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Top Ten Songs of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite songs from the 90s?

    By: Maria
    • 10. Hail Mary And Dear Momma by Tupac
      RIP tupac (we love you)
    • 9. I Aint Mad Atcha by Tupac
      tupac RIP
    • 8. Foe Tha Luv Of $ by Bone Thugs N Harmony & Eazy E
      RIP Eazy E
    • 7. Changes by Tupac
      RIP tupac
    • 6. Look Into My Eyes by Bone Thugs N Harmony
      i love btnh!!!!!!
    • 5. Thugz Cry by Bizzy Bone
      i love bizzy!!!!
    • 4. 1st Of Tha Month by Bone Thugs N Harmony
      i love bizzy,layzie, krayzie, flesh, wish, and DJ UNEEK
    • 3. Thuggish Ruggish Bone by Bone Thugs N Harmony
      i love bone
    • 2. Hit Em Up by Tupac And Outlawz
      RIP tupac and kadafi
    • 1. Crossroads by Bone Thugs N Harmony
      very touching song!!!!!!! RIP Eazy E, tupac, kadafi!!!

    you all should get these songs cuz they are great!!!!
    By: Howie
    • 10. I'm Going Back To Cali by Biggie
      One of the greatest rappers ever.
    • 9. You, Me, And The Bottle Makes Three by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
      Kill me, but BBVD rules!
    • 8. Angel by Shaggy
      The women love this song!
    • 7. Hot In Here by Nelly
    • 6. Ruff Ryders Anthem by Dmx
      DMX is one of the most talented rappers.
    • 5. Time Of Your Life by Green Day
    • 4. Stan by Eminem
      I had to choose atleast one Eminem song. Why not his best one.
    • 3. Hard Knock Life by Jay-z
      What an awesome remix.
    • 2. What It's Like by Everlast/ Whitey Ford
      My Favorite song all time.
    • 1. Gone 'til November by Wyclef Jean
      Wyclef is one of the most original musicians out there.

    I tried to be somewhat objective, but obviously its a matter of taste.
    By: SEAN
    • 10. Be Like That by Three Doors Down
    • 9. It's My Life by Bon Jovi
    • 8. Apple Shampoo by Blink 182
    • 7. Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen
    • 6. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
    • 5. My Own Prison by Creed
    • 4. Last Kiss by Pearl Jam
      lots of emotions r sent thru a person in this song
    • 3. November Rain by Guns and Roses
    • 2. Amazing by Aerosmith
      aerosmith always makes good songs
    • 1. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day

    A good list, but some other songs could b subsituted for the last five
    By: Lance Valladares
    • 10. Got To Keep Them Seperated by Offspring
      it reminds me of all my enomys and fights and all uther worldly plesures
    • 9. Asshole by Dennis Leary
      that songs makes me laf
    • 8. Down With The Clown by Insane Clown Possie
      im doun with the clown till im dead in the ground me and the rest of the hatchet familie juggalos and juggalettes and when we are in shangrila well still be down
    • 7. Irisistable Bitch by West Side Conection
      WEST SIED!!
    • 6. The Revolution by Cooliow
      it was bumpen
    • 5. Boys In The Hood Are Always Hard by Eazy E
      this is just a badaz song
    • 4. Smells Like Teem Spiret by Nervana
      this remindes me of the good past times
    • 3. California Love by 2pac
      this song gives LA a lot of pride
    • 2. Halls Of Illution by Insane Clown Possie
      only if people who need to lisen to this song would
    • 1. Pigy Pie by Insane Clown Possie
      that song is somthen you can bump mad base in your momus car with your family singen along

    juggalos stay strong after the last song
    By: Brian
    • 10. Tight Rope by Stevie Ray Vaughan
      From the last album of this precise and fluid Late Guitarist
    • 9. Down in a Hole by Alice in Chains
      Some of Jerry Cantrells best orchestration, and Lane Staley's Vocals?--the generation's finest--no more need to be said. Lane we miss you.
    • 8. Lithium by Nirvana
      a good example of Cobain's song writing
    • 7. Freedom by Rage Against the Machine
      Anger, intellegence and insight.
    • 6. Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      Changed music as we know--for better or worse
    • 5. You Could Be Mine by Guns 'n' Roses
      One of the the few lean rockin'roll tunes from the bloated double album
    • 4. Pearl Jam by Alive
      Pure Rockin'Roll Riff.
    • 3. Voodoo Chile by Jimi Hendrix
      from the middle-ninties postumous release of Jimi's performance at Woodstock--there is more fire in the performance of this song than any other than I've ever seen--and influence to all others named.
    • 2. Remedy by The Black Crowes
      From the 'Southern Harmony and Musical Companion' The best bar room, dope smoking rockin'roll since the early seventies. They sure went down hill after the exercism of lead axe Marc Ford
    • 1. Any song from 'Time Out of Mind' by Bob Dylan
      This album marked the resurrection of genius in song writing--something the decade was short of.

    By: Olly
    • 10. Walk by Blind Melon
    • 9. Black Star by Radiohead
    • 8. She Talks To Angels by Counting Crows
    • 7. Suicidal Dream by Silverchair
    • 6. Pretty Noose by Soundgarden
    • 5. Today by Smashing Pumpkins
    • 4. Goo Goo Dolls by Iris
    • 3. Black by Pearl Jam
      What can I say ?
    • 2. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      Most everybody else's no.1, it was close but my no. 2
    • 1. Soup by Blind Melon
      A massively under-rated band - a fantastic song !

    By: Maria
    • 10. Thug Mentality by Krayzie Bone
      came out in 99' and is a great video and has cameos with layzie bone, wish bone and felsh-n-bone!!!!!
    • 9. Thugz Cry by Bizzy Bone
      awww i love bizzy soooo much!!!! this song is tight. the video has cameos from wc, mack 10, wish bone, krayzie bone, and mya. i love this video
    • 8. Weed Song by Bone Thugs N Harmony
      anotha great underground video!!! and very funny video!!!!!!
    • 7. Budda Lovaz by Bone Thugs N Harmony
      great underground video and very funny video!!!"gotta learn to smoke tha budda" haha
    • 6. Thuggish Ruggish Bone by Bone Thugs N Harmony
      omg!! this is the first video that bone came out with and i think it is a great song!!!
    • 5. Foe Tha Luv Of $ by Bone Thugs N Hamrony Ft. Eazy E
      great video and song!! make that money boyzzzz!!! RIP eazy e
    • 4. Ressurection (paper,paper) by Bone Thugs N Harmony
      they're come back was amazing!!!!!!!! eventhough this came out in 00' it deserves to be in here.
    • 3. 1st Of Tha Month by Bone Thugs N Harmony
      awwww what a great song
    • 2. Thug Luv by Bone Thugs N Harmony Ft. Tupac
      great song, tight beat!!! what can i say any collabo with those two artists will be great!
    • 1. Crossroads (remix) by Bone Thugs N Harmony
      that song is soo touching. Bone thugs n harmony ruled the ninties and will alwayz. i love them soooooo much.

    i also love tupac!!! tupac is sooo good. bone thugs n tupac are the greatest rappers of all time!!!!! RIP tupac, kadafi,and eazy e!!!
    By: Joel Rosenbaum
    • 10. American Jesus by Bad Religion
      more relevant than ever.
    • 9. Burn One Down by Ben Harper
      some snobs find this song too childish or simplistic for their tastes. well, f' em. this is a great ben harper song.
    • 8. I'll Be Here Awhile by 311
      not especially brilliant, but i like this song a lot.
    • 7. Euro Trash Girl by Cracker
      long, rambling song. irreverent, enjoyable.
    • 6. Hook by Blues Traveller
      wry, cynical, well written. generally awesome.
    • 5. Come As You Are by Nirvana
      used to hold much more importance to me than it does now. helped me pass through adolescence.
    • 4. Ring Ring Ring (ha Hey Hey) by De La Soul
      one of the tightest party jams ever written.
    • 3. Caress Me Down by Sublime
      sublime cut it simple, fun, relaxed. brad just fucking around, having a good time. si tu hables espagnol.
    • 2. Change by Blind Melon
      one of the most soulful songs ever sung. blind melon's brilliance is often overlooked due to the massive success and misinterpretation of no rain. perhaps one song i've listened to more than any other.
    • 1. Daughter by Pearl Jam
      it has always been my opinion that vs. was a better album than ten (against the popular thinking). this is one of the big reasons why.

    By: Daffy Duck
    • 10. Big Me by Foo Fighters
    • 9. Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots
    • 8. Lithium by Nirvana
    • 7. Monday by Wilco
    • 6. One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces by Ben Folds Five
    • 5. Martyr by Rusted Root
    • 4. Over Now by Alice In Chains
    • 3. Mr. Jones by Counting Crows
    • 2. Elderly Woman Behind a Counter In A Small Town by Pearl Jam
    • 1. Warehouse by Dave Matthews

    By: Keith
    • 10. One More Time by Daft Punk
    • 9. Who Let The Dogs Out? by Baha Men
    • 8. Mama Mia by A*teens
    • 7. Dancing Queen by A*teens
    • 6. Backstreet's Back by Backstreet Boys
    • 5. Blue by Eiffel 65
    • 4. Oops! I Did It Again by Brittney Spears
    • 3. Bye Bye Bye by N'sync
    • 2. Crazy by Brittney Spears
    • 1. Macarena by Los Del Rio

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