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Top Ten Movies of the 90s

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80s Top Ten Movies

What are your top ten favorite movies from the 90s?

    By: Bill
    • 10. Speed
      Effects were awesome while not overdone (read independence day!)
    • 9. Wayne's World
    • 8. The Lion King
      Not just a kid's movie
    • 7. Slingblade
      French Fried P'rtaters, mmmhmmm.
    • 6. The Shawshank Redemption
    • 5. The Usual Suspects
      So clever
    • 4. Austin Powers
      The *original*. The second one was lame, much like Ace Ventura II
    • 3. American Pie
      The funniest movie I've ever seen. Quite realistic too :P
    • 2. Forrest Gump
    • 1. Pulp Fiction
    Honourable mention to Ace Ventura, True Lies, and A Fish Called Wanda (1987 I believe, but awesome movie).
    By: Chris Camposeo
    • 10. The Fugitive
    • 9. JFK
    • 8. American Pie
    • 7. Wayne's World
    • 6. Good Will Hunting
    • 5. Shawshank Redemption
    • 4. Tommy Boy
    • 3. Billy Madison
    • 2. Forest Gump
    • 1. Terminator 2

    By: Liz
    • 10. Wayne's World
      Party on!!
    • 9. Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead
      I never ever get sick of this movie, it's too classic.
    • 8. The Rock
      Speaks for itself.
    • 7. Dogma
      Hilarious. If you seeit/have seen it, I'm sure you agree.
    • 6. Detroit Rock City
      I love Edward Furlong + I love KISS + I saw them in concert = I love this movie!
    • 5. American Pie
      The apple pie scene says it all...
    • 4. Grumpier Old Men
      Before you say why the hell did I pick this hear me out. THis is one of the funniest movies I've seen, and since I have so many inside jokes, it's on my top ten.
    • 3. Goodfellas
      It's a mafia movie, nuff said.
    • 2. Braveheart
      This movie was so long, but it was so well put together, you didn't even notice. It was hands down excellent.
    • 1. American History X
      I was shocked at the horrors of this movie, at the same time I was spellbound by the acting - esp. Edward Norton, who should have won the Academy Award for his performance!
    There are probably a million movies I missed there were so many good ones in the 90s. I'm sure they'll come to me later. No Titanic here, I've seen it so many times I can probably recite it, which is why it's not on the list.
    By: Galatasaray
    • 10. Ransom
    • 9. Liar Liar
    • 8. Forrest Gump
    • 7. Dumb&Dumber
    • 6. Desperado
    • 5. Deep Blue Sea
    • 4. The 13th Warrior
    • 3. Scream
    • 2. Seven
    • 1. Braveheart

    By: Jud Lehman
    • 10. Evita
      Should have brought the musical art form back. Unfortunately, Americans refuse to think.
    • 9. Hudsucker Proxy/Barton Fink
      Great movies--sadly ignored. Coen's strike again
    • 8. Forrest Gump
      Heart warming even to someone as cynical as me
    • 7. Resevoir Dogs
      Tarantino's cheap and real version of Pulp Fiction
    • 6. Truman Show
      Jim Carrey an actor? Yes! Great Story
    • 5. Shindler's List
    • 4. Fargo
      Coen's strike again
    • 3. Goodfellas
      Violent, but a great story
    • 2. Miller's Crossing
      Coen brothers gritty gangster flick
    • 1. Wild At Heart
      David Lynch's wild and wonderful road movie. Nick Cage and Laura Dern star

    By: Sophia
    • 10. Toy Story
      another classic
    • 9. Beauty and the Beast
      A classic
    • 8. What Dreams May come
      robin williams is the best
    • 7. Pleasantville
      SOOO funny
    • 6. Anywhere but Here
      Gooooood movie
    • 5. Carpool
      I love this movie
    • 4. Dont Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead
      If you havent seen it...WATCH IT
    • 3. Austin Powers 1&2
      What's not to love?
    • 2. The Sixth Sense
    • 1. Titanic
      How can this movie NOT be #1. It broke like every record in the book!

    By: Kara Dehring
    • 10. BIg Daddy
    • 9. Billy Madison
    • 8. Cruel Intentions
    • 7. Home Alone
    • 6. Titanic
    • 5. Clueless
    • 4. I know What You Did Last Summer
    • 3. Tommy Boy
    • 2. Happy Gilmore
    • 1. American Pie

    By: sara
    • 10. sleepless in seattle
    • 9. rudy
    • 8. cinderella
    • 7. toy story
    • 6. 28 days
    • 5. sleepy hollow
    • 4. cruel intentions
    • 3. never been kissed
    • 2. a league of their own
    • 1. armegeddon
    screams,schiendlers list,saving private ryan, south park,stepmom,now and then
    By: JP
    • 10. Jerry Maguire
    • 9. Sleepy Hollow
    • 8. A League Of Their Own
    • 7. A Few Good Men
    • 6. Back To The Future III
    • 5. Mrs. Doubtfire
    • 4. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
    • 3. The Sixth Sense
    • 2. The Fugitive
    • 1. Forrest Gump
    This is my top ten favorite movies of the 1990's.
    By: Alisha
    • 10. American Pie
      *Sigh* The joys of high school...
    • 9. Liar, Liar
      Jim Carey was very funny in this movie.
    • 8. Titanic
      I was a giant ball of emotions after this movie.
    • 7. Clueless
      In the words of Breckin Meyer: "I give it two thumbs up, fine holiday fun." This is a movie I just can't get enough of.
    • 6. Sleepy Hollow
      It had really cool effects.
    • 5. American Beauty
      This was a very interesting movie... the end was intense.
    • 4. Tommy Boy
      Chris Farley and David Spade are a HILARIOUS duo... this movie kept me laughing for hours.
    • 3. The Other Sister
      It is such a cute movie... I think it shows how we shouldn't under-estimate anoyne, especially those we love.
    • 2. The Skulls
      It's a very suspenseful movie and is so well done that I kept changing my mind about which characters were the good or bad ones.
    • 1. October Sky
      "October Sky" is by far the best movie I've seen in the '90s. It is such an inspirational movie... plus the guys aren't all that bad to look at either. (ie: Jake Gyllenhaal)
    There are lots of other good movies from the '90s... I just can't think of them all right now.

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