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Top Ten Movies of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite movies from the 90s?

    By: Jarrett McCall
    • 10. The Fugitive
      Best modern action/adventure film. Andrew Davis
    • 9. Schindler's List
      An instant classic. Stephen Spielberg
    • 8. Pulp Fiction
      Possibly the best script of the 90's. Quentin Tarantino
    • 7. Glengarry Glen Ross
      The best cast of the 90's. James Foley
    • 6. Short Cuts
      Altman's Nashville of the 90's. Robert Altman
    • 5. Bottle Rocket
      Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson's first collaboration of genius. Wes Anderson
    • 4. Braveheart
      Made me proud to be of Scottish descent. Mel Gibson
    • 3. The Truman Show
      Everybody's daydream made into a film. Peter Weir
    • 2. Magnolia
      The "A Day in the Life" of film. P.T. Anderson
    • 1. GoodFellas
      Scorsese's masterpiece. The most perfect film of the 90's. Martin Scorsese
    The Coen Brothers,Election,Krszystof Kieslowski,Atom Egoyan,David Fincher,The Player,Mike Figgis,Dazed and Confused,Unforgiven,Steven Soderbergh,Killing Zoe,Man Bites Dog,Wax or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees,Harmony Korine,Being John Malkovich,Eyes Wide Shut
    By: Katie
    • 10. Varsity Blues/Cruel Intentions/Shakespear in Love
      couldn't pick a number 10 so I picked 3. Good movies. Some are sad Some are glad(do I sound like Dr Suess??)
    • 9. The X-Files: Fight The Future
      Great Movie. My favorite TV show.
    • 8. Girl, Interrupted
      Good, Good, Good, Good movie
    • 7. Baseketball
      Trey Parker and Matt Stone are absolutely hilarious (dude!)
    • 6. eXistenZ
      great movie. interesting plot. Jude Law. 'nuff said
    • 5. The Wedding Singer
      I absolutely love this movie
    • 4. Billy Madison
      Adam Sandler at his best. funny funny funny-ass funny (to Caroline on Dec 30th 1999 in blockbuster:(jokingly)"you know we are going to be spending what may be our last night on Earth watcing Billy Madison?" Caroline: "so?")
    • 3. Foxfire
      Bad-ass movie. Angelina Jolie is my fave actress. great soundtrack
    • 2. Robin Hood: Men In Tights
      How could anyone not love this movie. I dare someone to sit throught this and not laugh. "we're men. We're men in tights."
    • 1. Empire Records/Music From Another Room (tie for1st
      Funny Funny Funny. I LOVE music and this movie has a great soundtrack. Did I mention funny? Johnny Whitworth (AJ) is a hottie! and Music From Another Room is soooooocute Jude Law is my favorite actor.
    I Love Movies. My favorite actor is Jude Law. My favorite actress is Angelina Jolie.
    By: Nick Bianchine
    • 10. bound
    • 9. the people vs. lary flint
    • 8. life is beautiful
    • 7. american history x
    • 6. billy madison
    • 5. shaft
    • 4. rocky horror picture show
    • 3. dazed and confused
    • 2. kids
    • 1. Slc punk
    Tommy boy is good, and all other chris farly movies would be next on my list, as much as i love chris farly, i had to be fair
    By: Tyler
    • 10. Arlington Road
      sorry if i spelled that wrong.... its always good to see the bad guy win!
    • 9. Saving Private Ryan
      another good war/battle movie!
    • 8. Postman
      i just hope the near future is not like that
    • 7. Parent Trap
      it was way better than the old one! or at least thats what i think
    • 6. Austin Powers 1 & 2
      these movies are great & i hope he continues to make these!!
    • 5. Dumb & Dumber
      hahaha lol i love this movie,it gets better each time i watch it!!
    • 4. Braveheart
      prolly the best war/battle movie i have seen
    • 3. Blast from the Past
      not much to say about it,i just thought it was a great movie
    • 2. Deep Blue Sea
      if your a fan of jaws you will for sure enjoy this movie,cause i sure did!
    • 1. Angus
      my favorite movie of all time!! it also has a great soundtrack!!
    the movies i listed are in no praticular order!
    By: Dr. Crawford
    • 10. Mortal Combat
      ok movie
    • 9. Sixteen Candles
      Very funny movie
    • 8. Terminator 2: Judgement Day
    • 7. The World Is Not Enough
    • 6. RoboCop
    • 5. GoldenEye
    • 4. Tomorrow Never Dies
    • 3. Mission: Impossible
      Great movie, but confusing to some at some times
    • 2. Air Force One
      Very good movie also. Another good Gary Oldman movie.His Russian accent was astonishing
    • 1. The Professional ( A.K.A. LEON )
      Terrific Movie! Gary Oldman was great in this one!

    By: Jeff
    • 10. Goodfellas
    • 9. Billy Madison
    • 8. Natural Born Killers
    • 7. Secrets and Lies
    • 6. Forrest Gump
    • 5. Shawshank Redemption
    • 4. American Beauty
    • 3. Boogie Nights
    • 2. Schindler's List
    • 1. Pulp Fiction

    By: Heriberto Gonzalez
    • 10. I know what you did last summer
      Jennifer love hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar
    • 9. Magical practice
      Sandra and Nicole ˇˇˇWOW!!!
    • 8. Dr Dolittle
      very slugger
    • 7. Why some about Mary
      Great and very funny
    • 6. Scream
      Neve Campbell is my girlfriend.
    • 5. advocat devils
      Al pacino. Keanu Reeves
    • 4. Philadelphia
      descrimination witn adis
    • 3. La vita e bella
      Bravo Roberto Benigni
    • 2. The sixth shense
      Greatˇ play with your brain
    • 1. The Lion King
      Its the best picture animated for Disney

    By: forrest
    • 10. waynes world
      funny but the snl skit was funnier
    • 9. the big labousky
      funny sad everything
    • 8. dirty work
      really funny
    • 7. mission impossible
      good movie and way better than the second
    • 6. the big hit
      the hit mens personalitys are really cool
    • 5. kalifornia
      great movie
    • 4. ed and his dead mother
      weird but good
    • 3. true romance
      a good romantic dark comedy
    • 2. resovoir dogs
      color part is the best part
    • 1. pulp fiction
      Love Tarrentino
    Quentin Tarrantino is a genous
    By: Robert Grazer
    • 10. Goodfellas
      Not The Godfather, but what is?
    • 9. The Rock
      The definitive action movie of the decade.
    • 8. The Thin Red Line
      Not fast paced, but well-made nonetheless.
    • 7. Quiz Show
      You'll never look at the game shows the same way ever again.
    • 6. Unforgiven
      A very well made Western.
    • 5. Braveheart
      Modern Epic Masterpiece.
    • 4. Saving Private Ryan
      Outstanding in every way.
    • 3. The Usual Suspects
      Superb writing with the best characters since The Godfather.
    • 2. The Shawshank Redemption
      If only if were a true story...
    • 1. Schindler's List
      Magnificent directing, Frightening Realism, Excellent perfomances. This could be the best movie ever.
    There are people on here have such god-awful taste that they should never be allowed to watch a movie again. Some movies that may have been entertaining, but have no place on this top ten list are Scream (Any and all), Tommy Boy, Clueless, Jurassic Park,Star Wars I (BLEH!), and above all, The Matrix. Any list containg porn movies or descriptions containing "is so hot" are written by people who have no idea what a good movie is and should have their lists removed from this page. Finally, Although I disliked the movie, anyone who ranked "Titanic" lower than 5 on their list and did not mention the sex appeal of the cast do not annoy me. I am annoyed by the people who have little to no taste. NOTE: I am sure that some who read this may be tempted to write me a nasty letter because I believe that it is idiocy to like or dislike an actor/actress based on their body should find better thing to do with their time. In Short - Like a movie either because it is entertaining or well made.
    By: dennis
    • 10. scary movie
      i see dead people.
    • 9. bad boys
      bashing peoples heads in with pillow cases full of pop cans.
    • 8. fast times at ridgmont high
    • 7. boys
      it's just me casper.
    • 6. dased and confused
      check ya later slater.
    • 5. tales from the hood
      i like how the 3 guys are just looking for thier drugs but end up in hell.
    • 4. boys in the hood
      drink a 40 and get high.
    • 3. next friday
      i like the little mexican neighbor.
    • 2. friday
      smokey knows how to smoke that bud.
    • 1. hotboyz
      snoop and master p kick ass and are the gangsters of rap so watch out.

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