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Top Ten Movies of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite movies from the 90s?

    By: Jerry Aaron
    • 10. I know what you did last summer
      Great movie, it with scream introduced todays horror film. Plus it has Jennifer Love Hewitt, what a fox
    • 9. Scream
      It revived the horror genre. Awesome
    • 8. Patch Adams
      I could have put any Robin Williams movie here. He is the greatest comedic actor of all time
    • 7. Jerry Maguire
      This should have been closer to number one but this is where it fell. Great Movie!
    • 6. Varsity Blues
      I loved this movie, the guy who plays Billy Bob is hilarious. "I love that dog," "I think it's a pig." "Yeah"
    • 5. Lethal Weapon I, II, III, IV
      all of these are great, I hope they continue to make this in 2000 and beyond. Martaw and Riggs are hilarious, Joe Pecci is great in the last two.
    • 4. Liar, Liar
      Probably better than Happy Gilmore, but Liar, Liar is on tv too much.
    • 3. Happy Gillmore
      Adam Sandler is so funny
    • 2. The American President
      Okay, probably not everyone's choice. I thought it was sweet and very funny
    • 1. Forrest Gump
      Changed my life, paid to see it three times in the theatre. The greatest movie of all time
    There are a lot of other movies that could have made this list. Like movies that no matter were I see them I will remember things that were happening in my life when I saw them. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Cutting Edge, Cool Runnings, The Rock, etc. This movies automatically take me back to memories of my life. GREAT MOVIES
    By: Max
    • 10. There's Something About Mary
    • 9. Happy Gilmore
    • 8. Waterboy
      Adam Sandler does it again.
    • 7. Whole Nine Yards
      Twisted...loved it.
    • 6. U-571
      This one keeps you on the edge of your seat.
    • 5. Austin Powers II
      The original was hilerious but the sequel was even better. Must be the only movie ever where the sequel was better than the original. You gotta love mini me.
    • 4. Star Wars Episode 1
      A little disappointing but its Star Wars which automatically makes it good. Would have been better if Jar Jar Binx? didn't ruin the whole thing by turning it into a kiddie movie. Its also interesting that they seem to have better technology (e.g. battle droids instead of Storm Troopers and much more streamlined spacecraft) when its supposed to be years earlier then the original Star Wars. But still a good movie.
    • 3. Hunt for Red October
      Awsome story.
    • 2. American Pie
      Funny - only movie where I have had to leave the cinema so I could stop laughing. Would have been number 1 except it got a bit boring by the tenth time I watched it.
    • 1. Matrix
      The best ever. Great story, acting and effects. Non stop action. Loved every minute of it.

    By: Matt
    • 10. Belly
      Now, im sure not all of you would like this movie, but if you do see it. (starring DMX) Look at the way the movie is made, it amazing.
    • 9. Independence Day
      I know it got old fast, but i remember when i fist saw that, i couldn't moved i was so amazed.
    • 8. Tommy Boy
      Chris Farley was and still is awsome. He'll be missed by all.
    • 7. Braveheart
      "They may take out lives, but they'll never take our Freedom!!"
    • 6. The Matrix
      This was in the very late 90's, and it changed the way movies were made.
    • 5. Jurassic Park
      This movie changed the way i thought of things after I saw it. I mean, the movie made me want to be a Palentologist. Once again, Steven Spielberg is teh best.
    • 4. Dazed and Confused
      Funny, yet again another 70s flick. Slater rules!! I LOVE THE 70s!!!!!! Disco still sucks!
    • 3. Forrest Gump
      This movie was great.
    • 2. Man on the Moon
      Jim Carrey + Andy Kaufman = Genius.
    • 1. Saving Private Ryan
      Steven Spielberg's greatest movie made, it made me feel like what war is like.

    By: Jared
    • 10. IT
      Stephen King's best movie.
    • 9. Back To The Future
      Always loved this movie.
    • 8. A Christmas Story
      Oh Fudge
    • 7. 3 Kings
    • 6. Blue Streak
    • 5. Austin Powers:the spy that shagged me
      real funny.
    • 4. From Dusk Til Dawn
      I liked the whole theme to this movie.
    • 3. Cruel Intentions
      Sarah Michelle Gellar is fine.
    • 2. Can't Hardly Wait
      A good party show.
    • 1. Born In East LA
      One of the best movies ever.

    By: Adrian Osborne
    • 10. U.S. Marshalls
      You have to love Wesley Snipes! This movie was full of action,excitement and great actors!
    • 9. Bad Boys
      There couldn't be to better partners than Will Smith & Martin Lawrence.They made this movie. If it weren't for them I don't know if I would have liked it as much as I do.
    • 8. Seven
      This movie was great. Some parts are a little to much for me to stomache,but I find myself watching it over and over again.
    • 7. Speed
      All I have to say is look at the lead actor,he is enough to put this on my top 10!!!
    • 6. Robin Hood Men in Tights
      This movie is beyond funny!It is so stupid that it is funny!Which puts it on my top 10 list!
    • 5. Forrest Gump
      I hated this movie the first time I watched it,but know it has become a favorite,because after all life is like a box of chocolates!
    • 4. My Best Friends Wedding
      This movie reminds me of my bestfreind Eric! I know that I will be upset when he gets married cause I will be afraid of losing him, so I can relate! Although I am married now, we had also made a deal like the one in hte movie that we would get married if we hadn't fell in love by the time we were 25!
    • 3. There's Something About Mary
      I saw this movie and laughed and laughed. ( of course I couldn't hear a lot of it the first time casue everyone was laughing so hard! )
    • 2. Austin Powers 1 & 2
      I can watch these movies over and over and they are still as funny as the first time. Mike Myers has talent! Grrrr. Baby
    • 1. The Shawshank Redemption
      I didn't want to even see this movie,but once I started watching it, I was hooked! This is a wonderful movie. It is a great story,with wonderful actors!Definalty a favorite of mine for a long time to come!
    I have to say though to of my all time movies that I didn't mention are Top Gun & An Officer and a Gentlemen. If you haven't seen these definalty check them out when you can!
    By: Les OC
    • 10. From Dusk Til Dawn
      It has bite!
    • 9. Toy Story (1&2)
      Just watch them!
    • 8. Ed Wood
      Hysterical! Depp does it well.
    • 7. Saving Private Ryan
      The second most powerful movie of the decade.
    • 6. Boogie Nights
      PT Anderson's amazing insight of well.. Porn.
    • 5. American Beauty
      Absolutely enchanting... in a sick and twisted way
    • 4. Clueless
      Satirically Wonderful. The best teen movie.
    • 3. Forest Gump
      History was never more interesting...
    • 2. American History X
      The most powerful movie I have ever watched
    • 1. Clerks
      The movie defines the early 90s Slackers

    By: Ash Wells
    • 10. Saving Private Ryan
      Great long movie to sit down wit cha gal.
    • 9. Romeo Must Die
      Crazy effects
    • 8. The Sixth Sense
    • 7. Powder
      white guy
    • 6. Terminator 2 : Judgement Day
    • 5. The Great White Hype
    • 4. Pulp Fiction
    • 3. Matrix
      special effects
    • 2. Braveheart
      another long ass movie
    • 1. Titanic
      long ass

    By: Matt Lenaghan
    • 10. Miller's Crossing
      It a one of the great Coen films
    • 9. Heathers
      It may have came out in 89 but it didn't achieve cult classic status until the nineties
    • 8. Suicide Kings
      Christopher Walken is amazing...
    • 7. Clay Pigeons
      A great dark comedy that no one has ever seen
    • 6. The Usual Suspects
      Best Mystery movie I've ever seen.
    • 5. Shawshank Redemption
      If you've seen this you know know it at least deserves to be this high if not higher
    • 4. Goodfellas
      Another must see...
    • 3. Fight Club
      The more times I see it, the more I like it.
    • 2. Tombstone
      Best Western I've ever seen. No doubt about it
    • 1. American History X
      Amazing, very intense, a must see
    Honorable Mention: Pulp Fiction, Braveheart,The Game, Mallrats,Clerks,The Matrix, Happy Gilmore, Silence of the Lambs, As Good as it gets, All Coen Brothers films (Hudsucker, Barton Fink,...) Four Rooms, Dusk til Dawn, Rounders, True Romance and finally Pump Up the Volume
    By: Jon Specht
    • 10. Star Wars: Episode 1
      Yes, the year 2000 is in the 90s. The 2000s don't start until 2001.
    • 9. Men in Black
      This flick is just plain cool.
    • 8. Back to the Future Part III
      Even though it was made in 89, it was released in the 90s.
    • 7. The Shadow
      Coolies, man. Coolies.
    • 6. Dances With Wolves
      A great historical film.
    • 5. Independence Day
      Damn Sam! The film that introduced us to Will Smith
    • 4. Titanic
      This movie is great. Very great.
    • 3. Forrest Gump
      One of the greatest of all time.
    • 2. Saving Private Ryan
      Just about the greatest movie of all time.
    • 1. The Matrix
      The coolest movie of all time.
    I would have put Phantom Menace at the top, but I couldn't stand Jar Jar.
    By: Scott
    • 10. Army of Darkness
      One of my all time favorite movies.Bruce Campbell has got to be one of the most underrated actors ever.(Imagine if he got the lead role in "The Mummy")
    • 9. American pie
      Almost wet myself during a few scenes...so it had to be on this list
    • 8. Saving Private Ryan
      The first 20 minutes of the movie justifies this alone....
    • 7. Independence Day
      Good old fashion "aliens are evil" movie with great special effects.
    • 6. Dumb and Dumber
      Very funny!
    • 5. Batman
      Before the sequels ruined the franchise there was the first Batman.Great movie.
    • 4. The Matrix
      A superhero that truely fits the times we live in
    • 3. Austin Powers 2
      The first one was great but the second one was funnier!
    • 2. Forrest Gump
      Excellent movie with probably the most special effects you were never meant to see!
    • 1. Silence of the Lambs
      A very well done thriller.

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