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Top Ten Songs of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite songs from the 90s?

    By: Ernest
    • 10. To Live is to Die by Metallica
    • 9. Today by Smashing Pumpkins
    • 8. Tonight, Tonight by Smashing Pumpkins
    • 7. Heart-Shaped Box by Nirvana
    • 6. 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins
    • 5. Jeremy by Pearl Jam
    • 4. Stand Inside You Love by Smashing Pumpkins
    • 3. Lightning Crashes by Live
    • 2. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
    • 1. Disarm by Smashing Pumpkins

    By: Eap Quoth The Raven Eap
    • 10. Zero by Smashing Pumpkins
      Emptyness is loneliness and loneliness is cleanliness and cleanliness is godliness and god is empty, just like me!
    • 9. Surfacing by Slipknot
      Now come on, this our new national anthem, how can you not like the national anthem?
    • 8. The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson
      Dude, this is the best song that shows people how hypocritical all the f**king christians are......Which confuses me 'cause brian warner is a huge sunday church goin' christian.......That also happens to be the american antichrist.......God damn manson is confusing
    • 7. Man In The Box by Alice In Chains
      Alice in chains owns your ass.
    • 6. The Heretic Anthem by Slipknot
      It was on the iowa album, I'm pretty sure that slipknot released that before the turn of the millennium. if it's not, oh well.
    • 5. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      Anthem. grunge anthem.
    • 4. Wasted Generation by Steel Dragon
      Another good song from that movie
    • 3. Stand Up by Steel Dragon
      I know it's more 80's rock and in a movie that takes place in the 80's, it was made in the 90's. oh yeah, steel dragon = spinal tap
    • 2. Antichrist Superstar by Marilyn Manson
      How can you not like that song?
    • 1. (sic) by Slipknot
      I donno, just a good song.

    Dude, so many more songs, like ........Hell, you know what they are.
    By: Mag-gosh
    • 10. Inoj by Time After Time
    • 9. Frente by Bizzare Lo Triangle
    • 8. Backstreet Boys by But My Love Is All I Have To Give
    • 7. Rick Price by Heaven Know
    • 6. Mariah Carey by Always Be My Baby
    • 5. The Corrs by Runaway
    • 4. No Me Amez by Jeniffer Lopez Feat.mark Anthony
    • 3. Janet Jackson by Never Fall Again
    • 2. If You're Not The One by Daniel Bedingfield
    • 1. In A Rush by Blackstreet Boys

    By: Lizzy
    • 10. Wonderwall by Oasis
      The Great Triumvirate of Wonderwall, Champagne Supernova and Don't go away just are awesome.
    • 9. Hows It Gonna Be by Third Eye Blind
      Basically every song on their album was wonderful. Although I never did like that hit "Jumper"
    • 8. No Rain by Blind Melon
      The Video, was amazing.
    • 7. Torn by Natalie Imbruglia
      Every 4th graders ears perked up when they heard her say she was "lying naked on the floor"
    • 6. You Get What You Give by New Radicals
    • 5. One Headlight by Wallflowers
      Joins The Freshman and Brick as the top 3 songs of basically all time.
    • 4. The Impression That I Get by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
      um yea, this song basically kicks ass.
    • 3. What it's Like by Everlast
      I just plain fell in love with this song back then. It draws me in.
    • 2. Brick by Ben Folds Five
      Unlike the bands other songs in style (Army is good as well), but this song is just amazing. And trying to figure out the lyrics is fun
    • 1. The Freshman by Verve Pipe
      Just the most amazing song. No one dislikes it.

    Im obsessed with 90's music. Why can't I find Toad and the Wet Sprockets on Kazaa?
    By: Dave
    • 10. Sober by Tool
    • 9. Glycerine by Bush
    • 8. Tubthumping by Chumbawamba
    • 7. Time Of Your Life by Green Day
    • 6. Self Esteem by The Offspring
    • 5. Rape Me by Nirvana
    • 4. All Apologies by Nirvana
    • 3. Come As You Are by Nirvana
    • 2. Lithium by Nirvana
    • 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

    if nirvana is not on ur list its not right. not my opinion it is all fact!
    By: Evana Jonesy
    • 10. Gansta's Paradise by Coolio
      >no comments<
    • 9. How Do I by Leeane Rhymes
      >no comments< -i don't know if the name's spelled corectly...-
    • 8. Waterfalls by Tlc
      >No Comments<
    • 7. You Oughta Know by Alanis Morrisette
      Fiery girl, I just love the tone she uses while she's singing. Not only this, but all her songs are great.
    • 6. Jump Around by House Of Pain
      Jump, jump, jump, everybody jump...
    • 5. Dreaming Of You by Selena
      >no comments<
    • 4. Wannabe by Spice Girls
      I was a huge fan of the Spce Girls then. Now, I'm grateful that Mel C. refused to join the other girls in a reunion tour. Anyway, I still like that song a lot... lots of good memories come to my mind.
    • 3. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      I loved this song then, when I was little, and now I keep liking it, even when it gives me the chills everytime I hear it. Maybe it's the fact that K.Cobain's dead... man, what a great loss...
    • 2. Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-lot
      It was hardly critiziced, and the album: banned. Yet, this video looks now like an educational documentary, comparing to rap videos nowadays. Anyway, we can't deny that it made us shake out botties!!
    • 1. Shoop by Salt And Peppa
      Basically, tis was the first hip-hop song I liked. I remember I was 6 or 7 when I first heard it.

    A lot of Spice Girls' songs are cool, too. And TLC... I can say that it's my favorite band of all time. Celine Dion also have pretty good songs. Alnis Morrissete's "Ironic", "You Learn", "Uninvited", and "I'm a Bitch", are also worthy of mention.
    By: Mike
    • 10. Creep by Radiohead
      Perfect song to end a list of ten
    • 9. Everybody Hurts by R.E.M.
      One of the best bands of the 90's........everybody hurts is a song u just have to listen to when it comes on the radio.
    • 8. Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers
      Wonderful song with a terrible social message.....sounds damn good though
    • 7. Loser by Beck
      beck's best song ever....one of my personal favorites
    • 6. No Rain by Blind Melon
      its a song everyone loves, no matter what kinda music they listen to.
    • 5. November Rain by Guns and Roses
      possibly the last great hair band ballad.
    • 4. Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden
      Cornell is God
    • 3. Losing My Religion by R.E.M.
      just a powerful song by stipe.
    • 2. Enter Sandman by Metallica
      Influenced heavy metal and hard rock for years to come.
    • 1. Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      This is by far the most influential song of the 90's

    i could add a lot of other stuff anmd this was from the top of my head.
    By: Lane Craft
    • 10. Sober by Tool
      This song brings back bad memories that costed me a lot of tears during a very bad time of my life.Eventhough Tool is an awesome band, they did one good thing and bad thing. The good thing was staying away from the grunge movement.The bad thing is also this because they would have been extremely famous if they had joined the grunge movement.Also, I have always relate more to Tool than Metallica.
    • 9. Say Hello To Heaven by Temple Of The Dog
      This song is very well written.It also show the tremendous capacity of Chris Cornell's voice.
    • 8. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      Eventhough Nirvana was overrated,they were the first band to show America that its children weren't happy. This is not their best song in my opinion, but it definitely defines the 90s.
    • 7. The Unforgiven by Metallica
      The first time I heard this song, I was speechless.It was so beautiful. At one point of my life, Metallica's songs just didn't seem real. They are a great band, but some of their songs are written as a hit rather than pure emotion.
    • 6. The Man In The Box by Alice In Chains
      The Man In The Box has this dark mood but at the same time seemed very real.
    • 5. Creep by Radiohead
      Just a great song.
    • 4. Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden
      Soundgarden was one of the most underrated bands ever. People somehow started to look at music rather than listening to it.Listen to Black Hole Sun(Soundgarden in general) and you will see how good they were.
    • 3. Jeremy by Pearl Jam
      Pearl Jam was like the conscience of rock n roll, and this basically predicted school shooting even before it made the news.
    • 2. Hurt by Nine Inch Nails
      I am not really a fan of Nine Inch Nails, but this song was just sad(in a beautiful way) sort of like tragic beauty in literature.
    • 1. November Rain by Guns N' Roses
      One of the best songs by Guns N' Roses. I don't think any band of the 90s is at the level of Guns N' Roses.

    Note that I chose only one song from each band. If I wanted to choose more songs from a band, Guns N Roses,Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam would fill up the whole list.
    By: J.C.
    • 10. Halftime by Nas
    • 9. Party & Bullshit by Notorious B.I.G.
    • 8. Night Of The Living Baseheads by Public Enemy
    • 7. Me and my Girlfriend by 2Pac
    • 6. My Philosophy by Boogie Down Productions
    • 5. I Stand Accused by Public Enemy
    • 4. 9mm Goes Bang by Boogie Down Productions
    • 3. Nothing To Lose by 2Pac
      A Masterpiece. Perfect poetry, Street philosophy.
    • 2. Don't Believe The Hype by Public Enemy
      f**k The Media!!!. Wisdom, Poetry, Flavor, and the funny shit. Chuck D finded the way.
    • 1. Streetz R Deathrow by Tupac Shakur
      Hip Hop's best song ever. One of the finest poetry works in music history.

    This is what hip hop is all about. Poetry, Flavor, and Wisdom.
    By: Jan
    • 10. Love Is All Around by Wet Wet Wet
      oohh...remembered from school dance
    • 9. The Sign by Ace Of Base
      they roxx, abba of the 90's
    • 8. Girl From Mars by Ash
      catchy poppy rock
    • 7. Buddy Holly by Weezer
      ooo weee ooo i look just like buddy holly, windows 95
    • 6. Monkey Wrench by Foo Fighters
      i found out what a monkey wrench was..
    • 5. Anyone Can Play Guitar by Radiohead
      yeh ,anyone CAN play guitar
    • 4. I Will Survive by Cake
      cake roolz, the bassist was so funky on that album
    • 3. Stereo by Pavement
      im on the stereo, stereo-oo
    • 2. Coffee And Tv by Blur
      i like milk
    • 1. Underground by Ben Folds Five
      we can be happy underground

    haha can see the evolution of my song tastes during the 90's

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