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Prime Time Schedule for 1993-1994

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Not all shows ran the entire season, since I culled this list from the beginning of a season, there will be shows that only showed a few times before being cancelled. I really don't have the capacity to be precise in this area, and don't really care enough to track down all the discrepancies.
Day 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 Network
Sunday Lois and Clark Movie ABC
Murder, She Wrote Movie CBS
Martin Living Single Married... with Children Daddy Dearest Non-Network FOX
seaQuest DSV Movie NBC
Monday Day One N.F.L. Monday Night Football ABC
Evening Shade Dave's World Murphy Brown Love and War Northern Exposure CBS
Fox Night At The Movies Non-Network Fox
Fresh Prince of Bel Air Blossom Movie NBC
Tuesday Full House Phenom Roseanne Coach N.Y.P.D. Blue ABC
Rescue 911 Movie CBS
ROC Bakersfield P.D. America's Most Wanted Non-Network Fox
Saved By the Bell: The College Years Getting By John Larroquette Show Second Half Dateline NBC NBC
Wednesday Thea Joe's Life Home Improvement Grace Under Fire Moon Over Miami ABC
Hearts Afire The Nanny South Of Sunset 48 Hours CBS
Beverly Hills 90210 Melrose Place Non-Network Fox
Unsolved Mysteries Now Law And Order NBC
Thursday Missing Persons Matlock Primetime Live ABC
In The Heat Of The Night Eye To Eye With Connie Chung Angel Falls CBS
The Simpsons The Sinbad Show In Living Color Herman's Head Non-Network FOX
Mad About You Wings Seinfeld Frasier L.A. Law NBC
Friday Family Matters Boy Meets World Step By Step Hangin' With Mr. Cooper 20/20 ABC
It Had To Be You Family Album Bob Specials Picket Fences CBS
Adventures of Brisco County Jr. The X-Files Non-Network FOX
Against the Grain Movie NBC
Saturday George Where I Live Paula Poundstone Show The Commish ABC
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Harts of the West Walker, Texas Ranger CBS
Cops Front Page Non-Network FOX
The Mommies Cafe Americain Empty Nest Nurses Sisters NBC

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