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Top Ten Songs of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite songs from the 90s?

    By: Dries
    • 10. Rhytm Is A Dancer by Snap
      The most stupid of all lyrics on the best dance tune ever composed
    • 9. Falls To Climb by Rem
      This song just sends the shivers down my spine
    • 8. Glycerine by Bush
      indescribably beautiful!
    • 7. Killing In The Name Of by Rage Against The Machine
      I'll bet you everyone will be jumping around like wild animals when this song hits the party!
    • 6. Believe by K's Choice
      one of the great songs of the greatest Belgian rock band
    • 5. Round Here by Counting Crows
    • 4. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
    • 3. Paranoid Android by Radiohead
      from the times where Radiohead made real music
    • 2. Four Seasons In One Day by Crowded House
      Belgium in a nutshell! ;-)
    • 1. Losing My Religion by Rem
      The song of an entire generation

    The nineties rocked and Take That, N'sync, Ricky Martin, and other sorry excuses for music, definately weren't part of it!
    By: M�sl S
    • 10. Eat You Alive by Limp Bizkit
    • 9. Areals by System Of A Down
    • 8. In Nothing Else Matters by Melallica
    • 7. With You by Linkinpark
    • 6. Run Away by Linkin Park
    • 5. Freak On A Leash by Korn
    • 4. All The Small Things by Blink182
    • 3. Soundgarden by black Hole Sun
    • 2. Heart-shaped Box by Nirvana
      Quite good
    • 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      Nobody can or will top this song because it's the best

    By: Ivan Ruiz
    • 10. Coffe And Tv by Blur
      the best video in all 90s
    • 9. Its All Been Done by Barenakes Ladies
      all animals see this video, seriously
    • 8. Black by Pearl Jam
    • 7. Smell Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      Kubain and others, theres no way to loose this, seriously
    • 6. Killing Me Softly by Fugees
      no comments, only heard it
    • 5. No Rain by Blind Melon
      one of the most videos to see, and one hit wonder to blind melon
    • 4. Missing You by Everything But The Girl
      put the electronic in all the places in the world
    • 3. Everybody Hurts by R.e.m.
      the best video of r.e.m of the history, better than "losing my religion"
    • 2. Song 2 by Blur
      its blur and other bands ok
    • 1. Dont Speak by No Doubt
      Certainly, is the best song and moves all in a party or alone in your house

    By: Brian
    • 10. Slam by Onyx
      1993. "let the boys be boys!"
    • 9. No More Tears by Ozzy Osbourne
      1991. One of Ozzy's best songs. He had not hit it this good since "Crazy Train" in 1980!
    • 8. Jesus He Knows Me by Genesis
      1992. Great song and an even better video! Paints a picture all to many know.
    • 7. Where It's At by Beck
      1996. Talk about a song that is saying nothing! Who cares, it is still great!!
    • 6. Syphony Of Destruction by Megadeth
      1992. What a great song. Play it loud!!
    • 5. Prayer For The Dying by Seal
      1994. I was hooked on this one from the first time I heard it. I have never heard a song like it before or since.
    • 4. Kickstart My Heart by Motley Crue
      1990. This song is so in your face. Great song to drive too. Just make sure you don't get a ticket!
    • 3. Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz
      1993. From the first moment you hear this song you are blown away! Nothing rocked more than this one back in 1993.
    • 2. Can't Get This Stuff No More by Van Halen
      First new track with David Lee Roth since 1984! Came out on the "best of" back in 1996.
    • 1. Free As A Bird by Beatles
      Came out in December of 1995. Great to hear the worlds best band EVER doing something new.

    By: Shivam Thapa
    • 10. Snake by R. Kelly
    • 9. In Da Club by 50 Cent
    • 8. Coldplay by The Scientist
    • 7. I'm With You by Avril Lavigne
    • 6. Whiteflag by Dido
    • 5. Hailie's Song by Eminem
    • 4. Diluted by Slipknot
    • 3. About A Girls by Nirvana
    • 2. The Unforgiven II by Metallica
    • 1. Someday by Nickelback

    By: John Doe
    • 10. Let Down by Radiohead
    • 9. Brick by Ben Folds Five
    • 8. Ladies And Gentlemen We're Floating In Space by Spiritualized
    • 7. Creep by Radiohead
    • 6. One by U2
    • 5. Animal Nitrate by Suede
    • 4. 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkings
    • 3. Mojo Pin by Jeff Buckley
    • 2. Radiohead by Just
    • 1. Loaded by Primal Scream

    By: Charlie
    • 10. My Friend by Red Hot Chili Peppers
      Another sad song, awesomely done though, best song thats not on "blood sex..." or their two new albums
    • 9. Live Forever by Oasis
      Best song on Oasis's best, and first album, love these guys, but now that they're off the drugs they suck
    • 8. Santeria by Sublime
      Its a shame Brad Nowell died before his band became enormously popular, this song help get them to that upper echelon
    • 7. Brick by Ben Folds Five
      Greatest piano song of 90s, Ben Folds is a musical genius
    • 6. Glycerine by Bush
      I saw them play this at Woodstock '99, mindboggling song
    • 5. Long December by Counting Crows
      Amazing lyrics on this one (ex: "the smell of hospitals, and the feeling that its all a lot of oysters, and no pearls...")
    • 4. Zombie by Cranberries
      Sad, Sad, emotionally draining song; sounds great too
    • 3. Big Me by Foo Fighters
      Amazingly simple and catchy song
    • 2. Where Did You Sleep Last Night (unplugged) by Nirvana
      last song on their last actual cd... When Kurt Cobain is screaming the last lines, you get chills down your spine
    • 1. Paranoid Android by Radiohead
      Most musically diverse and complex song of 90s, a modern day Bohemian Rhapsody...

    Give these songs a chance... i guarantee you'll like them
    By: Delia
    • 10. Last Resort by Papa Roach
      Kicks ass
    • 9. Butterfly by Mariah Carey
      She is as gental as a butterfly
    • 8. Missin U by Puff Daddy And Family
      Missin jason
    • 7. One In A Million by Aliyah
      Im missin her too
    • 6. Frontin by Pharrel
      He can tear my ass up
    • 5. With Arms Wide Open by Creed
      Touched the heart
    • 4. Sugar Sugar by Baby Bash
      How did I get so fly?
    • 3. The Way U Move by Outkast
      Damn love the way they move
    • 2. Hey Ya by Outkast
    • 1. Nothing Else Matters by Metalica
      This was mine and marks song before he died from drug overdose I miss him

    No just play the songs
    By: Brian
    • 10. One U2 by Gd
    • 9. Whiskey In A Jar by Thin Lizzy
    • 8. My Generation by The Who
    • 7. Alive by Pearl Jam
    • 6. Dont Look Back In Anger by Oasis
    • 5. Hit Em Up by 2pac
    • 4. Losing My Religion by Rem
    • 3. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      changed rock music
    • 2. Changes by 2pac
      best rap song ever written.
    • 1. Wonderwall by Oasis
      pure class!

    By: Nick V
    • 10. Believe by Cher
    • 9. You Better Wait by Steve Perry
    • 8. Dreamer by Livin Joy
    • 7. Far Behind by Candlebox
    • 6. More & More by Captain Hollywood Project
    • 5. I Will Go With You by Donna Summer
    • 4. Don't Go Away Mad by Motley Crue
    • 3. Run Away by Real McCoy
    • 2. Fly To The Angels by Slaughter
    • 1. Another Night by Real McCoy

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