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Top Ten Movies of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite movies from the 90s?

    By: Dmitri Leybman
    • 10. Burnt by the sun
      A russian subtitled movie on the timie during Stalin's reign of Russia, incredibly realistic, and characters are real, No one character is the same and stereotyped, but you might have to be russian to like it, shows the errors of believing in an idealistic government and finally opening your eyes when it's too late a la General Kotov, little girl was incredible
    • 9. Magnolia
      Love the kind of movies where camera techniques and music is used, perfect example here, not for all people. really long, and you must a cinema buff usually to like to really appreciate all the camera techniques and moves, proabably not as good as Boogie Nights but who knows, incredible music, loved the scene where they were all sining together, and incredible dialogue, which rings true to each character.
    • 8. Quiz Show
      An incredible movie with a clear story line jabbed into your face, and a great recreation of what it was like in the fifties. As always incredible acting by Fiennes, great directing, watch for the Calista Flockhart cameo
    • 7. English Patient
      An incredible sprawling epic played by one of the one best actors around, Fiennes, with 9 Oscar wins. Literally incredible in its images and cintematography great interwoven plots and reminiscing flash backs.
    • 6. Boogie Nights
      Incredbily, visual stimulating movie using a lot of techniques, admitadly, borrowed fromt the best directors in the business Altman, Soderbergh et al, great story and some incredible music to accompany it
    • 5. Boyz N The Head
      Incredible movie that opened the doors for black directors to make movies about what was going on in America for real. One of the best movies on friendship and how we pay for what our friends do and the decisions we make as we grow up.
    • 4. American Beauty
      Amazing movie, acted in an incredible way with some of the newest type of characters I have ever seen, Wes Bentley's character was so awesome, jesus, I swear he sent shivers down my spine, the story is incredible and realistic as to what I think is going on in the average upper class middle couple's home,really realistic and true with a great debut by Mendes
    • 3. Forest Gump
      I know people hate it, but i loved it. Greatly made, a real tear-jerker and at the same time a thinking movie, an incredible movie dealing very realistically with life and what happens in it, from death of Jenny, to Lietunant Dan finding redemption, there is a lot to learn in it, I just wish people would stop bashing it so much and think about it atleast
    • 2. Shawshank Redemption
      Maybe one of the best truly inspriational movies out there. Maybe the most satisfying finale of them all. Loved by almost all theatres-goers polls. Incredible movie on hope.
    • 1. Schindler's List
      Even though I didn't like the movie all that much and thought it was screwed up a little bit I have to give credit where it's due, an incredibly sensitive topic, and maybe on the most important movies ever made, so serious and importnat that I heard that people in Israel were literally fainting when coming out the theatre, so serious that NBC decided not to run any commercials during the movie accept two two minute pauses in February of '97, constantly ranked as the greatest films of the nineties, 7 Oscars, and maybe the most gruesome of them all
    some of the movies here might change later in my mind, for example I might see Shawshank again and decide it was a little bit worse than when I saw it, I would have liked to include some other miscellaneous films which were good but not that good to command a ratiing here such as Goodwill Hunting
    By: Rich
    • 10. A Few Good Men
      JAck at his best playing once again......Himself
    • 9. The Usual Suspects
      Great Movie
    • 8. Billy Madison
      Launches Sandler's comedies
    • 7. Casino
      Would be #1 but Goodfellas came out First.
    • 6. Boogie Nights
      Marky Mark Breakout, Burt Renolyds comeback and the fat guy who played Scottie J make for a great movie
    • 5. The Cider House Rules
      Almost as Good as American Beauty, plus it gets points for including Heavy D.
    • 4. Ternimator 2
      The best sequel of all Time. Arnold at His second Best (Total Recall) but that was an 80's movie. Added Points for using Danny Cooksk
    • 3. American Beauty
      Mendes dircets of of the best movies ever made
    • 2. The Shawshank Redemption
      Best Prison Drama of all Time
    • 1. Goodfellas
      Peci, Bobby D,Best Movie of the 90's hands down.

    By: Heather
    • 10. American Pie
      I am now officially sick of the movie, having seen it about 27 thousand times but I laughed my ass off the first time I saw it. And this one time, at band camp... What's my name? Say my name, bitch! Michelle! Michelle!
    • 9. Almost Famous
      I am so in love with this movie I don't even know what to do about it.
    • 8. Titanic
      Yeah, sorry, I got sick of all the hype and if I heard that song one more time I thought I might gouge my eye out with an unsharpened pencil, but, I cried like crazy the first time I saw that movie. The whole part of the movie when the ship was sinking was so terrible (and good). The band playing on as the ship sank, a mother telling her children a story, an old couple in a bed with water rising all around them...God! Could they have tried to kill me a little more?
    • 7. Fried Green Tomatoes
    • 6. Back To The Future I & II
    • 5. The Devil's Advocate
    • 4. Braveheart
    • 3. The Green Mile
    • 2. The Shawshank Redemption
    • 1. Clueless
      Who can turn away from such a cute movie?
    I LOVE MOVIES. I could never ever name all of the great movies I love from the 90s. There are just too many and if we got started on 80's movies, I don't think I could even narrow it down. Or they'd all be John Waters films.
    By: Mike + Dan
    • 10. Schindler's List
    • 9. Goodfellas/Casino
      Goodfellas - the bit with the 'death by a spade' Casino - the bit with the hammer
    • 8. Empire Records
      "So if I put the gun down i get a job?"
    • 7. Dumb And Dumber
      "I like it....I like it a lot"
    • 6. The Fugitive
      "I didn't kill my wife"
    • 5. Fear Of A Black Hat
      "I used to be a pharmaceutical distributor"
    • 4. Mallrats
      "Oh, look it's that prick from Fashionable Male"
    • 3. The Last Broadcast
    • 2. The Shawshank Redemption
      "I've been known to get my hands on things from time to time"
    • 1. Friday
      "it's Friday....you ain't got shit to do, we gonna git you high..."
    The 90's, innit??
    By: Molly
    • 10. Silence of the Lambs
      As classic as "Singing in the Rain".
    • 9. Girl, Interrupted
      I don't know if this was in fact released in 2000. It deserves plenty of credit, though, it's so well-done
    • 8. Good Will Hunting
      One of the best movies I've ever seen.
    • 7. Clueless
      The decay of western society.
    • 6. Apollo 13
      Yes, this is on my list! It's an awesome movie. Space travel at it's climactic best.
    • 5. Schindler's List
      No better documentary on the second world war. Praise to Liam Nielsen (sp?)
    • 4. Saving Private Ryan
      Never, ever forget what happened during the wars of the 20th century. Movies like this will help us remember.
    • 3. Pulp Fiction
      The 90's will always be tied to this.
    • 2. You've got Mail
      I could watch this again and again and again...
    • 1. The Green Mile
      I'm not sure if this came out in '99 or '00, but it was and is my favorite movie, it's so touching.
    Other great movies that a list of ten should include too: Little Women, The Horse Whisperer, Forrest Gump, Braveheart, the Sixth Sense, Armageddon, anything that makes you cry, Happy Gilmore (comedy at its best), Liar Liar, the Truman Show, Titanic (except for the money), A Bug's Life, anything Disney, and Jerry McGuire... some of the best movies of all time came out of our decade!
    By: Larsen
    • 10. Seven
      Quality movie; great plot, great mood, great ending. Other people wrote about it - read their junk if you need more.
    • 9. As Good As It gets
      Jack Nicholson has to be on this list somewhere. That line about "people who speak in metaphors" is a classic.
    • 8. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
      The only movie I can think of that I read the book before the movie came out. Really good...Hunter S. Thompson should be a household name. Props to Depp for a great performance.
    • 7. Boogie Nights
      Such a totally unique movie. The soundtrack is sooo fitting, and the acting is rough around the edges, adding to the porno feel. Best scene is when Jessie's Girl is playing and the guy is lighting firecrackers.
    • 6. Braveheart
      For violence, you have to pick either this or Reservoir Dogs. Braveheart earns the title, "epic", though.
    • 5. Pulp Fiction
      Another really unique movie. Great directing, great characters...if you can't get into this movie, you don't have a pulse.
    • 4. The Big Lebowski
      Probably the most underrated movie of the decade. Witty, hilarious...I quote this movie at least once a week. Rent it!
    • 3. Fight Club
      I don't think I saw anyone else put this on their list, which boggles my mind. Norton, Pitt... Chuck Palahniuk is a great writer. If you like a little philosophical twist to your movies, this one's a must-have. Total flavor.
    • 2. A River Runs Through It
      This is as close to art as modern films get. Beautiful in its entirety, simple in plot, sublime in every way. I will learn to fly fish someday, I swear I will.
    • 1. The Shawshank Redemption
      This wasn't a hard choice. Award-winning film about human struggle, you couldn't make this movie better if you tried. Covers a full spectrum of emotion, action, intelligence, etc. perfectly. Makes 95% of all other movies that Hollywood tries to shove down our throats unpalatable. Perfect.

    By: Ricky Potts
    • 10. Saving Private Ryan
      I have been to where this movie was filmed, I have stood inside of the bunker that the offense was in the begining, I have pictures of it, and my grandfather was in the bay at the time of this.
    • 9. The Beach
      This is another great movie, Leo lives, but I thought it was great.
    • 8. Titanic
      Yes, I am a guy, and yes, I thought that it was a great movie, Leo dies!
    • 7. Both the Austin Powers
      Untill you have seen these two movies, you have not lived.
    • 6. Both Ace Ventures
      Besides the fact he is the greatest actor to ever live, I love them all!
    • 5. Caddy Shack
      Once again, it is a great golf movie, Rodney Dangerfield is a great actor.
    • 4. Happy Gilmore
      Like I said, I love golf movies, and not only is it hilarious, it is about golf, five stars.
    • 3. Gone in 60 Seconds
      This movie expresses itself, no need to comment.
    • 2. Tin Cup
      This is a great golf movie, i am big golfer, and I love any golf movie ever made.
    • 1. Mallrats
      My girlfriend made me watch this movie ten times, and I love it, it is hilarious.
    I am a big movie buff, and I know a lot about movies, I can tell you what is bad and good, e-mail me for more info if your interested.
    By: K. Lauren
    • 10. The Devil's Adovocate
      "Don't get too cocky son. Don't ever let 'em see you coming. I'm a surprise, they don't see me coming" - Al Pacino
    • 9. Armageddon
      "Grace, I know I promised you I'd be back...but I'm gonna have to break that promise" - Bruce Willis
    • 8. Happy Gilmore
      "Gold jacket, green jacket...who gives a shit?" - Adam Sandler
    • 7. Face Off
      Johnny T. what can I say...this movie is the best!
    • 6. For the Love of the Game
      "I would do anything, ANYTHING, to play. Haven't you ever loved anything that much?" - Kevin Costner
    • 5. Forrest Gump
      "I'm not a smart man, but i KNOW what love is" - Tom Hanks
    • 4. Hurricane
      "Please find it in your hearts not to weaken me with your love" - Denzel Washington
    • 3. Pulp Fiction
      "Aww man! I shot Marvin in the face!" NOTE: This movie is helped enormously by the fact that John Travolta is very possibly the greatest actor of all time.
    • 2. Meet Joe Black
      "Because if you haven't tried, you haven't lived" - Anthony Hopkins
    • 1. Wayne's World
      "A gun rack? I don't even own A gun...." - Mike Myers

    By: amir davari
    • 10. pooste shahr
    • 9. zire
    • 8. face off
    • 7. titanic
    • 6. saving private ryan
    • 5. matrix
    • 4. piano
    • 3. derekhte golabi
    • 2. hamoon
    • 1. forest gump

    By: Jennifer
    • 10. George of the Jungle
      So funny and Brendon Fraiser in a loin cloth...
    • 9. The Shawshank Redemption
      great story, the acting was phonominal.
    • 8. The Sixth Sense
      It was creepy but Realistic.
    • 7. Wes Craven's New Nightmare
      Scared the hell out of me.
    • 6. Interview with a Vampire
      Tom Cruse long hair and fangs... what a turn on!!!
    • 5. The Basketball Diaries
      Well acted directed and written a must see
    • 4. Jerry Maguire
      Tom Cruse is hot sweet and sensitive. You complete me.
    • 3. The Wedding Singer
      Adam sandler is god. He melts your heart and you can't help falling for him. (Ok i have a thing for romantic movies)
    • 2. Life is Beautiful
      Never fails to make me cry. It's a touching story of a father's devotion.
    • 1. The Silence of the Lambs
      It scares you when you take the time to think about it (ok I have a thing for scary movies)
    i'm A freak leave me alone!!!!

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