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Top Ten Songs of the 90s

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80s Top Songs

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 90s?

    By: Bryan
    • 10. Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine
    • 9. Cannonball by The Breeders
    • 8. Grey Cell Green by Ned's Atomic Dustbin
    • 7. Thorn In My Side by Quicksand
    • 6. Firestarter by Prodigy
    • 5. Soma by Smashing Pumpkins
    • 4. Divine Thing by Soup Dragons
    • 3. Sister Havana by Urge Overkill
    • 2. Head Like A Hole by Nin
    • 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      Anthem of the 90's

    By: Jeremy Fenier
    • 10. Macarena by Los Del Rio
      Just because.
    • 9. Song 2 by Blur
      Reminds me of hockey games.
    • 8. Plush by Stone Temple Pilots
      Like Pearl Jam, but better.
    • 7. Ain't Nothin But A G Thang by Dr. Dre / Snoop Doggy Dogg
      Brought "Gangsta Rap" to the mainstream...and a HELLUVA groove.
    • 6. Losing My Religion by R.E.M.
      Never really liked this song but it's hard to turn off.
    • 5. Mysterious Ways by U2
      Indroduced U2 to a whole new generation.
    • 4. U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer
      We all tried to dance like that...sadly.
    • 3. Enter Sandman by Metallica
      A classic.
    • 2. Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice
      Do you remember his hair on the album cover? WOW!
    • 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      Rocked the music world to its foundation. Still feeling the effects of this song in 2K3.

    By: Daniel
    • 10. Barbers Adagio For Strings (ferry Corsten Mix) by William Orbit
      Priceless classic of the trance world. Began a trend with the opening to gatecrasher discotech, and is a great primer for a real old skool trance session.
    • 9. Meet Us At The Tonca by Tonca Boys
      This song, that also has a great corsten remix, is perfect trance. The corsten mix was for ministry of sound, and is too short, get the original if you really want to feel it!
    • 8. Ayla by Ayla
      Another under-rated trance artist, and this song has a real low power to it, maybe the more acquired taste of the list, but unbelievable none the less.
    • 7. Alone by Apocalypse 2000
      Under-rated trance song. Close to being "mission trance" with a massive power buildup. If you like raves, this song will get you firing i guarantee!!
    • 6. Out Of The Blue by Ferry Corsten
      Corsten again with the hit that made him fameous. The wonder of the song is that its not commercially enapt for those bopper clubbers, however was still one of the biggest selling singles of the decade!
    • 5. Hear You Calling (ferry Corsten Mix) by Aurora
      Ferry Corsten, what more needs to be said, you will need to hear this one to believe it, its amazing.
    • 4. Salva Mea by Faithless
      A deep trance song with an unbelievable climax. Its about time Faithless got back into the techno realm!
    • 3. Hold That Sucker Down (warp Brothers Mix) by O.t.quartet
      Timeless. Massive buildup leats to one of the most high energy raving songs that has ever been remixed.
    • 2. God Music by Dumonde
      Not the pioneer, but definatley one of the best "mission trance" songs that has ever been released. Slightly out of dumonde's style, but none the less an awesome addition to any clubbers library.
    • 1. Cafe Del Mar by Energy 52
      This trance/rave classic was the birth of a trance clubbing era that will surley last forever. Originally played at a midnight session infront of 300,000 people, it is a piece of trance history.

    By: Squeegee Bob
    • 10. I Believe by Blessid Union of Souls
      Most beautiful song I've ever heard. I love the lyrics. I'd also love to see the video sometime but my damn Kazaa won't find it...
    • 9. Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice
      The original with David Bowie and Queen is so much better, but hey, this guy says "Word to your mother", which has to take the cake.
    • 8. Two Princes by Spin Doctors
      I love this song. It is extremely catchy! "If you want to call me baby, just go ahead now...and if you like to tell me maybe, just go ahead now"
    • 7. Drinking In L.A. by Bran Van 3000
      So I ask you, What the hell am I doing drinking in L.A.?? Hehe, I wish.
    • 6. Macarena by Los Del Rio
      Who hasn't danced to this? Anyone ever made it through the whole song though???
    • 5. How Bizarre by OMC
      Oh man, this song kicks ass..."Policeman taps his shades, 'Is that a Chevy 69'?" Good times with my friend.
    • 4. Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve Pipe
      The strings in this song are just amazing.
    • 3. You Get What You Give by New Radicals
      This song is so sweet to sing in a huge group of friends.
    • 2. Are You Jimmy Ray by Jimmy Ray
      This guy had just one hit, but that was all he needed. Remember the vid with his huge belt and those girls with the horns? Exxxcellent.
    • 1. I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred
      C'mon, honestly here, how many of you didn't take off some clothes for this one? Shake your ass a bit maybe? This guy was so macho, I love it.

    As you can see, most of these songs are "One Hit Wonders". I figured I'd do a little tribute to them since they probably don't get much attention...Perhaps they should release a cd with more than one good song?
    By: Rick
    • 10. Jane Says by Janes Addiction
    • 9. Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers
    • 8. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
    • 7. The Freshmen by The Verve Pipe
    • 6. Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton
    • 5. Would by Alice In Chains
    • 4. Bitter Sweet Symphany by The Verve
    • 3. State Of Love And Trust by Pearl Jam
    • 2. No Rain by Blind Melon
    • 1. Bittersweet by Fuel

    By: Roni
    • 10. Crossroads by Bone Thugs
    • 9. Bring the Pain by Method Man
    • 8. Bucktown by Smiff & Wessun
    • 7. I Got cha Open by Black Moon
    • 6. It Ain't Hard to Tell by Nas
    • 5. Passing Me By by Pharcyde
    • 4. T.R.O.Y. by Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
    • 3. Renee by Lost Boyz
    • 2. Shook Ones (part 2) by Mobb Deep
    • 1. DWYCK by Ganstarr ft. Nice & Smooth

    This list was strictly boom bap. It shouldn't be taken as being my definative list basically cause its impossible to rank songs. But all of these songs are tracks that everyone should have. Also you should get the respective albums for each song. They're each among the best hip hop albums ever.
    By: 7th SigN
    • 10. Mind On Our Money by BoneThugsNHarmony
    • 9. If i Could Teach the World by BoneThugsNHarmony
    • 8. Dayz of Our Lives by BoneThugsNHarmony
      Rob for the poor..
    • 7. Breakdown by Mariah Carey / BoneThugsNHarmony
      Mariah is a Goddess!
    • 6. Thuggish Ruggish Bone by BoneThugsNHarmony
      Great Performance by Eazy-E
    • 5. East 1999 by BoneThugsNHarmony
      '99 debut
    • 4. Change the World by BoneThugsNHarmony
      Great Angelic voice by Bizzybone.. Harmonic!
    • 3. Thug Mentality by BoneThugsNHarmony
      Krayzie suck!
    • 2. Crossroad by BoneThugsNHarmony
      Salute to Eazy-E
    • 1. Paper Paper / Ressurection by BoneThugsNHarmony
      They'll never broke up!

    BoneThugsNHarmony is the greatest T.H.U.G.S of all time!
    By: Brian
    • 10. Closing Time by Semi Sonic
      The only 1 hit wonder that will never be forgotten!!!!!!!
    • 9. Twisted by Keith Sweat
      Was the song that was playing every time i got laid in 1996...mainly cause i always put that cd on and that song is first on CD
    • 8. Dear Momma by TuPac
      RIP 2Pac
    • 7. Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers
      driving down the interstate at 165mph, both windows down, t-tops off and this song blaring is the only way to try to run from the cops!!!!!
    • 6. Jealousy by Gin Blossoms
      no explanation needed im sure.
    • 5. Semi Charmed Life by 3rd Eye Blind
      Anyone that has ever heard this song knows what im saying...just a moving song.
    • 4. If I Had A Million Dollars by Barenaked Ladies
      That song is so deep, it has like real true deep meaning. Makes me wanna cry every time I hear it.
    • 3. If You Ask Me To by Celine Dion
      Still sexy as hell!!!!
    • 2. She Likes Me For Me by Blessed Union of Souls
      Prolly the best band ever.....cept for like Nirvana, and U2, and Counting Crows, and Rancid....and a few others but definately one of the best.
    • 1. Toms Diner by DNA with Suzanne Vega
      but come on guys, cant believe you forgot about this song....like duh!!!!

    By: Ian
    • 10. Runaround by Blues Traveler
      Just cool, classic, inspiring, everything.
    • 9. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
      This is one song that everybody remembers, and how can you not like it? It's near impossible.
    • 8. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      Such an anthem and a change in tide, should maybe be higher, but meh. So influential.
    • 7. Good Riddance by Green Day
      As far as I am concerned, the biggest tear-jerker ever. Above Tears in Heaven, but this might be because of what it is associated with, like times changing and such.
    • 6. Plush by Stone Temple Pilots
      Awesome hook.
    • 5. Mr. Jones by Counting Crows
      Jangling chords, cool lyrics, and a nice hook.
    • 4. Name by Goo Goo Dolls
      Just really cool and inspiring. The video is almost sad.
    • 3. Santa Monica by Everclear
      Has a time tied with it almost, like a mid-ninties summer. Just awesome lyrics in the chorus.
    • 2. Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots
      Just seems to remind me of the mid-ninties. Awesome song.
    • 1. Everlong by Foo Fighters
      Such a dinamic song. It's haunting, but also has a hard kick. Classic.

    Close calls: Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy(Everybody has heard it, everybody), Dave Matthew's Band - Crash Into Me(The ultimate pre-meaning-less-pop pop song) Josh Joplin - Camera One(Meaningful lyrics, a hook, not sure if it came out in the 90s though.) Goo Goo Dolls - Slide(The Goo Goo Dolls rule, simple as that), Goo Goo Dolls - Only One(Almost punk, really cool, not a really soft song at all). If I got these backwards, I'm sorry because it says Song #1 at the top, even though #10 is usually at the top and #1 at the bottom. Everlong should be #1.
    By: Kat
    • 10. Popular by Nada Surf
    • 9. Sleep To Dream by Fiona Apple
    • 8. Once Bitten Twice Shy by Great White
    • 7. Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry
    • 6. Wonderful by Everclear
    • 5. The Girl I Mean To Be by Secret Garden
    • 4. Last Resort by Papa Rouch
    • 3. Jumper by Third Eye Blind
    • 2. A Gothic Love Song by Current 93
    • 1. Avalanche by Butthole Surfers

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