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Top Ten Movies of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite movies from the 90s?

    By: Brian
    • 10. Schindler's List
      this speilberg film is a moving historical masterpiece
    • 9. Forrest Gump
      A great look at America throughout 4 decades and Tom Hanks award winning perfomance
    • 8. American Beauty
      Kevin Spacey turns in a must see perfromance
    • 7. Silence of the Lambs
      Hannibal Lecter is one of the most ingriguing characters of the decade.
    • 6. Shawshank Redemption
      deeply insightful and inspiring. Morgan Freeman is superb
    • 5. Pulp Fiction
      im a badass mutha fucka, mutha fucka. Travolta and Jackson made this movie. Plus Uma Thurman...mmmm
    • 4. Seven
      dark, disturbing and brilliant. An ending with no comparison.
    • 3. Being John Malkovich
      extremely bizarre story from mind of Spike Jonez and Charlie Kauffman.
    • 2. Resevoir Dogs
      "clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right here i am..." if youve seen it you know.
    • 1. Fight Club
      hands down, most clever movie of the decade. David Fincher is a visual genius.

    By: Matt
    • 10. Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels
      An awesome British movie. If you liked Snatch, you'll love this.
    • 9. The Usual Suspects
      Greatest ending to a movie. EVER!!!
    • 8. Run Lola Run
      I usually don't like foreign movies, but this was great. Fast paced and nonstopping from beginning to end.
    • 7. Empire Records
      Just a really funny, really good movie.
    • 6. Saving Private Ryan
      Easily the best made war movie of the 90's with a great intro. Bleak, baron, and dull WWII film.
    • 5. The Rock
      What's better than Connery, Cage, and Harris? Micheal Biehn too!
    • 4. The Shawshank Redemption
      Robbins and Freeman are great together. Brilliant story with an even better ending sequence.
    • 3. Tombstone
      Probably the greatest cast ever.
    • 2. Armageddon
      Cheesy I know, but great nonethless. I thought this movie was prime.
    • 1. American Psycho
      Great cinematography Awesome music (Phil Collins, Huey Lewis, Robert Palmer, etc) Bale, Dafoe, and Leto All in all, seriously a funny but great movie!

    By: Jenny B
    • 10. American History X
      A great aspect of predjudice that sadly still exists.
    • 9. Forrest Gump
      Who didn't like this one?
    • 8. Sleepless in Seattle
      Great all time romance.
    • 7. Fight Club
      Great psychological movie.
    • 6. The Matrix
      Great effects!
    • 5. Austin Powers 1, International Man of Mystery
    • 4. Austin Powers 2, The Spy Who Shagged Me
      Funny, Funny, Funny.
    • 3. The Big Lebowski
      A great example of drugs and bowling.
    • 2. American Beauty
      Kevin Spacey whacking it in the shower, what a show.
    • 1. Cruel Intentions
      This movie is soooo hot!! This is definitely one of the best movies of our time.

    By: Andrew Nixon
    • 10. Saving Private Ryan (1998)
    • 9. Apollo 13 (1995)
    • 8. Reservoir Dogs (1992)
    • 7. Magnolia (1999)
    • 6. Life is Beautiful (1997)
    • 5. Shawshank Redemption (1994)
    • 4. Silence of the Lambs (1991)
    • 3. GoodFellas (1990)
    • 2. Pulp Fiction (1994)
    • 1. The Boyz N the Hood (1991)

    By: Chris Barnes
    • 10. Robin Hood Men in Tights
      Even if you dont like mel brooks, u have to watch this for two reasons; Cary Elwes, and the part with blinkin' on watch in the tree, classic.
    • 9. End of Days
      sorry, i had to have an arnie film in this list, and i think he does very well in this widly, under-appreciated film.
    • 8. Proof of Life
      another russell crowe film, him and meg ryan are fantastic together. david morse once again prooves how good an actor he is and brings up questions once again of why he continues to be overlooked by hollywood as a leading actor
    • 7. Fight Club
      A very strange film. brad pitt once again shows the huge range he has in his acting abilities, and turns in a wonderful performance. on a side note i personally think Meat Loaf should get the chance in the big time, i feel he has lots a potential.
    • 6. The Insider
      I am now a HUGE Russell Crowe fan, and this is one of the resons why. When you see himself and Pacino in the same scene you know you are watching one of the greats and Crowe who is fastly challenging Newman, Hanks, Heston, and Pacino himself as one of the greats of all time
    • 5. Tommy Boy
      Completely stupid, but you have to love chris farley. i also recomend Black Sheep, also a very funny film
    • 4. The Shawshank Redemption
      Tim robbins and morgan freedman produce maybe the performances of their lives in a very good film.
    • 3. Seven
      This film keeps you interested, guessing, grossed out all the way through to the classic finale, great.
    • 2. Baseketball
      i laughed non-stop for almost an hour and a half, parker and stone are geniuses
    • 1. Dogma
      Such a classic. I love the chemistry between affleck and damon, and alan rickman is one of the greats
    i can already tell you most of my favourite films of the "naughties as they are being called." (in no order) LOTR: The Fellowship of the rings LOTR: The Two Towers LOTR: The Return Of The King Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets Star Wars Episode II Vertical Limit Star Wars Episode III And the greatest film of all time; Abeautiful Mind
    By: mike
    • 10. starship troopers
      excellent film with some great action scenes. not amazing really but its enjoyable to see.
    • 9. Slience of the lambs
      great film with some really poweful scenes. Lecters escape from custody was one of the best parts i thought, but the effect probably isnt as shocking if you have read the book prior to seeing the film.
    • 8. the fifth element
      not amazing but enjoyable. for me it started to pick up around the crusie ship scenes where the aliens take over, but overall i quite enjoyed it.
    • 7. Saving Private Ryan
      i found this really powerful and moving, plus the battle scenes were really spectacular.
    • 6. fight club
      really clever film i thought, not what you would expect it to be. made me laugh too at times.
    • 5. Total Recall
      ultra violent yes, but this had a good plot and s one of the best schwarzeneger films in my terms. not the best film in the world but i enjoyed it.
    • 4. Hard Boiled
      a stylish and very violent flim, this is a great action film with the body count into the hundreds at least. great film
    • 3. Bullet In The Head
      really good film in my terms, great story and some excellent fight scenes.
    • 2. the killer
      awesome film, some of the best gun fights ive ever seen in a movie. you really understand what a great film this is when you see the emotions behind the characters. the opening scene is one of the best ive seen in a film.
    • 1. Shawshank Redemption
      amazing film which i found really moving at the end. brilliant acting too with a great plot.

    By: Lee Sanders
    • 10. U-Turn (1998)
      Directed by Oliver Stone: Many critics and people didn't like this one, but I did. I enjoyed Sean Penn, Nick Nolte, and especially Jenifer Lopez. The plot is very common, but the directing job by Stone makes up for it.
    • 9. From Dusk till Dawn (1996)
      Directed by Robert Rodriguez: Written and Starred Q.T. Great cast and the movie totally changes half way through. Some people don't consider this is a horror movie, and it's nto really scary (but none of em are), but I have to say this is the best horror movie of the 90's.
    • 8. Fargo (1996)
      Directed by Joel and Ethan Coen: Funny little picture about regular people in extraordinary situations in a North Dakota town (I think). Filled with great dialogue and plot twists, just like any normal Coen Brothers film.
    • 7. eXistenZ (1999)
      Directed by David Cronenberg: This movie has so many surprises that lead up to the end, which has more surprises. It's about a video game that is in your head, and the games are installed into your mind.
    • 6. The Big Lewboski (1998)
      Directed by Joel Coen: This followed "The Dude" Lewboski, an average, former-hippie, stoner with acid flashbacks, as he is mistaken for a rich man with the same name, and goes on a journey through L.A., just to get a new rug.
    • 5. 12 Monkeys (1995)
      Directed by Terry Gilliam: Great movie about time traveling and the struggles a man goes through to get people to beleive him. The movie is very deep and it features Bruce Willis's best role ever.
    • 4. Reservoir Dogs (1992)
      Directed by Quentin Tarantino: Great cast, great dialogue, great acting, great debut from Tarantino.
    • 3. Natural Born Killers (1994)
      Directed by Oliver Stone: This followed the mass murdering couple, Micky and Mallory Knox, as they go on a killing spree across the nation. This shows the media's and America's obsession with violence.
    • 2. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)
      Directed by Terry Gilliam: Based on the better novel by the good doctor Hunter S. Thompson. It's about Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo on a trip to Las Vegas for a motorcylce story assignment, but the "trip" takes over.
    • 1. Pulp Fiction (1994)
      Directed by Quentin Tarantino: Most important film of the 90's. It started a whole new wave from the crime genre, but none could touch this one.
    Other Honorable Mentions From the 90s: Here's movies that almost made the list: A Simple Plan, Jacky Brown, Fight Club, Kids, Another Day in Paradise, Pi, El Mariachi, Desperado, JFK, True Romance, and there's many many more...
    By: Joel
    • 10. Star Wars Episode 1
      Even though the critics did not like it, I thought it was very well done.
    • 9. Scream
      A cool movie to watch on a Friday night, a good plot.
    • 8. Goldeneye
      One of the best bond films of all time, and Brosmans best bond film too. Sean Bean does a great job too( the fight shot between these two was great!)
    • 7. The 6th Sense
      A great thriller, best of its kind.
    • 6. Mission Impossible
      This was better then the second I find. I liked the action in the second but the suspence in the first was much, much better.
    • 5. Saving Private Ryan
      The best war film I have ever saw. All actors in this film do a awsome job. Great realistic war shots.
    • 4. True Lies
      A great show by Arnold, one of his best movies. It was action a minunte in this film.
    • 3. Hunt For Red October
      The best movie by far of the Tom Clancy book-movie series. Alec Baldwins best movie proformance and a great job done by Sean Connery.
    • 2. The Matrix
      A cool movie, full of action and a great story line. Some of the fight scenes where one of the bests I have ever seen.
    • 1. The Fugitive
      A great movie full of action and suspence. It kept me thinking till the end who the bad guy was. Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee did a great proformance.

    By: Dylan
    • 10. Star Trek: First Contact
      Okay. So I'm a bit of a Trekkie, but I feel that I can add this film to a list of the best movies of the nineties with a clear conscience! I think that this particular movie stands apart from the rest of the Star Trek series as having true cross-over appeal. It is undoubtedly the best Star Trek movie to show to a non-Trekfan to try and convert them! The action is ceaseless from the first scene to the last... but; being Star Trek, this isn't all just laser-beams and spaceships... it is a clever, witty, challenging and often disturbing movie which revels in stirring performances from its stars - particularly Patrick Stewart and Alfre Woodard. It has a great screenplay; imaginative yet not fanciful, and manages the tricky feat of exisisting as a great stand-alone movie, while enriching and remaining faithful to the long-running and established franchise to which it belongs.
    • 9. The Usual Suspects
      The movie that started the biggest fashion in nineties film making; The Bizarre Twist. I didn't enjoy this movie first time I watched it, however the intricasy of the screenplay and the subtleties of Kevin Spacey's awesome performance make repeated viewings a pure joy.
    • 8. Seven
      My Top Ten includes two of David Fincher's succesful attempts to push the "reset" button on nineties popular culture, and no less than five of Kevin Spacey's magnificient performances. Turning the classic yet tired mismatched-buddy-cop-partnership formula inside out, with remarkeable performances from Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman; this brooding, dark, miserably rain-drenched movie is more "Blade Runner" than "Lethal Weapon". Another finely tuned yet explosive twist in the final reel left spectators shocked and awestruck as they realized they had been lured into watching the decade's finest horror movie.
    • 7. American Beauty
      Is this the only Oscar winner in my list? Not sure - don't care! A bright, funny, refreshing movie with an irresistibly dark and sinister underbelly. "American Beauty" awakens the suburban curtain-twitcher in us all and gives it a stinging slap in the face. The bright and refreshing side delightfully deals with Kevin Spacey's Mr. Average as he breaks free from the life of middle-aged, middle-management, middle-income torpor. That dark underbelly I mentioned explores disturbing themes of repression, sexuality, voyeurism, murder and escapism. Probably the only "Best Movie" winner of the decade I agreed with!
    • 6. Fight Club
      Not the first movie to jump on the nineties-defining "Twist at the End" bandwagon, but one of the best. A crafty, subtle middle-finger flicked at post-yuppie moderninsm. Possibly not as visually subtle as David Ficher's other contribution to my list, "Seven" (This movie is bold marker-pen graffiti compared to "Seven"'s rain-soaked watercolours.), but then Fincher had other things on his mind making this movie. The continual subliminal cuts are genuinely disturbing, rattling around in your subconscious for days. Yet it's Fincher's fascination with the physical decay of the rooms and buildings where he sets his movie that stays with you, casting a none-too-subtle and uncomfortable metaphorical reflection of the consumerism and self-indulgence we tend to get caught up in, leading to spiritual and social decay. Brad Pitt, and Edward Norton in particular, are magnificient.
    • 5. Pulp Fiction
      Quentin Tarantino sold the screenplay for "True Romance" to help fund the making of "Reservoir Dogs". Fortunately he held onto this little gem. Widely regarded as the most important movie of the nineteen-nineties, "Pulp Fiction" needs very little in the way of description or critique. It's all been said before... Just think of that moment when Sam Jackson's "Jules" delivers that speech. Think of where you were before you saw that and where you were after. Think of how things changed.
    • 4. Reservoir Dogs
      The first "nineties movie" of the nineties. This was the one that opened the floodgates. After "Reservoir Dogs", Hollywood directors, producers, screenwriters - and to no small degree, actors - realized that there was a market out there for unusual movies, and that it was quite a big market at that. "Reservoir Dogs" gave Hollywood the courage to throw the formula book out of the window. It was this moment that defined nineties film-making, and allowed the movie industry to be more creative and daring than it had been since the days of Hitchcock and Welles. Oh yeah... It's a great heist flick, too!
    • 3. LA Confidential
      Adapted from James Ellroy's novel about corruption and greed during the booming growth of Los Angeles in the early 1950s, this remarkeable movie revels in electrifying performances from a stellar cast. Each character gradually reveals layer upon layer of either corruption, greed, pride or violence as the intricate yet swift plot hurtles towards it's explosive finale.
    • 2. Glengarry Glen Ross
      Famous for Alec Baldwin's unforgettable "Third prize is you're fired!" sales guru. This superlative character study combines the talents of some of Hollywood's brightest lights and envelopes them in writer David Mamet's wonderfully dark and charged environment of high-pressure real-estate sales. No car-chases, explosions, love-scenes or gratuitous posturing. Just quick, incisive dialogue, understated yet powerful performances and a disturbing emotional edge. Simply brilliant.
    • 1. Grosse Pointe Blank
      Sublime film-making. Not an inch of footage is wasted in this pacy, funny, touching, action-packed classic. Cusack relaxes into the role of Martin Blank; a gifted yet neurotic assasin, having second thoughts about his career path when invited to his school reunion, and carries it off with incomprable style. Minnie Driver shines as his sassy school sweetheart and Dan Ayckroyd gets his best role yet as a rival contract-killer. Exemplary support comes from the peerless Joan Cusack as Blank's secretary and Alan Arkin, pitch-perfect as Blank's reluctant analyst. Tight as a drum, highly original and packed with enough pin-sharp dialogue to keep you in quotes for a month. Killer soundtrack, too!
    Bubbling under... "The Shawshank Redemption", "Heat", "True Romance", "Batman" (1989?), "Cradle Will Rock", "The Game", "Being John Malkovich", "The Fifth Element".
    By: Jeremy DePew
    • 10. Dazed & Confused(93)
      Early Matthew McConaughey, Joey Lauren Adams, Ben Affleck...and they are just supporting cast. Feel good movie about one summer night in 1976 as told threw the eyes of High School kids...Very well done.
    • 9. Rounders(98)
      Edward Norton and Matt Damon both throw down a good job of acting in an otherwise weak script.
    • 8. Singles(92)
      This is a good movie, and I would recommend it to anyone who grew up(a bit) in the 90's.
    • 7. GoodFellas(90)
      Although the story of Henry Hill is not this glamorous, and the stories described in the movie are nearly all fabrications from a junkie with an imagination...The movie comes across pretty good.
    • 6. Good Will Hunting(97)
      This is a good movie. I like the chemistry between the entire cast
    • 5. Thursday(98)
      Everytime I talk about twisted movies I have to mention this one. I have told several people to watch this movie if you like odd and twisted movies. No one has complained yet. I have only found it on VHS so far, and Blockbuster doesn't have it.
    • 4. Usual Suspect(95)
      Again, without Spacey this movie goes nowhere. I am not a Spacey fan, and I wish he would leave the Artsie movies alone and go back to his strong point as an actor...Really screwing with people's minds.
    • 3. SE7EN(95)
      This movie is a mediocre mid ninties movie without Spacey. There is also good chemistry between Spacey and Pitt in this movie. One of Brad Pitt's best movies(Spy Game) is the second.
    • 2. Braveheart(95)
      Mel Gibson puts down another great performance in this movie. I refuse to buy this movie on DVD to be fair to the other 198 DVDs...They would just gather dust.
    • 1. The Matrix(99)
      I am far from a Reeves fan, and usually I think that Fishburne is boring. However, with a good script, perfect pacing, and a steller surrounding cast...This is the outcome
    Notables: Reservoir Dogs, Dogma, The Boondock Saints, Pump Up The Volume, Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man, Happy Gilmore, Desperado, Patch Adams, Jacob's Ladder, True Romance, Breakdown, Falling Down, Lawnmower Man, Suicide Kings, Armegeddon, Saving Private Ryan, Toy Story, Simon Birch, Thin Red Line, Wag The Dog, Primal Fear, American History X, Higher Learning, Pi, Chasing Amy, Pulp Fiction, Payback, The Crow, Dumb & Dumber, A Bronx Tale, Heat, The Game, and BaseKETBall.

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