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Top Ten Songs of the 90s

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80s Top Songs

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 90s?

    By: carlos rivera
    • 10. country grammer by nelly
    • 9. nookie by limp bizkit
      cuz it raw lyke that
    • 8. falling away from me by korn
      the video and the cd kik butt
    • 7. freak on a leash by korn
      damn its so cool
    • 6. the kids by eminem
    • 5. the real slim shady by eminem
      its real funny
    • 4. higher by creed
      um this song is one of the best known in vh1 and one of the most intreting song there is
    • 3. learn how to fly by foo fighters
      its a cool song to listen to when u feeling sad
    • 2. still dre by dr dre and snoop dogg
      its juss to good to leave out
    • 1. fly away by lenny cravitz
      its lyke mind blowing

    By: benjamin daly
    • 10. peaches by presidents of the united states of america
      the presidents showed us how you can make an awesome song/album with very basic instrument usage
    • 9. say it ain't so by weezer
      weezer need a mention as they invented the music genre of "geek rock"
    • 8. fly by sugar ray
      true, you just have to start grooving to this number
    • 7. summertime by the sundays
      this song makes you want to run through a field of daisies
    • 6. push th' little daisies by ween
      possibly the most annoying song of all time
    • 5. sellout by reel big fish
      dumped onto every commercialised band with flair, style and comedy.
    • 4. brick by ben folds five
      this is one of the saddest songs ever.
    • 3. superman by goldfinger
      made famous by it's placing on the tony hawk skatboarding soundtrack
    • 2. be quiet and drive by deftones
      this song is both depressing and uplifting at the same time.
    • 1. everlong by foo fighters
      c'mon, this is the most amazing song ever. if you haven't heard it yet, i pity you

    runner's up: "open up your eyes" - tonic, "aeroplane" - red hot chili peppers, "new skin" incubis, "1979" - smashing pumpkins.
    By: Dan Dyer
    • 10. Last Resort by Papa Roach
      Breakthrough hit, new music, new band, if they keep it up, they'll be great
    • 9. Make 'Em Say UGh! by Master P
      P gets you crunked up with this fast paced rap tune, say ughhhhhh!
    • 8. Bow Down by Ice Cube and Westside Connection
      Cube at his best, when you hear it live you'll know what i'm talking about
    • 7. Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit
      Original band or not, this song represents the anger of today's society
    • 6. Gettin Jiggy Wit It by Will Smith
      The clubs in the summer will always bump this clasic smash
    • 5. Killing In The Name Of by Rage Against The Machine
      Powerful and demanding, defining rage.
    • 4. Keep Their Heads Ringin' by Dr. Dre
      The Friday soundtrack is one everyone should buy, it's a classic.
    • 3. B**** Please by Snoop Dogg
      Probably his best work with NO LIMIT, Xzibit n' Nate Dogg perfect it.
    • 2. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      Kurt was a musical genious, and his music will live forever.
    • 1. KIM by Eminem
      Amazing! If you've been hurt in a relationship, this songs for you!

    Some may say there's too much rap and that Jiggy doesn't fit, but the 90's paved the way for hip-hop
    By: James
    • 10. prison sex by Tool
    • 9. sober by Tool
    • 8. Faith by Limp Bizkit
    • 7. bullgod by kid rock
    • 6. no leaf clover by metallica
    • 5. touch,peel,stand by Days of the new
    • 4. go away by Godsmack
    • 3. learn to fly by Foo Fighters
    • 2. freak on a leash by KoRn
    • 1. n 2gether now by Limp bizkit w/ method man

    By: Daniel Mark
    • 10. red hot chilli peppers by my friends
      a great acoustic guitar riff, makes you wanna cry right from the start and when it ends you have to skip it back- and it'll stay in your head till you want it to leave.
    • 9. R.E.M by man on the moon
      gotta put an REM song in here. this one is cool because it's just a great melody and michael stypes voice is really great. everyone knows this song and for good reason.
    • 8. soundgarden by spoon man
      needless to say this is a really great song- brings back loads of memories not all happy but still :)what a voice!!!
    • 7. screaming trees by dying days
      -from one of the best albums i ever got to hear (dust). how come this band was never huge- i'll never understand but in a strange way i'm kinda glad. it's a song about the death of seattle after the kurt and grunge thing.
    • 6. pearl jam by animal
      hard enough to choose a single pearl jam track but this one just wants to make me jump around and the riff is about as good as a riff can get.
    • 5. lemonheads by my drug buddy
      ...it's about friendship and not drugs. this guy has such a stunning voice and this song is an acoustic track complete with stunning chord changes, vocals, and lyrics- thank god he's doing a comeback
    • 4. feel the pain by dinosaur jr
      from the hundreds of awesome songs j mascis has written i chose this one because the video was really cool and the lyric 'i feel the pain of everyone, then i feel nothing' says a lot about how i felt at the time.
    • 3. 1979 by smashing pumpkins
      it's kinda happy in a way but at the same time just about the most depressing song ever written somehow plus it came with the best video ever made.
    • 2. rock music by the pixies
      just about the most intense 2 minutes of music you can experience. wailing guitars, screaming, drums- too cool
    • 1. smells like teen spirit by nirvana
      this song changed my life!! nirvana and kurt were the coolest.

    i decided to try and pick only one song from each band cos otherwise it would be pretty boring to read. i'd also like to point out that i'm bored as hell :)
    By: Anthony Fuller
    • 10. Livin La Veda Loca by Ricky Martin
      An awsome song
    • 9. No Scrubs by TLC
      The Best R&B Song of the decaded!!!!!!
    • 8. Your Still The One by Shinia Twain
      The Best Wedding song!!!!!!
    • 7. One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey
      Nothing to it but really a good song
    • 6. (You Drive ME) CRAZY by Britney Spears
      The Best SOng ever
    • 5. Smooth by Santana
      Good enough to sstay at Number1 for 13 weeks!!!!!!
    • 4. Believe by Cher
      Here best music yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • 3. Unpretty by TLC
      Really touching song and good lyrics
    • 2. My heart will go on by Cline Dion
      This is really one of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • 1. I will always love you by Whitney Huston
      She has the greatest voice of all!!!!!!!!!!

    By: Corey
    • 10. Ain't No..... by Jay-Z
    • 9. I can't help falling in love with you by UB40
    • 8. Limp Bizkit by Rearranged
    • 7. Madonna by Take a Bow
    • 6. Janet Jackson by Thats the way love goes
    • 5. Notorious B.I.G by Hypnotize
    • 4. SWV by Anything
    • 3. Xscape by My Little Secret
    • 2. Mariah Carey by Honey
    • 1. Lauryn Hill by Nothing even matters

    By: J
    • 10. Can't Get You Out Of My Thoughts by Dum Dums
      Makes you feel happy!
    • 9. End of a Century by Blur
      Great song
    • 8. Basket Case by Green Day
      This just rocked
    • 7. Black Capricorn Day by Jamiroquai
      Funky! (might have just missed the 90s but anyway)
    • 6. The Way by Fastball
      First heard this on holiday in the US in '98 and loved it
    • 5. Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry
      Lyrics just really described how I was feeling around this time
    • 4. Wonderwall by Oasis
      Simple but great
    • 3. More Than Words by Extreme
      A really touching song
    • 2. Everybody Hurts by REM
    • 1. Why Does It Always Rain On Me by Travis
      An absolutely classic anthem

    By: Hodge
    • 10. Nelly by Country Grammar
    • 9. Babylon by David Gray
    • 8. Broadway by Goo-Goo Dolls
    • 7. Swear It Again by Westlife
    • 6. Stay the Same by Joey McIntyre
    • 5. n 2 gether now by Limp Bizkit
    • 4. Back That Azz Up by Juvenile
    • 3. Stan by Eminem
    • 2. Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down
    • 1. Losing My Religion by R.E.M.

    By: Ashley Mueller
    • 10. Freshman by Verve Pipe
    • 9. Snoop Dogg by Lay Low
    • 8. I'm like a bird by Nellie Furtado
    • 7. Free by Mya
    • 6. Put it on me by Ja Rule
    • 5. Time of your life(Good Ridance) by Greenday
    • 4. Dammit by Greenday
    • 3. Follow Me by Uncle Kracker
    • 2. Never had a dream come true by S Club 7
    • 1. Hanging by a moment by Lifehouse

    I have tons of favorite songs.. But these are the one's that I love to listen to the most.. I think you'd like them too :)

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