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Top Ten Songs of the 90s

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80s Top Songs

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 90s?

    By: Ryan
    • 10. You Gave Your Love To Me Softly by Weezer
    • 9. Never There by Cake
    • 8. Basket Case by Greenday
    • 7. Fire Water Burn by Bloodhound Gang
    • 6. New Years Day by U2
    • 5. The Last Polka by Ben Folds Five
    • 4. Runaway Train by Soul Asylum
    • 3. Creep by Radiohead
    • 2. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      Fun song
    • 1. Say It Ain't So by Weezer
      The best song

    By: Arpi Kadakia
    • 10. Save Yourself by Stabbing Westward
      Another good song, catchy tune
    • 9. Date Rape by Sublime
      Classic song! defined the 90s
    • 8. Song #2 by Blur
      Everyone knows this song...woo-hoo!
    • 7. The Way by Fastball
      Extremely catchy song, great tune and lyrics
    • 6. Every You, Every Me by Placebo
      Another great song, Pure Morning is a good one too
    • 5. Criminal by Fiona Apple
      So haunting and truthful
    • 4. What's That You Say by Sprung Monkey
      Fast, catchy song. Great band
    • 3. Can't Change Me by Chris Cornell
      A great song from the ex-leader of Soundgarden
    • 2. No Rain by Blind Melon
      Everyone remembers the bee girl
    • 1. Runaway Train by Soul Asylum
      Such a sad and beautiful song

    Well most of this bands are one-hit wonders. I just tried to think of songs that are not played as often on the radio but are still really good sosngs. I didn't pick any of the obvious great bands of the 90s: green day, nirvana, soundgarden, pearl jam, etc...everyone already knows them. These are a few, little bit more obscure, bands that are worth mentioning.
    By: Todd
    • 10. Sabatoge by Beastie Boys
      who can forget them, they are clean.
    • 9. Downer by Nirvana
      one of thier first
    • 8. Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson
      most sureal but most intelligant song ever written
    • 7. Mr. Jones by Counting Crows
      everyone likes this song
    • 6. Long View by Green Day
    • 5. Jeremy by Pearl Jam
      another great band
    • 4. Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden
      great video
    • 3. Wrong Way by Sublime
      there are a ton of sublime songs but no one has really herd there other stuff
    • 2. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      one of the greatest bands ever
    • 1. Dammit by Blink 182
      every kid can relate to this song

    By: Candace
    • 10. Have You Ever by Brandy
    • 9. Why I Love You So Much by Monica
    • 8. Back That Azz Up by Juvenile
    • 7. Love Song by Monica
    • 6. Hero by Mariah Carey
    • 5. Jumpin Jumpin by Destiny's Child
    • 4. Street Symphony by Monica
    • 3. 4 Seasons by Boyz II Men
    • 2. Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey
    • 1. One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey w/ Boyz II Men

    By: Torra
    • 10. Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down
    • 9. Burn Baby Burn by Ash
    • 8. Why Do You Try So Hard To Hate Me by Electric Soft Parade
      From 2002
    • 7. Coffee& TV by Blur
    • 6. Show Me Having Fun by The Facer
    • 5. Rock n Roll Star by Oasis
    • 4. Open Arms by Wilt
    • 3. Im A Hippie by Spek
    • 2. Stone Me Into The Groove by Atomic Swing
    • 1. Hard To Explain + Last Nite by The Strokes
      From 2001 But Whatever...

    Get These Songs... or else youre gonna regret it
    By: Tom
    • 10. November Rain by Guns N' Roses (1991)
      Probably the best "ballad" ever released. Almost "epic" in its sound.
    • 9. Lightning Crashes by Live (1994)
      Probably my favorite song for the longest time. Great song from an underappreciated band.
    • 8. Doll Parts by Hole (1994)
      Full of angst and pain from the bitch of Kurt, who just blew his head off.
    • 7. All Apologies by Nirvana (1993)
      I'm not a big fan of Smells Like Teen Spirit, although I love Nirvana. Yeah that songs is the song of the nineties, but I really don't think it's a great song musically, but rather a song at the right place at the right time. So I picked All Apologies cuz I like it better, but any Nirvana song could be put here.
    • 6. One by U2 (1992)
      Great song about love, on probably their best album aside from The Joshua Tree.
    • 5. Say It Ain't So by Weezer (1994)
      Gotta love Weezer. Best song off that album. Runner up- The World Has Turned...yada yada yada.
    • 4. Paranoid Android by Radiohead (1997)
      The best all around song by the band. All the different parts are great. A masterpiece.
    • 3. Disarm by The Smashing Pumpkins (1993)
      The best song by the Pumpkins. Less annoying than Today, and more emotion that 1979 or even Tonight, Tonight... but the latter song could easily be put here.
    • 2. Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead (1995)
      Probably the best band from the nineties (i'd say Nirvana, if ya know they were still around). It's Radiohead at its best, sublime and expressive. And I feel their best album, or atleast their most complete.
    • 1. Hurt by Nine Inch Nails (1994)
      Trent Reznor at his emotional best. The lyrics are truly personal and heart felt, something all late nineties acts lacked. Pure genius. The Downward Spiral is the definitive album of angst in the nineties.

    See a pattern here? Only one song after 1995.... Kinda tells you how much music has gone to sh@t. Oh yeah one more thing? What is up with all the Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach on here? #1 Limp Bizkit is the WORST band around. They have no skill, and Fred Durst rags on all other music since he knows he is inferior. (when was the last time Radiohead wasted time doing that pointless shit) #2 Papa Roach's album didn't come out till 2000!!!
    By: Siko
    • 10. Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden
    • 9. Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson
    • 8. Buddy Holly by Weezer
    • 7. Jane Says by Jane's Addiction
    • 6. Disarm by Smashing Pumpkins
    • 5. Sober by Tool
    • 4. Rooster by Alice in Chains
    • 3. Closer by Nine Inch Nails
    • 2. Jeremy by Pearl Jam
    • 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

    I know that I chose all popular songs, but I based this list on the impact the song had on the band's career, that time period's events and the generation itself.
    By: Charlotte
    • 10. Red Shoes by Kate Bush
      a great lady, hope she keeps belting them out, and this song is classic
    • 9. My Way by Limp Bizkit
      attitude, beat, talent.
    • 8. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      no comment needed
    • 7. Road Rage by Catatonia
      great anthem
    • 6. Supervixen by Garbage
      release the vixen in you!
    • 5. None Of Your Business by Salt n Pepa
      just look how Sandra Bullock reacts to it in Miss Congeniality and you'll get what I mean!!
    • 4. Notorious Kim by Lil Kim
      Great beat, wicked lyrics
    • 3. Dreaming by Alisha's Attic
      nice, easy song with just enough attitude to make it stand out
    • 2. It Don't Get Much Better by Meredith Brooks
      it's all in the title
    • 1. Everyday is a winding road by Sheryl Crow
      perfect for moody days

    By: Swim
    • 10. Until It Sleeps by Metallica
      A brilliant venture into pop music by a metal band.
    • 9. Divorce Song by Liz Phair
      A cool way for a woman to get back at a man.
    • 8. Jeremy by Pearl Jam
      Freaky, freaky, freaky idea portrayed in an easy-to-understand song.
    • 7. Wonderwall by Oasis
      Not big into smarmy, brawling bros, but can't deny this track rocks.
    • 6. Winter by Tori Amos
      Sadness CAN be beautiful.
    • 5. The Big Empty by Stone Temple Pilots
      What a groovy, jazzy song! Love this break from STP's heroine-induced routine .
    • 4. Bus To Beelzebub by Soul Coughing
      Let's put a cheating girlfriend, a Bugs Bunny sample and the Devil together. College radio at its best.
    • 3. Livin' On The Edge by Aerosmith
      Cool video, and the song has an awesome break smack in the middle of it.
    • 2. Halleluiah by Jeff Buckley
      The sweetest and most tear-jerking of 90s ballads.
    • 1. The Fly by U2
      No one really pays attention to this song, but Edge proves he can play screamin' guitar with the best of them when he wants to. LOVE IT!

    By: Phat Max
    • 10. What I Got by Sublime
    • 9. Good by Better Than Ezra
    • 8. Nuthin But A Thang by Dr Dre & Snoop
    • 7. No Rain by Blind Mellon
    • 6. Loser by Beck
    • 5. Brainstew by Greenday
    • 4. Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice
    • 3. Bullet With Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins
    • 2. Gin N Juice by Snoop Dogg
    • 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

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