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Prime Time Schedule for 1999-2000

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Not all shows ran the entire season, since I culled this list from the beginning of a season, there will be shows that only showed a few times before being cancelled. I really don't have the capacity to be precise in this area, and don't really care enough to track down all the discrepancies.
Day 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 Network
Sunday Wonderful World of Disney Snoops The Practice ABC
Touched By An Angel Movie CBS
The Simpsons Futurama The X-Files Non-Network FOX
Third Watch Movie NBC
Felicity Jack and Jill Non-Network WB
Monday 20/20 N.F.L. Monday Night Football ABC
King Of Queens Ladies Man Everybody Loves Raymond Becker Family Law CBS
Get Real Ally McBeal Non-Network FOX
Suddenly Susan Veronica's Closet Law and Order: Special Victims Unit Dateline NBC NBC
Moesha The Parkers Grown Ups Malcolm and Eddie Non-Network UPN
7th Heaven Safe Harbor Non-Network WB
Tuesday Spin City It's Like, You Know Dharma and Greg Dharma and Greg Once and Again ABC
JAG 60 Minutes II CBS
Ally That '70s Show TV GUIDE Scandals Behind the Sitcoms Non-Network FOX
Just Shoot Me 3rd Rock From The Sun Will and Grace Mike O'Malley Dateline NBC NBC
Dilbert RedHanded Star Trek: Voyager Non-Network UPN
Buffy, the Vampire Slayer Angel Non-Network WB
Wednesday Two Guys, and A Girl Norm Drew Carey Oh Grow Up 20/20 ABC
Cosby Work With Me Movie CBS
Beverly Hills 90210 Get Real Non-Network FOX
Dateline NBC West Wing Law and Order NBC
Seven Days Star Trek: Voyager Non-Network UPN
Dawson's Creek Popular Non-Network WB
Thursday Who's Line Is It Anyways Who's Line Is It Anyways Movie ABC
Diagnosis Murder Chicago Hope 48 Hours CBS
World's Wildest Police Videos Family Guy Action Non-Network FOX
Friends Jesse Frasier Stark Raving Mad ER NBC
WWF Smackdown Non-Network UPN
Popular Charmed Non-Network WB
Friday The Hughleys Boy Meets World Sabrina, The Teenage Witch Odd Man Out 20/20 ABC
Kids Say The Darndest Things Candid Camera Now and Again Nash Bridges CBS
Terror On The Job Harsh Realm Non-Network FOX
Providence Dateline NBC Cold Feet NBC
Movie Non-Network UPN
Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx Steve Harvey For Your Love Non-Network WB
Saturday Movie ABC
Early Edition Martial Law Walker, Texas Ranger CBS
Cops America's Most Wanted Non-Network FOX
Freaks and Geeks The Pretender Profiler NBC

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