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Top Ten Songs of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite songs from the 90s?

    By: Rory
    • 10. More Than Words by Extreme
    • 9. Never Tear Us Apart by INXS
    • 8. Every Breath You Take by Police
    • 7. What I Got by Sublime
    • 6. Creep by Radiohead
    • 5. So In Love by All 4 One
      I usually hate boy bands but this is such a sweet rendition of this song
    • 4. Don't Speak by No Doubt
    • 3. With Or Without You by U2
    • 2. Feilds Of Gold by Eva Cassidy
    • 1. Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton

    By: Joshua
    • 10. Father Of Mine by Everclear
      People make fun of them but their sound is really cool and this song was great
    • 9. Changes by Tupac
      Good song made alot of people think
    • 8. Jumper by Third Eye Blind
      Their first multi-
    • 7. My Own Prison by Creed
      People may not like them now but at the time everybody was liking creed
    • 6. Alive by Pearl Jam
      The whole 10 album should have its place but I just picked this song because I remember hearing it for the first time
    • 5. Crash In To Me by Dave Matthews Band
      Every one says dave is pot smoking music its not this is an awesome tune than everybody likes and they know it great love song
    • 4. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
      Its probably the only overplayed song that I can listen to every time and smile john reznick brilliant songwriter
    • 3. Wonderwall by Oasis
      Really cocky band but so much potential good song that everybody knows and will always remember
    • 2. Black Or White by Micheal Jackson
      Good song cool video remembering the early 90s I have to say that this song belongs in #2
    • 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      It really did change rock music it did almost what lou reed,david bowie and iggy pop did to music great song

    Have a pinecone kind of day
    By: C Dawg
    • 10. Black Hole Sun by Sound Garden
      Every kid uses a black color crayon
    • 9. November Rain by Guns N Roses
      cause it snows in November
    • 8. Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison
      or every thorn has its rose...
    • 7. Straight Up by Paula Abdul
      total chick flick
    • 6. Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday by Boyz 2 Men
      because it is
    • 5. Heres To The Nite by Eve 6
      ode to Homecoming
    • 4. I Wanna Love U 4 Ever by Jessica Simpson
      she so sweet
    • 3. Dirty by Christina A
      because i am
    • 2. Never Ever by All Saints
      so fun to sing along with
    • 1. Ghetto Cowboy by Mo Thugs
      i love horses

    This list rocks!! Dude I should win a grammy!! I'd also like to thank the academy and my parents?
    By: Nick Helliwell
    • 10. Creep by Radiohead
      brilliant and ironic
    • 9. Muzzle by Smashing Pumpkins
    • 8. Scar Tissue by Red Hot Chili Peppers
      great weeping guitar
    • 7. Where Is My Mind by Pixies
    • 6. Time Of Your Life by Greenday
    • 5. Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack
    • 4. Just by Radiohead
    • 3. Wonderwall by Oasis
    • 2. Fools Gold by Stone Roses
      worlds most cool song
    • 1. Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine
      pure rage

    By: Samantha
    • 10. Got The Life by Korn
      one of their best songs
    • 9. Stinkfist by Tool
    • 8. Stupify by Disturbed
      great song
    • 7. Adam's Song by Blink-182
      Their best song EVER.
    • 6. Wait And Bleed by Slipknot
      you gotta give it up for the Knot.
    • 5. Hash Pipe by Weezer
      uuuuhhh, I dont know if this song was in the 90's or not, but either way, it rocks.
    • 4. The Reflecting God by Marilyn Manson
      "I went to god just to see/and I was looking at me/saw heaven and hell were lies/when I'm god everyone dies." that just explains it all.
    • 3. Blind by Korn
      also one of their best songs.
    • 2. Irresponsible Hate Anthem by Marilyn Manson
      "F*ck it!!"
    • 1. The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson
      this song is just great. "there's no time to discriminate/hate every motherf*cker thats in your way". who cant like that line?

    oh yeah and RAP SUCKS! METAL RULES!
    By: Dslkggfdsa
    • 10. Shade by Silverchair
      Great vocals , should hear him scream in the mid part of the song
    • 9. Graduate by Third Eye Blind
      great song
    • 8. Mayonaise by Smashing Pumpkin
      i like this song
    • 7. Fixxxer by Metallica
      this song rocks. the sound of their lead guitar is mind blowing . its a very great song
    • 6. Shimmer by Feul
      :) who hates this song?
    • 5. God Give Rock N Roll 2 U by Kiss
      very melodic song that will keep on haunting u
    • 4. Human Being by Van Halen
      words cannot describe this song. the guitar solo part is the best part in this song
    • 3. Courage by Manowar
      really great song with a lot power in it.
    • 2. Cliff Of Dover by Eric Johnson
      great skills n very melodic
    • 1. Blackened by Metallica
      My fav. What can i say. Im a big fan of Metallica. Theyre still the best

    Kiss , Van Halen , 3G , Metallica , Megadeth , Sepultura , Offspring , Bush , Everclear , STP , RATM ,Third Eye Blind , SP , Foo Fighters , Black Sabbath r all a very good band and worth hearing
    By: Monkey Poop
    • 10. How's It Going To Be by Third Eye Blind
      Always one of my favorites.
    • 9. Walking After You by Foo Fighters
      Old-skool Foo rocks!
    • 8. Push by Matchbox 20
      Their debut album is the best. But I don't like what the band has become today.
    • 7. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) by Green Day
      Of course everyone knows this song...
    • 6. Name by The Goo Goo Dolls
      One of the best bands of the 90s
    • 5. Come Original by 311
      A great song to listen and head-bop to.
    • 4. Under the Bridge by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
      One of the greatest songs of the 90s.
    • 3. Zero by The Smashing Pumpkins
      This song is so awesome...and it was also performed by the Pumpkins on one of The Simpsons episodes.
    • 2. The Freshman by The Verve Pipe
      One of the best of all times.
    • 1. Paranoid Android by Radiohead
      It's Radiohead...enough said.

    Note that I only listed rock/alt songs because it's the main type of music I listen to. I tried to find songs from 10 different bands that are the best. All of them are true 90s songs. I notice a lot of people on here listed songs that were from 2000. Of course there are a lot more great songs than these, but to me the 10 songs above I consider are 10 of the greatest songs ever of the 90s.
    By: Tyler
    • 10. All Night Thing by Temple Of The Dog
    • 9. Leash by Pearl Jam
    • 8. Lithium by Nirvana
    • 7. Once by Pearl Jam
    • 6. Cut You In by Jerry Cantrell
    • 5. Suck You Dry by Mudhoney
    • 4. Outshined by Soundgarden
    • 3. It Ain't Like That by Alice In Chains
    • 2. Stargazer by Mother Love Bone
    • 1. Love Hate Love by Alice In Chains

    By: Raymond Deeb
    • 10. Seal by Kiss From a Rose
      Yes I am sometimes a hopeless romantic
    • 9. Blink 182 by Damnit Growing up
    • 8. Korn by Freak on a Leash
      What made me a Korn fan
    • 7. Limp Bizkit by Nookie
      Great late 90s song
    • 6. Don't Drink the Water by Dave Matthews Band
      My favorite song by them
    • 5. I'm Just a Girl by No Doubt
      A Classic
    • 4. Basket Case by Green Day
      This song made me a huge fan
    • 3. Father of Mine by Everclear
      Beautiful song by a wonderful band
    • 2. Down by 311
      Classic hard core up beat song
    • 1. Lightning Crashes by Live
      We can't forget these guys they still rock!

    By: Monty
    • 10. Cielo Liquido by Fey
    • 9. Senhsucht by Rammstein
    • 8. Territory by Sepultura
    • 7. Azche Zu Azche by Rammstein
    • 6. Fin by Jaguares
    • 5. Viento by Caifanes
    • 4. Fortunes Of War by Iron Maiden
    • 3. Afuera by Caifanes
    • 2. La C´┐Żlula Que Explota by Caifanes
    • 1. Du Hast by Rammstein

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