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Top Ten Songs of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite songs from the 90s?

    By: Kevin Wilson
    • 10. Sting by Fields of Gold
      Something from the British old guard. Sting's work is consistently good from The Police to his last album Brand New Day. Another simple song musically, yet the lyrics seem to be reflective, maybe about a lost love. They evoke wonderful images, and show a master in the prime of his career.
    • 9. High and Dry by Radiohead
      Maybe the best British band of the 90s. They're not afraid to take risks or experiment. Consider how they followed up the immensely successful OK Computer with the off the wall Kid A. But The Bends is considered their masterpiece, and this is a simple acoustic song that suits Thom Yorke's mournful voice extremely well. Great to see the US embrace them too.
    • 8. Leave by REM
      Album track from New Adventures in Hi-Fi. It starts off very slowly then Peter Buck's guitar with maximum feedback kicks in, soon to be joined by the unmistakeable Michael Stipe. He's in a sense the perfect frontman - distinctive voice, a great performer and superb lyrics. A band for good videos too, just check out Spike Jonze's Crush with Eyeliner.
    • 7. Bachelorette by Bjork
      You know where you are with Bjork - she's the kind of artist you either love or hate. She is an immensely gifted lyricist, almost loose poetry well grafted upon sweeping strings to create an epic effect. A great Michel Gondry video to accompany the song. Play Dead was not too far behind though.
    • 6. Slash 'n' Burn by Manic Street Preachers
      The first track from their debut album Generation Terrorists, the influence of The Clash upon the band is at its most effective. Politically motivated lyrics blend with the punk guitar riff to good effect. A good introduction to one of the best two or three bands to come out of the UK in the 90s.
    • 5. Stay ( Faraway So Close ) by U2
      Choosing the greatest U2 record is a difficult task. They've consistently made good albums since the early 80s. The stand-out track from Zooropa, the song oozes raw emotion, the lyrics superb as ever, and the influence of Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire is all too evident.
    • 4. Criminal by Fiona Apple
      Notorious for its video directed by Mark Romanek, Fiona displays amazing talent for one so young. Deep lyrics about sexual guilt accompanied by an almost jazz-like piano create a powerful single.
    • 3. Halo by Depeche Mode
      Album track from Violator, their finest album. Martin Gore writes great synth pop tunes, none finer than this. How this wasn't a single I'll never know. It's a shame they're recognised more in the US than here in the UK.
    • 2. Mr Jones by Counting Crows
      Lyrically superb, it epitomised the great things US rock was producing in the early 90s. We all want something beautiful. Man, I wish I was beautiful.
    • 1. Jeremy by Pearl Jam
      The greatest 90s band to emerge from America and their greatest song. A deeep and heartfelt record about teen alienation, supplemented by a stunning video.

    I've tried as best I can to choose the most obvious records, and I'm one of the few to ignore the over-rated Nirvana or " pop" music. I know talent when I hear it, but it's just not my thing. This top 10 pretty much reflects what I listen to - rock and synth pop. The 80s top 10 would be easier - Smiths, New Order, Tom Petty etc.
    By: Nina
    • 10. Same In The End by Sublime
      Not single material, but it's so loud and so fast and soooooo great!
    • 9. Easily by Red Hot Chili Peppers
      This song wasnt a single, but the lyrics are so awesome and it is the best song on Californication.
    • 8. Tomorrow by Silverchair
      This song should actually be higher on the list but I'm too lazy to type. The lyrics are awesome!
    • 7. Ironic by Alanis Morissette
      How could you not love it? It's your whole life summed up in 4 minutes.
    • 6. Janie's Got A Gun by Aerosmith
      This also may have come out in '89, but the video and message of the song made it an instant hit.
    • 5. Epic by Faith No More
      This may have come out in 1989, but who the hell cares? It is such an awesome song.
    • 4. Jusitfy My Love by Madonna
      Madonna made it OK for girls to want to get laid. I think that says enough.
    • 3. Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz
      This guy can play guitar.
    • 2. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      How could there be a list w/out this? No bands today would be around if it weren't for Nirvana.
    • 1. Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers
      My fav band, and their most classic song.

    My #11 has to be Jane's Addiction's "Been Caught Stealing." Perry Farrell has such a cool voice and the video is hilarious!
    By: sarah
    • 10. satellite by dave matthews band
      this song has wonderfully written lyrics.. dave matthews is a musicial genius... and while there are some other songs i like more than satellite of theirs... this song def helped shape music in the 90s
    • 9. the book by sheryl crow
      extremely good song.. sheryl crow is a fantastic songwriter.. this is one of my favorite songs of all time
    • 8. bleed by collective soul
      "I think her gun's unloaded now. I guess tomorrow will be after all? Who made me judge and jury here? It seems I'm bearing witness to her fall."... awesome lyrics
    • 7. smells like teen spirit by nirvana
      everyone likes this nirvana song more than any other... it's a great song... but too obvious for a number 1 choice... lyrics are awesome though... "With the lights out it's less dangerous... Here we are now, entertain us... I feel stupid and contagious... A mulatto ...An albino ...A mosquito ...My Libido ...Yay, a denial"
    • 6. wonderwall by oasis
      another great band... not much else to say
    • 5. linger by cranberries
      ok, this song doesn't really fit with my other choices.. but the cranberries rock!
    • 4. black hole sun by soundgarden
      what can i say? awesome video
    • 3. runaway train by soul asylum
      who could forget a song that brought this deep issue that surrounds us to the eye of the public? this is a great song, and the video grabbed the attention of their audience and made them really feel the need to try to change this problem
    • 2. jeremy by pearl jam
      not only did pearl jam go where no other artist had gone with this song, what they thought was meant to be has happened over and over again in the past few years... this song definitely changed the content of a lot of music... forcing other artists to make their music deeper than "hit me baby one more time"... even though the mainstream has forgotten this by now
    • 1. stay away by nirvana
      smells like teen spirit seemed to be everyone's top choice, but stay away seems more fitting as a defiant song for the 90s.. here's the lyrics of the song... "Monkey See, monkey do ...I don't know why I'd rather be dead than be cool ...Every line ends in rhyme ...Less is more, love is blind ...Stay away ...Give an inch, take a smile ...Fashion shits, fashion style ...Throw it out and keep it in ...Have to have poison skin ...Stay away ...God is gay, burn the flag" what else is there to say?

    after reading my list over... i realize that grunge needs to make a come-back... it's never been the same since april 1994... kurt cobain took his own life... but his words and lyrics will live on forever.. and hopefully other bands will someday be able to compare to his talent... another great artist i want to mention is brad nowell (sublime) his talent was almost equal to kurt's and he will always be a top choice of musicians to me... however i did not put great bands such as sublime, pennywise, dickless, tad, etc. etc. because i think the 10 i chose most influenced music as an industry
    By: Tim
    • 10. Party Song by Blink 182
      I love this song, a cool standout on an otherwise mediocre Blink release.
    • 9. Disarm by Smashing Pumpkins
      This song is sooooo deep! Listening to it once is not enough, listen to lyrics and try not to feel Billy's pain.
    • 8. Possum Kingdom by Toadies
      If Billy Corgan is the most underated guitar player, then the toadies are the most underated band, they have had like one hit, and it wasn't a number 1, but it should have been, I love these guys.
    • 7. Seek and Destroy by Metallica
      The blue print for a good metal song. It was five minutes and some change, but it didn't get boring, and it drove you into the nearest wall with its pounding guitar riffs.
    • 6. Duke Lion by Big Dumb Face
      This band is just so funny, yet cool. When you first put in the disc, you laugh and dismiss it, but then you find yourself listening to it again and showing friends. Warning: A sing along may insue, munchkin voices and all!
    • 5. Geek USA by Smashing Pumkins
      Considering Billy Corgan is one of the most underated guitar players ever, this song gave him a chance to show his talents. If you caught them live before they broke up, you know what I mean, if not get Vieuphoria.
    • 4. Down by 311
      This song has a great beat, and just stays together so well. Anyone who likes hip hop, or metal, or whatever, they love this song.
    • 3. Dammit by Blink 182
      This song is great, its upbeat, but it still has a message, though it is in a typical blink, inmature way.
    • 2. Anthem II by Blink 182
      Although this is a new song, it says so much about the current situation that teens are living in, and its catchy.
    • 1. Zero by Smashing Pumpkins
      This is by far the Pumpkins most progressive and catchy songs, but it was their third single off Mellon Collie, and many overlooked it. I could listen forever!

    By: Sally
    • 10. Uptown Girl by Billy Joel
      Is this from the 90's?? Oh well, it's an awesome song!
    • 9. Don't Say You Love Me by M2M
    • 8. 500 Miles by The Proclaimers
    • 7. You're Still the One by Shaniah Twain
    • 6. All My Life by K-ci and Jojo
    • 5. You'll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins
    • 4. To Be With You by Mr. Big
    • 3. King Of Wishful Thinking by Go West
    • 2. Would I Lie To You? by Charles and Eddie
    • 1. A Whole New World by Aladdin theme

    I forgot a few songs in my last list that just HAD to be mentioned. These are in no particular order.
    By: kerry
    • 10. Emotion Sickness by Silverchair
      this song really proves itself as the very first beginning of daniel johns musical diary and with its orchestral sounds and personal elements added in this really proves no 1
    • 9. Californication by Red hot chili peppers
      this song is from the album sucess californication, with its thought outlyrics this for sure is the number 1
    • 8. Otherside by Red hot chili peppers
      once again this song has really out done itself staying at the top of the charts
    • 7. Scar Tissue by Red hot chili peppers
      with its weird, sickning but brilliantly done video this song really takes the meaning of talent
    • 6. Around the world by Red hot chili peppers
      one of the first big hit single for the chili peppers
    • 5. Isreal's son by Silverchair
      Once again this song defines the true meaning of talent
    • 4. Tomorrow by Silverchair
      The song that made Silverchair famous this song really defined the meaning of grunge at such a young age
    • 3. Miss you love by Silverchair
      A song of anti-love, this song really gets to grips with life and its meaning
    • 2. Ana's song by Silverchair
      this rock ballad is one of the first account of Daniel Johns musical diary encounter
    • 1. Anthem for the year 2000 by Silverchair
      Silverchair defines the meaning of this hardcore rock song that gonna go way past the year 2000!

    these songs are in no particular order. and oh yeah, the smashing pumpkins music rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the way, we are from New Zealand!
    By: Plonk
    • 10. Every body hurts by REM
      its my funeral song!
    • 9. Under the bridge by Red hot chillies!
      could be higher up!
    • 8. Dancing in the moonlight by Toploader
      reminds me of the sky bar!
    • 7. Smells like teen spirt by Nirvana
      got to b in here somewhere!
    • 6. Obvilivon by Terrorvision
      Possibly the best band ever!
    • 5. Sit down by James
    • 4. Charmless man by Blur
      just couldnt beat Oasis tho!
    • 3. 9pm until i come by ATB
      bite of dance to spice thing up
    • 2. Novermber Rain by Guns n Roses
    • 1. Dont look back in anger by Oasis
      summer on 96! what else has to be said!

    By: Michelle
    • 10. Can't touch this! by MC Hammer
      Another classic...
    • 9. Ice Ice Baby by Vanila Ice
      It's a classic!!!! I remember hearin it all the time when I was younger...
    • 8. Ironic by Alanis Morissette
      Good song, I like how is so true too..
    • 7. Men In Black by Will Smith
      He's such a talented rapper...I usta watch him all the time in Fresh Prince...
    • 6. Wildside by Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch
      I always liked this song too, it's so real...
    • 5. You get what you give! by New Radicals!
      I love listening to that song at night while your driving...full blast!
    • 4. Killing Me Softly by Fugees
      This song, is great! I know it by heart! It has something that everyone can relate too!
    • 3. Be My Lover! by Real McCoy!
      Another song that makes me dance and energized!
    • 2. Be My Lover by La Bouche(sp)
      I love that song! I can never get sick of it, it makes me feel alive every time I listen to it!
    • 1. Good Vibrations!!! by Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch!
      Mark Wahlberg is so talented, and I fell head over heals for him when he came out with his hit song Good Vibrations!! I love him! And still I'm a major fan! I heard he's gonna start rapping again! Go see "Planet of the Apes" and "Rockstar" if you haven't!

    By: gidge
    • 10. wonderwall by oasis
    • 9. learn to fly by foo fighters
    • 8. santa monica by everclear
    • 7. black hole sun by soundgarden
    • 6. satellite by dave matthews band
    • 5. good by better than ezra
      just...one...of...so many!
    • 4. jeremy by pearl jam
      pearl jam...oh so good
    • 3. under the bridge by red hot chilli peppers
      vedy vedy good
    • 2. december by collective soul
      too bad i stick with one song from them but eh we all know many more are great.
    • 1. smells like teen spirit by nirvana
      need i say more?

    these were all so hard to rank so yeah they were/are a sign of the times. rock on. party hardy.
    By: Paul
    • 10. Awhile by Staind
      I know, not from 90's but ah well
    • 9. Aparitions by Matthew Good Band
    • 8. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
    • 7. Eye of the Tiger by Rocky Soundtrack
    • 6. One Headlight by Wallflowers
    • 5. Mr. Jones by Counting Crows
    • 4. Moby by Porcelain
    • 3. Du Hast by ramstine
    • 2. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
    • 1. U2 by One

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