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Top Ten Songs of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite songs from the 90s?

    By: Martin Hadberg
    • 10. Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden
      great song!!! it got played alot in the 90's, not as much as "Smells like teen sprit" but still...
    • 9. Smells Like Teen Sprit by Nirvana
      Their Unplugged in New York...is the best accoustic set I have ever listened to. it's a pure sound! R.I.P Kurt Cobain!
    • 8. Alive by Pearl Jam
      Come on! it's better than Jeremy. TEN however is a powerful Album...
    • 7. Wonderwall by Oasis
    • 6. Streets Of Philadelphia by Bruce Springsteen
      It's The Boss! just a great song...
    • 5. Cryin' by Aerosmith
      A Classic!
    • 4. Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band
      ...If you want a girl to like you, this is the song you play for her...
    • 3. Lightning Crashes by Live
      Amazing Band! Perfect song "the angel opens her eyes pale blue colored iris"
    • 2. One by U2
      The greatest Band in the world! Bono is this century Shakespeare "one" great poet...with a little help from his friends: The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen. PRIDE OF IRELAND!
    • 1. Grace by Jeff Buckley
      R.I.P - You trudly were a god-given talent!!! My favourite song of the 90's...

    The definition of the 90's was Nirvana. But the 90's were alot of things...it mostly rocked by the Seattle crew: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains. But in the late 90's it pop'ed with Britney and all the other pop icons "which sucks" in my opinion, it's not really pure! most of it, is produced. But in general, nobody ruled the 90's, it was the time of "the one hit wonders"!!!
    By: Jaim Gleissner
    • 10. End Of The Road by Boyz Ii Men
    • 9. I Swear by All For One
    • 8. Omaha by Counting Crows
    • 7. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
    • 6. Hold My Hand by Hootie And The Blowfish
    • 5. Killing Me Softly by Fugees
    • 4. No No No by Destiny's Child
    • 3. Every Step You Take by Puff Daddy
    • 2. Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice
    • 1. Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot

    By: Yvonne
    • 10. I Know by Placebo
    • 9. Lady Of The Flowers by Placebo
    • 8. Sweet Dreams... by Marilyn Manson
    • 7. Come As You Are by Nirvana
      why'd he have to die???????
    • 6. If I Am by Nine Days
      only here to watch you as you suffer, i will let you down....
    • 5. Killing In The Name Of... by Rage Against The Machine
    • 4. Special K by Placebo
      all time fave band...kick ass....yeah....
    • 3. Dangerous Game by Three Doors Down
      great song...great band..what more to be said
    • 2. With Arms Wide Open by Creed
      creed kick ass majorly....along with my sacrifice...has to be a best song
    • 1. Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls
      just a great love song...the line, "and you bleed just to know you're alive"

    god theres so many more, and l8r i'll be like, shit i missed this, but oh well, these are for now....
    By: Susie Skygoddess_111@hotmail.com
    • 10. Buddy Holly by Weezer
      This is such a cool song!
    • 9. Come As You Are by Nirvana
      Nirvana at their best
    • 8. Dating Game by Insane Clown Posse
      This song is just hilarious!
    • 7. Dont Cry by Guns N Roses
      Guns n roses rock!
    • 6. Love Is Blind by Eve
      this is one of my fav songs ever, its so sad...
    • 5. My Way Out by David Usher
      This is such a nice song
    • 4. Supermans Song by Crash Test Dummies
      Supermans such a gentlemen! Its a good thing hes on our side...
    • 3. Life Goes On by Tupac
      I love this song
    • 2. Wonderboy by Tenacious D
      Who doesnt think that killing a yakk form 200 yards away with mind bullets is cool??! LOL, Jack Black and Kyle are awesome!
    • 1. 4am by Our Lady Peace
      This is the best song ever! Its helped me get through soooo much, I love OLP!

    I have sooo many songs that I love! These are just afew of them that came to mind, I love all kinds of music! OLP rocks!
    By: Jacob
    • 10. Creep by Radiohead
    • 9. Suite-pee by System Of A Down
    • 8. Bitch by 2 Pac
    • 7. Disarm by The Smashing Pumpkins
    • 6. Man In A Box by Alice In Chains
    • 5. Scar Tissue by Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    • 4. The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson
    • 3. Jeremy by Pearl Jam
    • 2. November Rain by Guns N Roses
    • 1. Rape Me by Nirvana

    By: Tara
    • 10. Debbie Gibson by Lost In Your Eyes
      I was a really young girl when this came out. Maybe 11 or so. This is one of those teen love songs that the girl's could not get over!
    • 9. The Sign by Ace of Base
      I really don't dig this song anymore, but it was a pretty popular song when it came out.
    • 8. You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette
      I played this song SO MANY freaking times!
    • 7. Nookie by Limp Bizkit
      Remember this one?
    • 6. SpaceGrass by Clutch
      GREAT song! "Jesus On The Dashboard!"
    • 5. Rumpshaker by Wrex-N-Effect
      All I wanna do is a zoom zoom zoom and a boom boom!
    • 4. Machine Head by Bush
      I was the absolute #1 fan of Bush in the earlier days. Man, is Gavin goodlooking!!
    • 3. The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground
      This is a great song...totally early 1990's.
    • 2. Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot
      Now, who can't like this song?
    • 1. Jump Around by House Of Pain
      This was my #1 favorite song in the 90s...

    By: Djoodjoo
    • 10. Cancer For The Cure by Eels
    • 9. L'appartement by Louise Attaque
    • 8. Wandering Stars by Portishead
    • 7. Equally Damaged by Blonde Redhead
    • 6. Novocaine For The Soul by Eels
    • 5. I Still Get Rocks Off by Blonde Redhead
    • 4. Let Down by Radiohead
    • 3. Les Tetes Raides by L'iditent´┐Ż
    • 2. Venus by On The White Line
    • 1. Paranoid Android by Radiohead

    By: RIP layne and kurt
    • 10. Been Caught Stealin by Jane's Addiction
      Personally, I detest Jane's Addiction with a burning passion. But this song is one exception...it's GREAT! so yeah, it makes my countdown.
    • 9. Heart-Shaped Box by Nirvana
      Probably my favorite song of all timen, even including all the great stuff from the 70's and 60's. Personally, I prefer "In Utero" over "Nevermind", even though it was bashed by critics. Each song on it is unique (like AIC'S Dirt), unlike Nevermind's somewhat repetative but successful formula.
    • 8. Creep by Radiohead
      OK Computer changed rock almost as much as Nevermind, Dirt or Ten, the three focal records of the 90's. Its strangely melodic, hardly-rock beat caught a line on the mainstream and influenced many.
    • 7. Plush by Stone Temple Pilots
      Never been too fond of this band, but I LOVE this song. Kinda punkish, grunge-ish...good stuff.
    • 6. Gin and Juice by Snoop Dogg
      Never been one for rap, except I realize that "gangsta" rap has had a great impact on our culture. Gin and Juice is one of the many anthems. Good song, too.
    • 5. Rooster by Alice in Chains
      The most dramatic, heart-wrenching song I have ever heard. Truly one of AIC's finest works. It ranks up there with the greatest of grunge hits. Yet another masterpiece collected within Dirt. I cannot iterate enough on the greatness of AIC's Dirt. EVERY song on it is as powerful as the last, particularly "Rooster", "Would", "Down in a Hole", "Them Bones", and "Godsmack". Even tunes a bit on the weird side such as "Angry Chair" and "Sickman" have their merits, and are as beautiful in dissonance as the stronger songs are in harmony. As far as grunge albums go, it is third in commercial success (after Nevermind and Ten) and second in critical success (after Nevermind). AIC is so greatly underappreciated, it's almost as depressing as their lyrics. Their dark, brooding but somewhat hopeful songs have inspired and influenced hundreds of bands, including Creed, Staind, Godsmack (named after one of AIC's songs), Puddle of Mud, Nickelback, etc etc etc. And AIC did it a helluva lot better than any of those bands mentioned.
    • 4. Losing my Religion by REM
      A big hit from an influential band
    • 3. Alive by Pearl Jam
      Wow...dramatic, self-distinguishable song. TEN was commercially successful...even though I dont like Pearl Jam too much, the whole Ten CD may be one of the best works of art in rock history, along with Dirt and Nevermind...jeesh, that time spawned a lot of success!
    • 2. Would? by Alice in Chains
      The song that really started it out for them. Layne Staley for vocals, Cantrell on guitar, amazing bass and drums. WHO could ask for a better composition for a band. Dirt, btw, was the most critically acclaimed album of the whole grunge movement besides Nirvana's Nevermind, of course. It was more successful than any of Soundgarden's records, with 5 million sold. AIC deserves more respect than they usually get.
    • 1. Nirvana by Smells Like Teen Spirit
      THE MOST influential song of the 90's, hands down. Really started it off for Seattle....great song, too.

    Yeah, as you can tell, I'm a bit biased towards the rock genre. But still, it was the major genre of music of that time, particularly during the grunge era. Three essential albums, I would say, are Nevermind, Dirt, and Ten, in that order. I have come up with this rank by adding up the commercial and critical success. AIC and Nirvana: combined, two of the greatest bands to ever grace the planet with musical magic. AIC, with a negatively-charged emotional mood, and Nirvana with a more upbeat sound. Of course, there are other bands of the 90's - notable ones too - that did not get on my countdown, and they deserve just as much recognition.
    By: Charles Walker
    • 10. State Of Love And Trust by Pearl Jam
      Outstanding lyrics and melody. An expression of deep thought and pain.
    • 9. Live-in Skin by Foo Fighters
      A non-release on Foo Fighters BEST album, There Is Nothing Left To Lose. "I'm amazed that I'm still standing and I demand that we all play dead"
    • 8. Black by Pearl Jam
      A very moving and powerful song. Eddie Vedder's voice is amazing.
    • 7. Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana
      All that stuff about Smells Like Teen Spirit being the best nirvana song ever is bull. This song blows it out of the water.
    • 6. Would? by Alice In Chains
      This is an amazing song with an explosive chorus and a haunting ending.
    • 5. Just by Radiohead
      All in all, a summary of ninety's rock in itself.
    • 4. In My Tree by Pearl Jam
      A non-release off of pearl jam's worst album, but still one of my favorite songs ever. (as you can tell i'm a HUGE pearl jam fan)
    • 3. Paranoid Android by Radiohead
      Listen to this song, there's nothing like it!
    • 2. Burden In My Hand by Soundgarden
      The scariest lyrics you'll ever see in a song. You have to look deep into this one
    • 1. Even Flow by Pearl Jam
      I just have a thing for this one.

    Go buy the albums these songs came from: Pearl Jam - Even Flow, Black --- Pearl Jam - Ten Alice In Chains - Would?, Pearl Jam - State of Love and Trust --- Various Artists - "Singles" soundtrack Radiohead - Paranoid Android --- Radiohead - O.K. Computer Radiohead - Just --- Radiohead - The Bends Pearl Jam - In My Tree --- Pearl Jam - No Code Soundgarden - Burden in My Hand --- Soundgarden - Down on the Upside Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box --- Nirvana - In Utero Foo Fighters - Live-in Skin --- Foo Fighters - There is Nothing Left to Lose
    By: Ed Finn
    • 10. Hunger Strike by Temple Of The Dog
    • 9. Stand By Me by Oasis
    • 8. Creap by Radiohead
    • 7. Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots
    • 6. Mr Jones by Counting Crows
    • 5. Smells Like Teen Spirt by Nirvana
    • 4. Lightening Crashes by Live
    • 3. Black by Pearl Jam
    • 2. Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers
    • 1. Better Man by Pearl Jam

    11- black hole sun, 12- say it aint so (weezer), 13 -santeria, 14 home again (shihad), 15 glycerine, 16 on your own (blur), 17 epic(faith no more), 18 yellow ledbeter(pearl jam), 19- wishlist(pearl jam), 20- alice in chains (would)

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