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Top Ten Songs of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite songs from the 90s?

    By: Chip Selle
    • 10. Give It Away by Red Hot Chili Peppers
    • 9. Triumph by Wu-tang
    • 8. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
    • 7. Gin And Juice by Dr. Dre
      who knew dre would sign a white boy
    • 6. Slam by Onyx
      lat the boys be boys
    • 5. Insane In The Brain by Cypress Hill
    • 4. Shimmy Shimmy Ya by Old Dirty Bastard
      ooo baby I like it raw!
    • 3. Bullet With Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins
    • 2. Rosa Parks by Outkast
    • 1. Santeria by Sublime
      Did everyone forget about Bradley?

    its impossible to name all the top songs of the 90s in one little top ten list so this is my sorry attempt.
    By: Sebastian
    • 10. Just A Girl by No Doubt
      The R.E.M. song "It's The End Of The World As We Know It" was remade by No Doubt.
    • 9. I Will Be Your Friend by Amy Grant
      It's very nice to make friends.
    • 8. Last Night by Az Yet
      Az Yet covered Chicago's, "Hard For Me To Say I'm Sorry".
    • 7. Sunday Morning by No Doubt
      The band U2 is much better than the band No Doubt. No Doubt's, "Don't Speak" was the worst song of the 90's. I like every song of the 80's.
    • 6. End Of The Road by Boys II Men
      How is that song?
    • 5. Kiss Me by Six Pence None The Richer
      Sixpence None The Richer stole a song from the La's. It's called "There She Goes".
    • 4. Hard To Say I'm Sorry by Az Yet & Peter Cetera
      That song is OK, but I like the original by Chicago better.
    • 3. Distant Sun by Crowded House
      One of my favorite songs by Crowded House is "Don't Dream It's Over".
    • 2. Lucky One by Amy Grant
      Her songs are close to the 80's.
    • 1. Don't Speak by No Doubt
      That was the worst song of the 90's! "Don't speak, I know what you're thinking, so please stop explaining", I don't like No Doubt. It's sucks.

    By: Midgard's Messiah
    • 10. Moneytalks by AC/DC
      Another band who has yet to make a song I hate.
    • 9. Tanz Mit Laibach by Laibach
      The only techno song I've ever had any respect for. It's great.
    • 8. Sonne by Rammstein
      A Beautiful song. These guys have yet to make a song I dont like.
    • 7. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      It's Nirvana. Nuff said.
    • 6. The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson
      One of his best songs, and a pinnacle of morbid happiness.
    • 5. Mother Machine Gun by Mushroomhead
      To hell with Slipknot. These guys are the real deal.
    • 4. St. Anger by Metallica
      Proof that while Metallica may be a bunch of over-aged, greedy MTV-sellouts, they still make damn good music.
    • 3. Sehnsucht by Rammstein
      Same as above, plus these guys' lyrics are that to rival with the crap that bands sing today.
    • 2. Du Hast by Rammstein
      The German language was just made for Heavy Metal/Industrial. It's perfect.
    • 1. mOBSCENE by Marilyn Manson
      Dis guy is the shiznit. No contest. This song's what turned me into a goth.

    These are somewhat biased. I hate all pop, rap, and poprock songs, no matter what.
    By: Yana
    • 10. Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex
      Just classic!
    • 9. Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden
      Spooky... but hot!
    • 8. Wicked Games by Chris Isak
      The sexiest both video and song of 90's! No - of all times!!!
    • 7. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      It just catches all the spirit of 90's! Rest in peace Curt! We still love ya!
    • 6. Smooth by Santana Feat. Rob Thomas
      Now I'm already melted
    • 5. Kissed By A Rose by Seal
      Oooh, I'm just melting...
    • 4. Angels by Robbie Williams
      I'm loving Robbie instead...
    • 3. Ironic by Alanis Morissette
      Isn't it ironic that nobody included this totally genius song!!!
    • 2. Torn by Natalie Imbrulia
      I'm wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn! Just brilliant!
    • 1. Coolio by Gangasta's Paradise
      Oooh please - isn't that the anthem of 90's?

    By: Katie
    • 10. Kiss The Rain by Billie Meyers
    • 9. Only Wanna Be With You by Hootie and the Blowfish
    • 8. What's My Age Again? by Blink 182
    • 7. Hey Jealousy by Gin Blossoms
    • 6. Brick by Ben Folds Five
    • 5. It's All For You by Sister Hazel
    • 4. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day
    • 3. Hangin' Around by Counting Crows
    • 2. Freshmen by The Verve Pipe
    • 1. Breakfast at Tiffany's by Deep Blue Something

    i'd just like to say, that these songs rock my socks.. still .
    By: Sean
    • 10. Where The Streets Have No Name by U2
      the street directory here is very confusing.
    • 9. Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve
      a symphony which is bitter and sweet. genious!
    • 8. Sweater by Eskimo Joe
      deserved to b a bit higher. but lets face it an eskimo would give his left arm for any sweater. preferably one with only one armhole.
    • 7. Song 2 by Blur
      defo looking forward to song 3
    • 6. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      well it does smell like teen spirit. well it does.
    • 5. Holy Grail by Hunters And Collectors
      the holy grail. what more can one say. about a song. that is good.
    • 4. Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger
      a classic. harvey must be happy.
    • 3. Laid by James
      good name ay? ay?
    • 2. Tomorrow by Silverchair
      by far the best band of the 90s. no shit.
    • 1. Dammit by Blink 182
      best song of the 90s

    special mention must go out to britney spears for supplying the world with music that makes my list look good and also for being hot.
    By: John Quezada
    • 10. Hunger Strike, Say Hello To Heaven by Temple of The Dog
      Say hello to heaven was written for Layne Staley of Alice In Chains when he passed away 8 years exactly after Kurt Cobain died. Hunger Strike - duet with Eddie V. (Pearl Jam) and Chris C. (Soundgarden)...awesome. song.
    • 9. Come Original, Down by 311
      Great orignal band. How bout this, mix reggae, rap, rock, jazz and punk into one band and out comes 311.
    • 8. Big Empty, Plush, Creep by Stone Temple Pilots
      Hammered for copying Pearl Jam, but in my opinion don't sound the same and have a heavier sound to them.
    • 7. Disarm(Killer Is Me), Rat in a Cage by Smashings Pumpkins
      A rock-punk mix. Signature voice.
    • 6. Bulls On Parade, Freedom by Rage Against The Machine
      Pump up songs plus socially anti-governmental lyrics. Feeds the inner rocker and rapper.
    • 5. Block Hole Sun, Fell on Black Days by Soundgarden
      Nasty, superb, extravagant voice mixed with surprising guitar features.
    • 4. Would?, Man In the Box, (my favorite is Nutshell) by Alice In Chains
      Not just another Seatle Band, set the path for Staind (an influential band). Heart felt lyrics and not trying to be like anyone else style. Classics.
    • 3. Enter Sandman, The Unforgiven II by Metallica
    • 2. Smells Like Teen Spirit, Lithium, Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana
      The innovators of the 90's-... grunge. The put metal and punk in a blender.
    • 1. Jeremy/Black/Alive/Even Flow/Daughter/Better Man by Pearl Jam
      The best part of the song is the last 2 minutes when he doesn't sing words but when he sings his feelings.

    Other good songs..... Pearl Jam - Leesh, Yellow Ledbetter. Nirvana - Drain You, Sappy. Metallica - Nothing Else Matters, Prince Charming. Alice In Chains - Nutshell, I Stay Away. Soundgarden - Outshined, The Day I tried to Live. Rage Against The Machine - Down Rodeo, Ghost Of Tom Joad, Killing in The Name Of. Smashing Pumpkins - 1979, Rat In A Cage. Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Songs, Sex Type Thing. 311 - Homebrew, Flowing, Beautiful Disaster. Temple of The Dog - Reach Down, Wooden Jesus.
    By: Sebastian
    • 10. Heart Of The Matter by Don Henley
      That's also close to the eighties.
    • 9. Every Heartbeat by Amy Grant
      Nice song.
    • 8. Hazard by Richard Marx
      That song is even close to the 80's.
    • 7. Sunday Morning by No Doubt
      I hate No Doubt. Because I don't like the lyrics to No Doubt's, "Don't Speak".
    • 6. New York Minute by Don Henley
      That song is close to the 80's too.
    • 5. That's What Love Is For by Amy Grant
      Great song! That song is close to the 80's.
    • 4. You Mean The World To Me by Toni Braxton
      I don't like Toni Braxton's voice that much.
    • 3. Last Night by Az Yet
      Well, that song is OK.
    • 2. Just A Girl by No Doubt
      U2 is much better than No Doubt.
    • 1. Spiderwebs by No Doubt
      U2 is my favorite band. No Doubt is my ugly band. You know I don't like No Doubt. It's sucks.

    By: Cruz G.
    • 10. Say It Ain't So by Weezer
      Hard hitting guitar and lyrics.
    • 9. Youth of America by Birdbrain
      Oh man this song rocks so great! It's really great if you have a fast car and you're listening to it! Just floor it and go for it!
    • 8. Closing Time by Semisonic
      How could you not put this song on the list!?
    • 7. Mercy Kiss by Abandoned Pools
      Great almost unheard of song.
    • 6. Graduation Song by Vitamin C
      I'm a senior in high school and all my friends were always older and graduated last year and this song, the words, just really means alot to me.
    • 5. The Dolphins Cry by Live
      Another really awesome song. The vocals really make this one.
    • 4. Isolate by Bender
      This song is just a great song. I mean the music and vocals, it was just all great.
    • 3. Adam's Song by Blink 182
      Ahh the lyrics. Such a great song.
    • 2. Glycerine by Bush
      Of course this one is great. It's another that's so deep that the meaning of the song is almost irrelevant because of the greatness of the song.
    • 1. Fade Into You by Mazzy Star
      Honestly one of the best songs ever written. I could listen to it forever. Undescribable

    Man it was hard to figure out the "best" songs of the 90's. I still think Mazzy Star's Fade Into You is one of the best of all time. If that song doesn't make you want to hold someone, nothing will. But there are so many great songs from the 90's andn in creating this list I tried not to do like most and Only put what was really popular on the radio.
    By: Superstar
    • 10. How Bizzare by Omc
    • 9. Mary Jane's Last Dance by Tom Petty
    • 8. Hit Um Up by Tupac
    • 7. On A Plain by Nirvana
    • 6. Juicy by Notrius Big
    • 5. Triumph by Wu Tang Clan
    • 4. Semi Charmed Life by 3rd Eye Blind
    • 3. Only One by Goo Goo Dolls
    • 2. Love Sick by Bob Dylan
    • 1. Mmm Bop by Hanson

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