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TV Trivia of the 90s, Answers

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Here's the answers to the questions.

  1. Who killed Laura Palmer on Twin Peaks?
    Her father, Leland Palmer.

  2. Who's Eric Cartman's father?
    His mother. You see, she's a hermaphrodite, and, you can, like, figure it out.

  3. Which character from beavis and Butthead has their own show?

  4. How long were Jerry Seinfeld and his pals sentenced in the series finale?
    One year

  5. On Beverly Hills 90210, how did Scott (David's best friend) die?
    He was playing with a gun and accidently shot himself.

  6. Which actress was in the TV movies: The Oddyssey, and Merlin?
    Isabella Rosselini. She was Athena in the Oddyssey, and she was Merlin's love in Merlin.

  7. Marge Simpson has the same maiden name as a former First Lady. Name the former First Lady
    Jackie Kennedy. Both Marge Simpson and Jackie Kennedy had the maiden name of Bouvier.

  8. What show did Claire Danes get her start on?
    My So-Called Life

  9. On MTV's Blame Game what is the name of the Judge?
    Judge Reed

  10. In Home Improvement what are the names of the three boys? Who is the youngest?
    (youngest to oldest) Mark Taylor, Randy William Taylor, and Bradley Michael Taylor

  11. On Saved By The Bell, what was the name of the beach club that the gang worked at?
    Malibu Sands Beach Club

  12. What is the name of Mulder and Scully's supervisor on the X-files?
    Walter Skinner

  13. What's Mulder's nickname?

  14. What is the link between X-Files and Twin Peaks?
    Duchovny played a transvestite in an episode of Twin Peaks.

  15. In Digimon, what do T.K. and Kari have that the other children don't?
    T.K. and Kari have older brothers.

  16. On Friends, what did Phoebe promise to give Chandler if her never smoked again?
    $7,000- she won it in a settlement from finding a thumb in a can of pop.

  17. On Friends, what was Rachel's error on her resume in the episode with all the poker?
    She spelled computer wrong when she claimed she had excellent compuper* (*computer) skills.

  18. What are the last names of each of the six Friend's characters?
    Joey Tribioni;Rachael Greene;Monica Geller;Ross Geller;Phoebe Bufet;Chandler Bing

  19. On boy meets world, what is the crazy older brother's name?

  20. What movie star made a cameo appearence on the first Late Show with David Letterman on CBS
    Paul Newman, who was seated in the audience, stood up and said, "Where the hell are the dancin' cats?"

  21. ON Beverly Hills 90210, where did the Walshes live before they moved to Beverly Hills?

  22. What was the name of the magazine on Suddenly Susan?
    The Gate

  23. On Full House Uncle Jesse had a last name before it became Katsopolis what was it?

  24. On Beverly Hills 90210 What was the name of Brandon's first car?
    Mondale, after Walter Mondale.

  25. On FRIENDS what was the name of Ross's monkey?

  26. What are Ren and Stimpy's last names?
    Ren Hoėk; Stimpy Cadoogan

  27. It's Metallica now, but what band's name originally appeared on Beavis's T-shirt?

  28. On Wings, what were the names of the 2 airlines at the airport?
    Sandpiper Air and AeroMass

  29. On the show FRIENDS what was Phoebes twin sisters name?

  30. What was the hang out of the 90210 gang?
    The peach pit

  31. In Save by the Bell, what were Zack and Kelly dressed up as the night they broke up?
    Romeo and Juliet

  32. In Growing Pains, What was boners dad's name?
    Sylvester Stabone

  33. On The Drew Carey Show what foreign country did Mimi send Drew to?

  34. On an episode of Friends what did Jean-Claude Van Damme boast he could do?
    He said he could crush a walnut w/ his butt.

  35. What 80s show is Frasier a spinoff of?

  36. What is the name of Mr.Krane's dog on Frasier?

  37. What are the names of all eight Digidestined children
    Tai and Kari Kamymia, Matt Isheida, Joe Kido, Sora Takanouchi, Mimi Takchawa, Izzy Izumi, and T.K. Takiashi.

  38. What are the real names of the X-Men
    Cyclops: Scott Summers, Wolverine: Logan, Storm: Oro Munroe, Jubilee: Jubilation Lee, Gambit: Remy LeBeau, Beast: Dr. Hank McCoy, Professor X: Professor Charles Xavier, and Nightcrawler: Kurt Loder

  39. In Fresh Prince of Bel-Air what was the butlers name?

  40. In Roseanne what was Roseanne's gay boss/employee?
    Leon, First at Rodbells then at the lunch box

  41. In Beast Wars what is the name of the Maximal Ship?
    The Axalon.

  42. What make and model of car does Nash Bridges drive?
    A 1971 Plymouth Barracuda convertible.

  43. Who shot Mr. Burns?
    Maggie Simpson. Maggie and Mr. Burns were wrestling for her lollipop when Mr. Burns's gun fell out of his holster and went off.

  44. What are the different stages of Digimon?
    Digi-Egg; Baby, Rookie; In-Training, Champion; Ultimate and Mega.

  45. How did the crew of Red Dwarf get brought back to life?
    By Nanobots

  46. In what city does Matlock take place?
    Atlanta, Georgia

  47. What is Ben Matlock's trademark outfit?
    A grey suit

  48. Where does Murder, She Wrote take place?
    Cabot Cove, Maine

  49. Where do Brenda and Donna from Beverly Hills, 90210 go to study abroad?
    Paris, France

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