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Top Ten Movies of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite movies from the 90s?

    By: Keri and Tracy
    • 10. Scream
      all three were pretty good i guess
    • 9. Fried Green Tomatoes
      just good
    • 8. Meet Joe Black
      hes hot ..... but it was also really good
    • 7. Home Alone
      that kid used to be so cute
    • 6. Clueless
      very cool
    • 5. Titanic
      everybody loves this movie
    • 4. Big Daddy
      I love adam sandler
    • 3. American History X
      That movie is sooooo awesome. Its somewhat scary to think that people are really like that, but it was still very good.
    • 2. Sixth Sense
      I see dead people.....
    • 1. Tommy Boy

    By: karine robitaille
    • 10. dune
    • 9. star war trilogy
    • 8. indianna jones trilogy
    • 7. frankie and johnny
    • 6. moonstruck
      cher and nicolas cage are at their best in this love story.
    • 5. annie
      tommorow i love you ...
    • 4. when harry met sally
      it has to be you!
    • 3. ever after
      if only love would be like this...
    • 2. beaches
      bette midler;she's so great!
    • 1. fisher king
      this movie is the deepest movies i've everv seen.

    By: Jeff K
    • 10. Super Mario Brothers
      Very much underrated!
    • 9. Men in Black
      Will Smith is hilarious
    • 8. Father's Day
      Great comedy
    • 7. Contact
      Also should be higher, too lazy to move it up. But whoa it was profound.
    • 6. Arlington Road
      Should be higher on my list. Everyone should watch this chilling movie.
    • 5. The Man who knew too little
      I know, it looks dumb, but it surprised me!
    • 4. The Negotiator
      What an ending
    • 3. True Lies
      Whoa, great action!
    • 2. Mission: Impossible I
      The second one blows
    • 1. The Matrix
      Greatest movie of all! Can't believe it didn't make anyone's lists...

    By: john
    • 10. babe: pig in the city
      i know what your thinking, babe? you really have to see this movie to understand its brilliant
    • 9. goldeneye
      the best bond movie period. sets the standard for spy flicks
    • 8. face/off
      an action movie with blood and brains(figuatively of course)...tons of dramatic irony, its too sweet
    • 7. what dreams may come
      highly underrated...the special effects are so good even robin williams can ruin this movie!
    • 6. trainspotting
      my girlfriend has made me see this movie so many times!!! im so glad that its an sxcellent movie otherwise i might be upset
    • 5. fight club
      one of those movies that makes you think to yourself 'what the hell was that?' as you leave the theatre.....i loved it
    • 4. the sweet hereafter
      the most depressing movie ever made....fine piece of cinema but i dont recomend it if you've lost someone dear to you recently
    • 3. the truman show
      not so much a movie as it is an entire world....captivating to say the least....jim carrey is marvelous
    • 2. the thin red line
      the best war movie ever made, maybe the best movie ever made
    • 1. the ice storm
      if you think american beauty was a good movie watch this one and find yourself changing your mind
    the following movies i considered but ultimately struck down because while they are personal favorates they lack the art and vision that the listed pocess: dazed and confused, mission impossible, theres something about mary, american pie, saving private ryan, sneakers, chasing amy, the lion king, babe, forrest gump, etc.
    By: Rae
    • 10. Philadelphia
    • 9. Se7en
    • 8. The Usual Suspects
    • 7. Saving Private Ryan
    • 6. Get Shorty
    • 5. Schindler's List
    • 4. The Shawshank Redemption
    • 3. KIDS
    • 2. Boyz N the Hood
    • 1. American Beauty
    Well, let's face it. The 90s weren't a great decade for mainstream filmmaking. Very few films from this era will be regarded as classics, and even fewer probably deserve it. It is a decade that will probably be remembered for style over substance, and that is why several of the films that I have included on my list rest more with their visceral impact than with their message (Se7en, Usual Suspects, etc.). That's not to say that beautiful visual AND contextual movies weren't made, however-- as anyone who has seen Philadelphia or American Beauty can attest to.
    By: Lauren
    • 10. Austin Powers (both)
      i love both of these movies! they are great!
    • 9. American Beauty
      this movie is sooo weird and off but it is great!!
    • 8. The Cable Guy
      Eventhough this movie is super weird i love it!
    • 7. Blair Witch Project
      OK I love scary movies and this movie scared the crap out of me!!
    • 6. Clueless
      This movie is just great cause it started tons of trends
    • 5. Big Daddy
      ME and my friends have so many inside jokes with this movie.
    • 4. Silence of the Lambs
      This movie is so good! i just saw it a few years ago but i bought it adn i love it!
    • 3. Dumb and Dumber
      Ok this movie is the best but it is soo dumb!!
    • 2. Swingers
      My bro introduced this movie to me!It is great! Vince Vaghn is so awesome!
    • 1. Scream
      I love this movie! I hawv seen it about 100 times!!

    By: Liz
    • 10. Shakespeare in Love
      Shows that past things still can be relevant to our lives
    • 9. Goodfellas/The Godfather
      I just can't choose between them, sorry!
    • 8. Dazed and Confused
      Reminds me of a lot of my friends!
    • 7. Pulp Fiction
      Another self-explanatory one, I think
    • 6. Saving Private Ryan
      Because it opened up my eyes and realized that crappy stuff is a lot closer to home than I thought
    • 5. Forrest Gump
      Just 'cause I like it
    • 4. Good Will Hunting
      NOT because of Matt Damon, but because it teaches you not to take everything at face value
    • 3. Reservoir Dogs
      I think this one is pretty self-explanatory
    • 2. Kids
      A real look at life and the way that some kids today have to live and things they have to deal with
    • 1. Chasing Amy
      Actually, anything by Kevin Smith, but I think this one epitomizes a lot of the 90's culture
    These are in no particular order, and there are hundreds more that I love, but these were just off the top of my head.....
    By: Tiffany-Simone Stevenson
    • 10. City of Angles
      Nicoloas Cage did he's best acting here.Great movie.
    • 9. Fear
      Mark Walhberg is an amazing actor. The story line was good.
    • 8. fACE OFF
      I like this movie because it's so believeable. Nicoloas Cage was SO hot in it I could watch it over and over again
    • 7. Wedding Singer
      Adam is great in this film.I totally fell in love with him, big nasty wig and all.
    • 6. She's all that
      This movie is so funny.
    • 5. Seven
      This movie gave me chills. It was so real. The acting was amazing. I can't watch this movie alone.
    • 4. The Sixth Sense
      This movie move me in a way I'll never understanding.The "little" boy in the story could really act!
    • 3. Titanic
      I can't remember what happened in the film I just remember Leo!!
    • 2. American Beauty
      This movie is beauitful in every way. It's ful of truth and showed me what America is tring to hide
    • 1. Clueless
      This movie was based on my life.It's jokes and kind of honest.

    By: bubba
    • 10. Jurassic Park
      Who didn't love it?
    • 9. Diabloique
      The remake of the classic french film LES DIABOLIQUES is a classic in my eyes even though it was loathed by critics.
    • 8. The Hand that rocks the Cradle
      Rebecca De Mornay got my attention in this psychological thriller that is now forgotten
    • 7. The Silence of the Lambs
      How many teenagers saw this? You can't describe its brilliance.
    • 6. Erin Brockovich
      If Julia Roberts doesn't even receive an Oscar nomination for this, there shouldn't be an Academy Awards at all.
    • 5. Copycat
      A classic murder caper in our time.
    • 4. Stir of Echoes
      This movie was over shadowed by the box-office smash THE SITH SENSE. Just rent it, you'll thank me.
    • 3. Pleasantville
      The ignored movie that discusses change over time is good and that u can't stop what's inside you to stand up for yourself and your beliefs.
    • 2. The Scream Trilogy
      Enough said
    • 1. American Beauty
      The timeless movie about how we don't look closer at the things surrounding us is the movies that my generation didn't look closer at and they should have.
    I'm only 16 and you probably think that I'm 35. Well i do have my own movie review newsletter so I guess that makes me a critic. By the way you all picked the same teenage drivel that ended with the last scene being a prom that had an inspirational speech by the lead character. I'm saying my list is better I'm just saying that our generation doesn't reach out and grasp other movies that are really great. I don't mean to offend anyone by this bc that was you opinion and well this is mine.
    By: Bryan Lopper
    • 10. A matter of degrees
      The movie blew oats but the soundtrack is the best of all times....includes work from the greates band alive: yo la tengo. Plus pixies, nova mob, and miracle legion.....may be pretty hard to find, but try to anyway
    • 9. Kingpin
      Q: "Do you believe in new beginnings?" A: "Is that some kind of feminine hygeine spray?" The darkest, most misunderstood humor I have ever seen in a movie...went way over most people's heads...Bill's funniest, most sarcastic work to date.
    • 8. Pleasantville
      Amazing movie...amazingly filmed...amazing soundtrack
    • 7. Mallrats
      Opening scene: "Sweet fucking Crist would you knock it off!" Jason Lee...from smart-ass skater to smart-ass actor...too many one-liners to count
    • 6. So I married an axe murderer
      Forget Austin Powers...this is Meyers' funniest movie.
    • 5. Awakenings
      Robin Williams fines movie. Robert DeNiro's finest movie. Very sad.
    • 4. Phantom Menace
      No explanation necessary...George Lucas is the god of imagination...screw all you cynics.....
    • 3. Lawn Dogs
      Has any one else ever seen this movie?!! Go get this damn movie right now!!
    • 2. Pi
      Math...madness...mayham...a mathematical genius with serious mental issues discovers the answer to the stock market, the Koran,....what else needs to be said.
    • 1. Fearless
      My second favorite movie of all time...next to Harold and Maude (and yes, I saw it many years before Cameron Diaz mentioned it). Jeff Bridges plays the greatest role of his career in a film with an extremely powerful plot.
    I was friends in elementary school with the girl who got screwed in the opening scene of KIDS. She was a nice girl....just saw her a couple of years ago...she recognized me but I didn't recognize her....how's it going Sarah?

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