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Top Ten Movies of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite movies from the 90s?

    • 10. Gattica
      An excellent film, makes me wonder what the future will be like
    • 9. Wayne's World
      This movie makes me Laugh everytime i see it.
    • 8. Notting Hill
      I know that it is a chick flick at it's best, but it is very funny.
    • 7. Happy Gilmore
      My favorite Adam Sandler movie.
    • 6. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
      Best movie to watch with a group of Friends, funny and british.
    • 5. Dazed and Confused
      Best Teen Movie ever.
    • 4. The Craft
      Dark and moody. Made a lot of people want to become wiccans.
    • 3. Resevoir Dogs
      Awesome Movie, totally funny. **IF YOU LIKED THIS-RENT "FOUR ROOMS"
    • 2. American History X
      This movie made me cry, pathetic I know. But it really opens your eyes
    • 1. Clerks
      The fist and best Kevin Smith movie
    Stepmom-made me cry/Sweet November-cried again. ha, I have a bad habit of crying at movies.
    By: Troy
    • 10. Pulp Fiction
    • 9. The Matrix
    • 8. Robinhood Men in Tights
    • 7. The Last Boyscout
      Very funny movie with some good action
    • 6. Hamlet
      No, not the Mel Gibson version (though that's good too)
    • 5. Dumb & Dumber
    • 4. The Last of the Mohicans
      A truely epic movie that moves you
    • 3. Groundhog Day
      Bill Murray's funniest movie ever.
    • 2. Fight Club
      Get past some cheesy lines and you'll see just how deep this movie is...
    • 1. Rumble in the Bronx
      Acting so bad that it's funny with action so good it's amazing leads to the most enjoyable movie I've ever seen.

    By: Guillermo
    • 10. Fargo
      The perfect dark comedy. William H. Macy is the most underrated actor of our day
    • 9. The Matrix
      Redefined how you make movies, plus the deep themes displayed are awesome
    • 8. Mission Impossible
      So good, so good
    • 7. The Negotiator
      Perfect suspense thriller
    • 6. The Sandlot
      Along with The Goonies, the greatest children's film of all time
    • 5. Braveheart
      William Wallace is the coolest man alive
    • 4. Fight Club
      Wait, you mean they're the same? WHAT!!!!!
    • 3. Silence of the Lambs
      Still the only movie that actually gave me nightmares
    • 2. Seven
      Greatest ending of the 90's
    • 1. Conspiracy Theory
      It makes yah think and believe something dumb, and Mel and Julia, beautiful combination
    Special mention to: The Usual Suspects, Home Alone, Nothing To Lose, The Truman Show, The Bone Collector, As Good As It Gets, and The Shawshank Redemption
    By: Jon
    • 10. Kindergarden Cop
      "It's not a tumaa."
    • 9. Billy Madison
      Adam Sandlers best flick so far (close between this one and Happy Gilmore)
    • 8. Terminator 2
      We had to have at least one Arnold movie on the list.
    • 7. Jerry Macguire
      Sweet sports movie, awesome characters. -"I'm your mutherf**ker!!!"
    • 6. Leaving Las Vegas
      Best line, "Maybe you shouldn't drink so much..." "Maybe I shouldn't breathe so much Terry... Ha Haaaaaaaaa."
    • 5. Shindler's List
      Good movie, definately for people who are more interested in authenticity and plot rather than action.
    • 4. Money Talks
      One of the most underrated comedies of all time. Probably Chris Tuckers best role, everything else seems to be a rip of of this performance.
    • 3. The Fugitive
      Just a good movie. Period.
    • 2. Dumb and Dumber
      Best line, "Petie, his head fell off... yeah he was pretty old"
    • 1. Shawshank Redemption
      Best line, "You were right... salvation does lie within..."

    By: doofy
    • 10. Silence of the Lambs
      hello Clarice
    • 9. Ace Ventura Pet Detective
      start of the genius Carrey
    • 8. Jerry Maguire
      show Jerry the oscars
    • 7. Braveheart
      freedom, more like FREEDOM!
    • 6. Pulp Fiction
      return of the dancing queen (vincent)
    • 5. Resevoir Dogs
      this little doggy bites
    • 4. Dumb and Dumber
      farrelly good
    • 3. Fargo
      cooler than jack nicholsons shades
    • 2. Usual Suspects
      keyser sez masterpiece
    • 1. Goodfellas
      classic score, scorcese
    the only top 10 of the 90's
    By: Abbey
    • 10. Secrets and Lies
    • 9. The Basketball Diaries
    • 8. Braveheart
    • 7. Goodfellas
    • 6. Casino
    • 5. Jerry Macguire
    • 4. Schindler's List
    • 3. The Truman Show
    • 2. Fargo
    • 1. Shawshank Redemption

    By: Alex
    • 10. Amistad
      Yeah. Anthony Hopkins is frickin cool. Yeah
    • 9. Clerks
      If you like anything else by Kevin Smith, I guarantee you will like this more.
    • 8. Pulp Fiction
      The last scene in Pulp Fiction is my favorite scene from any 90's movie.
    • 7. Office Space
    • 6. The Matrix
      The Matrix is nothing but a huge upgrade on every generic action film. But it was the first to do it, and therefore deserves quite a bit of credit.
    • 5. The Usual Suspects
      I heard this movie was originally too complex for Hollywood to accept. Turned out being one of the greates films ever made.
    • 4. American Beauty
      Is it just me or did this film shape the way our culture looks at movies?
    • 3. Pi
      Darren Aronofsky shows here why he is the greatest director in recent history.
    • 2. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
      This film is absolutely hilarious and is Johnny Depp's best 90's movie.
    • 1. Eyes Wide Shut
      This is Stanley Kubrick's best film. It is even better than a Clockwork Orange.
    some more phenomenal movies from outside the 90's: the shining, requiem for a dream, blow, gladiator, sunset boulevard, rear window, field of dreams
    By: Thomas
    • 10. Philadelphia
      Tom Hanks's Best Film!!!!
    • 9. Forrest Gump
      Tom Hanks's fifth breakthrough role!!
    • 8. True Lies
      a great spy comedy/action flick
    • 7. My Best Friends Wedding
      I Love Cameron Diaz's character!!
    • 6. Flatliners
      Kiefer ROCKS!!!!!!!
    • 5. Wild Things
      one of the sexiest movies of the 90's, hot chicks are awesome!!!
    • 4. Scream
      brought back the horror franchise
    • 3. Where The Day Takes You
      a solid cast and beautiful performances by all!!!
    • 2. Too Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar
      too funny!!! not as good as Priscilla, but funny and charming
    • 1. Point Break
    Scream 2; Tin Cup; Braveheart; Interview With The Vampire; Boyz In The Hood; Seven; Priscilla; Austin Powers Man of Mystery!!!!
    By: iris
    • 10. mother
      albert brooks is the greatest.
    • 9. interview with the vampire
      mmmm brad. mmm antonio. mmm tom.
    • 8. pulp fiction
      pulp has everything a movie needs- good actors, humor, action, etc
    • 7. pleasantville
      this movie was so sweet and reese actually did a good job. it makes me feel grateful to live in this era as opposed to the 50s
    • 6. american beauty
    • 5. Rushmore
      dark humor with many surprises and great cast
    • 4. Waiting for guffman
      anything this director makes is great
    • 3. Green Mile
      Talk about crying... This movie haunted me; it's not the type that is taken lightly nor forgotten
    • 2. The Hurricane
      I love denzel. This movie was incredibly moving as well
    • 1. High fidelity
      This is the funniest and greatest movie ever created. John Cusack is adorable, and the cast and characters make this movie work.
    the muse, but i'm a cheerleader.
    By: Zenovia J.
    • 10. Independence Day
      Not much to say. Good Movie. I'm not a big Will Smith Fan..but I enjoyed this movie.
    • 9. The Others
      This movie was intelligent. I was mesmerized by every aspect of it. From the setting, wardrobe, to the dialouge. Everyone can't appreciate it though, and that's sad.
    • 8. Malcolm X and The Original Kings of Comedy
      People sleep on Spike Lee. He is such a talented and brilliant director until it hurts. He leaves you with things to ponder about on your way to your car from the movie theater...the cinematography in his movies are phenomenol. Never-the-less, Lee goes unnoticed. Malcolm X is the best role that Denzel Washington has ever played (screw Training Day...he should've gotten the Oscar for X). Greeeeeeeeeat Movie! Kings of Comedy was an excellent movie. It made you feel as if you were in the audience.
    • 7. Billy Madison
      Adam Sandler is one of the comedy kings of the 90's. I love all of his movies (with the exceptions of Little Nicky, and Big Daddy) Madison is my favorite Sandler movie
    • 6. Scary Movie
      THIS MOVIE HAS GOT TO BE ONE OF THE MOST FUNNIEST MOVIES I HAVE EVER SEEN. I am not a big fan of gross out movies, but this movie had me dying of laughter.
    • 5. The Truman Show
      This movie just leaves me in awe everytime I see it. Good stuff I tell Ya, good stuff.
    • 4. Pulp Fiction
      I get excited just thinking about this movie. Pulp Fiction was just a good time. It took you places. Good Movie
    • 3. The Shawshank Redemption
      A good movie. I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen. Andy: Brilliant!! When I heard Steven King had something to do with this movie, my jaw dropped. Steven King: Terrific! Such a heartwarming movie
    • 2. Friday
      Although it is one of the more simple movies of my list, it's non-complexity is what makes it so great. It's one of those movies where you can just sit down and watch it without boggling your mind thinking about "Who shot whom?" and "Will the ghost get them now?" etc. Friday is a simple story-teller, a vital factor that most movies neglect.
    • 1. Forrest Gump
      THIS MOVIE HAD IT ALL!! Death, life, sickness, health, bloodshed, historical events. I felt a lot of emotions while watching this movie. I laughed hysterically. I cried uncontrollably. This movie is hands down the greatest movie of the 90's.
    Honorable Mentions: Not Another Teen Movie (what can I say, it was funny) Bad Boys Baby Boy Boyz In The Hood (John Singleton=Brilliant!) Meet The Parents the list continues... ps...Forrest Gump should be on ALL lists.

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