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Top Ten Movies of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite movies from the 90s?

    By: Crystal
    • 10. Down to You
      This is another good love story that you just can't pass up. I feel like it reveals what true love really is.
    • 9. Under the Hula Moon
      Stephen Baldwin plays a husband that will do anything to save his wife. Eventhough it's a comedy, I find it touching as well.
    • 8. Cruel Intentions
      Ryan Phillippe make Sabastian a character that you simply love to hate. This is a outstanding movie!!
    • 7. Where the Heart Is
      This movie is one of my favorites!! The book is just as good if not better than the movie. This is such a touching story about friends and family.
    • 6. Playing by Heart
      This movie was so good because all of the characters were connected in some way or another. It just shows you what families can really be like.
    • 5. American Pie
      Finally a movie really depicted teen life!! This was one of the funniest movie ever. It's seems like you could relate to each character because you knew someone like them in high school!!
    • 4. Scream
      This movie was so unique in its day. Matthew Lillard and Skeet Ulrich took murderers to another level. It was a awesome and unique movie all around!!!
    • 3. The Usual Suspects
      Kaiser Soze is the most charming and clever characters you'll ever meet. This movie was one of a kind!!!
    • 2. Here on Earth
      Chris Klein and Leelee Sobieski make this movie one of the best love stories ever told.
    • 1. 8 Seconds
      Lane Frost is a true hero. Luke Perry performed very well in his shoes. 8 Seconds is the greatest movie of all time. Especially since it's about a real person. This is a real story that I am so amazed by.
    Favorite movies are so hard to pick, but these are the one's that came to mind when I found this survey.
    By: trysh
    • 10. Mallrats
    • 9. Fight Club
    • 8. Girl, Interrupted
    • 7. Forrest Gump
    • 6. This Is My Father
    • 5. Trainspotting
    • 4. Arlington Rd.
      never expected that ending!
    • 3. The Big Lebowski
      the dude!
    • 2. American History X
    • 1. Dazed and Confused
      greatest movie of all time

    By: matt
    • 10. T2
    • 9. The Rock
      Great flick great action great lines
    • 8. Dumb and Dumber
      o god it rocks!
    • 7. Sleepers
      very gross in concept but heartwarming
    • 6. Interview with a Vampire
      i loved the book the movie was better
    • 5. Episode One
      Come on its a Star Wars film
    • 4. Backdraft
      my father is a firefighter and it really hit home
    • 3. ID4
      Loved it!
    • 2. Silence of the Lambs
      Scared the crap out of me.
    • 1. Varsity Blues
      This movie pumps you up beyond words.

    By: Ceriel van Egdom
    • 10. Seven
      Yes, I think almost everyone agree with me this is a very good movie. the story is very well written. While i was watching this one, I thought: "I want to be as good as this writers are", very good! An all time classic.
    • 9. Instinct
      I like movies from Anthony Hopkins, because he's an very good actor. Instinct is also a very well written story and it made me think about the material world we're living in.
    • 8. Me, Myself and Irene
      Jim Carrey is the actor who makes me really laughing. Dumb and Dumber is good too, actually all his movies, but Me, Myself and Irene is a very hilarious movie, also because it's written by the Farelly brothers.
    • 7. Schindler's List
      For me this one is the best movie Steven Spielberg ever made. So damn realistic. The girl in the red jacket... do I need to say more. Big, big teardrops came out of my eyes. This movie makes you see that wars are extraordinairy horrible and terrifying.
    • 6. Urban Legend
      I like this kind of movies, like Scream, I know what you did last summer and stuff... Urban Legend is the very best in its genre, because I really didn't expected the murderer.
    • 5. The Blair Witch Project
      This is such a scary one! Amazing! I heard from many people in my neighbourhood that they don't liked it. I just can't understand that! If you are able to think that YOU are one of these persons in the movie, which is not very difficult because of 'the Video 8 way of fiming, then the movie will be you're worst nightmare come true! Especially the children sounds when they are staying in the tent at night... a very original movie!... and surely the most scary one ever for me...
    • 4. Cruel Intentions
      This is a very good one. I think it's in my personal top 10 because of its fantastic acting work. Also The story is quite original and I enjoyed the story from the beginning 'till the end.
    • 3. The Game
      There are not many times that my heart beated too fast in a cinema, but while I was watching this movie, I thaught I was gonna die! This is a amazing thrilling movie, with an very, very good story and an unbelievable original ending. If you've not seen this one, then: where are you waiting for !
    • 2. The Sixth Sense
      This story is so, so good and original! The end of it... WOW! It scared the shit out of me! This is a classic one! "I see dead people" is a sentence that people will know for over one hundred year. The Sixth Sense is a fantastic movie and simply far the best one in 1999 !!
    • 1. Titanic
      This one is much more than only a movie. I've seen Titanic for over 12 times.It makes me think about the world and it shows you how you will react when you're in the middle of a big disaster. This movie will be the best one forever, no words for it !
    As so many people said, it's actually too difficult to pick out ten favourite movies out of my mind. There are so many films I love: Saving Private Ryan, There's something about Mary, One flew over the cuckoos nest, Braveheart, Jerry Maguire, Analyze this, The usual suspects, American beauty, The Truman Show, Arlington Road, American Psycho, Stir of echoos, Die hard (with a vengeance), The green mile, Deuce Bigalow, Ace Ventura, Eyes wide shut, oké, oké, i will stop now, any way, i'm a big movie fan, living in Holland. I'm almost every week in the cinema watching a movie and hire and buy them a lot. Watching movies is a great way to 'waste' my time and I must say: keep up the good work with sites like this... Ceriel van Egdom, Amersfoort, The Netherlands
    By: Tara and Marshall
    • 10. the Batman Movies and Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
      I had to include both of these great stroies and I only had one line left.
    • 9. The Cutting Edge
      Moria Kelley and D.B. Sweeney are total opposites who fall in love with one another...on the ice.
    • 8. Shawshank Redeption
      All around great movie...Good drama and very funny
    • 7. For Love of the Game
      Kevin Costner and Kelly Preston make love worth the wait...of a baseball game atleast.
    • 6. American Pie
      There is something about your first piece!!!
    • 5. Up Close and Personal
      Robert Redford and Michelle Pfiffer go through trials and trubulations together. Romance and comedy make up this love story.
    • 4. Seven
      The only Brad Pitt movie that he doesn't act really gay in.
    • 3. The Horse Whisperer
      Robert Redford was awesome in this movie...rancher helps a little girl and her horse find the strength and courage they both need.
    • 2. Road Trip
      Tom Green gives a very convicing performance as a college recruiter!!!
    • 1. Pure Country
      George Stait's 1st and only movie. He sings into the heart of a redheaded rodeo queen. Also...had a #1 soundtrack for the movie.
    Tara did the odd lines...Marshall did the even ones.
    By: Ozlen Demirci
    • 10. A long kiss good night
      Made me like Geena Davis. Reni Harlen did a great job
    • 9. Notting Hill
      Very funny, a great romantic comedy..
    • 8. Tao of Steve
      Funny, great story on a low budget
    • 7. The Full Monty
      Funny, great movie. Loved it!!!
    • 6. Saving Grace
      A must see, I thought..
    • 5. American Beauty
      Great story, great movie lessons to learn
    • 4. Circle of Friends
      Minnie Driver took off since then.. Good story
    • 3. Sliding Doors
      Gweynth Paltrow was beautiful. It was a great story
    • 2. Say Anyhting
      John Cusack rocks! Loved this movie. Have seen it many times since then
    • 1. 9 1/2 Weeks
      Many people took this movie totally out of context. There was beauty love and relationship in this movie. I loved it!

    By: Diana
    • 10. Hackers
    • 9. girl, Interupted
    • 8. Election
    • 7. Usual suspects
    • 6. Dogma
    • 5. Empire Records
    • 4. Boys Don't Cry
    • 3. Go
    • 2. Dazed and Confused
    • 1. A League of their Own

    By: Sam Appleby
    • 10. trainspotting
      a great film with an even better soundtrack
    • 9. american beauty
      a great yet wierd storyline
    • 8. the waterboy
      makes you laugh every time you see it
    • 7. con air
      brilliant film
    • 6. cruel intentions
      one of those films you will never get tired of watching
    • 5. i know what you did last summer
      a close second to scream
    • 4. scream
      about time there was a good scary movie
    • 3. american pie
      the funniest film ever made
    • 2. the shawshank redemption
      brilliant storyline and great acting
    • 1. American history x
      the best movie ever made
    there are loads more i could say but these ten are the best ive seen and no one can ague with these ten movies
    • 10. THE X-FILES
      HA HA HA HA!
    • 8. DOUBLE TEAM
    • 7. THE PATRIOT
    • 5. TITANIC
      A LEGEND OF THE 90'S
    By: LanSan
    • 10. Star Trek: First Contact
      the best star trek movie
    • 9. Braveheart
      I wasnt a big fan of it but it was cool
    • 8. Kintergarten Cop
      When Arnold could still be funny
    • 7. The Lion King
      I had to pick one Disney cartoon there were so many good ones in the 90's, Beauty & Beast is my runner-up for this slot.
    • 6. Ace Ventura: Pet detective
      another hilarious movie
    • 5. Waynes World
      so hilarious, spawned so much 90's slang, etc.
    • 4. Star Wars I: Phantom Menace
      not up to its hype but still good, maybe most hyped movie from 1990s
    • 3. The Matrix
      nuf said
    • 2. Ghost
      Also a favorite of mine from early 90's
    • 1. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
      c'mon I can't believe no-one mentioned this...early 90's

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