character sam and demi moore's character molly are both doin the clay pottery to the song unchained melody

  • girl, interupted
    drama about woman in a mental institution.

  • jurassic park
    I liked the raptors in the movie.......they were AWSOME

  • liar liar
    how can you get over how he beats himself up in the bathroom, then goin into the court room and describing the person that beat him up as tall and kinda scragly.

  • the matrix
    when they walk into the room with all the gaurds and pull out their guns and have a huge battle with all of the guards. The only thing is that at the end is that there is no bodies laying around. But a great scene, non the less.

  • A night at the Roxbury
    The opening scene when Steve and Doug are bobbing their heads to "What Is Love", and Doug says I broke the window again, and Steve says Dad's gonna be "ticked", then Doug says I'll just tell him you did it, then Steve says I didn't do it then Doug says I know.

  • A night at the roxbury
    d*** i cant think of just one part but i think my favorite part is in the car with them pretending to punch each other. or the end when doug comes out at the wedding

  • notting hill
    when julia roberts and hugh grant are in the bookstore she tells him "I'm just a girl, standing in a front of a boy asking him to love her." I wish I could think of that stuff.

  • the quick and the dead
    the part I didn't like was when leonardo got shot

  • robin hood: men in tights
    when robin comes home at last and blinkin the blind servant has a gift for him from robins dead father and says "your father said it is the key to the greatest treasure in the world...may I keep it?"

  • romy & michele's highschool reunion
    the whole movie is hilarious, but i have 3 faves.#The dance at the end! It's a mix of ballet and ballroom and yoga its ridiculous .#2.The 70 years later scene with the Mary & Rhoda thing where Michele sticks her finger up at Romy.#3When Michele gets hit by Sandy Frinks limo (the way she flies up into the air and bounces around!)

  • scream
    Actually the line is, "It's called tact, f***rag, you should look it up." Contributed to the subsequent popularity of the term "F***rag."

  • se7en
    the sloth victim wakes, anyone who tells you they didn't jump sixty feet into the air is lying because it was just the shock of the decade

  • sense and sensibility
    it's the end of the movie and hugh grant says to emma thompson,"My heart is and always will be yours." It's great because you know he loved her all along.

  • the silence of the lambs
    when buffalo bill is telling catherine martin it places the lotion in the basket. place the f***ing lotion in the basket.

  • sixth sense
    when the father discovers his own wife was responsible for keeping the daughter sick and eventually killing her. I love the use of red in M. NIght Shymalan's flicks

  • sleepless in seattle
    when tom hanks is on the radio he says about his wife "I was just taking her hand to help her out of a car, and I knew. It was like magic." I cry everytime I hear it.

  • star wars
    when the death star blows the h*ll up!

  • true romance
    correction in your notes re true romance - the music is actually the dome epais le jasmin ( flower duet ) from Lakme by Delibes

  • up close and personal
    the next to the last scene where michelle is watching robert redford talking on the screen. He says "She was already the sun and the moon all by herself." Classic.

  • you've got mail
    when tom hanks and meg ryan are standing outside talking about if he had never shut her down he says," And I would have asked you to a movie for as long as we both shall live." I would've married him.

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