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Memorable TV Events of the 90s

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What memorable TV events during the 90s that you can think of?

  • 1994 Winter Olympics
    Remember when the whole country tuned in to Lillehammer, Norway to watch Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan compete in the figure skating? I remember EVERYONE at school talking about it; we were so sure that Nancy would win the gold medal.

  • Beast Wars
    Nemisis Part 2 was the turning point of Beast Wars for me because it was when the Maximals finally took the Autobot shuttle and went home. It was very emotional for me because I knew at that point that it was all over and it would re-run again and again. No one ever anticipated a hostile take over by the Fox Kids Network but it happened and all of the good scenes and the episode "Code of Hero" to be cut out completely. But that's a different thing altogether.

  • Cheers
    The final episode in 1993 was as much a spectacle as the Seinfeld finale five years later. In the Cheers finale, Sam finds out Diane wrote an award-winning cable movie and they reunite. They're about to fly off and get married when the plane gets grounded due to mechanical failure. He realizes, with the help of his friends, that he's happiest behind the bar, so he stays. The final scene is of a mysterious man coming to the door and Sam saying "We're closed!"

  • Ellen
    Who could forget the conterversy surrounding the episode where Ellen announced to the whole world(well, the whole airport, anyway) that she was a lesiban? It was a bold move, but the series didn't last long after that...

  • Friends
    It was a major event in the show's history when Ross flew to England to marry Emily. A few hours before the wedding is to take place, Rachel flies out to try to stop him. When she gets there, however, she tells him it's okay. The wedding goes off as planned until... Justice of the peace:Now, repeat after me. I Ross... Ross:I Ross... Justice:...take you, Emily... Ross:...take you, Rachel...

  • Full House
    The last episode where 10 year old Michelle falls off a horse and can't remember her family.

  • LA Law
    The episode in which former partner Rosiland Shays plummets to her death by stepping into an empty elevator shaft.

  • Melrose Place
    In 1999 after seven years of scandal, sex, and intruiqe this 90's soap opera aired for the last time, in the final scene amanda (heather locklear) and peter ( jack wagner) are walking and talking on a deserted island which they bought.

  • Model's Inc.
    I remember watching this tv show all the time. It only made it for one season, and the big season finale was a wedding where an assasin was planning to kill the bride. There was a scuffle at the altar and a shot went off. The show ended, and never came back on the air!

  • Ned and Stacey
    The second time a Thomas Haden Church character has left us with a tear-jerker. The last episode of the series, Ned loses everything, Stacey gets her own apartment, Ned lives in the muffin shop for a while then plans to leave. Then came one of the most romantic goodbyes in Televison history... Ned tells Stacey that he loves her.

  • Newhart
    It was something that happened on April 14, 1990. The last episode of Newhart aired, where Dick gets hit on the head with a golf ball, and wakes up as Bob Hartley from The Bob Newhart Show. Lisa Kudrow (Friends) also appeared, and the Darryl's finally talked after 8 years of silence. Just as many people watched that as Seinfeld's final episode. *Hi, I'm Larry, this is my brother Darryl and this is my other brother Darrly*

  • News
    two words- OJ Simpson! I was only 13 teenager but everyone it seemed like watched both the car chase and the final verdict. Life as we knew it stopped to watch it all.

  • News Radio
    Episode after actor Phil Hartman was shot and killed. Hartman was a regular on the NBC sitcom...in that show after his death the final scene was the 'newsroom' dark except a chair, next to a desk with a light over it.

  • Olympics Triple-Cast
    One of the worst ideas in sports-broadcasting history! Three different Olympic sports, broadcast at the same time by dividing the screen into four sections (the fourth containing something like a logo, I forgot) and playing a different event in each section, without sound. And if you had a small-screen TV, it was even worse, as you could imagine.

  • Real World
    The end of every season, all of these people who hated each other and their circumstances (free rent,provisions,etc.) cried and said how much they were going to "miss them."

  • Seinfeld
    The very last episode was a major media event. The cast was featured on just about every single magazine and newspaper cover, and it made national news. The Seinfeld finale was probably the most talked about series finale in television history!

  • The Simpsons
    "Who shot Mr. Burns?"...another spinoff of Dallas' "Who Shot JR?", was a big event I remember! Expect it from a show with an 80s flashback with Homer Simpson wearing a shirt saying "I SHOT JR!!"

  • Stephen King's The Stand
    Fans of Stephen King had been screaming for years for a film adaptation of his epic end-of-the-world novel, but the book's sheer size and scope made it impossible to film as a feature. So, King himself, after the success of "It" as an ABC mini-series, cranked out an 8-hour long mini-series that was not only faithful to his book, but made for an amazing piece of entertainment! The story is thus: after 99.9% of the world's population is (accidentally) wiped out by a man-made virilogical weapon, the survivors form two camps- one good, one evil. The two groups battle it out at the end in a testament of Faith vs. Carnality. The cast is excellent (great performances by Gary Sinise, Ray Walston and even Rob Lowe), the direction superb and it's even got a great soundtrack! Director Mick Garris went on to film the mini-series adaption of "The Shining," and that film was great, as well.

  • The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
    May 1992, Johnny Carson, after 30 years on the Tonight Show retires. America never gets to see Johnny again until in 1998 when he was reported having Heart Trouble.

  • Twin Peaks
    "who Killed Laura Palmer?" was the 90's equivelent of "Who Shot JR?" It was the most talked about cliffhanger of the decade.

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