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Top Ten Movies of the 90s

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80s Top Ten Movies

What are your top ten favorite movies from the 90s?

    By: Jenna
    • 10. Home Alone
      Who didn't do something like it at some point in their childhood?
    • 9. The Crow
      Umm... Because Brandon Lee was such a hottie?
    • 8. The Matrix
      Awesome effects!
    • 7. Tombstone
      a classic story with an awesome cast...
    • 6. Blade
      in a decade all about modernization, vampires are finally updated!
    • 5. Can't Hardly Wait
      One of my all-time favorites... It's almost comparable to Say Anything of the 80s!
    • 4. Scream
      great one-liners and to this day, I still know people that say "liver alone man!"
    • 3. Jurassic Park
      the first movie that EVER made me jump out of my seat.
    • 2. Wayne's World
      "I see a little sihouetto of a man, scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango"
    • 1. Singles
      I'm a big Cameron Crowe fan and it epitomized the entire grunge era with guest stars such as Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, all of Alice in Chains...

    By: Hillary
    • 10. serial mom
      a suburban mom going on a killing spree.... what could be better than that?
    • 9. fear
      awesome film.. very dramatic, yet humorous at times
    • 8. a river runs through it
    • 7. dazed and confused
      comedy about the life of seniors and freshman on the last day of school in '76
    • 6. american beauty
    • 5. schindler's list
    • 4. Cry Baby
      hysterical movie that takes place in the 50's starring johnny depp, amy locane, traci lords, and iggy pop
    • 3. Mallrats
    • 2. Clerks
      just plain old funny.. the best of the jersy movies
    • 1. Shawshank Redemption
      beautiful movie about men who have spent most of their lives in prison.

    By: Joe VB
    • 10. True Romance
      what can I say? all tarantino movies rule.
    • 9. Natural Born Killers
      Every time I finish watching this I wanna see it again. I cant really understand what its trying to tell me but its worth watching :P
    • 8. Go
      the only good teen movie out there
    • 7. Falling Down
      Im not sure if this is nineties but it rules anyway
    • 6. American Beauty
      this is a very good movie. Brilliant
    • 5. Casino
      I haven't seen Goodfellas so this is the best Mafia movie Ive seen.
    • 4. Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels
      The best ever English movie Ive seen, actually one of the only English movies I could be bothered to see
    • 3. Reservoir Dogs
      All Quentin Tarantino movies kick ass and this is definately no exception.
    • 2. American History X
      brilliant in every way
    • 1. Pulp Fiction
      The best ever movie of all time

    By: Matt Turner
    • 10. Howdy partner
    • 9. wasssssssup
    • 8. Who's in my room
    • 7. Danger in the bed
    • 6. Honey I shrunk myself
    • 5. We all love the tiger
    • 4. The tiger tamed me
    • 3. I tamed the tiger
    • 2. Helllllo Jello
    • 1. Scotties Adventures

    By: Jamie
    • 10. Never Been Kissed
      Cute, Cute movie!
    • 9. Dead Man's Curve aka The Curve
      Pretty good for a movie that wasn't in the theaters! Matthew L is so cute
    • 8. Ten Things I hate about You
      Good Another cute movie for girlfriends to watch at a sleepover!!
    • 7. Prayer of the Rollerboys
      Sorry, I loved this film, and Chris Collet and corey Haim together makes it much better.
    • 6. Varsity Blues
      Coaches can be hard on you sometimes! This movie shows how much kids are sick of being dumped on! Plus hot guys!
    • 5. Stigmata
      Really freaky!!! :}
    • 4. Scream
      No comment, youve all seen it!!
    • 3. The Wedding Singer
      Fun comedy starring to of the best people on earth!!
    • 2. Final Destination
      Couldnt think of anything else!
    • 1. Stir of Echoes
      Kevin Bacon- good crazy man in this one!!

    By: Akash Prasad
    • 10. Speed 1
      This movie is just cool and amazing. It's action is a thrill ride.
    • 9. Speed 2
      This movie is very good. It is really fast action and really interesting.
    • 8. Deep Blue Sea
      This movie is thrilling and scary. It is fast-pace aciton.
    • 7. Golden Eye 007
      This movie was pretty good. The stunts are very good and so is the action.
    • 6. Armageddon
      This movie was really sad and action packed.
    • 5. Tomorrow Never Dies 007
      This movie is good in action and romance. The BMW 007 had was really cool.
    • 4. Godzilla
      This movie is tight. It is very scary and also action packed.
    • 3. Rush Hour
      This movie is funny and action packed. Chan and Tucker are great together.
    • 2. The World Is Not Enough 007
      This movie is the best of all the other 007 movies. Every part has action and the story is really good. The action is amazing and unbelievable.
    • 1. The Matrix
      This movie is the best. It has everything: action, adventure, thriller and the special effects are just way cool.

    By: Tina
    • 10. Last but not least...Titantic
      This is only my #10 choice because of that stupid Celine song, "My Heart Will Go On..." That song got sickening real quick. But the movie is an excellent love story.
    • 9. Seven
      Isnt Brad Pitt hot?? WOW! This is an excellent movie.
    • 8. Forrest Gump
      Another great Tom Hanks flick. "Hi Im Forrest, Forrest Gump. You can call me Forrest Gump." Beautiful life story of an innocent man with a child-like heart.
    • 7. Never Been Kissed
      Love Drew Barrymore too!! This is just an all around great movie.
    • 6. Philadelphia
      Tom Hanks is an EXCELLENT actor. He is beautiful in this movie...and this movie is so sad. I like movies that touch the heart.
    • 5. Clueless
      Alicia Silverstone is great at playing a stuck up Beverly Hills girl. This is another classic.
    • 4. Truman Show
      Gotta love Jim Carrey in this one. Another movie where the end adds the final touches.
    • 3. American Pie
      Now tell me who didnt see this movie? I love it. Its funny...its so 90's. I kinda reminds me of an 80's type movie. Beautiful!
    • 2. Sixth Sense
      Bruce Willis rocks in this movie. I love the ending...its so great.
    • 1. The Shawshank Redemption
      I absolutely love this movie. I have watched it over and over and I never get sick of it.
    It was so hard for me to pick these 10 movies. There are so many more that I like.
    By: Clinton Pfalser
    • 10. Titanic
    • 9. Beauty and the Beast
    • 8. Robin Hood: Prince of Theives
    • 7. Forrest Gump
    • 6. The Matrix
    • 5. Saving Private Ryan
    • 4. Good Will Hunting
    • 3. Shawshank Redemption
    • 2. Braveheart
    • 1. Dances with Wolves
    Hard to leave out...A Few Good Men, Forrest Gump, Toy Story, The Sixth Sense and even Pretty Woman and Ghost.
    By: Roselyn
    • 10. The Blair Witch Project
      Very clever usage of no money...and the final scene still haunts me. Check the corners before you go to sleep.
    • 9. The Inkwell
      The best African-American teen movie ever - we need more like them.
    • 8. There's Something about Mary
      I never thought a movie with so much crotch humor could also be a sweet romance.
    • 7. American Pie
      One of the funniest teen movies ever made -- I will never forget the pie scene.
    • 6. Reality Bites
      This movie tells the truth about being a Gen-Xer. So many memorable moments and the soundtrack was amazing.
    • 5. Circle of Friends
      This was such a sweet tale of an "ugly duckling" who gets the cutest guy at college.
    • 4. Menance To Society
      I Cried from beginning to end - what was all the hype about "Boyz n the Hood"? This film was better made and acted.
    • 3. The Matrix
      the special effects were amazing and Keanu
    • 2. Clueless
      Smart, stylish and funny
    • 1. Pretty Woman
      I love this movie..it was romanitic and cute. Fairy tales can come true.

    By: Jordann
    • 10. House Party 2
    • 9. The Next Krate Kid
    • 8. It takes Two
    • 7. Toy Story 2
    • 6. Classact
    • 5. Clueless
    • 4. Never Been Kissed
    • 3. Super Star
    • 2. Drive Me Crazy
    • 1. She's All That

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