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Top Ten Songs of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite songs from the 90s?

    By: Barry Nulty
    • 10. Eulogy by Tool
      Heavy, intelligent, atmospheric anthem from the amazing album Aenima dedicated to the comedic genius an modern day prophet, Bill Hicks.
    • 9. Feel Good Hit of the Summer by Queens Of The Stone Age
      I dare you listen to this song and not want to know the words immediately after hearing it for the simple reason you'll want to sing along next time!
    • 8. Out Of Space by The Prodigy
      The greatest dance song of all time. Ravers and Rockers alike can appreciate this classic tune.
    • 7. Come To Daddy by Aphex Twin
      The video that kept you up all night after watching it. The scariest looking creature ever imagined screaming with an ever increasing high pitch right in the face of an innocent lil' ol' lady. Pure evil and pure genius.
    • 6. Song 2 by Blur
      Sorry I was wrong! This is yet another song that gets every ass off its respective seat and demands you to touch the ceiling with just that in a frenzied stupor!
    • 5. Teardrop by Massive Attack
      Massive Attack's finest moment. A wonderful wonderful deeply emotional and involving song that will almost bring a teardrop to YOUR eye.
    • 4. Scooby Snacks by Fun Lovin' Criminals
      Just a pure happy sing along song.
    • 3. Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine
      Probably the only song besides "...Teen Spirit" that gets EVERY guy and gal out of their seats jumping around like crazy no matter what their taste in music. Its impossible to remain still and quiet when a band produces this much energy in a song. Get off your ass and scream!:"F**K YOU I WON"T DO WHAT YA TELL ME!"
    • 2. Planet Of Sound by Pixies
      If this band never came about in '87 there would be no such thing as: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Bush, Radiohead etc. etc. Black Francis INVENTED screaming in the middle of songs and the Pixies are the indisputed greatest rock band of all time. There would probably be more Pixies songs in this top ten if the band didn't break up in '91!
    • 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      It doesn't get any better than this rock anthem. The perfect song. Kurdt Kobain admitted that the Nevermind album was "heavily influenced" by the Pixies Surfer Rosa album. In other words he ripped it off!, but we won't hold it against him.

    Its an unfortunate and depressing thing to see people have compiled Top Ten lists with the likes of N*SYNC etc. in them. I just hope that you have woken up since you accidently clicked "Send Info" when you completed your list of what was, in your opinion, the BEST songs of the 90's!? Surely you were taking the piss!? These acts are killing the music industry as we know it and infecting our kids minds with filth and lies. Please in your wisdom stop paying attention to these fools and look within yourselves to see and know that it is just plain wrong to glorify, entertain and support the commercial idiots and corporate dictators that run the world today as we know it. At least just THINK about it!
    By: Dean
    • 10. All The Man That I Need by Whitney Houston
      Whitney's first REAL soul song since 'You Give Good Love'.
    • 9. Red Light Special by TLC
      This is one of the greatest love song and is DEFINITELY better than the overrated 'Waterfalls'.
    • 8. Street Dreams (Remix) by Nas & R.Kelly
      Not many people have heard this but its REAL good.
    • 7. Fantasy (Remix) by Mariah Carey
      Mariah+rap=a very good song. This song was in everyones head. A true classic.
    • 6. Regulate by Warren G & Nate Dogg
      This is definitely one of the best rap songs ever. Nate Dogg is amazing in this song.
    • 5. Weak by SWV
      Too bad they disappeared, this was a good song.
    • 4. Killing Me Softly by The Fugees
      Truly a classic.
    • 3. Juicy by The Notorious BIG
      The lyrics are just amazing.
    • 2. End Of The Road by Boyz II Men
      This is a classic.
    • 1. I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston
      In my opinion, this song is not Whitney's best song and is slightly overrated, however, 1992 belonged to Whitney and The Bodyguard and this song is the best selling song of all time. Enough said.

    Other good songs include 'Crossroads', 'Love Takes Time', 'One More Chance', 'Dreamlover' and 'Dear Mama'.
    By: CJ
    • 10. I Know (What You're Doing) by Dionne Ferris
      Good song, never get tired of it.
    • 9. ...Baby One More Time by Britney Spears
      I HATE Britney Spears! She's my least favorite "singer" ever. With that said, I really like this song. It doesn't make any sense, I know, but I guess this song was before she became a "superstar" and I hated her.
    • 8. You Get What You Give by New Radicals
      This was a great song, enough said.
    • 7. The Sign by Ace of Base
      Whatever happened to Ace of Base...
    • 6. U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer
      Whenever I hear this one, I think of 1st grade skating parties and making up actions to it.
    • 5. All Star by Smashmouth
      The summer before I was a freshman, I set a goal to memorize this song... and I did it!
    • 4. Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot
      I just heard this one last year, but I love it. It's an anthem and as long as there are big butts, this song will live on.
    • 3. Waterfalls by TLC
      Whenever I hear this song I think of 5th grade...
    • 2. I'll Be There For You by The Rembrants
      I hear it every night when I watch Friends rereuns and I still haven't gotten tired of it!
    • 1. MMM Bop by Hanson
      Okay, cheesy, but it was cool when I was a 7th grader and that CD did not come out of my stereo for a year, so I think it wins.

    DIShonorable Mentions: My Heart Will Go On, all Britney Spears except #9, Macarena, and any N*Stink, I mean N*Sync.
    By: David
    • 10. Slim Shady by Eminem
    • 9. Missing You by Puff Daddy
    • 8. I Ain't Mad At Cha by 2pac
    • 7. Changes by 2pac
    • 6. Ride Wit Me by Nelly
    • 5. Crossroads by Bone Thugs N Harmony
    • 4. Life Goes On by 2pac
    • 3. A Song For Mama by Boyz Ii Men
    • 2. Dear Mama by 2pac
    • 1. Till The End Of Time by 2pac

    By: Frank Harrison
    • 10. Jeremy by Pearl Jam
    • 9. Song 2 by Blur
    • 8. Connection by Elastica
    • 7. Common People by Pulp
    • 6. Seether by Veruca Salt
    • 5. Been Caught Stealing by Jane's Addiction
    • 4. Creep by Radiohead
    • 3. Today by Smashing Pumpkins
    • 2. Cannonball by Breeders
    • 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

    By: Rebecca
    • 10. Blister In The Sun by Violent Femmes
      Don't tell me this song doesn't make you smile.
    • 9. The Fragile by Nine Inch Nails
      I love the way NIN can go from raging hard rock to ballad; they're really versatile.
    • 8. Trigger Happy Jack by Poe
      Its just too creepy not to include on my list of favorites.
    • 7. Tubthumping by Chumbuwumba
      He drinks a whiskey drink, he drinks a vodka drink, he drinks a larger drink, he drinks a cider drink...
    • 6. Untouchable Face by Ani Difranco
      Have I mentioned that I was REALLY into the angry girl movement back then? ;)
    • 5. Winter by Tori Amos
      Tori Amos is a lyrical genius; this is one of the most beautiful songs ever written.
    • 4. Buddy Holly by Weezer
      All things Weezer are good. :)
    • 3. A Killer In Me by The Smashing Pumpkins
      What can I say? Like all depressed teenagers, I adored the Pumpkins
    • 2. When I Grow Up by Garbage
      In high school, this was my anthem.
    • 1. All Apologies by Nirvana
      Little know fact: this was the first song I ever learned how to play on the guitar. Well, I didn't so much PLAY it as finger a few not-quite-chords and holler along off key.

    By: Jason
    • 10. Sober by Tool
    • 9. Shut Up And Drive by Deftones
    • 8. Down by 311
    • 7. Daughter by Pearl Jam
    • 6. Spiders by System Of A Down
    • 5. Blowjob Betty by Too Short
    • 4. Freak On A Leash by Korn
    • 3. Crush by Dave Matthews Band
    • 2. Aenima by Tool
    • 1. Say It Ain't So by Weezer

    I just like those songs
    By: Max
    • 10. Better Man by Pearl Jam
      Cant find a better mannnnnnnnnnnnn...........
    • 9. Emerald Sword by Rhapsody
      Nothing wrong with hardcore Italian power metal. They have funny accents, its great.
    • 8. Lake of Fire by Nirvana
      They do a better version than the Meat Puppets, and boy is it good.
    • 7. No Rain by Blind Melon
      Dunno what to say, just a superb song
    • 6. Everlong by Foo Fighters
      What the HELL are they saying when he's just talking?????? Still an amazing song
    • 5. Perfect by Smashing Pumpkins
      Tears well up in my eyes when I hear this........
    • 4. Good by Better Than Ezra
      One of those songs that you have to know. The simple guitar and bass are just perfect.
    • 3. Champagne Supernova by Oasis
    • 2. In The Garage by Weezer
      Part of the best album of the 90's, Weezer (Blue)
    • 1. Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers
      Most beautiful song ever

    Almost: Shine by Collective Soul, Ill Be That Girl by Barenaked Ladies, Two Princes by Spin Doctors
    By: Adam Larabie
    • 10. Disarm by Smashing Pumpkins
      These guys without a doubt were one of the most influential bands in all aspects of the 90's!!!!!
    • 9. Life Goes On & Changes by 2pac
    • 8. My name is Jonas by Weezer
    • 7. Smash by Offspring
    • 6. ZERO by Smashing Pumpkins
    • 5. Hooker With A Penis by Tool
    • 4. Digital Bath by Deftones
    • 3. Deadly Combination by 2pac & Notorious BiG
    • 2. Wheels of Steel by Outkast (Atliens)
    • 1. By Starlight by The Smashing Pumpkins
      Amazing, It creates a Plutonic Love kind of atmosphere.

    By: Adam Larabie
    • 10. Eye by Smashing Pumpkins (Lost Highway soundtrack)
      The Smashing Pumpkins were the most diverse thing music had going. What's left now?
    • 9. Amber by 311
    • 8. Korn by Got The Life
    • 7. Fuck With This by Necro
    • 6. Down In The Park by Marilyn Manson & NiN(RemiX)
    • 5. Digital Bath by The Deftones
    • 4. One by Metallica
    • 3. Push it by Tool
    • 2. Hurt(soft) Closer(Heavey) er by Nine Inch Nails
    • 1. Bullet With Butterfly Wings by The Smashing Pumpkins
      A flawless victory for this song, to me this song would take the cake for the best well written and sounding heavey tune of (all time).

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