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Top Ten Movies of the 90s

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80s Top Ten Movies

What are your top ten favorite movies from the 90s?

    By: Rhyne
    • 10. Friday
      A great comedy.
    • 9. Fargo
      A great thriller.
    • 8. Tombstone
      Another great western.
    • 7. Reservoir Dogs
      Quentin does it again.
    • 6. Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace
      Despite the negative review, this is a excellent movie.
    • 5. Braveheart
      Awesome Action.
    • 4. The Matrix
      This movie has everything; computers, action, & a great thriller
    • 3. Pulp Fiction
      Movie speaks for itself.
    • 2. Forrest Gump
      A must see!
    • 1. Unforgiven
      Greatest western movie ever!

    By: Katie
    • 10. Dogfight
      A very funny & cute movie '91-we need to see more of River Pheonix!
    • 9. Ever After
      Great story!
    • 8. Sleepless in Seatle
      Tom Hanks - Meg Ryan -also made a new movie You've got Mail
    • 7. In Love & War
      I can never stop thinking about this true movie!
    • 6. Romeo & Juliet
      I cry every time I watch it!
    • 5. Fool's Rush In
      Mathew Perry-A funny yet cute story
    • 4. While you were Sleeping
      Sandra bullock-romantic comedy
    • 3. Can't Hardley Wait
      Romantic comedy-everyone is in this movie!
    • 2. Titanic
      Everyone's favorite-3 hours of crying
    • 1. Clueless
      A movie I can watch over and over again!
    Most of these are pretty much chick flicks - But they're my favorite-It's really hard to just pick 10!
    By: Tabby
    • 10. Home Alone
    • 9. Jurassic Park
    • 8. Scream 3
    • 7. Titanic
    • 6. The Sixth Sense
    • 5. Scream
    • 4. Never Been Kissed
    • 3. Dazed and Confused
    • 2. Clueless
    • 1. American Pie

    By: Matt
    • 10. a bugs life
    • 9. Dazed&Confused
    • 8. Friday
    • 7. Forest Gump
    • 6. Big Daddy
    • 5. Liar Liar
    • 4. Varsity Blues
    • 3. Water Boy
    • 2. Happy Gilmore
    • 1. Dumb&Dumber

    By: Cassie
    • 10. Toy Story II
      Everyone love Woody and Buzz Lightyear. "To infinity and beyond."
    • 9. Varsity Blues
    • 8. Big Daddy
    • 7. American Pie
    • 6. Deep Blue Sea
      I like LL Cool J's close relationship with his bird.
    • 5. The Sixth Sense
    • 4. A Tigger Movie
      Who doesn't love the fat teddy bear?
    • 3. Blue Streak
    • 2. Dazed and Confused
      "He's shooting at us."
    • 1. Bad Boys
      It is funny and exciting.

    By: Tom Johnson
    • 10. City Slickers
    • 9. The Player
    • 8. Ronin
    • 7. Unforgiven
    • 6. Pulp Fiction
    • 5. Fargo
    • 4. Il Postino
    • 3. The Wrong Trousers
    • 2. Truly Madly Deeply
    • 1. Hamlet (the Mel Gibson version)

    By: hilary
    • 10. scent of a woman
      the only reason i rented this movie was for chris o donnell, but I fell in love with it, especially the al pacino dance scene. I want a dude who can dance like that...
    • 9. seven
      trust me, i did not see this movie for brad pitt because he is not hot. This was a great movie and it scared me to think that there are actually people that f***ed up around. Kevin spacey did an excellent job as always.
    • 8. Light it up
      when i saw this movie, i kind of groaned because i thought it was going to be just another ghetto movie with Usher in it, but it turned out to be an excellent movie with a really excelent plot. I recommend that everyone goes and rents it ASAP.
    • 7. forrest gump
      this movie gives me hope. not much of anything in this world can do that. but forrest was so dumb, yet he accomplished so much. it had a good soundtrack,too! :)
    • 6. can't hardly wait
      this movie portrayed high school like it really is. being a senior myself, i can relate to all these people. besides, it was funny as all hell and kenny fisher was hot.
    • 5. silence of the lambs
      this is such a great movie and anthony hopkins is one of the greatest adtors of all time. I liked it especially because of the psychological undertone, which made it so much scarier than your average slasher flick (no names mentioned, Scream...)
    • 4. dumb and dumber
      even though this movie is full of potty humor that some stuck up pretentious uptight losres may criticize, i find it hilarious. If I'm ever in a bad mood, this flick cheers me right up!
    • 3. jurassic park
      this movie kicks ass! You can't help but love it, especially the part where the jello is shaking in the girl's hand.
    • 2. clueless
      cute. i know it word for word. I can relate to how cher felt in every single scene, especially the one where she says "searching for a boy in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a pauly shore movie..."
    • 1. good will hunting
      everyone should see this movie! Parts of it are hilarious, parts made me cry, it amazes me that the writers (Matt Damon and Ben Affleck) could have such amazing insight at such a young age, the plot is excellent, i luv robin williams, and matt damon & ben affleck are damn hot.
    Dazed and confused, romy & michelle's high school reunion, Friday, Never been kissed, all the ninja turtles movies, for the love of the game, the 6th sense, kids, american pie, and all the pierce brosnan-era Bond flicks are on my list, too. Titanic was the biggest waste of film and money, and with it are the haunting and natural born killers.
    By: DJ
    • 10. Awakenings
    • 9. Reserviour Dogs
    • 8. The wedding Singer
    • 7. Seven
    • 6. Waking Ned
    • 5. Face Off
    • 4. Pacific Heights
    • 3. Theres something about Mary
    • 2. The Shawshank Redemption
    • 1. Pulp Fiction

    By: The Guvnor
    • 10. The Crow
    • 9. Goodfellas
    • 8. Trainspotting
    • 7. Babe
    • 6. The English Patient
    • 5. Terminator II
    • 4. Four Weddings and a Funeral
    • 3. The Shawshank Redemption
    • 2. Braveheart
    • 1. Pulp Fiction

    By: Kacy Dudding
    • 10. Mrs. Doubtfire
    • 9. Forrest Gump
    • 8. Dumb and Dumber
    • 7. Titantic
    • 6. Tommy Boy
    • 5. Braveheart
    • 4. City of Angels
    • 3. Mallrats
    • 2. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
    • 1. Dazed and Confused

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