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Top Ten Movies of the 90s

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80s Top Ten Movies

What are your top ten favorite movies from the 90s?

    By: Jennyfer
    • 10. simon birch
    • 9. dirty dancing
    • 8. sixth sense
    • 7. boogie nights
    • 6. studio 54
    • 5. Shawshank redemption
    • 4. Pretty woman
    • 3. Austin Powers ii
    • 2. Dumb and Dumber
    • 1. The bird cage

    By: Jessica
    • 10. Titanic
    • 9. Clueless
      This movie gets funnier everytime you watch it.
    • 8. Cruel Intentions
      Ryan Phillipe is AWESOME!
    • 7. Forrest Gump
      This movie has a little bit of everything. I cry everytime I see this movie.
    • 6. Fear
      This is so unbelievably suspenseful! Mark Walberg is just great.
    • 5. Never Been Kissed
      Drew Barrymore and David Arquette make this movie such a great teen movie!
    • 4. Scream 2
      This is the best thriller movie ever!
    • 3. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
      This is sooo funny. Jim Carrey and Courtney Cox Arquette make a great team.
    • 2. The Lion King
      Who cares if its a cartoon movie? This is the best Disney movie ever.
    • 1. A League of Their Own
      This movie has everything...comedy, action, drama, and sports. This is definitely the greatest movie of the 90's.
    Some other great movies are: Pocahontas, Pulp Fiction, Apt Pupil, American History X, The General's Daughter, Snake Eyes, Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead.
    By: Joe
    • 10. The General's Daughter
    • 9. Forrest Gump
    • 8. Titanic
    • 7. Dumb and Dumber
    • 6. The Cable Guy
    • 5. Liar Liar
    • 4. American Pie
    • 3. Can't Hardly Wait
    • 2. For Love of the Game
    • 1. Cruel Intentions

    By: Justin James
    • 10. The Talented Mr. Ripley
      Anthony Minghella
    • 9. Terminator 2: Judgement Day
      James Cameron
    • 8. Schindler's List
      Steven Spielberg
    • 7. The Thin Red Line
      Terrence Malick
    • 6. Goodfellas
      Martin Scorsese
    • 5. Miller's Crossing
      The Coen Bros.
    • 4. Unforgiven
      Clint Eastwood
    • 3. Lone Star
      John Sayles
    • 2. Fargo
      The Coen Bros.
    • 1. Pulp Fiction
      Quentin Tarantino
    Honorable Mention: The Matrix!!!!
    By: Scott Middleton
    • 10. Hotel El Paradiso
      Actually yet to see this, but it's basically Bottom on the big screen, so it's bound to be hilarious, as are the TV program and the stage shows
    • 9. Hackers
      Not sure if this is late 80's or earlier 90's, but it's superb anyway.
    • 8. The Titanic
      Great effects, portraid the era superbly, a great insight into what happened that night. Shame about the crappy romance story overshadowing it all.Moving but definately a chick flick.
    • 7. American Pie
      Not as hilarious as I'd expected, but good nonetheless.
    • 6. Starship Troopers
      Not too much for the brain to have to cope with, very American but also an enjoyable film with great effects.
    • 5. Wayne's World 2
      Funnier than the first, with great guest appearances, and to top it off it has Aerosmith gigging at the end!
    • 4. The Phantom Menance
      Ok, I Know it was a let down to many Star Wars fans, your's truly included. Yes it seemed aimed at a young audience, but hey, when the first three came out, we we're kids! At the end of the day, it's still Star Wars, it's still action packed, and it whets the appetite for the next two as George Lucas tells the story leading up to Star Wars : A New Hope.
    • 3. Terminator 2
      For once a sequel that surpasses it's predecessor in every way. If only they'd make a third one
    • 2. The Matrix
      Superb all action sci-fi. With unparalled specila effects, and a fantastic storyline. This film is another must see.
    • 1. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
      A superb British film set in gangland east london. Highly entertaining, very funny, and a great performance by soccer hardman Vinnie Jones. Some bits may not make too much sense from anyone not in or around London, especially the rhyming slang, but you have to see this film.

    By: Scott Michaud
    • 10. Good Will Hunting
    • 9. Saving Private Ryan
    • 8. Silence of the Lambs
    • 7. Schindler's List
    • 6. Braveheart
    • 5. The Shawshank Redemption
    • 4. The Matrix
    • 3. Goodfellas
    • 2. Forrest Gump
    • 1. American Beauty
    Honorable Mention:Pulp Fiction, Scent of a Woman, Dances with Wolves, and Jurrasic Park
    By: Deb
    • 10. Clueless
      This movie totally affected how everyone spoke and it's just full of cultural references that only those who were teens in the 90's get. And it's hilarious too!
    • 9. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
      I just love sword fights and castles and all of that good medieval stuff, plus this movie's got Kevin Costner and Christian Slater. Of course the brave Robin Hood saves Maid Marian and they are happily married and none other than Sean Connery shows up at the ceremony. Awesome!
    • 8. A Few Good Men
      Tom Cruise!! I just love this movie. It's a really good lawyer movie with an all star cast and a twisting plot line. Plus Jack Nicholson gets yelled at.
    • 7. Forrest Gump
      I just love this movie. It has everything. I especially love the music and Tom Hanks is just incredible.
    • 6. Ghost
      This movie is brilliant. It is a love story with plenty of action and a wonderful, heartwarming story.
    • 5. Beauty and the Beast
      This film is just wonderful!! Too bad it lost best picture to Silence of the Lambs.
    • 4. The Fugitive
      I love Harrison Ford and this is definitely my favorite of his films. This movie is just nonstop action, the acting is wonderful, and the story just gets better and better.
    • 3. American Beauty
      This film is just unbelievable. It touches on so many themes of America in the late 90s and is just a very interesting and darkly comic satire. Plus it stars one of the finest actors of the decade, Kevin Spacey.
    • 2. Dazed and Confused
      This movie is so hilarious!
    • 1. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
      This movie is kickass! Not only does it have more profanities per minute than any other film, but it has a message to parents about children in the 90s. I feel that this movie in every way reflects the end of this decade and the attitudes of individuals. It's also the funniest movie ever!
    There are many other films I wish I could mention but I just don't have enough time. Anyway, these are my favorites that I could think of!! I only wish I had room for some Jim Carrey films cause I love him too.
    By: Mel
    • 10. Cruel Intentions
      A sexy, yet sick movie. A story about sex, sex, more sex, then finally love that leads to death. Weird huh?
    • 9. Sleepers
      This movie powerfully depicts the rapes and abuses that go on not only in boys homes but also prisons. This movie is very powerful.
    • 8. Seven
      The seven deadly sins have finally been put into movie form. Scary isn't it?
    • 7. Philadelphia
      A good portrayal of the effects of AIDS. Someone finally showed how great a stigma is put on homosexual people and it's not going to be fixed by one making one movie.
    • 6. Urban Legend
      A movie based on myths passed down from generation to generation. The movie is cool cause it gives all those legends a sort of reality, but there is probably really no truth in any of them.
    • 5. The Blair Witch Project
      Although it was very popular, the movie actually sucked! It's not worth spending a dime to see.
    • 4. The Sixth Sense
      Someone finally took all the freaky stories of death and brought them to life.
    • 3. Scream
      A true class horror film! It will be legendary alongside other famous titles. This first part to the trilogy cannot be beat.
    • 2. American History X
      Finally they decide to show us racism at its worst!
    • 1. My Crazy Life (Mi Vida Loca)
      Finally a movie that comes close to depicting what real life is like out on the streets in L.A. A true depiction of the war on the streets and the struggle to survive.
    I'd just like to mention that these are only my opinions and that everyone should have an open mind and be willing to watch all films since they are all a form of art.
    By: Amanda
    • 10. Toy Story 2
    • 9. The Fugitive
      I love me some Harrison Ford. Tommy Lee Jones also.
    • 8. Out of Sight
      Why don't people watch George Clooney's movies? I'm glad people are going to see Soderbergh's new one, though, especially since The Limey was so criminally ignored. Terence Stamp rocks the house, the casbah, the cradle of love, and around the Christmas tree (at the Christmas party hop).
    • 7. Three Kings
      How, how, *how* did the Academy overlook this movie? It didn't just deserve a nomination; it deserved to win. Complex and funny and tough-minded and that stupid-ass "Double Jeopardy" crushed it at the box office.
    • 6. LA Confidential
      Everybody in this thing shoulda been nominated for an Oscar.
    • 5. Boogie Nights
      OK, so the second half is a total Scorsese ripoff, but the first half is so excellent it hardly matters. Magnolia's still growing on me. P.S. Burt Reynolds, you could be a genius! And yet you are incapable of learning.
    • 4. Unforgiven
      Gene Hackman is a genius. Nothing wrong with Morgan Freeman, either.
    • 3. The Big Lebowski
      "The Man in Me" is such a good song. Oh, I just don't know where to begin. This movie has everything.
    • 2. Pulp Fiction
      I'm not sure I don't like Jackie Brown better. If Robert Forster were in this movie it'd be a lock.
    • 1. GoodFellas
      Scorsese at his best destroys everybody. This is the mob on speed.
    Fargo and Hudsucker just missed the list. This was the Coen brothers' decade.
    By: TOM
    • 9. WHANES WORLD 2
    • 7. PREDITOR
    • 4. THE IRON gIANT
      LOVE IT!
      yes!!! THE BEST
    • 2. THE SANDLOT
    • 1. THW WAR

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