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Top Ten Songs of the 90s

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80s Top Songs

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 90s?

    By: Bert Turt
    • 10. Your Body Is A Wonderland by John Mayer
      not bad song
    • 9. The Zephyr Song by Red Hot Chili Peppers
    • 8. Time Of Your Life by Green Day
      nobody drinks enough moose milk these days
    • 7. Sexual Healing by Ben Harper
    • 6. Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry
      lovely song, solid but not the best i'd say
    • 5. Wonderwall by Oasis
    • 4. Steal My Kisses by Ben Harper
    • 3. Happy Song by Liam Lynch
    • 2. Flake by Jack Johnson
    • 1. Mr Jones by Counting Crows

    By: J.
    • 10. Big Bang Baby by Stone Temple Pilots
    • 9. I Plead Insanity by Belinda Carlisle
    • 8. Two Princes by Spin Doctors
    • 7. Long Way From Happiness by Elton John
    • 6. My Joy by Depeche Mode
    • 5. You Gotta Be by Des'ree
    • 4. They Don't Care About Us by Michael Jackson
    • 3. Insight by Depeche Mode
    • 2. High Hopes by Pink Floyd
    • 1. Return to Innocence by Enigma

    By: dhaelis
    • 10. Come Undone by Duran Duran
      Great comeback from Duran Duran; this song just got everything right, if you ask me.
    • 9. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers
      One of my favorite songs ever. This song is just two heard to resist. Catchy and peppy.
    • 8. Shape of my Heart by Sting
      Lyrically, one of the most interesting songs out there. Not many songs allude love to cards. Very poetic and just an awesome song.
    • 7. Hyper Ballad by Bjork
      Not the cheeriest of songs, but the delivery is phenomenal. Bjork has such a powerful voice, and this song just builds and builds.
    • 6. Pretty When You Cry by VAST
      Under-rated song from and under-rated band. It's a cynical and dark little song that's not without humour. Awesome melody.
    • 5. Losing My Religion by REM
      Classic: fantastic song, fantastic video. Truly, REM at their peak.
    • 4. Closer by Nine Inch Nails
      One of the must seductive beats I've every heard, and I've never gotten sick of hearing this one to this day. Yes it's dirty, but it kicks ass.
    • 3. Born Slippy by Underworld
      Anthem time! This song just manages to move people like no other. "Shouting Lager! Lager! Lager! Lager!" Perfectly fit for the 'Trainspotting' Soundtrack, it's also a must for a night out!
    • 2. Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band
      One of the most honest love songs ever. The live version with Tim Reynolds is an absolute dream.
    • 1. Ultraviolet by U2
      One of the best songs U2 have ever recorded; still manages to make me sing "Baby baby baby, light my way" to this day.

    Picking JUST 10 songs from the 90's is HARD!
    By: Zach Kuhfuss
    • 10. Basket Case by Green Day
    • 9. Woohoo by Blur
    • 8. Renegades of Funk by Rage Against the Machine
    • 7. Buddy Holly by Weezer
    • 6. One to Abuse by Days of the New
    • 5. Going the Distance by Cake
    • 4. Space Lord by Monster Magnet
    • 3. Shimmer by Fuel
    • 2. Cumbersome by Soundgarden
    • 1. Closing Time by Semisonic

    These aren't really in any particular order, they're just some of my favorites.
    By: Miss Independent
    • 10. Dime by Ely Guerra
      Mexican's greatest singer/songwriter, her album PA MORIRSE DE AMOR (TO DIE OF LOVE) is such a piece of art. I invite you to listen to her. She's just amazing.
    • 9. You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette
      If this song is amazing, the unplugged version is much greater "and i'm here to remind you all the mess you left when you went away"
    • 8. Animal Instinct by Dolores O'Riordan
      A great song about the maternal instinct. I could've written any of the other Cranberries' songs, like "Zombie" "You & Me" "Ode To My Family" They're all just great
    • 7. Bachelorette by Bjork
      Bj�rk is just great. No needs to explain. Excellent Lyrics and beautiful video. "If you forget my name, you will go astray, like a killer whale trapped in a bay"
    • 6. Jealous by Sinead O'Connor
      I don't care if she tear Pope's pictures, or she refuses to sing the Americans National ANthem, "Jealous" is a great song. "You don't know how hard it is to be a woman in love with you"
    • 5. Inevitable by Shakira
      Latinamerica's greatest singer/songwriter; and "Inevitable", from the album �D�NDE EST�N LOS LADRONES? (WHERE ARE THE ROBBERS?) is definetly her greatest song. I'm really sad she became a bitch and offer us such a poor english album: LAUNDRY SERVICE, but I still enjoy listening to her previous albums; specially "Inevitable": "No tienes que decirlo, no vas a volver, te conozco bien: Ya buscar� qu� hacer conmigo" (You don't have to speak, I know you won't come back, I know you very well: but I'll see what to do with myself"
    • 4. Don't Speak by Gwen Stefani
      This song always reminds me too much things of my past. This is really meaningful to me. No Doubt made the greatest album of the 90s TRAGIC KINGDOM. I really love when it says "With my head in my hands I sit and cry"
    • 3. One Of Us by Joan Osbourne
      This one-hit-wonder singer/songwriter gave us the song with the most beautiful lyrics ever. "Why if God was one of us / just a slob like one of us / or a stranger in the bus" Beautiful.
    • 2. Milk by Shirley Manson
      Garbage is one of the greatest bands on the world. Shirley looks really beautiful in this video. I love the song "I can use my tears to bring you home"
    • 1. Smoke by Natalie Imbruglia
      Natalie Imbruglia just writes amazing songs; but "Smoke" (from LEFT OF THE MIDDLE) is the most sensitive song ever. I can't understand how she avoids crying while singing "Why bleeding is breathing..." Just wonderful.

    I am sorry I didn't write any of Tori Amos', Lauryn Hill's, Fiona Apple's or Jewel's songs; I would've liked to, but it's only my top 10-
    By: Adams Rivera
    • 10. To Everybody by Mr. Sancho
      This song was bangin
    • 9. In Da Club by 50 Cent
      i loved it
    • 8. Laylow by Snoop Dogg
      only song i liked on last meal
    • 7. Vatos'n The Barrio by Brownside
      i liked this song alot
    • 6. 2 Way by Lil Romeo
      only one i liked on gametime
    • 5. Street Dayz by Lil Rob
      almost the same as school dayz except this is lil Rob style
    • 4. School Dayz by Lil Rob
      i loved it
    • 3. Whats Luv by Fat Joe
    • 2. We Thugin Remix by Fat Joe
    • 1. Without Me by Eminem

    I was gonna put some songs by lil maneace but i didn't know the names! Lates homes
    By: Kiel
    • 10. Jane Says by Jane's Addiction
      A truly good song buy a strange but talented band that started a whole movement
    • 9. Laid by James
      I've never heard anything else they do, but this is a good song
    • 8. All Apologies by Nirvana
      This is the only band that can make this list twice, but this song, especially the unplugged version is hauntingly good.
    • 7. Plush by Stone Temple Pilots
      A pretty good, which is even better when acoustic
    • 6. Jeremy by Pearl Jam
      This is an important song with a strong message, and a great song by one of the most influential bands of the decade
    • 5. Mr Jones by Counting Crows
      The most recognized, and arguably the best song by a very talented, albeit generally depressing band
    • 4. No Rain by Blind Melon
      This is a great, feel-good song
    • 3. What I Got by Sublime
      This is a great song on one of the best albums ever, it's a shame that Bradley Nowell had to die because this great band was capable of so much more
    • 2. Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers
      This song is one of the most recognizable and played songs of the decade, it also happens to be one of the best, done by the one of the best bands of all-time
    • 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      Not even the band's best song, but it's importance and the quality of the song cannot be disputed, it has to be #1 on any list

    By: Chris
    • 10. Sugar by System Of A Down
      man this band rocks!
    • 9. Branstew by Green Day
      i had to put them here!
    • 8. Would by Alice In Chains
      great great great band, to bad he dead.
    • 7. Everything Zen by Bush
      one of the best bands in the 90s
    • 6. Down With The Sickness by Disturbed
      this man as an awesome voice!
    • 5. Nothing Else Matters by Metallica
      nothing comes close to this band!
    • 4. Pawn Shop by Sublime
      With the best front man there ever will be!
    • 3. A Letter To Elise by The Cure
      you need your love songs.
    • 2. Alive by Peral Jam
      awesome song! i love many songs from this band but this has to be my favorite.
    • 1. World In My Eyes by Depeche Mode
      beautiful song, from only the best band ever!

    all theres songs and bands are number 1s!!!!!!!!!!!!
    By: Jennifer
    • 10. Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot
      Classic 90's song
    • 9. Black by Pearl Jam
      GREAT song!
    • 8. Sadness Part 1 by Enigma
      Very sexy song
    • 7. Unforgiven by Metallica
      One of my fave. songs by Metallica
    • 6. Come Undone by Duran Duran
      Great song for a new album
    • 5. Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve
      Overall great song and band
    • 4. No Rain by Blind Melon
      One of my fave songs
    • 3. Losing My Religion by REM
      How many people can actually say that they didn't like this song??
    • 2. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      Best Nirvana song
    • 1. Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden
      This is the absolute GREATEST song of the 90's. It has everything a song needs!

    By: bigSHAYT
    • 10. Burn To Shine by Ben Harper
      A little more upbeat than his usual songs, it should really get you going.
    • 9. Tear by Red Hot Chili Peppers
      By far one of the Chili Peppers' best.
    • 8. Americana by The Offspring
      Another good theme song for the youth of the 90's.
    • 7. Two Turntables and a Microphone by Beck
      I don't even really listen to Beck, but nevertheless this is a fine chill song.
    • 6. Thug Music Plays On by Bone Thugs N' Harmony
      If I could pick any one song to represent Bone, this would be it. Even if you're not a fan of rap, downloading this one is a must.
    • 5. Badfish by Sublime
      My favorite band for about 7 years now, and one of my favorite songs of all time.
    • 4. Forever by Ben Harper
      Another of Ben Harper's best. Being my favorite musician, I can't deny being biased when it comes to Ben Harper, but listen to this song and try to prove me wrong on this pick.
    • 3. Fight For Your Right To Party by Beastie Boys
      The anthem for youth in the 90's.
    • 2. Another Lonely Day by Ben Harper
      My favorite Ben Harper song. Considering that 95% of his songs are masterpieces, this one really stands out.
    • 1. Lightning Crashes by Live
      This is my favorite song, always calms the spirit down.

    If it wasn't strictly 90's I'd put in some older stuff like Dylan, but this list definitely gives the past decade somewhat of a good name.

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