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Top Ten Movies of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite movies from the 90s?

    By: Christina Norris
    • 10. Dumb and Dummer
      I' had to put Jim somewhere in here, maybe not for D & D, but for Ace Ventura too!
    • 9. Devil's Advocate
      Chilling, amazing direction and acting... original screenplay
    • 8. Wedding SInger
      My fav Adam Sandler comedy
    • 7. Forrest Gump
      Robert Zemekis's best masterpiece! Tom hanks was the best for the role...
    • 6. American Beauty
      very dark, but never left me feeling down, just perfectly entertained!
    • 5. Pretty Woman
      This movie made me laugh and cry more than any lovestory.... Richard Gere should start picking roles like this more often...
    • 4. Pulp Fiction
      Screenplay and production were so original
    • 3. The Game
      Damn I love this movie! Michael Douglas and Sean Penn are great. This movie was absolutely original and most enjoyable.
    • 2. The Firm
      I've seen in fifty times!
    • 1. Silence of the Lambs
      This movie got under my skin more than any movie! The acting, writing, and cinematography were genius.

    By: John Albertson (a real movie critic)
    • 10. Titanic
      This movie was released the same year as my best movie of the 90s. While this movie is longer, it is dwarfed next to No. 1. Nevertheless, a fine film.
    • 9. Saving Private Ryan
      A war movie that truly shows the aspects of human nature.
    • 8. Hamlet (not the one with Sean Connery)
      Kenneth Branagth is a excellent director of Shakespearean movies. A long movie, though.
    • 7. Shawshank Redemption
      I am amazed on how many kids and teenagers love this movie. They do have taste.
    • 6. Beauty and the Beast
      Everybody's seen it. The best Disney movie ever.
    • 5. Goodfellas
      Roger Ebert said it was the best mob movie ever. While I think the Godfather is a bit more impressive it is a close race.
    • 4. Dances with Wolves
      Kevin Costner is superb as the director and lead actor. A masterpiece.
    • 3. Pulp Fiction
      The brilliance of this movie is after you finnished watching it you don't know if you liked it or not. The truth is you loved it!
    • 2. Schindler's List
      Spielberg can take a bow.
    • 1. Sweet Hereafter
      I have seen so many movies from this wonderful decade in cinema and one stood above them all. Director Atom Egoyan puts together the perfect film without overdoing any point. 4 yeears after this movie was released I can still recall every scene. I have watched the movie numerous times and it has never lost its effect.
    Hope this list helps.
    By: S Mohammed
    • 10. Goldeneye
      This film has to be in the top ten.
    • 9. Speed
      Great "bus" chase!
    • 8. Ronin
      This film had some of the best car chases ever captured on film.....BMW M5 vs AUDI S8....throught the streets of france..!(watch the BULLIT for amazin car chases from the year 68')...
    • 7. Home Alone
      May not be an action movie but what a great film.
    • 6. Titanic
      Came in at #56 on top 100 movies on Channel 4 (United Kingdom)
    • 5. Braveheart
      Come on Scotland!!......Great film.....good fight scenes....
    • 4. Rush Hour
      This jackie chan film was really funny and had good fight scenes....it had to be in the top ten..
    • 3. Jurrasic Park
      This was the best of the trilogy....good effects.
    • 2. Tommorow Never Dies
      this is my fave bond film of the 90s......check out the BMW 7 series....!!!
    • 1. The Terminator 2
      this is sucj a good squel to one of the best action/sci fi films of all time!......"I'll Be Back!!!"
    Although the 90s had some great box office hits, i still think the 80s was the best for the best movies!!
    By: Dan Klein
    • 10. The Professional
      Hardcore action from director of La Femme Nikita, with a touching story
    • 9. The Big Night
      Cute indie film about a family owned italian restuarant and there one last night to save it.
    • 8. Shawshank Redemption
      A feel good movie about the power hope and determination.
    • 7. Shindler's List
    • 6. Life is Beautiful
      You'll Laugh, you'll cry....a small Miracle.
    • 5. Silence of The Lambs
      The scariest movie I know...up there with The Shining and the Exorcist.
    • 4. Pulp Fiction
      the coolest movie of the 90s
    • 3. Glengary Glennross
      Mamets original play is perfect, and the cast is a dream deam, Pacino, Spacey, Lemmon, Baldwin, Harris, and Arkin.
    • 2. The Ice Storm
      "chilling" drama about two families
    • 1. Magnolia
      Ensemble piece about coiencedences, forgiveness, and confronting the past. PT Anderson's follow up to Boogie Nights
    honorable mentions: 6th Sense, Usual Suspects, Virgin Suicides, Leaving Las Vegas, Swingers, American Beauty, Trainspotting
    By: John Tran
    • 10. Shawshank Redemption
      Gets better with every viewing...the story and characters really engage the audience.
    • 9. Babe
      Funny and enchanting...of the best fantasy films of all time.
    • 8. Natural Born Killers
      Stone's last great movie.
    • 7. Bad Lieutenant
      Brave, honest, moral...Harvey Keitel gives a outstanding performance.
    • 6. Pulp Fiction
      Virtuoso filmmaking...Tarantino will never make a better movie.
    • 5. Beauty and the Beast
      Best animated musical ever.
    • 4. Leaving Las Vegas
      One of the best performances ever by Nicholas Cage.
    • 3. Unforgiven
      Best screenplay ever written.
    • 2. Goodfellas
      Scorsese's best picture...hands down best gangster movie of all time.
    • 1. Schindler's List
      Spielberg's best movie...near perfect.
    After Dark My Sweet, An Angel At My Table, White Palace, Eat Drink Man Woman, Heat, Fargo, Secrets & Lies, LA Confidential
    By: Tyler Blackett
    • 10. Debbie Does Dallas
      Come on it's a classic
    • 9. Something About Mary
      Hey Brett Favre is in it.
    • 8. Die Hard with a vengence
      It's not the original but it's not that far away
    • 7. Face/Off
      This was so crazy; it accualy worked
    • 6. The People vs Larry Flynt
      What an amazing Movie
    • 5. Nothing to Loose
      Tim Robbins and Martin Lawrence were as funny as hell. Defintly the most underrated comedy of the 90's
    • 4. The Silence of the Lambs
      Great movie. still think jodie Foster should have came back for the 2nd
    • 3. The Shawshake Redemption
      it's scary how many times i've watched this movie
    • 2. American History X
      Ed Norton should have won an oscar for his performance
    • 1. Fight Club
      By far the greatest movie of all time
    there's just too many movies
    By: James
    • 10. UNFORGIVEN
      The best western of the 90's no doubt, this is another actor-gone-director film with Clint Eastwood directing and starring in this great film that explores the drama of human emotion. Although I am not fond of westerns, but it is his masterpiece that will be remembered as one of the best westerns of all time.
      The best prison film ever other than maybe ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ in my opinion, THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION is Frank Darabont's brilliant film about two prison inmates that befriend each other for 20 years in a prison called SHAWSHANK prison. And would you believe, this is based on a short story by Stephen King, the author of such horror films as CARRIE, THE DEAD ZONE, PET SEMETARY, THE STAND, TOMMYKNOCKERS, and SALEM'S LOT. Nevertheless, this is an unforgettable emotional experience that is always giving you "hope".
      Does anyone care if this film is a cartoon or not? I don't. It is a terrific film that to this day still has kids AND adults sitting on the edge of their seats. It is a masterpiece for Disney, and it is a brilliant addition to the Disney collection.
      Tom Hanks' performance is like none other I have ever seen. It is the most captivating performance that has ever been graced on screen. It is terrific. It may be the best performance by an actor of all time. FORREST GUMP is about a man named "Forrest Gump", a mentally disabled man that unwittingly becomes involved in some of the key moments of the 20th Century. A great film by director Robert Zemeckis, whose other works actually include WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT and BACK TO THE FUTURE. This is his masterpiece.
    • 6. TITANIC
      This is a film that is made fun of by half the world, and praised by the other half. I praise it. The direction is the best of James Cameron, the usual SCI-FI/ACTION director. It won a total of 11 Academy Awards, a tally not equaled since 1959's BEN-HUR. It is also the highest grossing film in American history. Don't you think that says alot? It is a terrific film in my opinion, and it's 3 1/2 hours will never be forgotten.
      Mel Gibson directed and starred in this film about William Wallace, a man who led an army of Scottish to freedom. Did it stretch the truth a bit? Yes it did. But nontheless, it is a terrific direction. A wonderful epic.
      I am tied between Anthony Hopinks in THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, Tom Hanks in FORREST GUMP, and Liam Neeson in SCHINDLER'S LIST for the best performance of the 90's. Neeson's is dramatic and heartfelt. Hanks' is sorrowful and captivating. Hopkins' is horrific and terrifying. I can't choose. "SILENCE" is a great film about Dr. Hannibal Lector, a genius with one problem...he eats people. It is a HORRIFIC film and TERRIFIC at the same time. A must see if you like films at all.
      Scorsese is a genius, we all know. This is quite possibly the best mob film ever next to THE GODFATHER, which is equally captivating. He brung the mob to life from his own experiences growing up, and he couldn't have done it better. He put great love into this film, and I have all the respect in the world for him with it...
      DANCES WITH WOLVES is a Civil War epic that is emotionally captivating on the human eye. Kevin Costner's directorial debut, this film is a masterpiece that any movie nut will enjoy (it's tied with #3 completely...is it better? You tell me...).
      This film is the most emotional film of all time. Spielberg is a genius in bringing this holocaust film to life, and he couldn't have done it better. It is the best direction by a single director I have ever seen in any film, and could possibly be the best film of all time.
    THE SIXTH SENSE, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, APOLLO 13, and THE GREEN MILE...there arent many great films of the 90's...this is what I made with what I had.
    By: Amanda
    • 10. Austin Powers
      It started a chain of hillarious movies, wonderful, just brilliant
    • 9. Romeo + Juliet
      Leo's big break out, it was an incredible play no one young could understand until this movie came out
    • 8. She's All That
      Wonderful, the rap scene is the best
    • 7. Mall Rats
      It's an original movie, so true with the times and bluntly hillarious
    • 6. 10 Things I Hate About You
      I don't know anyone who DOESN'T love this movie
    • 5. Cruel Intentions
      I can't say enough of this movie, it's evil and sexy but funny
    • 4. Titanic
      Unreal, it was definatly incredible
    • 3. Empire Records
      UNREAL music, hot guys, and a great mix of teens working at everyone's dream job
    • 2. Now & Then
      A coming of age story we all related to
    • 1. Clueless
      It shaped a decade! no one ever said "like" until that movie and it's still one of my favorites
    Varsity Blues is also on this, just not even space, nothing can compare to 90s movies, i love them
    By: Chicken Fucker
    • 10. Toy Story
      Dude... Lil' Bo Peep Was Fucking Hot.
    • 9. Men In Black
      Fucking Awsome!
    • 8. Dogma
      Maybe God is a chick and Jesus is really black.
    • 7. Very Bad Things
      Almost the funniest movie of the 90s
    • 6. Muppets In Space
      fucking awsome, the best muppet movie ever.
    • 5. The Fifth Element
      Milla Jovovitch Nuff' said
    • 4. Clerks
      You cant have a top ten list of movies with out Clerks
    • 3. L.A. Confidential
      Cool As nutz in a vice.
    • 2. The Matrix
      Fucking the most brillient movie ever fucking made.
    • 1. Dumb And Dumber
      Dumb And Dumber is a classic anyone who doesn't like it should go to hell after they fuck themselves.
    2 Best Movies Of All Fucking Time: Spider-Man & Super Troopers Email me your list at laforse@yahoo.com
    By: Kasey Bosward
    • 10. Can't Hardly Wait
      Just a very cool movie with a fantastic cast.
    • 9. Austin Powers
      Mike Myers.......ahhhh. I like every single work of his. Even 54, which most people thought was pretty bad. Funny Funny Funny, I love seth green.
    • 8. 10 things I hate about you
      Being based on Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew" ,it could have given a bit more of a deeper storyline i think, but an entertaining mocie al the same.
    • 7. The Matrix
      Maybe it's because it was made in australia that it turned out so great. Good mix of aussie and american actors making a great movie. and does anyone else find it wierd that ada nicodemu was in it. It just seemed strange that someone in such a dodgy soap opera on TV could be in such a great movie.
    • 6. American Pie
      I don't know anyone who does not like this movie. It's hilariously funny. definately one of the best teen movies of all time. AP2 would have definately made this list if it was in the 90's.
    • 5. Double Jeopardy
      Fantastic plot and interesting idea behind the movie. God to watch over and over again.
    • 4. SLC Punk
      fantastic movie. first time i saw it i fell in love. Good contrast between sad and funny. I became a big fan of devon sawa, despite his small role.
    • 3. American Beauty
      Totally wierd, but well acted. Kevin Spacey was great.
    • 2. Light it Up
      Not widely known but a fantastic movie all the same. Sad, i cry a river every time i watch it. sher gives a fabulous performance, so does Rosario Dawson.
    • 1. Wayne's World
      Funniest movie I have ever seen. Til this everyday i get out the tape and watch it over and over again. Anyone who doesn't like this movie is nuts!! I'm a huge fan of this movie and i would have only been about 5 or 6 when it was made.
    There are a few honorable mentions: Titanic, Empire Records, Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction. Back to The Future trilogy would have made the number one position, but the last one is just soo boring. 1& 2 are fantastic though !!!

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