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Top Ten Songs of the 90s

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80s Top Songs

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 90s?

    • 10. Amazed by Lonestar
      The only country song I will ever listen too
    • 9. Amitieville by Eminem
      Bizzair is so tight
    • 8. Sh** can happen by D 12
      Tight entry song
    • 7. Nothin by Noreaga
      shhhhhhhhh nothin!
    • 6. Air Force Ones by Nelly
      bass is so loud on my system
    • 5. Falling away (from me) by Korn
      illin beat
    • 4. B**ch Please by Snoop Dogg feat. Xzibit
      Best one yet
    • 3. As The World Turns by Eminem
      Oh my god, so good
    • 2. Know Your Enimies by Rage Agianst the Machine
      Guitar is sick
    • 1. The Way I Am by Eminem
      So much anger, with so much flow

    Eminem is the best ever!!!!
    • 10. Porcelain by Moby
      He's an original...what he does is completely amazing...
    • 9. Radiophonic by Pet Shop Boys
      Best dance tune from that group...So th��tral...I love this band...it's hard to choose one song from them...
    • 8. Isobel by Bjork
      Because she is the best female artist of the 90s
    • 7. My Name is Jonas by Weezer
      I've sang this song so many times...
    • 6. Shampoo by Zuckerbaby
      Canada rocks!!!
    • 5. Sang d'encre by Jean Leloup
      Je pense qu'il est l'artiste francophone le plus complet, le plus int�ressant qui existe...
    • 4. Cheapskate by Supergrass
      Because I think this is a fun band...they're up to anything...
    • 3. Wonderwall by Oasis
      It's a classic!!! The best song that Noel Gallagher has written.
    • 2. Parklife by Blur
      It's the best one they've done yet!!!!
    • 1. Disco 2000 by Pulp
      It's the best disco song of the 90s...

    By: MEL the Bee
    • 10. You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette
      That song made me the feminist that I am today...hehehe...I should add here Come as you are by Nirvana...I just didn't know where to put that song, but it's definitely one of my favorite...
    • 9. Road Rage by Catatonia
      Best song in my car
    • 8. Joga by Bjork
      I used to listen to that song, wishing I could sing like her...
    • 7. 1990 by Jean Leloup
      Will always remind me of my first year in University, even though that song got out 10 years before...still Jean Le Loup is one of the best singer there is out there.
    • 6. One by U2
      This is one of the most touching songs I've ever heard...
    • 5. Home by Econoline Crush
      My favorite band in high school...great beat...amazing voice...awesome lyrics...
    • 4. Buddy Holly by Weezer
      Great song
    • 3. Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage
      That song was me in High school and still is most of the time...
    • 2. Every You Every Me by Placebo
      It's hard to choose one song from your favorite band ever, but I had to take that one because it brings me back to high school, when I first heard them.
    • 1. Motorcycle Emptiness by Manic Street Preachers
      This song is the most beautiful song I've ever heard.

    So many other songs that I could've put down here, but I had to choose only ten...the 90s rocked!!!
    By: Tabitha
    • 10. Somewhere Out There by Our Lady Peace
    • 9. Last Beautiful Girl by Matchbox 20
    • 8. A Praise Chorus by Jimmy Eat World
    • 7. Bullet with Butterfly Wings by The Smashing Pumpkins
    • 6. Time Of Your Life by Green Day
    • 5. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
    • 4. Turn the Page by Metallica
    • 3. Soothe by The Smashing Pumpkins
      The Smashing Pumpkins rock my world
    • 2. The Freshman by The Verve Pipe
      I can't even explain how this song makes me feel
    • 1. Mourning by Tantric
      One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard in my life

    By: B.J
    • 10. Living in Danger by Ace of Base
      Popular in Europe in '93, probably unheard of by non-Ace of Base fans.
    • 9. Fading Like A Flower by Roxette
      A classic track, brought to us by the sultans of 90s softrock.
    • 8. Macarena by Los Del Rio
      You have to admit, the song was so popular, that "most" people liked it (For about five minutes)
    • 7. Runaway by The Corrs
      I listen to this song when ever I feel stressed out.
    • 6. Jump by Kriss Kross
      Two kids, one great hit!
    • 5. Baby, Baby by Amy Grant
      As a handsome seven year old, Ms Grant rocked my world !
    • 4. Give it Up by Cut n Move
      Cover version of the 70s classic with an early 90s feel.
    • 3. Joey by Concrete Blonde
      Concrete Blonde were underated, yet their songs were insightful and unique.
    • 2. Ordinary World by Duran Duran
      I was excited to hear the news that Duran Duran was making a come back. I dont think I will ever forget this song.
    • 1. Beautiful Life by Ace of Base
      In order to be cool in grade 5, one had to love this song.

    By: laura
    • 10. The Door by Silverchair
      This one was a hard choice....so many great songs of the 90's....had a huge list of ones to include.
    • 9. 3 Libras by A Perfect Circle
      APC are great
    • 8. Counting Blue Cars by Dishwalla
      Tell me all your thoughts on god.....
    • 7. Blow up the pokies by The Whitlams
    • 6. Mr. Jones by Counting Crows
      Cant hear this song without singing!
    • 5. Santa Monica by Everclear
      Nice...very nice
    • 4. Lithium by Nirvarna
      I like all Nirvarna songs, but there are too many to list!
    • 3. 1979 And Tonight, Tonight by The Smashing Pumpkins
    • 2. Lover, You Should've Come Over by Jeff Buckley
      I miss and love you Jeff R.I.P
    • 1. Climbing Up The Walls And Exit Music by Radiohead
      Truely beautiful

    This was hard
    By: Tim
    • 10. Wonderful by Everclear
      Such an almost bright sounding melody can swallow you up in depression.
    • 9. When You're Gone by Matchbox 20
      Some of my friends that hate MB20 said this is the only song by them they listen to.
    • 8. Bed Of Lies by Matchbox 20
      Just listen to this one, you won't be disappointed.
    • 7. Satellite by Dave Matthews Band
      Dave Matthews displays excellent guitar skills and an impressive vocal range as well in this song.
    • 6. Exit Music (For a Film) by Radiohead
      I hate this song. I skip it every time. But when I first listened to it, I was amazed in a different way - this song is the most depressing song I have ever heard.
    • 5. Don't Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith
      Just a catchy song.
    • 4. Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton
      Classic, heartfelt song.
    • 3. Crash by Dave Matthews Band
      Never ended up getting this song out of my head.
    • 2. 4 AM by Our Lady Peace
      One of the most touching choruses I have yet to ever listen to.
    • 1. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
      "You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be" / "And I don't want the world to see me, cause I don't think that they'd understand" Meaningful lyrics, a melody that never gets old - this song has it all, and I'm sure we can all relate to it.

    Though these songs are amazing to -me- nonetheless, most of you emo/soft/alternative type listeners should try these more than anyone else.
    By: The Grand Pooh -bah
    • 10. Lemon Tree by Fools Garden
      probably the only songs that everyone can remember the words to
    • 9. Peaches by The Presidents Of The U.S.A
      one of those good songs that really don't have a purpose
    • 8. Country House by Blur
      same brit-rock/pop type band as above, but not as pms prone
    • 7. Wonderwall by Oasis
      brit-rock/pop from a pms prone band that changed everything
    • 6. Unbelieveable by Emf
      who could forget these guys?...i nearly did...
    • 5. Fly by Sugar Ray
      brilliant song for the summers.
    • 4. Black-hole Sun by Soundgarden
      big...very big...
    • 3. Nookie by Limp Bizkit
      oh for the days when Fred Durst was actually regarded as a person - big summer revolution hit...er...
    • 2. Impression That I Get by Mighty Mighty Bosstones
      taught the commercaial world all about ska
    • 1. Freak On A Leash by Korn
      revolutionised the metal world...where would we be without them? all hail the almighty Korn!

    By: Lives
    • 10. Say What You Want by Texas
    • 9. Torn by Natalie Imbruglia
    • 8. You Wanted More by Tonic
    • 7. When You Say Nothing At All by Ronan Keating
      Think Notting Hill. Ok so it's all mushy but it appeals to many.
    • 6. (I'm a) Bitch by Meredith Brookes
      It really does sum us females up.
    • 5. Sway by Bic Runga
      No comment - it's just a great song.
    • 4. Loyal by Dave Dobbyn
      Personal reasons from myself and fellow peers would rate this as a top song. It's a song about love, that bond that is unconditional with its heartache along the way.
    • 3. Angels by Robbie Williams
      Well you did say pop! Robbie has his fans and his cynics but this song will stick around.
    • 2. Slide by Goo Goo Dolls
      "What you feel is what you are and what you are is beautiful" - I love that line and the whole song is versatile - you can apply it to any mood!
    • 1. Most Things U2 by U2
      I can't pick just one song but they deserve to be on the Top 10 list. Reasons for this are...every time I hear one of their songs on the radio I leave it on rather than find something else. No matter what mood I am in there is always a song by U2 to help "heighten" my emotions. Their lyrics are powerful.

    Before you scroll any further take note that it is late at night and I'm only scrolling through a little song list I have in front of me! The songs that I have picked tend to run along the same lines with the same meanings (which is why they are on the list together!!) So, they may not be my ultimate Top 10 but they stand out for me and I'll never forget them. I think that makes a top song anyway.
    By: Jon
    • 10. Smells like Teen Shirt by Nirvana
    • 9. Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve
    • 8. Rosa Parks by Outkast
    • 7. Wonderwall by Oasis
    • 6. Allision Road by Gin Blossom
    • 5. Lat Dance with Mary Jane by Tom Petty
    • 4. November Rain by Guns and Roses
    • 3. Jumper by Thrid Eye Blind
    • 2. Slide by Goo Goo Dolls
    • 1. One by U2

    I know im probally forgetting another 15-20 songs but oh well

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