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Talk Shows of the 90s

This is a list of talk shows that ran during the 90s. The 90s saw the widest range, and the largest number of talk shows ever. It also saw some of the lowest moments in the format, with stuff like Jerry Springer.

  • Oprah Winfrey
    Oprah Winfrey is probably one of the most inteligent talk-show hosts in the world right now. Since she toned down on the sleaziness of her talk she's become second only to Jerry Springer. She knows how to sell an audience and she hasn't bogged down on her beleif that a talk-show can be entertaining and the sleaziness can be toned down. I've been watching Oprah since the late 80's and early 90's and I haven't stopped since. Her shows are informative and education and they have family values all rolled into one.

  • Forgive or Forget
    Started in June of 1998 with Mother Love as the host(as of 1/17/2000, Robin Givens is the host). A person would come on the show wanting forgiveness from someone that they have upset in the past and that person would go to a door to see whether or not they were forgiven.

  • Jerry Springer
    People actually get violent on this show!

  • Rush Limbaugh TV Show
    The very popular,very controversial radio host had a late-night TV show for about 2 seasons in the mid-'90s. The show was cancelled in the midst of good ratings, in fact it usually came in fourth behind Nightline, Letterman, and Leno. Limbaugh says it was ended due to him not being able to do all he wanted to do, mainly due to the TV show being only a half-hour long compared to his 3-hour radio show.

  • Whoopi
    Whoopi Goldberg interviewing people one on one. It only lasted one season in the mid-'90s.

  • Jenny Jones
    Introduced in the mid-'90s and still on the air, this show is most infamous for being the catalyst of a murder after the taping of a show. One of the people on an episode the show killed another person from the same episode.

  • Jones&Jury
    It was a woman who acted like a lawyer while the audience voted on the audience voted on the verdict. The host was Star Jones

  • The Richard Bey Show
    It was a talk show during the mid- 90's which featured your typical Jerry Springer type antics, obesed strippers, your cheating on my ex ect..

  • Mark W. Wahlberg Show
    Before there was "Temptation Island" and the "Big Date". Mark Wahlberg had his own Talk show on Fox back in 1998 when everyone was having one. The show only lasted half a season and the topics were like Ricki Lakes.

  • Gaberilla Cartieres
    Remember "Andrea" from Beverly Hills 90210" also got her own talk show on Fox after she left her hit show. Her topics were considered "Cutting Edge" about Drunk Driving, teen mother, drugs, etc... The show only lasted a season.

  • Jane
    Jane, is the lady that was co-editor of "Sassy" magazine and then launched her own magazine called "Jane" after her that is still on the stands. Her show was on in 1997/1998. Bombed out after a year. The topics were geared towards Teen girls about Health, beauty, celebrites, and life events.

  • The SwingSet
    "Survivor Meets RealSex In TV Doc" Wife-Husband Film Team Document The Swinging Lifestyle (an articulate couple, a controversial subject and plenty of tape) (St. Louis, MO) - March 8, 2001 - When preproduction began for the controversial TV documentary "The SwingSet", the film team wasn't really sure what to expect. "We were treading on new turf ', says show producer Amy Steelman. 'After all, reality television for us was chasing firefighters inside burning buildings." Steelman, along with her husband and partner, photographer Lou Angeli, are currently documenting a phenomenon that has taken the country by storm - "swinging" or "couples dating". The couple have found that this "alternative lifestyle", once considered taboo, is a choice that more and more couples are making every day. And it's a topic that this wife-husband film team decided to document by going "under the covers", so to speak. Not your average couple -- not your average profession Amy and Lou had already made their mark in the reality TV genre' with their work as the firefighter-filmmaking team known as Flirting With Disaster. Their specialty - covering major disasters - and the couple is well known in broadcast circles for their ability to stay calm in the midst of chaos. But on the way to their first sexually oriented shooting assignment, a "swingers house party", Amy and Lou "freaked out". The couple who had done it all - and seen it all - had opening night jitters like never before. "You'd think they were on their first date... or maybe headed for the Senior Prom." says a close friend, Nicole . The Current Lifestyle Rage: Couples Dating In researching the program, Steelman and Angeli have been deluged with information and story ideas regarding the swinging lifestyle. "As we began to develop the script, we found that swinging was a much larger story than we had anticipated", says Steelman. "We had no idea that the swingworld had such a huge population", adds Angeli. "The SwingSet" is a program that allows the viewer to explore "the Lifestyle" vicariously, through the couple's eyes, as they go deep inside what once was considered an underground world, but has now surfaced as a new way of exploring relationships and sex. Steelman and Angeli learned quickly that the current generation of lifestylers no longer fit the seedy stereotype of 50's wife swappers. "These are intelligent, well educated folks...who tend to develop long term relationships with other couples they encounter," Amy notes. The veteran TV producer now often refers to the alternative lifestyle as "couples dating". "The SwingSet" is provocative in its appeal, "...but it isn't guy-porn.' Amy says. "It is a program that we've designed to appeal to married women." Why? In the nearly one hundred interviews that were conducted while researching the project, it became apparent to the Angelis that the female audience is just as curious about this phenomenon as their husbands. "And in the Lifestyle", Angeli notes, "...it's the woman who has the power, because she decides who, what and when." Shooting for the erotic documentary continues, as the filmmakers follow "Beth and Peter", the "real" Midwest couple who chose to spice up their sex life "...by rising above the norm." "Beth and Peter, and all of the couples we've met, project a true sense of family,' says Angeli. "It's the type of fraternity and support that you rarely find outside of church." Will Beth and Peter join the ranks of three million plus swingers? Or will they make a headlong bolt for the nearest exit? Only 12 weeks, miles of videotape and 100,000 words will tell. Although the program does not yet have a release date, select scenes will be screened at the annual meeting of the National Association of Broadcasters in late April. For additional information, visit the The SwingSet Online at http://www.the-swingset.com -30- contact the producer: Amy Steelman swingsetinfo@aol.com or visit http://www.the-swingset.com (866) 760-3473 (toll free)

  • Arsenio Hall
    Arsenio hall ran on Late Night TV from 1989-1993

  • Late Night With Conan O'Brien
    Probably the most clever talk show ever created. Conan is a gentle mixture of genius, wit, and extreme comedy - not to mention he complete lack of self confidence that he shares with the audience every night. The writers, headed by Conan himself, come up with some of the most hilarious if not shocking comedy skits ever to grace late night TV. Recently announced contract with NBC should keep the show on until at least 2005.

  • Ricki Lake
    This show featured the lovable actress from "Hairspray" who lost all of the weight and kept most of it off. The show lasted 4 or 5 seasons.

  • Geraldo
    Featuring Geraldo Rivera, the reporter that "exposed" Al Capone's vault and other corruption.

  • Maury Povich
    Still known as the man that started the tabloid T.V. show craze in the 80's with "A Current Affair", Maury Povich went on to host this "gentler" talk show. Both the series and his marriage to Connie Chung are still going strong.

  • Chevy Chase
    Only lasted 2 weeks

  • Gabrielle Carteris
    Shortly after Gabrielle Carteris left Beverly Hills 90210 she launched her own talk show. It had such topics as body art and child actors. It's too bad it only lasted one season before being cancelled. :p

  • The Art Bell Show
    The Art Bell Show is a variety radio talk show that grew exponentialy in the 1990s. The show covered such topics as paranormal phenomina (ghosts, ESP, prophecies, UFOs, alien abductions & out-of-body experiences) & interviews with songwriters like Gordon Lightfoot & Crystal Gayle.

  • Donahue
    Donahue's last show was on CBS on September 1, 1995.

  • The Gordon Elliott Show
    It was a talk show on CBS. Thanks

  • Tempestt
    Cosby Kid Tempestt Bledsoe had a short lived generic talk show in 1995.

  • Jane Whitney Show
    I don't recall a whole lot about this TV show. It ran in the early 90s (92, I believe) and only ran for one season. It had a number of tabloid topics, the one I remember most was of GG Allin, apparently run shortly before his death.

  • Jay Leno
    A dude with a big chin makes jokes!

  • The Arsenio Hall Show
    The Arsenio Hall Show was a show that came on television in the early 90s. In the show he would come out on the stage and swing his fist in front of the audience and then start a monologue. He would always call his band the Posse.

  • judge for yourself
    it was a talk show that was on air maybe in the mid 90's where people would come on with their problems against each other and the show would decide who was wrong.i know this show cause i was on it!

  • "Leeza"
    A DayTime Talk Show That Focused On Women's Issues. Started in 1994 and ran until 2000.

  • Tom Snyder
    The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder, 1995-1999, CBS, The show was aired live on East Coast and was simulcast to other time zones on the radio, allow viewers to call-in and ask question for show's guests.

  • Maury
    A talk show where they usually deal with typical problems mostly paternity tests and lie detector tests

  • The Queen Latifah Show
    It was hosted by Queen Latifah in the late 90's and lasted a good while. I was a fun up beat show that focused on the usual things that talk shows do .

  • Mike & Maty
    Mike & Maty -- ABC daytime TV talk show

  • Montel Williams show
    a basic talk show

  • Ricki Lake
    a talk show that has a majority of themes and changing ideas every time it comes on

  • Ricki Lake
    This was a very huge show in the 90s and it talked about serious problems like, divorse, rape, and sometimes it would have funny things on there like is it a man or a woman and you would be shocked

  • Sally Jesse Raphael
    This was a really good show, with morals. Unlike other shows nowadays. They put her off the air, probably because her show was so good and not full of smut.

  • Gordon Elliot
    all diffrent types of conflicts

  • Rosie O'Donnell

  • Dr. Joy Brown Show

  • The Suzanne Somers Show
    Suzanne Somers hosted this talk show.

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