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Top Ten Movies of the 90s

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80s Top Ten Movies

What are your top ten favorite movies from the 90s?

    By: chad
    • 10. Austin Powers
      An instant classic.
    • 9. Scream
      It don't matter what people say,this movie was scary. Especially when your 12.
    • 8. NLP's Christrmas Vacation
      I don't know if this is even a 90's movie, but it's funny....Christmas movies are the "ish"....i wander if i can cuss on this page?
    • 7. Goldeneye
      My favorite James Bond movie, awesome game, too.
    • 6. Mallrats
      The co-main character in this movie,I think his name is Jason,is so funny....the stink palm is a classic move, not that I've ever done it.
    • 5. American Pie
      I'm a freshman and this movie has me itching to be a senior....hilarious, plus the fact that it shows Shannon Elizebeth's tits make this movie #5.
    • 4. Dumb & Dumber
      Funny yit....jim carrey is hilarious in this movie.I can't go 1 minute without laughing.
    • 3. The Shawshank Redemption
      Great acting.A 160 minute movie that gets you so caught up in it, it seams like 20 minutes.
    • 2. Se7en
      Great acting.Mind twisting movie....horrifying ending.
    • 1. The Silence of The Lambs
      Brilliant acting. I've watched this movie with 7 different people, all of them have literally yelled(trying to help)at Jodie Foster to turn around and shoot on the night vision scene. A suspenceful movie.
    The best movies are in the 70's.Like Halloween and Apocalypse Now.
    By: J.T.
    • 10. Reservoir Dogs
      A hard choice, but one of the best and most exhilerating debuts of any director.
    • 9. Clerks
      A wonderfully pointless comedy that set the tone for many inferior movies of the nineties.
    • 8. American Beauty
      Very potent comedy. Good cast, great screenplay.
    • 7. Se7en
      Perhaps questionable that this was chosen over Silence of the Lambs, but I found it more interesting and with a better sense of style.
    • 6. Fargo
      Probably the most somber comedy I've ever seen, it boasts great acting and visual symbolism.
    • 5. Schindler's List
      This movie showed Spielberg could direct quality material. Near perfect.
    • 4. Fight Club
      A tentative choice, but surprised me greatly the first two times I saw it.
    • 3. Goodfellas
      This was an amazing movie from one of a handful of great American directors.
    • 2. Heat
      Apparently not an obvious choice for most but a great showcase of cinematography and the two leads-Robert De Niro, and Al Pacino.
    • 1. Pulp Fiction
      Anyone who's watched this movie too many times to remember realizes it's more than hilarious profanity and action. Some of the best acting of the decade.
    Unfortunately, all of these are American films, so I will have to make it an American films list. Besides not getting around to seeing enough foreign films this decade, I didn't see enough lesser-known sleepers, so this list is mostly obvious stuff. Of course, it doesn't have the vapid Titanic on it, or any "teen movie". Enjoy.
    By: nick
    • 10. Magnolia
    • 9. Before Sunrise
      it's not really a guy's type of movie, but the music is really good
    • 8. KIDS
      my life story
    • 7. P.C.U.
      not that good of a movie, but it brings back memories of the early 90s
    • 6. Scent of a Woman
      Pacino is awesome...Chris O'Donnell is ok
    • 5. Fight Club
      the coolest movie of the 90s
    • 4. The Crow
      this movie used to be my life
    • 3. Forrest Gump
      the epic of the 90s...makes me cry
    • 2. Wayne's World
      Funniest movie of all time...you can never get tired of it
    • 1. American Beauty
      makes me smile at the end...a really optimistic look on life

    By: Jorge Luis
    • 10. The Usual Suspects
      Just Great!!!!!
    • 9. Boys Don't Cry
      Profound and disturbing!!
    • 8. Lost Highway
      David Lynch at his best!!!
    • 7. Pulp Fiction
      Great film!
    • 6. The silent Of The Lambs
      One of the greatest Suspense Movies!
    • 5. Shallow Grave
      One of the greatest of Dark humour!!!
    • 4. Trainspotting
      A real shocking movie....great soundtrack!!!
    • 3. The Matrix
      It doesn't matter what i write here...i'm not really writing anything... This Web Site only exist in the matrix
    • 2. Thesis
      What a great film....this is where 8mm (nicolas cage) came from....Alejandro Amenabar's Opera Prima!!. He was 23 when he directed and wrote this masterpiece
    • 1. Open Your Eyes
      One of the Best Movies I've ever seen. Directed, Written And Music Composed By Alejandro Amenabar.. Amenabar is like Kubrick and Lynch raise a child!!!.........Tom cruise is now redoing this film (Vanilla Sky)
    Other Great 90's Movies in no particular order: Lola Rennt, Sixth Sense, Eyes Wide Shut.....and Blair Witch Project for originality
    By: matt
    • 10. Julien Donkey-Boy
      directed by Harmony Korine (Kids, Gummo)a very real look into the life of a schizofrenic.. oh yes Juliens dad is played by Werner Herzog (Aguirre, the wrath of god, Fitzcarraldo ect ect ect ect............)
    • 9. Schindler's List
      it made me cry
    • 8. The Hanging Garden
      directed by Thom Fitzgerald.. this movie is an unusual memory piece about a gay man, who may or may not have killed himself in his backyard, packed with symbolism.. some of which is corny.. nonetheless a excellent film
    • 7. Xiu Xiu the sent down girl
      Banned in china for politcal and sexual content.. a moving story set in 1979 about a chinese girl who has been sent to work for the chinese government.. based on true occurences
    • 6. Serial Mom
      this movie probably doesn't belong on a top ten list.. however, it is John Waters!!, therefore i must add it
    • 5. Urbania
      directed by john shear, starring Dan Futterman as charlie.. a film about a gay man wandering through NYC meeting strangers and hearing stories, all the while charlie is menaced by a man he sees on the streets.. the story unfolds unconventionally in this highly edited masterpiece which deserves more acclaim than it has received .. due to the gay content which is a real shame
    • 4. Welcome to the Dollhouse
      written and directed by todd solondz..starring Heather Matarazzo.. a brutal but hilarious look at the life of an 11 year old middle child, enduring junior highschool
    • 3. The City of the Lost Children
      a film by Jeunet and Caro, the most visually stunning movie ever.. period..
    • 2. Fargo
      directed by joel and ethan cohen, "A homespun murder story" ... with performances by Steve Buschemi, Peter Stomare, william h macy, and of course Frances Mcdormand as marge ... Oh yeah you betcha
    • 1. Breaking The Waves
      directed by Lars von trier(Dancer in the Dark!),starring Emily Watson (Angelas Ashes , The Luzhin Defence) a movie which does not appear on any of these lists and i do not know why
    By: Kyle
    • 10. jurassic park
      a visual breakthrough.
    • 9. cruel intentions
      when i grow up i wanna be just like ryan phillipe. what a pimp!!!!!!!!!
    • 8. gladiator
      an action packed movie that actually had a plot and not just a bunch of fighting
    • 7. forrest gump.
      a sad movie with a great story line
    • 6. dumb and dumber
      the funniest movie of yhe 90's
    • 5. titanic
      eventhough everyone is tired of titanic you can deny that it was an awesome movie.
    • 4. silence of the lambs
      a creepy thriller that scares me every time i watch it.
    • 3. american beauty
      mena suvari. what a hotty!!!
    • 2. the truman show
      this movie showed that jim carrey really does have tallent.
    • 1. the shawshank redemption
      what can i say just an awesome movie!
    these arent in any specific order. also i wanna add to the list, home alone, seven, robin hood, and ghost
    By: Paulo
    • 10. Wild Things
      Denise Richards and Neve Campbell in some action together, Yeah Baby!!!!!
    • 9. Men In Black
      Funny as Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!
    • 8. Fight Club
      Fight club rules
    • 7. Resevoir Dogs
      Brilliant debut film by Tarentino in a great plot with the best film ending in the world
    • 6. Forrest Gump
      Amazing story of a dumbass going through life
    • 5. Seven
      Great film with some class acting and a very dark plot and ending.
    • 4. Sixth Sense
      Brilliant film with a great twist and a teriffic performance by Hayley Joel Osmond and Bruce Willis
    • 3. The Usual Suspects
      Brilliant performance and a Quality film.
    • 2. Lock stock & 2 smoking barrels
      Quality British film and so funny.
    • 1. TERMINATER 2
      Absolutly brilliant film with so much action and a great storyline, just the best film in the world ever.

    By: holly ledain
    • 10. sixth sense
      bruce willis is well fit!!!!!!!!
    • 9. titanic
      leo is well fit and has a nice bod!!!!!!!and kate has a nice pair of tits
    • 8. terminator 2
      arnie well fit!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • 7. mission imposible
      tom cruise is fit!!!!!
    • 6. lock stock and two smokin barrels
      vinnie jones was amazing in this film and it was well funny!!
    • 5. independance day
      really good film!!! really scary!!!
    • 4. dirty dancing
      what can i say patric is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • 3. forest gump
      Quality acting!!!!!
    • 2. seven
      brad pitt is fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • 1. Ghost
      this film was well sad but also really magical to think the person you love is watchin ova you! plus Patrick swayze is gorgeous!!!!
    there all well fit!!!!!!!!!!!
    By: Matt
    • 10. American Beauty
      Kevin Spacey is great. Has great messages that are so true in real life. It shows that there is more to life than money and possesions.
    • 9. Dumb and Dumber
      Jim Carrey is amazing. One of the funniest movies ever. It really does make you laugh out loud. "Harry, I took care of it."
    • 8. Home Alone
      When i was eight, kevin mcallister was my hero, this kid is a genius. You can watch this movie over and over and it never gets old.
    • 7. Seven
      Great ending! The kind of movie that when you leave the theater, its on your mind for weeks.
    • 6. Friday
      Classic! Chris Tucker is hilarious! Excellent timing for the movie, it shows that people had fun in the hood, and didnt just shoot each other. "I'm gonna get you high today, cause it's Friday, you aint got no job, and you aint got shit to do."
    • 5. Fight Club
      Excellent film! Every message they try to get across is so true in real life. "The things that you own start to own you."
    • 4. Shawshank Redemption
      Great emotional and uplifting movie! They kind of movie that after you watch it, you just feel better about life. "They send you here for life, and thats exactly what they take."
    • 3. Big Daddy
      I didnt like it that much when i first saw it. But every time i watched it i noticed funny lines and parts, has tons of great one-liners.
    • 2. Matrix
      Best action movie ever! I can watch it over and over again, and i do.
    • 1. Braveheart
      Best movie ever! This movie is so good it always sends chills down my spine. "They may take our lives, but they'll never take, our freedom."
    Its so hard to make a top-ten list, there have been so many good movies this decade. Here are some more of my favs; Dazed and Confused, Independence Day, Die Hard, Menace 2 Society, Boyz 'n' The Hood, Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan
    By: JR
    • 10. Pulp Fiction
      Never saw a movie like that before. Very creative and full of great charecters. The only good movie Quentin Terentino has ever made.
    • 9. Point Break
      The best movie nobody saw...I suggest you rent it and have an open mind.
    • 8. Forest Gump
      "Life is like a box of chocolats...you never know what your gonna get."
    • 7. Saving Private Ryan
      Finally a movie that does justice to WWII veterans and veterans of combat all over the world.
    • 6. JFK
      Many people may not agree with this pick, but being someone who is interested in the life of president Kennedy I thought the movie was very insightful and one of the best.
    • 5. The Shawshank Redemption
      Great story...even better relationship between Robins and Freeman.
    • 4. Heat
      Deniro, Pachino, Sizemore, Kilmer, Voight, Judd...should I say more.
    • 3. The Silence of the Lambs
      "I ate his liver with a side of fava beans and a niece Chianti."
    • 2. Goodfellas
      Great acting by great actors.
    • 1. Braveheart
      The best movie ever made!!!!

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