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Christmas Films of the 90s

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80s Christmas Films

This is a list of the Christmas movies that came out during the 90s.

  • All I want for Christmas
    A lesser-known 1993(?) Christmas movie about the kid of divorced parents and how he wants them to get back together. No miracles, just warmth. Kevin Nealon played the divorced mom's new flame.

  • Batman Returns
    The most unlikely film to use the festive period as a back drop!

  • The Christmas Tree
    This film was directed by Sally Field. It Starred Julie Harris as a nun, Sr Anthony, who grew up in a convent and had a special friendship with Tree, who at the end of his life became the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Square. Andrew McCarthy starred as Richard the man responsible for choosing the tree every year for Rockefeller Square. We see both Tree and Sr Anthony grow up thru flashbacks. In this heartwarming story we see both Richard and Sr Anthony learn to allow love to enter their hearts, whether it is seeing the past or the future clearly.

  • Home Alone
    This is it, the be all, end all Christmas movie of the 90s! A tradition every year, and the movie that made Macauley Culkin the most beloved child star since the days of Shirley Temple. Everything about this movie (and it's sequal Home Alone 2: Lost in New York) is extremely timeless and magical; the characters, the Kevin's war with the burglars, and it's beautiful music, make it the 1990's Christmas classic.

  • Jack Frost
    Michael Keaton comes back as a snowman to make ammends with his son. Pretty predictable, and very lame.

  • The Long Kiss Goodnight
    Gena Davis plays a small town New Jersey schoolteacher who is suffering from amnesia. To find out her true identity, she enlists the help of private detective Samuel L. Jackson. As Christmas nears, a series of events and people from her past make her search for the truth a matter of national security. **** Action/thriller

  • Look Who's Talking Now
    Molly (Kirstie Alley) gets jealous of James' (John Travolta) new job. He's a pilot for a beautiful seductress who intends on keeping James all to herself during the holiday's. Meanwhile Molly tries to keep the home fires burning to no avail, thanks to their new (talking) pets. Molly decides to go on a mission to be with him on Christmas and lands in all sorts of trouble.

  • Miracle on 34th Street (1994)
    Remake, that I think is better than the original. Has Mara Wilson in it. Excellent movie!

  • A Mom for Christmas
    Stars Olivia Newton John,made in 1990, made for T.V. movie, about a little girl who doesn't have a mom, a manequin in a mall turns to life and the little girl takes her home to her dad...

  • Mrs. Santa Claus
    It stars Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Santa Claus.

  • Nightmare Before Chrismas
    It has awesome animation and a cool story. It's also pleasntly creepy.

  • Preacher's Wife
    This is the story of an Afican-American pastor, his wife Julia(Whitney houston) and thier five year old son. It is just before christmas, and the pastor is having many problems in his life-a greedy developer threatens to tear down his church,and put up a mess of a project,he is forgetting about the TRUE meaning of love, and a young friend of his is arrested but is innocent. His prayers are answered when an angel named Dudley come to the rescue.

  • The Santa Clause
    Tim Allen plays a toy maker who accidentally killed Santa. He picks up the job and suddenly his beard is long and white and he has gain lots of weight! Great Christmas movie.

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