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Top Ten Movies of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite movies from the 90s?

    By: Jenny
    • 10. Titanic
    • 9. The Matrix
      Sorry movie lovers i liked his movie but not THAT much.
    • 8. Stepmom
      Great movie. I've seen it a million times. I cry EVERY time.
    • 7. Snow Day
      I loved this movie!
    • 6. Ever After
    • 5. Never Been Kissed
      One of the best examples of teens in high school. Hehe its funny too!
    • 4. Big Green
      I lovve soccer. This movie is awesome if u like soccer. Very funny!
    • 3. Ladybugs
      Soccer Movie. 'Lil romance! Great movie. Very funny!
    • 2. Ernest Scared Stupid
      Despite its name this movie is soo full of spunk and attitude! Rock on!
    • 1. Labrynth
      The Best movie i have ever seen!

    By: Corinne
    • 10. Wayne's World!!
      Mike Myers is hilarious and so is Dana Carvey.. The scene where they meet the "intellectual" Alice Cooper is hysterical.. and the soundtrack..WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!!
    • 9. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
      Dumb humour, but I liked it anyway. Shagadelic! Smashing, baby! YEAH BABY, YEAH!
    • 8. Star Trek VIII: First Contact
      Best Trek movie ever! Ya gotta love the Borg.
    • 7. Coneheads
      I laughed so hard during this movie and so did my "parental units". Eggplants have never looked the same since.
    • 6. A League of Their Own
      What can I say? I love baseball and this movie's all-star cast is amazing.
    • 5. The Wedding Singer
      A 90's movie set in the 80's! You gotta love that. Brought back fond memories, and who can resist Adam Sandler's wit?
    • 4. The Craft
      Fairuza Balk played the "evil" Nancy in this movie..which was a bit of a shock for me since I knew her as innocent little Dorothy from "Return To Oz"..yikes!
    • 3. Independence Day
      Okay so the president of the US just *happened* to be an ex-fighter pilot? Convenient. But honestly, this movie kinda freaked me out, and even more after I read the prequel..and this coming from a gal who saw The Shining at age six and loved every second of it. P.S. All I gotta say is BRENT SPINER!! LOL!! He was hilarious!
    • 2. Reality Bites
      Winona's best movie ever! And a fantastic script - Troy (Ethan Hawke's character) is more saracastic than I am. Good for him!
    • 1. Last of the Mohicans
      A remake of the original and much better! The soundtrack is amazing and the movie theme still gives me chills.

    By: Eric Edwards
    • 10. As Good as it Gets
      It definatly is
    • 9. Armageddon
      This movie will withstand the test of time
    • 8. U.S. Marshals
      Tommy Lee Jones is simply the man....what else must I say!
    • 7. Halloween H2O
      If you love scary movies, you wouldn't ask
    • 6. The Usual Suspects
      Have you seen it......awsome. in one word, awsome
    • 5. Star War's - Episode 1
      Classic as soon as it was released
    • 4. The Devil's Advocate
      Un doubtably one of Al Pacino's Greatest performances
    • 3. Sling Blade
      No comment required
    • 2. Braveheart
      undisputably one of the best of all times
    • 1. The Matrix
      It has everything......plot, effects, soundtrack, and awsome actors/actresses

    By: Robert Marmel
    • 10. Dogfight
      Great 90s movie about Marines hijinks in early 60s San Francisco (before it was overrun by hippies). Perfectly captures that long since gone time when a guy could get away with just about anything. Sappy, but strangely good ending.
    • 9. From Dusk Till Dawn
      Wow! A Quentin Tarantio bloodbath that kept me breathless. This movie switches gears in a big way about 1/3 of the way through. George Clooney gives maybe his best performance as a smart, bad-ass criminal cursed with a psycho brother.
    • 8. Chasing Amy
      Kevin Smith finally lives up to the potential he showed in "Clerks". Excellent movie with great lines. Silent Bob says "see this movie".
    • 7. The Sixth Sense
      Rarely does a popular movie live up to its hype, but this one did. Usually I can guess "surprise" endings, but I couldn't figure this one out even though I knew in advance one was coming. Has some really unnerving scenes.
    • 6. Reservoir Dogs
      Quentin Tarantino made maybe the best movie ever about crime and criminals. Explores the indepth relationships between a group of criminals pulling off a big heist from an intellectual perspective. The real crime is that Steve Busemi didn't get an Oscar for his portrayal of "Mr Pink".
    • 5. Avalon
      Sentimental tear jerker about 3 generations of a Baltimore family. Not usually the kind of movie I go for, but incredibly well done.
    • 4. Kingpin
      Corny, but hilarious movie about a champion bowler who loses it all and gets it back. The scene with Woody drinking the "milk" from the bull had me literally rolling in the aisle.
    • 3. Scream 1& 2
      I wouldn't had thought it possible for any film to re-energize the 'slasher' genre in the 90s, but Scream pulled it off. Engaging plot, and great casting (especially the weird chemistry between Courtney Cox and David Arquette).
    • 2. PI
      Dark, disturbing, but ultimately brilliant independent (B&W) film about genius and the madness that can go with it. Wrestles with important questions about religion, greed, and the nature of the universe.
    • 1. Fight Club
      American Beauty, move over! Fight Club is hands down the best movie of the 90s. Perfect casting & one of the most original story lines ever.
    Excellent! Wayne's World isn't really a great movie, but merits a mention cause it pays homage to the early 90s slacker culture.
    By: Dan Meier
    • 10. Fifth Element
    • 9. Mercury Rising
    • 8. Home Alone
    • 7. Men In Black
    • 6. What Dreams May Come
    • 5. Independence Day
    • 4. Patch Adams
    • 3. American History X
    • 2. Star Wars Trilogy Special Edidtion
    • 1. Fight Club

    By: will and nate
    • 10. Jerry Maguire
      sweet movie, little kid is the best
    • 9. Friday
      its a drive by of a movie
    • 8. South Park
      shut your F*cking face uncle F*cker, great funny movie
    • 7. Rounders
      its a gambling movie, the russians are great
    • 6. Billy Madison
      funny as hell
    • 5. Varsity Blues
      awesome movie , kick ass football movie
    • 4. American Pie
      Great movie , Nadia was great and it is jsut what a high schoolers life is like
    • 3. Cheech and Chong Still Smokin
      this movie is great , cheech and chong are the best duo
    • 2. Dazed and Confused
      sweet movie about the 70's
    • 1. Dumb and Dumber
      u got a like it its too dumb

    By: big AL
    • 10. Four Rooms
    • 9. Desperado
    • 8. Chasing Amy
    • 7. Mallrats
    • 6. Pulp Fiction
    • 5. The Game
    • 4. Dogma
    • 3. Seven
    • 2. Jackie Brown
    • 1. Clerks

    By: Jayme
    • 10. Scream 1,2,&3
      I couldn't pick just one of them, all three are good. "Tell you what, why don't you guys go up to my parents room. You know you guys can talk... whatever!" "Subtlety, Stu. You should look it up!" "A lot of shit happens at the movies. People get robbed, shot, maimed, murdered..." "Stop pretending I wasn't the best you've ever had." "Oh, stop pretending I even remember!" "
    • 9. Austin Powers 1&2
      Again, I couldn't pick one or the other, they are both hilarious! "Throw me a frickin bone here!" "Bring it on skanky, b*tch!" "
    • 8. 10 Things I Hate About You
      I love it because of all the wit in it. "I'm sure you've thought about me naked, right?" "Am I that transparent? I want you, I need you! Oh baby, oh baby!"
    • 7. Drive Me Crazy
      I honestly don't know why I like this movie, I just do. "Prince Charming is a d*ck! Bring on the frogs!" "Ribbet!"
    • 6. American Pie
      It is so hilarious and I could watch it everyday and i would still laugh. "Stifler, f*ck! I mean, why do you gotta be so insensitive all the time?" "...What?"
    • 5. Dirty Dancing
      It's a classic. I just wanna live in that movie. "I carried a watermelon... I carried a watermelon??"
    • 4. Top Gun
      I love it because I love Tom Cruise and I love fighter planes. "I feel the need, the need for speed! Ow!"
    • 3. Empire Records
      Maybe it's because my band, Empire was named after it, but it's just such a cool movie! "I want you to hold these up against your chest, stand against, the wall and they're gonna take a photograph of you." "Why don't you go shove 'em up your a*s?" "...Because it would hurt a lot, Warren."
    • 2. Silence of the Lambs
      Anthony Hopkins is so scary! This movie is a classic! "A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver, with some fava beans, and a nice Chianti!"
    • 1. Cruel Intentions
      It's just so seductive! And... you get to see Ryan Philippe's butt! "Let's just say that Greg likes to tackle the tight-ends on, and off the field." "Oh really? Are you sh*ttin me?" "I sh*t you not!"

    By: Brock Klein
    • 10. Titanic
      A haunting movie that was wonderfully done.
    • 9. Braveheart
      Wonderful Epic.
    • 8. Man On The Moon
      Jim Carreys best movie to date.
    • 7. Dogma
      Kevin Smith wrote a masterpiece that was unjustly criticized.
    • 6. Dazed and Confused
      One of the funniest movies in the 90's.
    • 5. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
      One name: Darth Maul.
    • 4. Scream
      Do you like scary movies? I do, and this was the best of them all.
    • 3. Forrest Gump
      What a lovable character and a wonderful trip through history.
    • 2. The Lion King
      The best Disney movie ever.
    • 1. Jurassic Park
      A wonderful adventure from the summer of 93 made movie watching fun again.

    By: Jay
    • 10. Truman Show
    • 9. Dumb And Dumber
    • 8. Liar Liar
    • 7. Halloween H2O
    • 6. Cable Guy
    • 5. Road Trip
    • 4. Can't Hardly wait
    • 3. Scream
    • 2. Friday
    • 1. American Pie

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