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Top Ten Movies of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite movies from the 90s?

    By: April
    • 10. Beavis and Butthead Do America
      HALLARIOUS movie in which Beavis and Butthead travel around the country, ending up in Washington, D.C. If you're looking for a movie that's funny and doesn't take much thought, this is THE movie for you!:p
    • 9. American History X
      A chilling movie about racism that will DEFINATELY stay with you...
    • 8. Dumb and Dumber
      One of THE best comedy movies of all time!! Harry and Lloyd will have you laughing your *#! off the entire time!
    • 7. The Mask
      Jim Carey, need I say more?
    • 6. Titanic
      Now THIS is a chick flick! It's a great account of what happened on the Titanic AND it includes a love story that all the ladies will like!
    • 5. The Big Lebowski
      Definately not a chick movie, but definately funny! This is one that the boyfriend would watch and actually enjoy...
    • 4. Clueless
      Every time I watch this movie, I laugh a little harder. I especially love the part where Cher is describing the guys in her highschool... "as if":p
    • 3. Jaw Breaker
      Hollywood's twisted version of the "popular girls" at highschool. An innocent (well, not so innocent) prank goes wrong and ends up with the "teen dream" accidentally dying. Now the other three girls have to cover it all up to go to, of course, the Prom.
    • 2. Water Boy
      This is, by far, one of Sandler's best movies. It's a great comedy that'll keep you laughing from start to finish.
    • 1. Silence of the Lambs
      What can I say? A good (I hesitate to say) horror movie. It's not the typical bad guy dressed in black ready to jump out and stab you, but it's definately scary.

    By: michael
    • 10. Devils Advocate
      Fuck Yeah
    • 9. Con Air
      Why couldn't you have put the bunny down
    • 8. Silence of the lambs
      I ate her tongue
    • 7. Cruel intentions
      Your smart beautifil intlellingent... yeah
    • 6. Gone in 60 Seconds
      1967 Gt 500 Kick ass
    • 5. Mallrats
      It's a scanoo
    • 4. The Avengers
      Sean connery Uma thurman and still pg-13 what the fuck
    • 3. Pulp Fiction
      Quentin Tarantino/Uma Thurman Ezechiel 25:17 "I will lay my vengence upon you!!!!"
    • 2. Resevoir Dogs
      Quentin Tarantino
    • 1. Casino
      You said you were gonna shove this pen up my friends mother fucking ass?!
    Quentin tarantino Movies FUCK YEAH Kill Bill
    By: Heechee
    • 10. Saving Private Ryan
      A good work: is, in fact, the only war film that likes me.
    • 9. Forrest Gump
      A very human film, with some kind of optimism: after all, the human misery described in all that episodes of american history can be seen with other eyes.
    • 8. Strange Days
      A film a bit unknown, about a detective in a very near future (the 1999 Los Angeles). It was called the 90's blade runner, and in some way, this affirmation is justified.
    • 7. Interview With a Vampire
      A very human an unusual vampire story, when a vampire tells his life to a man, after two centuries of suffering because his own identity.
    • 6. 12 monkeys
      Another thriller, with a sci-fi base, relationed with the timetravel. A countdown to save the mankind before a disaster take place.
    • 5. Seven
      More than a thiller. The most disturbing film i've ever seen. The deepness of the characters, the script, the decay atmofere of the unnamed City... all is perfect in the story. A tough film, but a masterpiece too.
    • 4. The Matrix
      Who don't knows about this one? Lots of action an a deep story. I liked reloaded an revolutions, but this is the best film of the trilogy.
    • 3. Gattaca
      A very good sci-fi story that don't needs FX to describe a futurist society, when the succes is determined by genetic engineery.
    • 2. American Beauty
      I like it because have the same message than Figt Club, but with more poetry, more "beauty". A conventional man who gives a sense to his bland life, and then, all falls apart around him.
    • 1. Fight Club
      A genuine masterpiece! Althought is set in a dark and hopeless atmosphere, it's a very good story, with an amazing end and a clear message: The world that we are creating is not as good as we think.

    By: Zacarias Donn S. Pangan III
    • 10. God Father III
      Al Pacino again you might not miss it
    • 9. Big Daddy
      Buy a pop corn for your kids
    • 8. Behind Enemy line
      Can you run fast as Jet Plane
    • 7. The thin Red line
      Watch out Jap's on the way
    • 6. Fast and the furious
      Need some speed
    • 5. Scent of a Woman
      Al Pacino is a legendary actor anyway
    • 4. Beatiful Mind
      My inspiration actor is the best
    • 3. Black Hawk Down
      Real Action Movie
    • 2. Les Miserables
      This is my favorite i rent it two times a week
    • 1. The Last Castle
      Very Nice Movie sure you gonna love it!!!!

    By: Chloe Sanchez
    • 10. Happy Gilmore
      Adam Sandler's hot
    • 9. Austin Powers 1 and 2
      soooooooooooo funnnnyyyyyyyy
    • 8. Don't Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead
      too funny
    • 7. She's All That
    • 6. American Pie
    • 5. Titanic
      made me cry:(
    • 4. Clueless
      It's like totally the best movie ever
    • 3. Never Been Kissed
      Drew Barymore is such a good actress and it sure shows in this movie
    • 2. 10 Things I Hate About You
      I absolutly love that movie
    • 1. Waterboy
      Too funny
    i love movies
    By: Anjula Godakumbura
    • 10. American History X
      Good story. Shows how events change our life.
    • 9. Shawshank Redemption
      Just watched the movie tonight. Had heard many good reviews. Really a special movie. beautiful story, well screened. And I hadnt realized how versatile Stephen King's writing ability is.
    • 8. Sleepers
      One of those movies which really gets you thinking how you would cope in the situation. Again, a great cast. De Niro, Kevin Bacon, Brad Pitt, Minnie Driver, Dustin hoffman, Robert Patrick.
    • 7. True Romance
      I would say THIS is the best cast of the 90's. BEST CAST EVER, more like!! Christian Slater, Rosanna Arquette, Christopher Walken, Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson, James Gandolfini, Dennis Hopper, Val Kilmer, Brad Pitt. Another Tarantino movie.
    • 6. Pulp Fiction
      Tarantino has a way of keeping you on your toes throughout the movie. And the sharp cheeky dialogue is very entertaining.
    • 5. City Hall
      Movie was alright, but Pacino was again special. His speech at the funeral service for the little black-american kid, is another of the best individual acting scenes I've seen.
    • 4. Matrix
      One of a kind in a lot of ways. Even being a person who isnt into Sci-fi, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The concept is very interesting as well.
    • 3. Amistad
      A piece of history well presented. Anthony Hopkins is sensational as John Quincy Adams (Former U.S president), legal counsel representing the slaves. His presentation to court was one of the most memorable pieces of acting I've ever seen. Djimon Honsou's performance is special too.
    • 2. Scent of a Woman
      How good is Pacino's acting in this difficult role? He just steps into role brilliantly.
    • 1. Forrest Gump
      A masterpiece. Good screenplay, brilliant acting by Hanks, an overall well made movie. Type of movie which stays with you for awhile.
    If you like my selections you may be a fan of these movies as well. - Silence of the Lambs, Fight Club, Reservoir Dogs, Primal Fear, Arlington Road, Switchback, Dead man walking, etc.
    By: Tory Smith
    • 10. Theres Something About Mary
      One of the funniest movies of all time
    • 9. Waiting to Exhale
      the chemistry betweent the actresses are awesome. very entertaining movie
    • 8. Titanic
      I just like it ok.
    • 7. American Beauty
      this was one of the oddest films,yet i not only liked it i LOVED it and respected it in every way. Very good motion Picture
    • 6. Malcom X
      Denzel was amazing and so was this move
    • 5. Boyz in the Hood
      One of the best Urban Movies of all time
    • 4. Beauty and the Beast
      The best Disney movie, after Little Mermaid of course
    • 3. Ghost
      Whoopi was so funny and i just love this film
    • 2. Poetic Justice
      I love Tupac and Janet Jackson in this film, and for some reason it spoke to me. Plus i think i relate to it.
    • 1. Forrest Gump
      Life is like a box of chocalots
    The Sixth Sense, The Matrix,Philidelphia, The Hurricane, Specias, Friday,and Great Expectations
    By: julie ann
    • 10. fear and loathing in las vagas
      best drug movie of the 90's. crazy, funny, plus jonny depp!!!!!
    • 9. clueless
      hate to say it, but very intertaining. huge effect on pop culture
    • 8. dazed and confused
      i love this movie!!! it started so many peoples careers!
    • 7. pulp fiction
      strangest movie of the 90's. one of my favorates
    • 6. scream
      seen thgis movie sooo many times. i really used to watch it all the time when it came out.
    • 5. fear
      i always used to watch this.
    • 4. jawbreaker
      i loved this movie for the longest time!
    • 3. home alone
      holiday classic
    • 2. Titanic
      wildly popular...
    • 1. forrest gump
      this movie was amzing.. plus it was huge
    90's movies kick a**! i love 90's pop culture!!!!!!
    By: Noel Powell
    • 10. Jurrasic Park ('93)
      Big Dinosaurs. Cool.
    • 9. Good Will Hunting ('97)
      I wish it wasn't up against Titanic for the oscar, because they both deserved it.
    • 8. Titanic ('97)
      It's so easy to make fun of the script, but in the end it's still some incredible filmmaking
    • 7. The Cell ('99)
      The most visually stunning movie, in my opinion
    • 6. The Blair Witch Project ('99)
      Not many films this unique are this entertaining. One of the few movies that scared me.
    • 5. Great Expectations ('98)
      This movie has a feel to it that just does something for me. I dunno.
    • 4. The Matrix ('99)
      You've heard it before - it's the Star Wars for today's generation.
    • 3. Strange Days ('95)
      Not many people saw it because it was so disturbing, but what a damn cool movie.
    • 2. Romeo + Juliet ('97)
      Baz Luhrman really made a piece of art for the new age.
    • 1. Terminator 2: Judgement Day ('91)
      Greatest action film ever made. Great story, emotion, dialogue, and effects.

    By: Brian
    • 10. Dumb and Dumber
      Best comedy of the 90's. Maybe ever.
    • 9. Forrest Gump
      If you don't like the story of Forrest, something is wrong with you.
    • 8. Sleepers
      What a great story. I can't even put into words how great this movie is.
    • 7. Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels
      A brilliant film by Guy Ritchie.
    • 6. Rounders
      Another great movie with the one and only Edward Norton.
    • 5. Fargo
      Dark comedy with an outstanding plot. Simply amazing.
    • 4. American History X
      It's got the best actor ever... Edward Norton. Enough said.
    • 3. Pulp Fiction
      Another great Tarantino movie.
    • 2. Reservoir Dogs
      What else could you ask for in a movie. It has everything.
    • 1. The Usual Suspects
      Greatest twist in any movie. The greatest movie ever.
    Rudy, Tommy Boy, The Sandlot, Silence of the Lambs, Office Space, Half Baked, Goodfellas, Casino, The Truman Show, Showgirls (lol), Saving Private Ryan, Dirty Work, Beavis and Butthead Do America, Groundhog Day, Detroit Rock City,

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