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Top Ten Movies of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite movies from the 90s?

    By: Phrog
    • 10. Happy Gilmore / Billy Madison
      Best movies ever! Adam Sandler rules!
    • 9. Wayne's World
      All about comedy.
    • 8. Once Upon a Crime
      A couple gets mixed up in the murder of a rich dog owner and joins a large number of suspects.
    • 7. Cool Runnings
      Sooo funny!!
    • 6. UHF
      It has Weird Al!
    • 5. Hot Shots & Hot Shots Part Deux
      I love Spoofs!
    • 4. 3 Ninjas 1,2,3&4
      I loved these movie when I was a kid.
    • 3. Austin Powers 1&2
    • 2. Home Alone 1&2
      I think that Home Alone 3 is stupid. It doesn't even have Macauley Culkin!
    • 1. The Man Who Knew Too Little
      Bill Murray is awesome in this movie.
    Surf Ninjas, Mr. Magoo, Wrongfully Accused, Naked Gun, Robin Hood Men in Tights, Cone Heads, Blues Brothers 2000, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Dumb and Dumber, Back To The Future Trilogy, Star Wars Trilogy, and above all Airplane 1&2 were also great.
    By: Joe Blogs
    • 10. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
      "I don't like parking inspectors"
    • 9. Silence of the Lambs
    • 8. American Beauty
    • 7. Se7en
    • 6. Schindler's List
    • 5. Terminator 2
      Best action film ever
    • 4. Goodfellas
      "But, I'm funny how? Funny like a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh? I'm here to fuckin' amuse you?"
    • 3. Forrest Gump
      "I ate some"
    • 2. Shawshank Redemption
      I enjoy this movie every time i watch it
    • 1. Pulp Fiction
      What more can I say?

    By: Patrick
    • 10. Rush Hour
      Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are muy muy excelante senor
    • 9. The Lost World
      Better than the first
    • 8. Men In Black
    • 7. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
      Keanu's on his way
    • 6. Stealing Harvard
      Not popular, but hilarious
    • 5. Silence of the Lambs
    • 4. Dumb and Dumber
      Possibly better than Zoolander
    • 3. Zoolander
    • 2. Terminator 2
      Asta Lavista every movie except the Matrix
    • 1. The Matrix
      What else?

    By: Vaughn Parker
    • 10. Frequency
    • 9. The Game
    • 8. Turman Show
    • 7. Meet Joe Black
    • 6. Forest Gump
    • 5. Mission Impossible
    • 4. The Fugitive
    • 3. American Beauty
    • 2. The Matrix
    • 1. Fight Club

    By: Taylor
    • 10. Men In Black (? 97?)
      Here come the Men In Black! The laser thingy LOL. So so much to love. My personal fave thing is the 'POS' thing. Yeah yall will understand. LOL.
    • 9. Riding In Cars With Boys (?)
      Im not sure if this was the 90's or not...but either way it's DEFINITY DEFINITY worth seeing. MAJOR tear-jerker.
    • 8. South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut 9 (98 or 99)
      yeah...I know. Its got more cussing than anything in the world. I actually tried counting how many times they said "f***"...and I dunt think I could count. LOL. Kyles moms a b***h shes a big fat bit** shes the biggest *itch in the whole wide world! LMAO! yeah there we go.
    • 7. Saving Private Ryan (98?)
      Major Tear-jerker. I love Matt Damon and Tom Hanks. This is just...great. I didnt see it until about 2 years after it came out cuz I hada learn to handle blood better. But it was a sweet good story. How far are Tom Hanks and Ben Afflect. Tom & Matt stared in SPR, and Matt & Ben did Good Will Hunting. There yuh go. Go me!
    • 6. Lion King (94 i think)
      Makes me cry everytime. I know that it doesnt mean that much since I could cry at any movie (yeah Big Daddy makes me cry too)....but its a tear-jerker. LOL.
    • 5. Titanic (97)
      Im not sure WHY I thought it was the best movie ever, but since it was the biggest movie of the decade we might-as-well throw it in. Sure! What the hell. Yeah it was kinda...good and lame at the same time. Most people LOVE it or HATE it so...yeahz.
    • 4. Forrest Gump (94 i believe)
      A Classic...hasta be on here.
    • 3. Cruel Intentions (like...96?)
      Makes me cry, makes me laugh, makes me wish a guy would come to an airport just to see me. Makes me wanna write a diary with an awesome name such as Cruel Intentions. Makes me wish I was Sarah Michelle Gellar and got to kiss Ryan Phillipe...or Reese Witherspoon. But now Reese & Ryan are married and junk and OOOH the heartache. LOL.
    • 2. Big Daddy (i dunno...like 96?
      One of, if not, my favorite comedy. It has everything you need...a cute lil kid, a foreign guy who eats your food, a court case, sentemental dad-kid moments, idiots acting stupid, gay guys, and a tollbooth worker. Come on, that's everything that makes a movie great. Dont forget the peeing on the sides of buildings! And the MikkieD's Breakfast time changes! It's a classic. CLASSIC.
    • 1. Shawshank Redemption (94 i think)
      I had to put this at number one. It makes me cry everytime. My mom turned me on to this movie a few yrs ago (remember im only 16 yall) and so...I love it. LOL.
    More: Wedding Singer- yall have seen it...yall understand. Happy Gilmore- yeah...umm read previous again fo this. 6th Sense- Yeah. Didnt quite get it first time around. Romeo & Juliet- Yup. LOL. Benvolio is sooooo hottttt in that movie!! ::drools:: Independence Day- Yup..another Will Smith one! 10 things I hate about you-tear-jerker. Poem. :'( Yall...that was hard!!!! LOL.
    By: Sindhyar
    • 10. The Ghost
      What a Fantastic Movie , it was in 90s right????
    • 9. Face Off
      A superb Travolta / Cage movie and i like both actors so much that i can`t help but mention this movie
    • 8. Terminator II (The Judgement Day)
      If u want action then movie is number one
    • 7. City Of Angels
      Really i felt like cring when i saw this move (I i don`t cry easily) An excellent romantic movie
    • 6. Meet Joe Black
      An excellent Movie with a great Cast A must see
    • 5. Brave Heart
      Well need i say more ??? Tom Hanks was superb
    • 4. Philadelphia
      In this Movie Tom Hanks showed his Versatility in this MOvie
    • 3. Forest Gump
      Tom Hanks Just killed in this movie what a brilliant Actor
    • 2. Titanic
      I like James Cameron, He showed what he is made up of, He made two nobodies in to stars Thats Class
    • 1. ShamShank Redemption
      How Can any one not Like this Movie??? The Best of 90s YES! Greatest i,ll say
    The Specialist, Stigmata,Pulp Fiction,Planet Of Apes, Die Hard 2 n 3,Jurrasic Park,Toy story,American Pie,Chain Reaction could are also worth mentioning but no top 10
    By: Ryan Kissam
    • 10. Dumb & Dumber
      funniest movie ever made!
    • 9. Groundhog Day
      really funny with a good message too
    • 8. The Shawshank Redemption
      best prison movie
    • 7. Schindler's List
      okay this made me cry too what a beautiful film
    • 6. Saving Private Ryan
      very realistic and the best action sequence ever
    • 5. The Green Mile
      the only movie that ever made me cry
    • 4. The Matrix
      the best sci-fi action film ever
    • 3. Se7en
      best mystery ever
    • 2. Pulp Fiction
      without a doubt the best acting i have ever seen in any movie by any actor by Samuel L Jackson millimeters away from American Beauty
    • 1. American Beauty
      offb-beat and completely original WOW! something we haven't seen in awhile

    By: kyle
    • 10. Captain Corelli's Mandolin {2001}
      You wont agree with me but for some reason i thought this movie about the Italians occupying A Greek island. For which this Italian Captain Corelli {Nicolas Cage} falls in love with this Greek woman {Penelope Cruz} is just great. Later after Mossulini is killed, the Germans are not Allies with the Italians and a war goes on. Until the Italians are simply crushed and Captain Corelli survives an execution for which brings tears to this Greek woman. And after all the town has suffered from war, a earthquake brings even greater distruction and the town must leave. But when she is about to leave Captain Corelli returns.
    • 9. Bridge to Far {1971}
      Americans most hold this bridge in order to have tanks come across and defeat the Germans. But the Germans want the bridge also so it becomes a amazing battle over a bridge in southern France
    • 8. The Great Escape {1963}
      The title pretty much explains it all. Although long it is a classic about American P.O.W.'s that escape a Nazi camp, and are chased down by the Nazi's. Some make it by flying out,taking the train,by boat,or even by foot. But most dont. Steve Mcqueen does an unforgettable job in this movie.
    • 7. Patton {1976?}
      Great movie about General George Patton commanding the American forces in North Africa against the Germans. But a little long, some scenes could be cut out. But overall the action,the acting,the great things this General did were simply outstanding.
    • 6. Dirty Dozen {1967}
      Dirty Dozen parachute in France during D-Day and are ordered to kill as many Nazi Generals as possible. Even if it cost them there lives. This moviw was filled with suspense and courage. I think it is the best OLD world war 2 movie ever made.
    • 5. Schindlers List {1993}
      I just thought this excellent piece of work couldnt go below 5. True story about Oscar Schindler {Liam Nielson} who is apart of the Nazi party. But disagrees on the murders of Jewish people. So he has hundreds of Jewish people work in his factory instead of being sent off to a concentration camp. But later when the Jewish people were told to live {in the Ghettos} they are being taken and sent off to concentration camps. He keeps getting more and more Jews to work in the factory. Until he buys them, so they dont be killed and they are later liberated by Russians while staying in his factory. Although hard to watch it expresses what the horrors of the Holocaust were really like.
    • 4. The Pianist {2003}
      You probably wont agree with me but I just found it completely phenomenal. Fact based story about a Jewish Polish Pianist{Adrian Brody} in Warsaw during the Nazi invasion. Shows terrifying scenes of the ghettos, to try and stay alive. Then succesfully getting away, and hiding from the Nazi's during the Warsaw uprising, he comes along a German officer. Unlike the other German officers he does not kill this Jewish Pianist, in fact he has him play the piano, and even helps him hide. But after Warsaw is liberated by the Russians, the German officer dies and never sees the pianist again. I have left out many important information in this movie so it doesnt give it away.
    • 3. Das Boot {1981}
      Another true story about a German submarine at sea fighting the British. It is amazing what they went through. No matter what the odds where they managed to destroy many submarines,destroyers, etc. They make it back home but most are eventually killed by British planes and bombers.
    • 2. Saving Private Ryan {1998}
      Best action movie ever. Great special effects. The battle scenes are incredibly amazing. After the Allies land in Normandy, i solider named Private James Ryan who loses all 3 of his brothers, and the army doesnt want Mrs. Ryan to lose her last son. So i squad of 8 soliders lead by Tom Hanks is sent out into Nazi occupied France to find this solider.
    • 1. Enemy at the Gates {2001}
      Incredible. TRUE story about a young Russian sniper {Jude Law} who plays a deadly "cat and mouse" game with the best German sniper {Ed Harris}, whos come all the way from Berlin to stop the Russian sniper killing his soldiers. To save the city of Stalingrad in a ficious and daring battle which lasted from 1941 to 1943.
    These are best world war 2 movies, not best movies of every category. IF YOU HAVE ANY DISAGREEMENT'S EMAIL ME AT RUTHANDHAROLD97@aol.com 'Thanks
    By: Floyd Rutherford
    • 10. Grosse Point Blank
      Not a big blockbuster but a quaint, funny and very entertaining film. One of John Cusack's best.
    • 9. Boogie Nights
      Not a great ending, but it was good to see Burt Reynolds back in true form.
    • 8. Fargo
      The Coen Brothers masterpiece.
    • 7. Dazed and Confused
      The "American Graffitti" of the 1990's.
    • 6. Kingpin
      The funniest from the Farrelly Brothers (along with Me, Myself and Irene).
    • 5. The Stoned Age
      I know this is a cheap joke "Dazed and Confused" rip off, but I think this one is hillarious.
    • 4. Magnolia
      Weirdest ending ever in film. Weirder ending than 2001.
    • 3. Pulp Fiction
      A milestone in cinema and dialogue.
    • 2. Goodfellas
      Great movie making and acting.
    • 1. Jerry Maguire
      Wonderfully acted, heartfelt and funny. Renee Zellweger is unforgettable.

    By: Chris
    • 10. Happy Gilmore
      You eat pieces of shit for breakfast???
    • 9. Con Air
      He's got the whole world...
    • 8. Maverick
      Great acting, great twists, great plot, great comedy...
    • 7. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
      Only comedy I ever watched over five times in a week...
    • 6. True Lies
      Aaaanuld most underrated movie...
    • 5. The Sandlot
      The best baseball movie ever made... yeah, I said it...
    • 4. Contact
      In my opinion, the best movie about us not being alone in the universe...
    • 3. Office Space
      The best comedy ever made...
    • 2. The Truman Show
      Jim Carrey is brilliant...
    • 1. The Shawshank Redemption
      Simply one of the greatest movies of all time...
    These are my top ten favorite movies of the 90's... If I were listing Top Ten greatest movies of the 90's, you would see Forrest Gump, Resovoir Dogs, The Matrix, Blair Witch, Dazed and Confused, and all those goodies

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