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Why 90's Nostalgia Already?

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I can already hearing you ask, why? WHY?! How can we already be looking back when the last decade has barely finished? It's pretty easy actually. A lot of people talk about a 20 year cycle in nostalgia, and that if we're already looking back, we're going to run out of stuff to look back on. Nonsense.

The fact is, that as the lifespan of fads gets shorter and shorter, looking back gets easier. If you're already two or three big fads past the last big fad, than anything can seem pretty old. The more involved with fashion or music fads you are, the more obvious it seems to you.

There are really two reasons for nostalgia of the 90s already. The first is that the majority of people like to look back a few years, as reference to see where we've been, to recognize where we're going. Then we all laugh at how naive we've been.

The second, and perhaps more valid reason, is that people tend to look view their younger childhood until the end of high school years as a great time (even if it didn't seem so at the time). If you're 20 or so right now, 5 years seems like a long time, 10 years seems even longer. In 1990 you'd be in grade school still, musically influenced by the New Kids on the Block, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer. Think of how pasee they seem already.

Why I've Started This Site

Rather than wait for the memory of people to fade, the best time to immortalize the decade is now! Even if you don't feel nostalgia for a time not that long passed, you might in five or ten years, and by then, this site will be looking pretty fun.

What to Expect?

If you've seen my other website, InThe80s.Com, then you're going to see a lot of what is already there, a messageboard, some java games that mimic arcade games, a guestbook, music, movies, TV, Clothes, Toys and World Events. My 80s site has about 10,000 pages currently. I plan the 90s to be a bit smaller initially, but that it will grow with time. I'm also working on making the site completely database driven, so that as the web evolves I can easily change the entire site to keep up with the changing times.

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