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Top Ten Movies of the 90s

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80s Top Ten Movies

What are your top ten favorite movies from the 90s?

    By: Nick
    • 10. GoodFellas
      Best gangster film in the post-Godfather era
    • 9. The Matrix
      Intense and thought provoking
    • 8. Glengary Glen Ross
      Al Pacino+Jack Lemmon+Ed Harris+Kevin Spacey=Intense
    • 7. Clerks
      One of the most important indie films ever, established Kevin Smith as one of the best new comedy writers
    • 6. Titus
      The standard for non-classical Shakespeare movies. It kept the dialogue true, but experimented with sets, props, and costumes. One of Anthony Hopkins' most underrated performances
    • 5. Reservoir Dogs
    • 4. Hard Boiled
      The ultimate action movie: guns, guns, Chow Yun Fat, John Woo, guns and guns. I'd like to see any director aside from Woo top the 20min gunfight in the hospital
    • 3. Fight Club
      A movie with a message: Be Yourself
    • 2. Episode I: The Phantom Menace
      Sure, it wasn't as great as the classic trilogy but it signaled the return of an epic saga
    • 1. Pulp Fiction
      It made Tarantino a household name, reinvented cool, redefined Travolta, and made Samuel L. Jackson the badest mother ****er on the planet
    Honerable Mention: "Snatch", "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels","Se7en", "Unforgiven", "Silence of the Lambs"
    By: Jordan McBroom
    • 10. Memento
      Very clever way of telling the story, and what a story it is!
    • 9. Forest Gump/ Saving Private Ryan
      Cant decide between the two and memento has to be on there so let me just say they are both equally powerful and awe-inspiring in different ways. Just wow!
    • 8. Usual Suspects
      Fantastic story with great twists, once again a great performance by spacey and the others.
    • 7. Clerks
      hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! The funniest movie i have ever seen, and will most likely ever see.
    • 6. The Matrix
      I love the cool effects and great story. Keanu gives a surprisingly good perfomace, and its just a great movie.
    • 5. Se7en
      How disturbing was this one? But I like disturbing and movies that make you think if u havent figured that out :) great performance by Pitt
    • 4. Shawshank Redemption
      Great story; deep and inspirational.
    • 3. Braveheart
      Just a great movie, tells a great tale. Great acting/directing by Gibson, and what cool battle scenes!
    • 2. American Beauty
      Wow what a great performance by Spacey! Great depth and, yet again, this one makes you think about your life. Fantastic.
    • 1. Fight Club
      Its analasis of america's materialistic society and the effect on the common man is fantasic. A must see, really makes you think about your life and the crap you buy.
    there are quite a few more that should be on there that there just isnt room for.... LA Confidential, Pulp Fiction, Payback , Schindler's list, they should probably take the places of memento and usual suspects but i love the clever telling of the stories and i believe they do more with less, but hey its just my opinion :)
    By: Bo
    • 10. Running out of Time
      This is a Hong Kong movie. If you like the above movies, you'll like this one.
    • 9. Boiler Room
      Vin Diesel's best role yet.
    • 8. Primal Fear
      See Edward Norton from Movie #2
    • 7. Seven
      Screen play is flawless. See Kevin Spacey from Movie #6.
    • 6. The Usual Suspect
      Kevin Spacey is the ultimate unexpected everyday-Joe antagonist.
    • 5. Silence of the Lambs
      Anthony Hopkins is the freakiest face I've ever seen.
    • 4. Pulp Fiction
      Need I say more?
    • 3. Boondock Saints
      The best movie no one has ever heard of.
    • 2. Fight Club
      Edward Norton is the best actor of our generation. Brad Pitt is the best psycho actor of our generation
    • 1. Leon: The Professional
      Jean Reno - the ultimate hitman. Natalie Portman - the hottest 12 year old I've ever seen.
    In case you are wondering, I do like comedies, but they lack the real power to move you. This is my dark-side top ten movies.
    By: Collin Weber
    • 10. Raise the Red Lantern
      A great Chinese movie that will open your eyes to an extremely different culture and way of life.
    • 9. Mallrats
      Kevin Smith is a comic genius
    • 8. Hilary and Jacke
      The true story of the musically talented du Pre sisters and their complicated lives. Classical music fans will love it for the soundtrack alone.
    • 7. Bottle Rocket
      Director Wes Anderson's first clasic. A comedy with a simple plot but has much more to offer. A perfect and beautiful film.
    • 6. Suburbia
      A deep comedy about teenages coming into adulthood and dealing with success or the lack thereof. A group of suburbanites trying to figure a out where there life is going to go.
    • 5. Fight Club
      Dazzling images and intense action set this film apart. The plot twists and turns and bring your mind along for the ride.
    • 4. Puddle Cruiser
      The best college movie out there.
    • 3. Rushmore
      Another masterpiece by director Wes Anderson.
    • 2. Welcome To The Dollhouse
      The most realistic portrayal of the cruelty of middle school. This film is a dark dark dark comedy by genius director Todd Solondz. Heather Matarazzo captures every aspect of misfit Dawn Weiner perfectly. Great acting. If you like this one try the movie Happiness also by Todd Solondz
    • 1. Leon: The Professional
      A powerful deep and disturbing action-packed movie of a professional hitman. Gave Natalie Portman her start in acting career. The Directors Cut DVD is a must see.
    Some other great movies of the 1990s: Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, American Beauty, Clerks, Shine, The Piano, Breaking the Waves, Fargo...
    By: Lelyn
    • 10. Dumb and Dumber
      Funny EVERY time!
    • 9. Star Wars Episode 1
      Come on! This is the first star wars episode in 2 decades. Jar Jar rules!
    • 8. Robin Hood Men in Tights
      Dude, this movie is awesome!
    • 7. Hook
      Never grow up! - this movie shows how wonderful it is to be a kid again after being a stuck-up adult for so many years.
    • 6. October Sky
      This movie is inspiring. Watch this any time you feel like accomplishing something is impossible.
    • 5. Speed
      Keaunu Reeves...Sandra Bullock..non-stop action. What more could you ask for?
    • 4. 10 Things I hate About You
      Great movie. It has great quotes for teenagers to use.
    • 3. Big Daddy
      Little Julian is so cute and Adam Sandler is so funny! Great movie. Scubba Steve rules!
    • 2. The Matrix
      Hello everybody...why isn't this in everybody's top 10? This movie ROCKS! One of the most most amazing movies I have ever seen in my life!
    • 1. What about Bob?
      Bill Murray is hilarious-this movie is just to funny, I laught every time!

    By: Matt
    • 10. American Beauty
      Another great portrayal of society, life, and family.
    • 9. Scream
      Best slasher flick ever.
    • 8. American History X
      Haunts you when over. Excellently done.
    • 7. Fight Club
      Excellent movie of the 90s. Will catch you off guard. Wonderful portrayal of society and its purpose.
    • 6. Goodfellas
      Best Gangster movie ever.
    • 5. Pulp Fiction
      Quentin's best. Excellent film.
    • 4. Happy Gilmore
      2nd greatest feel-good movie of all time.
    • 3. American Psycho
      Hilarious. Extremely memorable lines. Best portrayal of the 80s ever.
    • 2. Fear and loathing in las vegas
      Hilarious and off-the-wall. Many memorable and quotable lines. Johnny Depp and Benecio Del Toro at their finest!
    • 1. Billy Madison
      The greatest feel-good movie ever. My favorite.

    By: Rob
    • 10. Fight Club
      The ending: Awesome
    • 9. The Big Lebowski
      one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.
    • 8. American Beauty
      an excellent film overall
    • 7. The Matrix
      the last half hour makes the movie great
    • 6. The Truman Show
      the ending is great
    • 5. Forrest Gump
      a journey through history
    • 4. Princess Mononoke
      anime at its finest
    • 3. The Negotiator
      everyone should see this film!
    • 2. The Shawshank Redemption
      a great movie, right up there by number 1
    • 1. The Usual Suspects
      My favorite movie of all time. The ending is so good.

    By: Chris
    • 10. Ciderhouse Rules
      Great film. I reckon its one of the most influencial movies ever.
    • 9. Stigmata
      now this film changed my life. Im a catholic, and I always had faith in god, but Stigmata made me a devoted catholic. I go to church every week now he he
    • 8. Oceans Ten
      Its entertaining, and I had a great time watching it. Its prolly the only Geroge Clooney movie thats worth watching. But Brad as usual stole the spotlight.
    • 7. The Score
      Well, wadda u know. Its Ed Norton again. I guess this list leaves very little doubt about who my fav actor is. but I like teh fact that the director cuts the bull and let the pros do their acting. I think ed lookd great in those square rimmed shades. I bet Oakley Square wire will fit his face like a condom.
    • 6. Pulp Fiction
      This movie was wicked. Nothing like I've ever seen, and I must say it will be a timeless classic
    • 5. A River runs through it
      Boy wasnt this drama or what. I saw the movie in B&W, and really really got the best outta it. I thought Brads life in the story was beautiful, and it shows some fantastic scenes from Montana
    • 4. People Vs Larry Flynt
      Ed Norton was as usual doing his very best, and Courtney Love was outta the world. Woody HArreldson was insane and totally wicked! I loved this film. The moment when he breaks the bathroom door to see her drowned in the tub was one of the most powerful moments I've ever seen
    • 3. The Insider
      Who would have ever believed that the Rompre Stomper guy and Bud White can play a ratehr paranoid middle aged tobacco scientist to perfection. I loved the shear display of professionalism with the characters in this film.
    • 2. American History X
      This movie made a permenant dent on my head. Speak of intensity. I love the way Ed Norton can generate so much intensity with his words. This movie is fabulous
    • 1. Fight Club
      More than the fighting, its the cultural violence, Tylers vision of the world, and his doctrines that makes this movie so disturbing. "advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy sh** we dont need" Edward norton really showed the world why hes such a versatile performer.This movie is yet to find its time. Give it 20 years, and it will achieve the cult status that Blade Runner achieved. Read the book please, I've read all ov Chuck Palahniuks novels.
    American Beauty, K-Pax, Usual Suspects, Schindlers List, Courage Under Fire, Face Off, One Flew Over the Cukoos nest, Seven, Rocky-V,Omen, Ransom
    By: shelly
    • 10. Beautiful
      eventhough i dont like minnie Driver that much... this movie was great. Especially good for sleepovers with the girls
    • 9. Hope Floats
      Everything about this movie is just so true. Its good for those days you want to be at home alone.
    • 8. Armaggedon
      romantic/action/comedy... great anytime! Ben Affleck
    • 7. Speed
      The greatest origional action movie i can think of. Speed was the beginning of it all...
    • 6. Mrs. Doubtfire
      Great Family Movie. Just Great. You laugh and you cry.
    • 5. Robin Hood Men in Tights
      FUNNY! anyone and everyone over the age of 12 would think this movie is just laugh out loud hilarious!
    • 4. Ever After
      The Story of Cinderella is timeless. i watched this movie soo many times and cried each time- good for sleepovers
    • 3. One Fine Day
      so sweet.
    • 2. Now and Then
      The best movie to watch with your best friends. Its funny and sad and just perfect!
    • 1. Titanic
      im sorry but i am a sappy romantic

    By: Jeremey
    • 10. As Good as it Gets
      I don't know why...I just really liked the movie. Jack Nicholson is awesome although he's a little too old for Helen Hunt...
    • 9. Sixth Sense
      Because the ending totally blew me away.
    • 8. Lion King
      My favorite Disney animated movie.
    • 7. Dumb and Dumber
      The funniest movie of the '90s. Maybe even ever.
    • 6. American Beauty
      Didn't I say somethign about Kevin Spacey earlier?
    • 5. Braveheart
    • 4. Forrest Gump
      Because it makes you want to run.
    • 3. Seven
      No, I DO NOT have a crush on Brad Pitt. Kevin Spacey on the other hand...
    • 2. Fight Club
      Because it makes you want to go destroy beautiful things.
    • 1. Shawshank Redemption
      The most satisfying movie ever.
    What should not be on anyone's list: Spice World. Gag me.

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