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Obituaries of the 90s, 1995

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This is a list of people who died during 1995.

January --Paul Delouvrier, gov of Algeria (1958-61), dies
January 01Eugene Wigner, physicist (Nobel prize for physics-1963), dies at 92
January 01Frederick West, Engl contractor/serial killer, commits suicide at 53
January 01Jess Stacy, US jazz pianist (Great Gatsby), dies at 90
January 01Ted Hawkins, US blues singer (Watch Your Step), dies at 58
January 02Graham Sharp, ice skater, dies at 77
January 02Manuel Rivera, Spanish painter/co-founder (El Paso), dies at 67
January 02Mohammed Siyad Barre, president of Somalia (1969-91), dies
January 02Nancy Kelly, US actress (Bad Seed, Submarine Patrol), dies at 73
January 02Siad Barre, general/president of Somalia (1969-91), dies at 84
January 03Al Duncan, drummer, dies at 68
January 03Byron MacGregor, newscaster, dies at 56
January 03Gerard W Taylor, South African/British surgeon, dies at 74
January 03Robert Nesbitt, impresario, dies at 88
January 04D Elmina Davies, filmmaker, dies at 36
January 04Dorothy Granger, US actress (Hog Wild, Dentist), dies at about 80
January 04Eduardo Mata, Mexican conductor, dies in air crash at 52
January 04Jonathan Zeitlyn, artist, dies at 43
January 04Leonard Hirsch, Brit violinist/conducter (BBC Empire Orch), dies at 92
January 04Robert Clifford Latham, pepys Scholar, dies at 82
January 05Francis Lopez, Fren dentist/operetta composer (Andalousie), dies at 78
January 05Mansour Satari, brig-gen/commandant (Iran Air Force), dies at 46
January 05Yahya Ayyash, PLO bomb maker, booby trapped cellular phone at 28
January 06Edward Sutcliffe, judge (British Central Criminal Court), dies at 77
January 06James Clay, saxophonist, dies at 59
January 06Joe Slovo, Latvian/S African attorney/sect-gen (SACR), dies at 68
January 06Karl Guttmann, Austrian/Dutch playwright/director (Pinter), dies at 81
January 07Arthur Leavins, violinist, dies at 77
January 07Harry Golombek, chess Grandmaster, dies at 83
January 07Larry Grayson, British entertainer (Generation Game), dies at 65 or 71
January 07Viktor Vorobyov, Russian general-major, dies in battle
January 07 William Larry White Grayson, comedian, dies at 71
January 08Carlos Monzon, [El Macho], Arg MW boxing champ (1970-77), dies at 52
January 08Joyce McCartan, peace campaigner, dies at 68
January 08Louis "Loulou" Gast‚, guitarist/comp (Doggy in the Window), dies at 88
January 09Peter Cook, English comic/actor (Peter n' Dud, Bedazzled), dies at 57
January 09Souphanouvong, [Red Prince], president of Laos (1975-87), dies at 85
January 10Elaine Greene, literary Agent, dies at 74
January 10Halton Kathleen Tynan, writer, dies at 57
January 10Souphanouvong, leader of Pathet Lao (1957), dies
January 11Adrian J "Ad" Kaland, Dutch MP (CDA 1977-93), dies at 72
January 11John AG Gere, English art historian (Raphael & his Circle), dies at 73
January 11Onat Kutlar, Turkish screenplay/producer (Hazal), murdered at 59
January 11Willem N "Pim" Koot, pianist (Concert Building), dies at 76
January 12Francis Lopez, songwriter, dies at 77
January 12George Price, cartoonist (New Yorker), dies at 93
January 12Marion Herbst, German/Dutch jewelry designer, dies at 50
January 13Arnold Smith, painter (Vigelius Prize 1935), dies at 89
January 13Arthur Mervyn Stockwood, bishop, dies at 81
January 13Maxwell Henley Harris, Austrian poet/publisher (Critics), dies at 73
January 13Ruby Starr, vocalist (Grey Ghost), dies of brain tumor at 44
January 14Alexander Gibson, Brit conductor/founder (Scottish Opera), dies at 68
January 14Alexander Gibson, conductor, dies at 69
January 14Mark Finch, film festival organizer, dies at 33
January 14Stafford WIlliam Somerfield, newspaper editor, dies at 84
January 15Sollie McElroy, singer, dies at 61
January 16William Dillard, trumpeter/singer, dies at 83
January 17Isador Caplan, lawyer/Aldeburgh Festival pioneer, dies at 82
January 17Urias Nooteboom, Dutch journalist/critic (The Time), dies at 54
January 18Adolph F J Butenandt, German bio-chemist (Nobel 1939), dies at 91
January 18Charles Baskerville, vocalist, dies at 54
January 18Joseph Kagan, businessman, dies at 79
January 19Eugene Fuller, polymath/linguist, dies at 80
January 20John Halas, Hungarian/US cartoonist (Animal Farm), dies at 81
January 20Mehdi Bazargan, director Iranian oil corp/premier (1979), dies at 86
January 20Robert Shaw, town Planner, dies at 81
January 21Flavio "Negao" Pires da Conceicao, drug Trafficker, dies at 25
January 21John Halas, animator, dies at 82
January 21Philippe Casado, Moroccan/French cyclist, dies at 30
January 22Christopher Francis Palmer, orchestrator/Author, dies at 48
January 22Mahmoud Sayed Selim, Egyptian moslim leader, shot to death at 29
January 22Margaret Barbara Lambert, British historian (Saar), dies at 88
January 22Nico Adriaans, founder of Rotterdam Junkiebond, dies of AIDS at 37
January 22Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, mother of pres John F Kennedy, dies at 104
January 23Harold Collett Dent, journalist/educationist, dies at 100
January 23Ken Hill, playwright/director, dies at 57
January 23Michael Whalley Wickham, artist, dies at 91
January 23Peter Ambrose Cyprian Luke, playwright, dies at 75
January 24Ian Prestt, English ornithologist, dies at 65
January 24Victor Reinganum, artist, dies at 87
January 24Wim H Sinnige, Amsterdam PvdA alderman of Finance, dies at 60
January 25Peter Black, TV critic, dies at 82
January 25Tom Brugman, Dutch puppeteer (Brave Dodo), dies at 62
January 25William Sylvester, actor (2001, Devil Doll, Blind Corner), dies at 72
January 26Bernardo Leighton, Chilian politician (1964-70), dies
January 26Geoffrey Penwill Parsons, piano accompnaist, dies at 65
January 26Louis Heren, journalist, dies at 65
January 26Vic Buckingham, English soccer player/trainer (Ajax), dies at 79
January 27Geoffrey Parsons, Australian/British pianist, dies at 65
January 27Halsey S Colchester, British SAS/MI6-spy/priest, dies at 76
January 27Jean Tardieu, author, dies at 91
January 27Willem R "Wim" van der Zee, gen-sec Council of Churches, dies at 64
January 28Barrie Wilson, academic, dies at 59
January 28George Woodcock, author, dies at 82
January 28James P Grant, US director of UNICEF (1980-95), dies at 72
January 28Jim Gilbert, artist, dies at 61
January 28Philip H Burton, Welsh producer/Richard Burton's teacher, dies at 80
January 28Walter Ernest Allen, writer/critic, dies at 83
January 29Arthur Guy Clutton-Brock, English agronomist (Rhodesia), dies at 88
January 29Chris de Marigny, painter/designer, dies at 52
January 29Raymond Joseph Cecil, British architect, dies at 69
January 29Richard Burnell, British rower (Olympics-gold-1948), dies at 77
January 29Richard Desborough Burnell, oarsman, dies at 77
January 30George H Poyser, English soccer player (Manchester City), dies at 84
January 30George Richard James, saxophonist, dies at 88
January 30Gerald M Durrell, British zoologist/author (Mockery Bird), dies at 70
January 31George Abbott, playwright/actor/producer (Damn Yankees), dies at 105
January 31James Johnson, English MP (Labour, 1950..83), dies at 86
February 01George Abbot, director (Damn Yankees), dies at 107
February 01John Smith, CEO (Liverpool FC), dies at 74
February 01Michael Caesar, pope of pot, dies of liver cancer at 52
February 02Alexis d'Anjou de Bourbon-Cond‚, French prince/Russian, dies at 47
February 02Andr‚ Frossard, French publicist (Defense of Pope), dies at 80
February 02David Kindersley, alphabet Designer/Cutter, dies at 79
February 02Donald Pleasance, English actor (Halloween), dies at 75
February 02Fred Perry, English tennis star (Wimbledon 1934-36), dies at 85
February 02Phillip Borsos, Tasmanian/Canadian director (Mean Season), dies
February 02Robert L Haller, coon Dog Trainer, dies at 32
February 03John Pinsent, classical scholar, dies at 72
February 03Turner Fodrell, blues singer/guitarist, dies at 66
February 04Betty Davis, British dance teacher of Dame Margot Fonteyn, dies
February 04Patricia Highsmith, [Mary Patricia Plangman], US/Swiss, dies at 74
February 04Roel Wiersma, Dutch soccer star (PSV), dies at 62
February 05Courtenay E Benson, broadcaster, dies at 79
February 05Doug Mcclure, US rodeo rider/actor (Trampas-Virginian), dies at 59
February 05Frans K”hler, Dutch painter, dies at 59
February 05Frederick Craig Riddle, violist, dies at 82
February 05Judith Fluks, Amsterdam's activist, dies
February 05Kimberley Leston, journalist, dies at 35
February 06Arthur S Taylor Jr, US drummer/author (Notes on notes), dies at 65
February 06James Ingram Merrill, US poet (Braving the elements), dies at 68
February 07Helen Wallis, cartographer/Librarian, dies at 70
February 07Massimo Pallottino, Ital archaeologist (Etruscologia), dies at 86
February 08B G Hooghoudt, radiotelescope build (Dwingeloo/Westerbork), dies at 70
February 08Wilhelm J Soukop, Austrian/British sculptor, dies at 88
February 08William Fulbright, US politician, dies
February 09David Wayne, [Wayne Mcmeekan], US actor (Dallas), dies at 81
February 09J William Fulbright, (Sen-D-Ark)/anti-Vietnam War, dies at 89
February 10Kenton Kilmer, poet/translator, dies at 85
February 10Louis Sen A Kaw, Suriname's great dam builder, dies at 75
February 10Paul Monette, writer, dies at 49
February 10S van der Linde, church historian, dies at 89
February 12Earring George Mayweather, blues harmonica player, dies at 66
February 12L Jansma, Fries publisher (Friese stamp), dies
February 12Rachid Mimouni, Algerian author (L'Honneur de la Tribu), dies at 49
February 12Terence Beckles, pianist/teacher, dies at 82
February 12Tony Secunda, rock band manager, dies at 54
February 13Abdelhafid Said, Algerian student leader, murdered
February 13Alberto Burri, Ital's physician/sculptor/painter), dies at 79
February 13Azeddine Medjoubi, head Algerian nationally theater, murdered at 49
February 13Joan A C Ramsey nee Hamilton, lady Ramsey of Canterbury, dies at 84
February 13Wilton "Bogey" Gaynair, saxophonist, dies at 68
February 14Alberto Burri, Ital physician/sculptor/painter, dies at 79
February 14Ischa Me˜er, journalist/critic/entertainer/interviewer, dies at 52
February 14Michael Vincent Gazzo, US actor/playwright (Godfather 2), dies at 71
February 14Nigel Lucius Graeme Finch, TV Director/film-maker, dies at 45
February 14Patricia Highsmith, writer, dies at 74
February 14Roger de Grey, English chairman of Royal Academy (1984-93), dies at 76
February 14Siem Suurhoff, TV-director (Behind the News, Sonja), dies at 58
February 14U Nu, PM of Burma (1948-56, 57-58, 60-62), dies
February 15Francis Taylor, builder, dies at 90
February 15Joseph Ortiz, French-Algerian extremist/rebel, dies at 77
February 15Lord Taylor of Hadfield, Brit pres of Taylor Woodrow Group, dies at 90
February 15Nabila Diahnine, Algerian architect/feminist, murdered at 33
February 15Sahnoun Jawhari, Tunisian Annahda-leader, dies at 40 in jail
February 15Viscount Camrose, British large landowner/Conservative, dies
February 16John Everett Allen, US businessman, dies at 91
February 16Martin Soames, traveller, dies at 91
February 17Jan Bart Klaster, music editor (The Slogan), dies at 50
February 17Thelma Hulbert, painter, dies at 81
February 17Timothy Hugh Brown, theatre critic, dies at 52
February 17Uta Graf, singer/teacher, dies at 80
February 18Calder Willingham, US scriptwriter (End as a Man), dies at 72
February 18Denny Cordel, rock music producer-Laverack, dies at 51
February 18Eddie Williams, blues/Jazz Bassist, dies at 82
February 18John Rhea "Yank" Lawson, trumpeter, dies at 83
February 18Yank Lawson, US jazz trumpeteer (Stormy weather), dies at 84
February 19Calder Willingham, novelist/Scriptwriter, dies at 72
February 19Ian Ball, photographer, dies at 80
February 19Shlomo Averbach, Israeli ultra-orthodox rabbi, dies at 84
February 20John Humphreys Whitfield, italianist, dies at 88
February 20Shlomo Averbach, Rabbi, buried in Jerusalem, 250,000 attend
February 21Robert Bolt, Brit playwright (Doctor Zhivago, Bounty), dies at 70
February 22Ed Flanders, actor (Dr Westphall-St Elsewhere), commits suicide at 60
February 22Elfi Althoff-Jacobi, Austrian circus director, dies at 80
February 22Lembarek Boumaarafi, Algerian murderer of Pres Boudiaf, dies
February 23Art Kane, photographer, dies at 69
February 23David Melvin English Franklin, singer, dies at 52
February 23James Herriot, Scot author (All Creatures Great & Small), dies at 78
February 23Norman Hunter, writer, dies at 95
February 23Peter Guy Wykeham Fighter Pilot-Barnes, dies at 79
February 24Richard Nicholson, musician, dies at 89
February 25Jack Clayton, British director (Great Gatsby), dies at 73
February 25Oh Jin Woo, Korean minister of defense, dies
February 25Terence Weil, cellist/teacher, dies at 73
February 27Bernard Cornfield, financier, dies at 67
February 27Philip Sherrington, opus Dei Priest, dies at 51
February 28Herman "Ace" Wallace, blues guitarist/singer, dies at 69
February 28Keith Rigg, cricketer (8 Tests for Australia 1931-37), dies
February 28Max Rudolf, conductor, dies at 92
March 01Edmund Boyd Fisher, publisher, dies at 56
March 01Vladislav Listyev, Russian TV-journalist, murdered at 38
March 02Hugo Cole, musician/critic, dies at 77
March 02Vladislav Listyev, TV journalist, dies at 48
March 03Gilbert Gadoffre, French scholar, dies at 84
March 03Howard Hunter, US leader of Mormon Church (1994-95), dies at 87
March 03Howard Yanks, founder of the Philadelphia folk festival, dies at 65
March 03Pierre Tisseyre, publisher (Circle du livre de France), dies at 85
March 03Shiv Verma, soldier, dies at 85
March 04Eden Ahbez, songwriter, dies at 86
March 05Ed Flanders, actor (Dr Westphal-St Elsewhere), dies
March 05Marguerite Kelsey, Engl painter/sculptor model (Haunting), dies at 86
March 05Peter John Norton, naval diplomat/artist, dies at 82
March 05Vivian Stanshall, British musician (Magical Mystery Tour), dies at 51
March 06David Beinhoff, mayor, dies at 24
March 06Delroy George Wilson, singer, dies at 46
March 06Emile van Moerkerken, photographer (Ice Princess), dies at 78
March 06Helene Weijel, author (In Two Worlds), dies at 44
March 07Don Cook, British foreign correspondent, dies at 74
March 07Jaap van den Hurk, TV-director (NCRV), dies
March 07Jacques Lefebvre, Belgian air force gen, commits suicide at 64
March 07John Arthur Neill Lambert, composer teacher organist, dies at 69
March 07Paul-Emile Victor, French pole explorer, dies at 87
March 07Thijmen Kuijt, resistance fighter/co-found paper (Typhoon), dies at 82
March 08Ota Adler, Czech/British fur trader (Jewish Aid Fund), dies at 83
March 08Paul George Vincent O'Shaughnessy Horgan, novelist, dies at 91
March 09Ian Ballantine, publisher, dies of heart attack at 79
March 09Ruud van den Hende, Dutch sports reporter, dies at 63
March 10Alexander Hyatt-King, Mozart scholar, dies at 84
March 10Carel Birnie, ballet producer, dies at 69
March 10Hendrik W van Leeuwen, Dutch musician, dies at 79
March 10Richard Baerlein, racing writer, dies at 84
March 11Carel Birnie, found Utrecht Opera/Dutch Dance Theater, dies at 69
March 11Ernest Kabushemeye, Burundese minister of Mijnbouw, murdered
March 11Frank Fidler, artist, dies at 84
March 13Abdul Ali Mazari, Afghan shite leader, shot to death
March 13John Silverlight, journalist, dies at 75
March 13Leo Kaplan, lawyer (ASCAP), dies at 89
March 13Leon Day, pitcher (Negro Leagues), dies of heart failure at 78
March 13Lorraine Macleod, dancer (Girls Just Want to Have Fun), dies at 65
March 13P C J van Lierde, Dutch vicar-gen of Vatican (1951-91), dies at 87
March 14Gerard Thomas Victory, composer, dies at 73
March 14Johan W "Jo" van Marle, CEO (KNVB, 1980-93), dies at 70
March 14William A Fowler, US nuclear/astro physicist (Nobel 1983), dies at 83
March 15Carlos Menem Jr, son of Argentine pres, dies at 26
March 16Albert Maurice Hackett, playwright/screenwriter, dies at 95
March 16Clan Fraser of Lovat, soldier/Landowner, dies at 83
March 16Lord Lovat, [Shimi], Scottish landowner, dies at 83
March 16Sydney Simone, band leader, dies at 80
March 17Ahmad Khomeini, youngest son of Iran ayatollah Khomeini, dies at 48
March 17Donald Baverstock, television Producer, dies at 71
March 17Marcus Jan Adriani, biologist/director (Weevers' Duin), dies at 56
March 17Rick Aviles, US comic/actor (Ghost), dies of AIDS
March 17Ronnie Kray, English gangster (The Firm), dies at 61
March 17Sunnyland Smart, jazz/blues singer/pianist (Delta Blues), dies at 87
March 18Charles Drain, singer, dies at 65
March 18Frederic Ramsey Jr, folklorist/author, dies at 80
March 18Heinrich Sutermeister, Swiss composer (Raskolnikov), dies at 84
March 19Fernand Lodewick, literature historian (Literature), dies at 85
March 19Gerard Tebroke, 5/10 km-dasher, dies at 45
March 19Kenneth Norman Joseph Loveless, priest folk musician, dies at 83
March 20Merv Harvey, cricketer (scored 12 & 31 in Test Aus v Eng 46-47), dies
March 20Rachida Hammadi, Algerian TV journalist, murdered at 32
March 20Sidney Kingslei, playwright, dies at 88
March 20Sidney Kingsley, US playwright (Pulitzer prize 1934), dies at 88
March 21Daan Wildschut, Dutch painter/author, dies at 81
March 21Etienne Martin, French sculptor, dies at 82
March 21Norman Schwartz, record Producer, dies at 66
March 21Robert Urquhart, actor (Dunkirk, Bulldog Breed), dies at 72
March 22Peter Woods, newsreader, dies at 64
March 23Alan Barton, singer (Smokie, Black Lace), dies in a bus crash
March 23Daniel George "Danny" Apolinar, composer/songwriter, dies at 61
March 23Davie Cooper, soccer star, dies at 39
March 23Irving Shulman, author/screenwriter, dies at 81
March 23Ripley L. Ingram, singer, dies at 65
March 23Robert Turner, winner of 1st All-American Soap Box Derby, dies at 72
March 23Russell Reading Braddon, author, dies at 74
March 24Anthony Standerwick Heal, businessman, dies at 88
March 24Joey Long, blues/cajun guitarist, dies at 62
March 24Trevor Oswald Ling, religious Studies Professor, dies at 75
March 25James Gardner, designer, dies at 87
March 25Peter Herbert Penwarden, priest, dies at 73
March 25Warren E Burger, chief justice of US (1969-86), dies
March 26Rapper-E (Eazy Eric Wright), dies at 31
March 27Albert Drach, writer, dies
March 27Bernard Cornfeld, Romanian/US financier (Fund of Funds), dies at 67
March 27Chet Gierlach, music publisher/composer, dies at 75
March 27Rene Allio, film Director, dies at 70
March 28Hugh Edward R O'Connor, actor (In the Heat of the Night), ODs at 32
March 28Jack Regan, broadcaster, dies at 53
March 28Vivienne Byerley, publicist, dies at 88
March 29Carl E Jefferson, record company owner, dies at 74
March 29Eddie Williams Wiggins, alto saxophone/comedian, dies at 78
March 29James Eric Storrar, fighter Pilot, dies at 74
March 29John Elliott Terry, film financier, dies at 82
March 30Graham Anthony Richard Lock, cricketer, dies at 65
March 30Paul A Rothchild, record producer, dies at 59
March 30Rozelle Claxton, pianist/arranger, dies at 82
March 30Tony Lock, cricketer (174 wickets for England), dies
March 31Carl M Story, fiddler, dies at 78
March 31Selena, Mexican Grammy winning singer, killed by a fan at 24
April 01Cheryl Waltz, author/film producer, dies at 50
April 01Francisco Moncion, dancer, dies at 73
April 01Johnny Nicholss, footballer, dies at 63
April 01Lucie Rie, potter, dies at 93
April 01Richard Pool, naval Officer, dies at 75
April 01Sampson DeBrier, actor (Inauguration of Pleasure Dome), dies at 86
April 02Hannes Alfven, physicist (Nobel prize), dies at 86
April 02Harvey Penick, premier golf instructor/author, dies at 90
April 02Julius Arthur Hemphill, saxophonist, dies at 57
April 03David Alexander Reginald Herbert, writer, dies at 86
April 03Harvey Pennick, golfer/teacher, dies at 89
April 04Kenny Everett, disc Jockey, dies at 50
April 04Peter Brinson, dance educationalist, dies at 67
April 04Priscilla Lane, actress (Saboteur, Bodyguard), dies at 77
April 05Christian Pineau, French politician, dies
April 06Vieno J Sukselainen, PM of Finland (1959-61), dies
April 07Philip Vincent Belloc Jebb, architect, dies at 68
April 08Maurice Allom, cricketer (14 Test wickets-NZ debut hat-trick), dies
April 09James Bullock, colliery manager, dies at 92
April 10Chen Yun, VPM of China (1949-75, 79-80), dies
April 10Glyn Jones, writer, dies at 90
April 10Gunter Guillaume, German politican, dies
April 10Joseph Anthony "Joe" Richards, singer/actor (Colo Ranger), dies at 44
April 10Morarji Desai, PM of India (1977-79), dies
April 12Chris Pyne, trombonist, dies at 56
April 13Edward Firth Henderson, arabist, dies at 77
April 13Lawrence Allan Laurie Scott, script writer, dies at 87
April 14Brian Coffey, poet, dies at 89
April 14Burl Ives, folk singer/actor (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof), dies at 85
April 14Donald Keech, entrepreneur, dies at 74
April 14James Daniel "Danny" Turner, saxophonist, dies at 75
April 14Michael Scott Montague Fordham, jungian analyst educator, dies at 89
April 15Cleo Brown, pianist, dies at 91
April 15Denis Harding, soldier, dies at 79
April 16Arthur English, comedian, dies at 75
April 16Cheyenne Brando, daughter of Marlon, commits suicide
April 16Cyril Enfield, film Director, dies at 80
April 16Stewart Myles MacPherson, broadcaster, dies at 86
April 17A R A (Anton) Murray, cricketer (289 runs & 11 wkts in 10 Tests), dies
April 17Nancy Mayhew Youngman, artist/educator, dies at 88
April 18Arturo Frondizi, President of Argentina (1958-62), dies
April 19"King" Herbert Whitaker, tenor sax, dies at 66
April 19Igor Hajek, translator/writer, dies at 64
April 19J Peter Grace Jr, CEO (W R Grace), dies at 81
April 19Joseph Peter Grace, businessman, dies at 61
April 19Kenneth Burslam Gardner, librarian/Orientalist, dies at 70
April 20Milovan Djilas, Yugoslavian politician (1945-54), dies
April 20R E S Wyatt, cricketer (England capt 16 times), dies
April 20Sunil Jayasinghe, Sri Lankan wicketkeeper (1979 World Cup), suicide
April 20Tessie O'Shea, entertainer, dies at 81
April 21Robert Elliott Storey Wyatt, cricketer, dies at 93
April 21Stafford Heginbotham, toymaker/Football Club Chairman, dies at 61
April 22Don Pullen, pianist/composer, dies at 53
April 22Maggie Kuhn, activist (Gray Panthers), dies at 89
April 23Howard Cosell, sportscaster (Monday Night Football), dies at 77
April 23John Stennis, (Sen-D-MS), dies at 93
April 23Lonesome Sundown, blues singer/guitarist, dies at 66
April 23Robert Selby Taylor, bishop, dies at 86
April 24Douglas Gunsekera, banker, dies at 77
April 25Art Fleming, game show host (Jeopardy), dies at 74
April 25Francis Henry Smith, librarian, dies at 85
April 25Ginger Rogers, actress/dancer (Top Hat, Stage Door), dies at 83
April 25Joseph Heifitz, film director, dies at 89
April 26Alexander Knox, actor/writer (Gorky Park, Accident), dies at 88
April 28Andrew Salkey, author editor/broadcaster, dies at 67
April 28Henry C Rogers, press Agent, dies at 81
April 28Peaches Roy Davis, baseball pitcher, dies at 89
April 29Robert Gibb, zoo/theme park creator, dies at 57
April 30Donald Edwin White, ad copywriter/opera administrator, dies at 59
April 30Reinaldo de Carvalho, carnival king, dies at 34
May 03Michael Horden, actor (Fool, Green Man, Scoop), dies at 83
May 04Lewis T Preston, banker, dies at 68
May 04Louis Krasner, violinist, dies at 91
May 05Anthony Wagner, genealogist, dies at 86
May 05Bernard Benjamin Gillis, judge, dies at 89
May 05Esther Waterhouse, doctor/methodist, dies at 86
May 05James Pack, naval officer museum curator, dies at 81
May 05Lionel Alexander Bethune [Alastair] Pilkington, engineer, dies at 75
May 05Mikhail Moseyevich Botvinnik, world chess champ, dies
May 05Thomas Eden Binkley, musician, dies at 63
May 06Dona Maria Pia de Braganca, pretender to Port throne, dies at 88
May 06Leanoard "Red" Truss, R&B singer, dies at 47
May 06Nicholas Palmer, TV writer/producer, dies at 57
May 07Ernest H Martin, impressario, dies at 75
May 07Lawrence Josset, engraver, dies at 84
May 07Maria Luisa Bemberg, fil maker, dies at 73
May 07Ray McKinley, drummer, dies at 84
May 08Carroll Best, bluegrass banjo, dies at 63
May 08Jerry Zipkin, socialite, dies at 80
May 08Prem Bhatia, journalist, dies at 83
May 08Teresa Teng, singer, dies at 41
May 09Abha Gandhi, servant to Gandhi, dies at 68
May 09Charles Montgomery Monteith, publisher, dies at 74
May 09Marshall Royal, jazz Sax/Clarinet, dies at 82
May 09Percy Mansell, cricketer (355 runs in 13 Tests for S Afr), dies
May 10Harold Berens, comedian, dies at 92
May 10Hilde Jarecki, educationist, dies at 83
May 10Jimmy Raney, jazz guitarist, dies at 67
May 11Arthur Lubin, director (Francis The Talking Mule, Mr Ed), dies at 96
May 11David Avidan, poet/writer, dies at 62
May 11William John Phillips, actor (Nothing but a Man), dies at 80
May 12Arthur Lubin, film director, dies at 95
May 12Giorgio Belladonna, bridge champion, dies at 71
May 12Reza Abdoh, theatre Director, dies at 32
May 13Cecil Marley, cricketer (WICBC pres 1971-74, Jamaican capt 1946), dies
May 14Maezumi Hakuyu Taizan Koun, teacher (Zen Buddhism), dies at 64
May 15Edouard Dermit, actor (Testament of Orpheus), dies at 69
May 15Eric Richard Porter, actor (Crucible, Hennessy), dies at 67
May 15Johnny Van Derrick, jazz violinist, dies at 68
May 15Perry Lederman, folk singer, dies at 52
May 16Lola Flores, singer/actress (Kuma Ching, Faraona), dies at 70
May 16Ragnhild Marie Hatton, historian, dies at 82
May 17Nathan "Dambuza" Mdledle, singer, dies at 72
May 18Alexander Gudonov, Russian dancer/actor (Witness), dies at 45
May 18Elisha Cook Jr, actor (Maltese Falcon, Shane), dies at 91
May 18Elizabeth Montgomery, actress (Bewitched), dies of cancer at 62
May 18Gordon Reynolds, musician, dies at 74
May 18Robert Harris, actor (Werewolf of London), dies at 95
May 21Kieron Walsh, academic, dies at 46
May 21Les Aspin, US sec of Defense (1993-95), dies of stroke at 56
May 21Patrick Bowles, writer/translator, dies at 68
May 22Robert Flemyng, actor (Kafka, Rebecca, Funny Face), dies at 83
May 24Harold Wilson, British PM (1964-70, 74-76), dies of cancer at 79
May 24Mike Pyne, jazz Pianist, dies at 54
May 25Dany Robin, actress (Follow the Boys, Topaz, Julietta), dies at 68
May 25Dick Curless, singer/songwriter, dies at 63
May 26Isadore "Friz" Freling, cartoon director (Sylvester), dies at 88
May 26Ron Weatherburn, jazz pianist, dies at 61
May 26Severn Darden, comedian (Second City), dies at 65
May 27C W Stubblefield, music Promoter, dies at 64
May 27Ulyses Simpson Kay, composer, dies at 78
May 28Daniela Rocca, actress (Battle of Austerlitz), dies at 57
May 28Henning Kronstam, dancer, dies at 60
May 28Jean Elizabeth Leuckert Muir, designer dressmaker, dies at 66
May 28Jean Muir, (Dress Queen), British model, dies at 66
May 29Margaret Chase Smith, 1st woman Rep & Sen (R-Me), dies at 97
May 30Bobby Stokes, soccer star, dies at 44
May 30Philip Owen A Sherrard, scholar theologian poet/translator, dies at 72
May 30Ted Drake, soccer star, dies at 82
May 30Thomas Dorrington Tomlinson, Brit national park warden, dies at 87
May 31Tim Mara, owner (NY Giants), dies at 59
June 01Prudence Hyman, dancer, dies at 80
June 01Ronald Anthony "Tony" Clegg, property trader, dies at 58
June 03Alastair Webster Mackie, poet/teacher, dies at 69
June 03Dilys Powell, film Critic, dies at 93
June 03Estelle Brody, actress (Safari, Kitty, Plaything), dies at 94
June 03Frank Waters, writer, dies at 92
June 03Jean-Patric Manchette, thriller writer, dies at 52
June 04Ernest Borneman, sexual researcher psychotherapist, dies at 80
June 04Herta Ryder, literary agent, dies at 77
June 04Paul WIlliams, climber, dies at 49
June 04William J Law, sailor, dies at 84
June 05Bettina Vernon-Warren, dancer, dies at 75
June 06Imam Elissa, singer, dies at 76
June 06James Anderson, writer, dies at 41
June 07Joseph Tomelty, actor/playwright (Bedevilled, Moby Dick), dies at 84
June 08Juan Carlos Ongania, pres of Argentina (1966-70), dies
June 08Lord Erskine of Rerrick, peer, dies at 69
June 08Sheikh Iman, singer, dies at 76
June 09Charles Rowe, cricket (scored 0 in only Test for NZ v Aust 1946), dies
June 09Frank Chacksfield, conductor/arranger, dies at 81
June 09Walter Landor, designer, dies at 81
June 10Ernest Anderson, publicist, dies at 85
June 10Masaya Hanai, businessamn, dies at 82
June 10Ron Morrisby, cricketer (prolific batsman for Tasmania 1931-52), dies
June 11Lovelace Watkins, singer, dies at 58
June 11Luigi Innocenti, designer, dies at 71
June 12Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, pianist, dies at 75
June 13David Parry, guitarist, dies 53
June 14Anthony Joly de Lotbiniere, television producer, dies at 69
June 14Gesualdo Bufalino, novelist, dies at 74
June 14Gordon Greig, journalist, dies at 63
June 14Roger Joseph Zelazny, sci-fi writer, dies of cancer at 60
June 14Rory Gallagher, Irish rock guitarist (See Here), dies at 47
June 15Charles Bennett, screenwriter, dies at 95
June 16Jack Wagner, actor/voice (Disneyland, Walt Disney World), dies
June 17Claire Sterling, journalist, dies at 75
June 18Arthur John Howard, actor (Frieda, Last Holiday, Paradiso), dies at 85
June 18Charles Martin, cartoonist, dies at 85
June 19Al Hansen, artist, dies at 67
June 19Murray Dickie, opera singer/director, dies at 71
June 19Richard Bernard Pape, POW escaper/writer, dies at 79
June 20Dennis Gomm, musician, dies at 84
June 20Emil Mihai Cioran, writer/aphorist, dies at 84
June 20Henry Iliffe Cozens, pilot, dies at 91
June 21Kenneth Henry Lowry Lamb, broadcaster, dies at 71
June 21Tristan Jones, sailor, dies at 71
June 22Georges Yves Marie Congar, Dominican theologian cardinal, dies at 91
June 23Jonas Salk, biologist (Polio vaccine), dies of heart failure
June 24Inshan Ali, cricketer (WI chinaman bowler 1971-77), dies
June 24John Reginald "Nat" Allen, planning enforcement officer, dies at 66
June 24John Richard Brinsley Norton, landowner, dies at 71
June 25Warren Earl Burger, Supreme Court Justice, dies of heart failure at 78
June 27Lionel Edmund "Sonny" Taylor, musician, dies at 70
June 27Madeleine Gillian Jinkinson, medical administrator, dies at 59
June 27Prez "Kidd" Kenneth, blues singer/guitarist, dies at 61
June 28Donald Sinclair, vet, dies at 83
June 29Lana Turner, actress (Madame X), dies of cancer at 75
June 29Roy Rowland, film director, dies at 84
June 30Barney Simon, theatre director/writer, dies at 63
June 30Gale Gordon, comedian (Our Miss Brooks, Here's Lucy), dies at 89
June 30Georgi Timofeyevich Beregovoi, USSR, cosmonaut (Soyuz 3), dies at 74
June 30Phyllis Hyman, R&B/Jazz singer (Prime of My Life), suicides at 45
June 30Sicco Mansholt, pres Commission of Europe (1972-1973), dies
July 01Bruce Mitchell, S Afr cricketer (leading Test scorer with 3471), dies
July 01Ronald Farrow, radio producer/priest, dies at 49
July 01Wolfman Jack, disc jockey (Midnight Special), dies at 57
July 02Gail Gordon, actor (Our Miss Brooks, Lucy Show), dies of cancer at 89
July 02George Seldes, journalist, dies at 104
July 02Gervase F Ashworth Jackson-Stops, architectural adviser, dies at 48
July 02Krissy Taylor, model (17 Mag), dies of respitory problems at 17
July 03Albert Hardy, photographer, dies at 82
July 03Brad Lee Sexton, bass guitarist, dies at 47
July 03Gil Wolman, situationist, dies at 65
July 04Bob Ross, artist, dies at 52
July 04Eva Gabor, actress (Green Acres), dies at 74
July 04Jacques Berque, Islamic scholar, dies at 85
July 04Richard "Pancho" Gonzalez, tennis great, dies of stomach cancer at 67
July 05Adrienne Keith Cohen, travel editor, dies at 69
July 06Aziz Nesin, writer, dies at 79
July 06Helene Johnson, poet, dies at 87
July 06Ivor Keys, musician/teacher, dies at 76
July 07Gabor Ormai, viola Player, dies at 40
July 07Geoffrey Freeman Allen, railway writer, dies at 73
July 08Elizabeth Adams, madam, dies at 65
July 09Jacques Molicard, translator/Navigator, dies at 62
July 09James Cameron Tudor, politician, dies at 66
July 09John Eric Tieman, production Manager (Guardian), dies at 67
July 09Julian Graham Theodore Hough, actor (Deathwatch, Shout), dies at 47
July 09W Fenton Morley, preacher, dies at 83
July 10Hugh Dundas, fighter pilot/businessman, dies at 74
July 11John Cruickshank, French scholar, dies at 70
July 12Alan David Marks, pianist/composer, dies at 49
July 12Earl Coleman, singer, dies at 69
July 12Ernie Furtado, bassist, dies at 72
July 12Michael Clegg, naturalist/broadcaster, dies at 62
July 14Michael Naylor, insurance broker, dies at 59
July 15Eddie J Bush, golf professional, dies at 83
July 15Willie George "Bill" Woodruff Sr, vocalist, dies at 66
July 16Charles Bruck, Hungarian/French/US conductor (Dutch Opera), dies at 83
July 16Eleanore M "May" Sarton, Belg/US writer (Land of Silence), dies at 83
July 16Juan Manuel Fangio, racing Driver, dies at 84
July 16Max Factor Jr, makeup inventor, dies
July 16Mordechai Gur, Israeli general, commits suicide at 65
July 16Patsy Ruth Miller, actress (Wide Open, Sap, Twin Beds), dies at 91
July 16Peter Francis de Sautoy, publisher, dies at 83
July 16Stephen Harold Spender, writer, dies at 86
July 16Travis Kemp, dancer/teacher, dies at 91
July 17Herbert Hippauf, baseball player, dies at 56
July 17Joe Hutton, northumbrian piper/shepherd, dies at 71
July 18Fabio Casartelli, Italian olympian (Oly-gold-92), dies at 24
July 19Dorothy McHugh, actress (I Fallen & I Can't Get Up), dies at 87
July 19James Smiddy, high school basketball coach (1,216 wins), dies at 71
July 19Michael Andrews, painter, dies at 66
July 19Sydney Lipton, bandleader/violin, dies at 89
July 19Yusef Bedri, educationist, dies at 82
July 20Helmut Erich Robert Gernsheim, photographer/collector, dies at 82
July 20Natalia Dmitrevna Shpiller, singer, dies at 85
July 21Edwin "Russell" House, saxophonist, dies at 65
July 21Elleston Trevor, author, dies
July 21Jon Boulle, motorcyclist, dies at 59
July 22Dave Clark, music promoter/songwriter, dies at 85
July 22Harold Larwood, cricket (98 wkts bowling for Engl 1926-34), dies at 91
July 22Percy Humphrey, musician, dies at 90
July 23Bob Rundick, poet/DJ, dies at 52
July 23Floyd McDaniel, blues singer/guitarist, dies at 80
July 24Don Richard Carpenter, novelist, dies at 64
July 24Jeremiah Jerry Patrick Lordam, songwriter/compser, dies at 61
July 24Jerzy Bonawentura Toeplitz, film maker/teacher, dies at 94
July 24Werner Grusch, film director, dies at 51
July 25Charlie Rich, country singer (Lonely Weekends), dies at 62
July 25Janice Elliott, novelist, dies at 63
July 25Osvaldo Pugliese, musician/composer, dies at 89
July 26Eleanore Griffin, screenwriter, dies
July 26George Romney, politician, dead Heart attack, dies at 88
July 26Jaime de Mora y Arag¢n, actor/publicist (Last Judgement), dies at 70
July 26Laurindo Almeida, composer/guitarist, dies at 76
July 27Charles Hugh Shirley, publisher, dies at 66
July 27Doris Mae Akers, gospel singer/songwriter, dies at 72
July 27Mikl¢s R¢zsa, Hung movie composer (Atomic Cafe, Fedora), dies at 88
July 27Rick Ferrell, Hall of Fame catcher, dies at 89
July 30Biggie Rodwell Tembo Marasha, musician, dies at 36
July 30Charles James Dunn, japanese scholar, dies at 80
July 30Harry Shorto, linguist, dies at 75
July 31Genevieve Tobin Keighley, actress (Zaza, Great Gambini), dies at 83
August --Sterling Morrison, musician, dies of cancer
August --Sterling Morrison, musician, dies of cancer
August 01Loudi Nijhoff, Dutch actress (Alicia, Van Geluk Gesproken), dies
August 01Robert L "Bob" Talley, pianist, dies at 75
August 02Brian Smith, British sportscaster, dies
August 02Colin Gray, airman, dies at 80
August 03Carl Donnell "Kansas" Fields, drummer, dies at 79
August 03Harry Craft, baseball manager, dies at 80
August 03Ida Lupino, actress/director (Hard Way, High Sierra), dies at 77
August 03Jose B M Barreto y Casanova, pianist vocalist bandleader, dies at 88
August 03Marcus Chenault, killer of Martin Luther King Jr's mother, dies at 54
August 04Dick Bartell, baseball player, dies at 87
August 04J Howard Smith Oil Tycoon, dies
August 05Agha Hasan Abedi, banker, dies at 73
August 05Anthony Barber Doncaster, bookseller, dies at 81
August 06Paul James Nunn, mountaineer, dies at 52
August 06Youly Algaroff, ballet dancer, dies at 77
August 07Brigid Brophy, novelist/campaigner, dies at 66
August 07Tom Scott, poet/editor, dies at 77
August 08David Begelman, film producer, dies at 73
August 09Jerry Garcia, rock vocalist (Grateful Dead), dies at 53
August 09John Schofield, journalist, dies at 29
August 09Willem Noordhoek, photographer, dies at 78
August 10Fay Honey Knopp, activist, dies at 76
August 10Peter Lancelot Williams, dance journalist, dies at 81
August 11Douglas John Gorman, businessman, dies at 58
August 11Herbert Whitton John Sumsion, organist/composer, dies at 96
August 11Kenneth Lo, cookery writer/restaurateur, dies at 81
August 11Phil Harris, Linton In, actor/comedian (Jack Benny Show), dies at 89
August 11Wilbur Stark, tV/film producer, dies at 83
August 12Frank Cvitanovich, film maker, dies at 68
August 13Alison Hargreaves, mountaineer, dies at 33
August 13Jesse Thomas, blues singer, dies at 84
August 13Mickey Mantle, baseball great (NY Yankees), dies of cancer at 63
August 13Per-Jakez Helias, Writer/teacher, dies at 81
August 14Joseph Fattorini, businessman, dies at 82
August 15Erbie Bowser, pianist, dies at 77
August 15Humphrey Sims Moore, pacifist/journalist, dies at 86
August 15Ismay Thomas, teacher, dies at 74
August 16John Cameron Swayze, news anchor (NBC), dies at 89
August 16John Priestly McCartjy, detroit DJ, dies at 62
August 16Robert "Robby" Debarge, r&B Musician, dies at 36
August 17David Warrilow, actor (Simon, Radio Days, Barton Fink), dies at 60
August 17Howard Koch, screenwriter, dies at 92
August 17Marjorie Sykes, peace campaigner, dies at 90
August 17William Strethan "Wild Bill" Davis, musician, dies at 76
August 18James Ackley Maxwell, actor/director (Traitors, Otley), dies at 66
August 18Sylvester Louis Adams, murderer, dies at 39
August 19Danny Arnold, British TV producer, dies at 70
August 19Pierre Schaeffer, composer/radio innovator, dies at 85
August 20Hugo Pratt, graphic artist, dies at 68
August 20John E Gilmore, tenor Saxophonist, dies at 63
August 20Paul Foster, singer, dies at 75
August 20Vladimir Skutina, writer playwright/journalist, dies at 64
August 20Von McDaniel, baseball player, dies at 56
August 20William Kennedy, baseball player, dies at 76
August 21Anatole Fistoulari, conductor, dies at 88
August 21Hilda Beatritz Guevara, daughter of Che Guevara, dies at 39
August 21James Truitte, dancer, dies at 72
August 21Ken Rickards, cricketer (104 runs at 34 66 for WI 1948-52), dies
August 21Len Martin, sports broadcaster, dies at 76
August 21Manfred Donike, chemist Drug Test pioneer, dies at 61
August 21Nanni Loy, film Director, dies at 69
August 21Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, physicist (Nobel-1983), dies at 84
August 22Jose Antonio Giron de Velasco, politician, dies at 83
August 23Alfred Eisenstaedt, photojournalist, dies at 96
August 23Arthur Holt, politician, dies at 81
August 23Dwayne Rudolph Goettel, musician, dies at 31
August 23Hedda J Garza, writer/political activist, dies at 66
August 23James Pilditch, designer, dies at 66
August 23Johnny Carey, soccer star, dies at 76
August 23Vincent Gordon Lindsay White, tycoon, dies at 72
August 24Erich Geiringer, general Practitioner campaigner, dies at 78
August 24Gary Crosby, singer/actor (Operation Bikini, Mardi Gras), dies at 61
August 25John Killan Houston Brunner, British sci-fi writer, dies at 60
August 25R B Hudmon, R&B/Soul Singer, dies at 41
August 26David James Moore, educationalist, dies at 62
August 26Evelyn Wood, speed reading guru, dies at 86
August 26John Costello, historian, dies at 52
August 26Omukama Patrick D Matthew Olimi Kaboyo II, king of Toro, dies at 49
August 26Ronald Anthony White Jr, singer, dies at 57
August 27Carl Ronald Giles, cartoonist, dies at 78
August 27Dick Bentley, entertainer, dies at 88
August 27Martin Louis "Marty" Paich, jazz arranger, dies at 70
August 28Agnes Patrick, campaigner, dies at 85
August 28Michael Ende, German writer (Neverending Story), dies at 65
August 28Michael VerMeulen, journalist, dies at 38
August 29Frank Perry, US dir (Diary of Mad Housewife, David & Lisa), dies at 65
August 29Harry Broadhurst, British airman, dies at 89
August 29Jack Stoddart, designer/socialist, dies at 70
August 29Thomas Strittmatter, writer, dies at 33
August 30Dame Pattie Maie Menzies, Australian, dies at 96
August 30Fischer S Black Jr, financial Theorist, dies at 57
August 30Frank Perry, film director, dies at 65
August 30Holmes Sterling Morrison, musician, dies at 53
August 30Thomas Chalmers, broadcaster, dies at 82
August 31Beant Singh, PM of Punjab province of India, assassinated at 73
August 31David Farrar, actor (Beat Girl, I Accuse, Watusi), dies at 87
August 31David Richard Holloway, literary Editor, dies at 71
August 31Hajime Miterai, industrialist, dies at 56
August 31Horst Janssen, graphic Artist, dies at 65
August 31John Erik Jonsson, businessman/Mayor of Dallas, dies at 93
September 01Elizabeth Brown, minister healer/writer, dies at 32
September 01Ernest Charles Melvin Patrick Ekundio Marke, club Owner, dies at 93
September 02Vaclav Neummann, conductor, dies at 74
September 03Alex Brown, snooker player, dies at 87
September 03Alfred Earle Birney, poet, dies at 91
September 03Donald Cuthbert Coleman, economic historian, dies at 75
September 03Mary Adshead, muralist/painter, dies at 91
September 03Peter Michalke, journalist, dies at 40
September 03Roye England, modeller/museum curator, dies at 88
September 04Chuck Greenberg, new age musician (Shadowfax), dies at 45
September 04Edmond Jouhaud, general, dies at 90
September 04John Megna, actor (To Kill a Mocking Bird), dies at 42
September 04William Moses Kunstler, UCLA attorney (Chicago 7), dies at 78
September 05Francis Showering, brewer, dies at 83
September 05James "Pigmeat" Jarrett, pianist, dies at 95
September 05John Britten, motorcycle Designer, dies at 45
September 06Buster Mathis, heavyweight boxer, dies at 52
September 06Joanne Gail Abbott, exec (MTV), dies at 36
September 07Gordon DeMarco, writer/activist, dies at 51
September 08Eileen Zhang Ailing Chang, writer, dies at 73
September 08Olga Ivinskaya, mistress of Boris Pasternak, dies of cancer at 83
September 08Safa Khulusi, writer, dies at 78
September 09Ida Carroll, musician, dies at 89
September 10Charles Denner, actor (Mado, Stella, Z, Landru), dies at 69
September 10Derek Meddings, special Effects technician, dies at 64
September 10Molly Mary Hyde, cricketer, dies at 81
September 11Charles William Hutton, architect, dies at 90
September 11Jerome Theisen, benedioctine, dies at 64
September 11Keith Odor, racing Driver, dies at 33
September 12Geoffrey Stokes, rock & roll writer, dies at 55
September 12Jeremy Brett, English actor (Sherlock Holmes), dies at 59
September 12Jeremy William Huggins Brett (Moll Flanders), actor, dies at 59
September 12John Stuart-Jervis, balloonist, dies
September 12Lawrence Bernard "Larry" Gales, bassist, dies at 59
September 13Francesco Messina, sculptor, dies at 94
September 13Harold Sheperdson, soccer Trainer, dies at 76
September 13Walter Goetz, illustrator cartoonist/painter, dies at 83
September 14Eiji Okada, actor (Traffic Jam, Yakuza, Ugly American), dies at 75
September 15Marguerite Fawdry, museum curator, dies at 83
September 15Michio Watanabe, politician, dies at 72
September 15Sam McCluskie, trade unionist, dies at 63
September 16Michael Balfour, historian, dies at 86
September 16Pierre Olaf, cabaret artist/clown, dies at 67
September 17Grady Sutton, actor (Come Blow Your Horn, Flying Blind), dies at 87
September 17Yehuda Meir Getz, rabbi/soldier/religious leader, dies at 71
September 18Donald Alfred Davie, poet/critic, dies at 73
September 18Doreen Cannon, teacher of acting (London), dies at 64
September 18Lesley Sunderland, decorative artist, dies at 47
September 19Louis "Mr Bo" Collins, blues SInger, dies at 63
September 19Orville Reddenbacher, popcorn magnate, drowns in bathtub at 88
September 19Walter Shlomo Gross, journalist, dies at 83
September 19Yevgeni Nikolayevich Khludeyev, Russia, cosmonaut, dies at 55
September 20Monica Maurice, industrialist, dies at 87
September 21Irven Spence, animator, dies at 86
September 21Peter Shankland, film maker/writer, dies at 94
September 21Vernell Townsend, blues/gospel singer, dies at 64
September 21William Murray, teacher/educationalist, dies at 83
September 22Albert Goodwin, historian, dies at 89
September 22Arthur Benfield, formed head of Cheshire CID, dies at 82
September 22Dorothy "Dolly" Ann Collins, folk musician/composer, dies at 62
September 23Booker T Laury, blues pianist/vocalist, dies at 81
September 23Odut Joseph Olutola Oluola Oguntala, soho club owner, dies at 74
September 25Bessie Annie Elizabeth Delany, dentist writer, dies at 104
September 25Dave Bowen, footballer, dies at 67
September 25Dorothy Dickson, actress/dancer (Paying the Piper), dies at 102
September 27Alison "Night Bird" Steele, DJ (WNEW-FM, WXRK-FM), dies of cancer
September 27Christopher Shaw, composer pianist/critic, dies at 71
September 28Eddy Grove, dies
September 28Lynette Roberts, poet, dies at 86
September 28Olive Gibbs, peace campaigner, dies at 77
September 29Francis Frederick Johnson, architect, dies at 84
September 29George Chesterman Phillips, naval Officer, dies at 90
September 29Karl Anton Martin Gerhard Gerd Bucerius, publisher, dies at 89
September 29Seger Pillot Ellis, pianist/vocalist, dies at 91
September 29Susan Maureen Fleetwood, actress (Krays, Clash of Titans), dies at 51
September 30Frederick Archibauld Warner, diplomat, dies at 77
September 30George Kirby, comedian/impressionist (Pearl Bailey), dies at 71
October 01Aditya Biria, industrialist, dies at 50
October 01Margaret Gorman Cahill, 1st Miss America (1921), dies at 90
October 01Rene Mable Neighbour Cloke, illustrator, dies at 90
October 01Russ Karel, director, dies at 45
October 02Elizabeth Jane Lloyd, artist/teacher, dies at 67
October 02Joe Simmons, gay XXX actor (Black Alley), dies of AIDs at 36
October 02Norman Ewart Thurston, musician, dies at 74
October 03Molly Harris, actress/writer (Immortal), dies at 82
October 04Peter Nicholson Gunn, writer, dies at 81
October 05Dick Henry Jurgen, bandleader, dies at 85
October 05Fred Fehl, photographer, dies at 89
October 05Peter Crichton Kirkpatrick, oarsman, dies at 79
October 06Hugh Charles, songwriter/impressario, dies at 88
October 06Oswald Moxley Gibbs, diplomat, dies at 67
October 06Walter "Crash" Morgan, drummer, dies at 35
October 07Ariston Muguranayanga Chambati, politician/businessman, dies at 59
October 07Louis Meyer, Indie 500 racer (3 wins), dies at 91
October 08Christopher Keene, musician, dies at 48
October 08Frederick Harry Baines, painter, dies at 85
October 08John Cairncross, linguist (5th Man), dies at 82
October 08Terry Hawkins, theatre administrator, dies at 45
October 09Alec Douglas-Home, PM of Britain (1963-64), dies
October 09John Alfred Scali, journalist/diplomat, dies at 77
October 09Kukrit Pramoj, PM of Thailand (1975-76), dies at 84
October 09Lord Home of Hirsel, cricket (Middlesex player later British PM), dies
October 09Patric William Billy Walker, astrologer, dies at 64
October 09Phillip Jack Oppenheimer, diamond trader, dies at 83
October 10Edward Gill, baseball player, dies at 100
October 10Jimmy Nash, record company owner, dies at 47
October 10John Rodolph, wheelchair-race world record holder, hit by truck at 31
October 10Michelle Francis Bird, campaigner, dies at 30
October 10Paolo Gucci, entrepreneur/accessories designer, dies at 64
October 12Eleanor Aller, cellist, dies at 78
October 12Gary Bond, actor (Outback, Zulu, Anne of Thousand Days), dies at 55
October 13Golfredo Corradetti, conductor, dies at 79
October 13Henry Roth, novelist (Call it Sleep), dies at 89
October 14Edith Pargeter, author (Brother Cadfael), dies of a stroke at 82
October 14Helen Vlachos, journalist, dies at 83
October 15Arthur Carleton Hetherington, public servant, dies at 82
October 15Phil Sidey, broadcaster, dies at 69
October 16John Walker, museum director, dies at 88
October 16Linda Goodman, astrologer, dies
October 16Murdo Alexander MacLeod, minister, dies at 60
October 16Thomas Augustine Martin, academic, dies at 59
October 17Peter Hinchcliff, historian, dies at 66
October 18Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher, lawyer, dies at 67
October 18Bryan Johnson, singer/actor, dies at 69
October 18Iri Maruki, artist, dies at 94
October 18John Gardener, boatbuilder/writer, dies at 90
October 18Thomas Lyttle, paramilitary, dies at 56
October 19Don E Cherry, jazz Musician, dies at 58
October 19Vicki Stangroome, campaigner, dies at 53
October 20Bernadette Hingley, priest, dies at 47
October 20Christopher Stone, actor (Dave-Dallas, Interns), dies at 53
October 20Jack Rose, screenwriter, dies at 83
October 20Raymond Rasberry, pianist/singer, dies at 65
October 21Jose Ignacio Cabrujas, writer, dies at 58
October 21Maxene Andrews, vocalist (Andrews Sister), dies of heart attack at 79
October 21Shannon Hoon, vocalist (Blind Melon), dies of drug overdose at 28
October 22Edward Totah, art Dealer, dies at 46
October 22K B Wilson, methodist principal (Westminster College), dies at 50
October 22Kingsley Amis, author, dies of injuries from a fall at 73
October 22Mary Wickes, actress (Sister Act), dies at 79
October 22Ralph Whitlock, writer, dies at 81
October 22Simone Gallimard, publisher, dies at 77
October 24Emile Jonassaint, president of Haiti (1994), dies at 82
October 24Ronald Selby Wright, minister, dies at 87
October 25Bobby Riggs, tennis star, dies of prostate cancer at 77
October 25David Healy, actor (Supergirl, Doomsday Gun, Patton), dies at 64
October 25Kenneth Kweku Sinaman Dadzie, diplomat, dies at 65
October 25Robert Grieve, civil Servant, dies at 84
October 25Robert Lorimer Riggs, tennis Player, dies at 77
October 25Viveca Lindfors, actress (Stargate, Luba, Misplaced), dies at 74
October 26Agha Saadat Ali, cricketer (8 not out in 1 inn for Pak 1956), dies
October 26Bernhard Heiliger, sculptor, dies at 79
October 26Georgia Neese Gray, 1st Woman Treasurer of USA, dies at 95
October 27Mike Dutfield, documentary Prodcuer, dies at 48
October 27Susi Hush, tYelevision producer, dies at 49
October 28Allan Leslie Merson, historian, dies at 79
October 28Katsumasu Roy Sakioka, propery owner, dies at 96
October 30Brian Easdale, composer, dies at 86
October 30Terry Southern, writer, dies at 71
October 31Alan Dudley Bush, composer pianist/teacher, dies at 94
October 31Derek Anthony Enright, politician, dies at 60
October 31Henry A Walter Richard Percy, 11th Duke of Northumberland, dies at 42
October 31Lavad "Dr Hepcat" Durst, vocal/piano, dies at 82
October 31Leonard Ernest John Chant, social Worker, dies at 57
October 31Lloyd Lambert, bassist, dies at 67
October 31Louis Levy Jr, music publisher, dies at 84
October 31Rosalind Cash, actress (Emma-Go Tell It on the Mountain), dies at 56
October 31Wallace Edward Rowling, PM of NZ (1974-1975), dies at 68
November 01Brian Joseph Lenihan, politician, dies at 64
November 01Desmond Shawe-Taylor, critic, dies at 88
November 01James Ralph Darling, teacher, dies at 96
November 01Lex Hixon, religious teacher/author, dies at 53
November 02Alun Edward Islwyn Pask, rugby International, dies at 58
November 02Alvaro Gomez Hurtado, VP of Columbia (1982-84), assassinated
November 02Florence Greenberg, record company founder, dies at 82
November 02Ivan Metropolitan Ioann Snychev, russion Orthodox Priest, dies at 68
November 02Oliver Wendell Harrington, cartoonist, dies at 83
November 02Rosalind Cash, actress (General Hospital), dies of cancer at 56
November 02Sal Gliatto, baseball player, dies at 93
November 03Arthur George Bottomley, politician, dies at 88
November 04Gilles Deleuze, philosopher, dies at 70
November 04Jerome Berger, lawyer/Film producer, dies at 64
November 04Marti Lynne Stringer Caine, singer/comedienne, dies at 50
November 04Paul Eddington, actor (Jim Hacker), dies at 68
November 04Yitzhak Rabin, PM of Israel, assassinated at 73
November 05Laura Weber, TV Host, dies at 70
November 06Norman Waterhouse Lees, jazz fan, dies at 90
November 06Philip Rawson, artist/teacher, dies at 71
November 06Stanley Oliphant Stewart, librarian, dies at 82
November 07Jerry Daniels, singer/guitarist, dies at 79
November 07John Patrick, screenwriter, dies at 90
November 07Melvin "Slappy" White, comedian, dies of heart attack at 74
November 08Country Dan Dick Montana McLain, singer, dies at 40
November 08Neil Blaney, politician, dies at 73
November 09Derick Frederick George Emmison, archivist/historian, dies at 88
November 09Thelma Hulbert, English house painter, dies at 81
November 10Boty Goodwin, artist, dies at 29
November 10Kenule Beeson Saro-Wiwa, writer/environmentalist, dies at 54
November 10Margaret Annie Nan Macdonald, broadcaster, dies at 87
November 11Charles Scribner Jr, publisher, dies at 74
November 11Cornelie Coposu, politician, dies at 79
November 11Kenneth Goldstein, folklorist/enthomusicologist, dies at 68
November 12Curley Fox, fiddler, dies at 85
November 12Jack Mann, pilot/hostage, dies at 81
November 12Marion Pitt, social worker/writer, dies at 56
November 13Ralph Hunsecker Blane, songwriter, dies at 81
November 13Robert Stephens, actor (Chaplin, QB VII, Cleopatra), dies at 64
November 14Jack Finney, author (Body Snatchers), dies of pneumonia at 84
November 14Jack Walter Braden Finney, writer, dies at 84
November 14John Lapworth Holt, boat Designer, dies at 83
November 14John Lee Admiral-Barber, , dies at 90
November 15Eve Perrick, journalist, dies at 78
November 15Herbert Delauney Bill Hughes, educationist, dies at 81
November 15Kristian Lundin, record producer, dies at 22
November 16Gwyn A Williams, historian/socialist, dies at 70
November 16Jack Finney, author (Body Snatchers), dies at 84
November 17Alan Hull, singer/composer, dies at 50
November 17Edward LeBone Molotlegi, chief of the Bafokeng, dies at 66
November 17John Prickett, teacher/ecumenist, dies at 88
November 17Marguerite Young, writer, dies at 87
November 17Peter John Welding, record producer, dies at 60
November 18Miron Grindea, literary editor, dies at 86
November 18Ted Sannella, square dance caller, dies of cancer
November 19Bruce Trent, singer, dies at 83
November 19Gwen Swire, socila worker, dies at 61
November 19Martha Hill, modern dancer/teacher, dies at 94
November 19Shirley Bergeron, singer/guitarist, dies at 62
November 20Ahmed Abel-Wadoud Karadawi, academic/activist, dies at 50
November 20Sergei Grinkov, figure skater (Oly-gold), dies of heart attack at 28
November 21Dorothy Jeakins, costume designer, dies at 81
November 21George Ivan Smith, diplomat, dies at 80
November 21Peter Grant, rock band manager, dies at 60
November 21Smilin' Jim Eames, singer/songwriter, dies at 71
November 22Ambrose Sam, creole accordionist, dies at 76
November 22Edna Deanne Fuelling, dancer choreographer/drama teacher, dies at 90
November 22Francis Joan Frances Will, actress, dies at 75
November 22John Putz, journalist, dies at 89
November 22Norman Potter, cabinetmaker designer/writer, dies at 72
November 23Frank Hammond, tennis umpire, dies of ALS at 66
November 23Junior Walker, tenor saxophonist, dies of cancer at 64
November 23Louis Malle, film director (Pretty Baby), dies at 63
November 24Jeffrey Lynn, actor (Tony Rome, Butterfield 8, Up Front), dies at 89
November 24Stuart Henry, disc jockey, dies at 53
November 24Woiciech Woytek Wiesidlowski Lowski, dancer, dies at 56
November 25Ambrose Thibodeaux, cajun accordionist, dies at 92
November 26Charles Warrell, big Chief I-Spy writer/teacher, dies at 106
November 26David Briggs, record producer, dies at 51
November 26Max Fernandez, businessman/politician, dies at 52
November 26Sydney Dawson Bailey, pacifist/campaigner, dies at 79
November 26Terri Jewell, writer, dies at 40
November 27Giancarlo Baghetti, racing driver/journalist, dies at 60
November 27Peter Harrison Swan, bomber pilot/stockbroker, dies at 75
November 27Simon Bailey, priest, dies at 40
November 29Irene Elizabeth Beatrice Ighodaro, doctor/social reformer, dies at 79
November 29Stone Cates, fictional character on General Hospital, dies of AIDS
November 30Hopper Levett, Kent cricket wicketkeeper (1930-47, Test 1934), dies
November 30June Rosemary Fisher, teacher/trade unionist, dies at 66
November 30William Roerick, actor (Guiding Light), dies in car crash at 83
December --Kristi Lynn, [Shawna K Yager], XXX actress (Pussyman 5), dies at 24
December 02Francis Joseph Quinn, academic, dies at 90
December 02Roxie Roker, actress (Helen Willis-Jeffersons), dies at 66
December 02Stanley Devon, photographer, dies at 88
December 02[William] Robertson Davies, novelist essayist/dramatist, dies
December 03Jimmy Jewel, comedian, dies at 82
December 03Robertson Davies (author), dies at 82
December 03Roxie Roker, actress (Claudine)/mother of Lenny Kravitz, dies at 66
December 04Adrianne Jones, killed by David Graham & Diane Zamora, at 16
December 04Itzhak Rabin, PM of Israel (1968-73), assassinated
December 05Robert Charles Evans, mountaineer/doctor, dies at 77
December 05Robert Parrish, film director editor/actor (Casino Royale), dies at 79
December 05Victor Collin Matthews, businessman, dies on 76th birthday
December 06Dmitri Antonovitch Volkogonov, soldier/historian, dies at 67
December 06James "Scotty" Barrett Reston, journalist, dies at 86
December 06John Trevor Key, photographer, dies at 48
December 06Kathleen Harrison, actress (Fast Lady, Big Money), dies at 103
December 06Leslie Wilkinson, journalist, dies at 97
December 06[Schaff] Claire Polin, composer, dies at 69
December 07Larry Bartlett, photographer, dies at 42
December 07Tom Burns, editor, dies at 89
December 08Carl Marsden, bodyguard, dies at 36
December 08Ernest LeRoy Boyer, educator, dies at 67
December 08John Gillett, film researcher, dies at 70
December 08Mikki Doyle, journalist, dies at 79
December 09Benny Lee, entertainer, dies at 84
December 09Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan (aviator), dies
December 09Hugh Armstrong Clegg, industrial relations academic, dies at 75
December 09Toni Cade Bambara, filmmaker, dies at 56
December 09Vitali Viktorovich Savitsky, biologist/politician, dies at 40
December 09Vivian Blaine, actress (Guys & Dolls), dies of heart failure at 74
December 10Darren Robinson, singer, dies at 28
December 10Gillian Rose, philosopher/writer, dies at 48
December 10John Francis Boyd, journalist, dies at 85
December 10Mary Madge Lascelles, literary critic/poet, dies at 95
December 10Phillip Piratin, communist, dies at 88
December 11Arthur Mullard, comedian, dies at 82
December 11John Heawood, actor singer/choreographer (Pleasure Garden), dies at 75
December 11Robert Shelton (Shapiro), journalist, dies at 69
December 12Andrew Olle, broadcaster, dies at 48
December 12David Lincoln Lightbown, politician, dies at 63
December 12David Saul Marshall, diplomat lawyer/politician, dies at 97
December 12James Altgens, JFK assassination photographer, dies at 76
December 12Lindsay Oliver John Boynton, furniture historian, dies
December 12Mary Bruce, dance Teacher, dies at 95
December 12Mohyedin Alempour, tajik artist/journalist, dies at 50
December 13Evangeline Bruce, hostess, dies at 81
December 13Nancy LaMott, singer, dies at 43
December 14Don Anthony, bandleader/songwriter, dies at 85
December 14Eric Brown, architect, dies at 84
December 14Rob Harris, sky surfer, dies while skydiving at 28
December 15James Geoffrey Cutcliffe Hepburn, tap-dancer/socialist, dies at 88
December 15Manuel Gutierrez Mellado, PM of Defense of Spain (1977-81), dies at 83
December 16Nina Verchinina, dancer choreographer/teacher, dies at 85
December 17Lila Clark Knapp, publisher, dies at 63
December 18Chaim Pearl, rabbi, dies at 76
December 18Georgio Fini, restaurateur, dies at 70
December 18Ross Thomas, author, dies at 69
December 19Dame Ruth Nita Barrow, governor-general of Barbados, dies at 79
December 19Harold Watkinson, politician/businessman, dies at 85
December 19Janet Wilder, stuntwoman, dies at 29
December 20John Henry Jacques, co-operative retailer, dies at 90
December 20Madge Sinclair, actress (Star Trek IV, Conrack, Convoy), dies at 55
December 21Robert Francis Vere Heuston, professor of law, dies at 72
December 21Trenchard Cox, museum director, dies at 90
December 22Butterfly McQueen, actress (Gone With the Wind), dies in a fire at 84
December 23David Land, impressario, dies at 77
December 23Gabrielle Keiller, collector/golfer, dies at 87
December 23Patric Reginald Lawrence Knowles, actor (Chisum, Mutiny), dies at 84
December 24Geoffrey Pinnington, journalist, dies at 76
December 24Harry McLevy, trade unionist, dies at 59
December 25Dean Martin, singer/actor (Return to Me), dies at 78
December 25Emmanuel Levinas, philosopher, dies at 89
December 25Jimmy Boucher, cricketer (great Irish all-rounder 1929-54), dies
December 25Nikolai [Nicolas Leonidovich] Slonimsky, musicologist, dies at 101
December 27Jeremy John Beadle, writer/broadcaster, dies at 39
December 27Peter Refn, Danish journalist/director (Violets are Blue), dies at 54
December 27Shura Cherkassky, pianist, dies at 86
December 28Harold Francis Collison, trade unionist, dies at 84
December 29Hope Clara Chenhalls, food inspector, dies at 85
December 29Louise Chaplin, actress, dies at 87
December 29Madeleine Barot, resistance heroine, dies at 86
December 29Nello Celio, president of Switz (1972), dies at 81
December 30Heiner Muller, dramatist, dies at 66
December 30Roger W Suddards, solicitor, dies at 65
December 31Calvin/Hobbes, (comic strip), dies
December 31John Powell, campaigner, dies at 75

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