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Top Ten Songs of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite songs from the 90s?

    By: Owen Lloyd
    • 10. Mysterious Ways (1991) by U2
      U2 missed the 90s for the most part. Walk On and With Or Without You are much better than this one, but they came out in different decades.
    • 9. Nearly Lost You (1992) by The Screaming Trees
      Great early 90s song.
    • 8. Pretty Noose (1996) by Soundgarden
      "Don't like what you got me hanging from." It's not much better than any other Soundgarden but I like the lyrics on this one. 4th of July's another good one.
    • 7. My Life (1999) by Dido
      Love the whole album. I almost chose All You Want but this one seemed the smarter of the two. And I have to say, Dido's awful cute for a singer with talent.
    • 6. Tomorrow (1995) by Silverchair
      The best band and the best song to come from Down Under.
    • 5. A Long December (1996) by Counting Crows
      A very nice song. Duritz is a badass.
    • 4. She Talks To Angels (1990) by The Black Crowes
      An excellent, classic rockyish song.
    • 3. Yellow Ledbetter (1993) by Pearl Jam
      Had trouble figuring out what my fave Pearl Jam song was. Thin Air's really good too.
    • 2. Karma Police (1997) by Radiohead
      A wonderful song, probably Radiohead's best. Paranoid Android is great, too.
    • 1. Plateau (1994) by Nirvana
      Yes, it is a Meat Puppets cover. But the original had nothing on it.

    I thought it was only fair to choose one song by each of the following bands, just to have a little more variety. Feel free and email me at owen_lloyd@hotmail.com and bash on my picks if you feel the urge.
    By: Colin Toovey
    • 10. Every Me, Every You by Placebo
      Not a bad band which I have only just recently discovered!
    • 9. Live Forever by Oasis
      Could have been one of many by Oasis. 'Don't Look Back In Anger' and 'Some Might Say' were close behind
    • 8. There She Goes by The La's
      A classic with a budget video
    • 7. Disco 2000 by Pulp
    • 6. High by The Lighthouse Family
      Easily the best slow song - uplifting though. Badly abused at Karaoke in many a pub!
    • 5. Scooby Snacks by Fun Lovin' Criminals
      Everything's smooth, baby that's smooth!
    • 4. Three Lions by Baddiel, Skinner, The Lightning Seeds
      Euro '96 and all that
    • 3. She's A Star by James
      Not quite as repetitive as 'Sit Down'
    • 2. Song 2 by Blur
      Anthemic - An obvious choice for no. 2!
    • 1. There's Nothing I Won't Do by JX
      Ahh, those school disco memories - the best cheesy dance record of the decade

    Didn't realise how difficult it would be! Started with a list of about 65! Not To Forget: The classics by Reef or Nirvana. Somehow couldn't fit in any 'Manic Street Preachers' or 'Stereophonics' or any club or hip-hop.
    By: Robbie
    • 10. Semi-charmed Kind Of Life by Third Eye Blind
      Third Eye Blind rocks
    • 9. I Believe by Blessed Union Of Souls
      Forget Mariah Carey...this is the best ballad ever
    • 8. Deep Inside Of You by Third Eye Blind
      Third Eye Blind will always rock
    • 7. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      It's too good to ignore
    • 6. Brick by Ben Folds Five
      You know you've heard it like a million times
    • 5. Wonderwall by Oasis
      You're my wondawall...
    • 4. Jumper by Third Eye Blind
      You know you've heard it like a million times
    • 3. Creep by Radiohead
      It's the down in the dumps anthem of the decade!
    • 2. Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead
      The most powerful lyrics I've ever heard
    • 1. Little Black Backpack by Stroke 9

    Blur - Song 2, Oasis - Champagne Supernova, Spin Doctors - 2 princes, John Mellencamp - Wild Night
    By: Joseph Tower
    • 10. That Was Dario by Salomon Kanafani & J Tower
      I wrote that in 1995
    • 9. Violet by Hole
    • 8. Learn To Fly by Foo Fighters
    • 7. Coffe And Tv by Blur
    • 6. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
    • 5. Secret Smile by Semisonic
      That goes for the girl that i lov: Alejandra Sta.MAria De Anda
    • 4. Zombie by Cranberries
      Its not me .Its not my family
    • 3. There She Goes by Sixpence Non The Richer
    • 2. Mr.Jones by The Counting Crows
      Mr.Jones Let Me
    • 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      Just the best song ever?

    Nirvana Ruled the 90's
    By: vinh
    • 10. At The Stars by Better Than Ezra
      nice song about staying out late
    • 9. Backwaters by Meat Puppets
      reminds me of the songs they use to play on KROQ
    • 8. 21st Century Digital Boy by Bad Religion
      a classic
    • 7. Story Of My Life by Social Distortion
      so much of it has had relevence so far in my own life
    • 6. Molly by Sponge
      ...sixteen candles down the drain...
    • 5. Novocaine For The Soul by Eels
      unforgetable lyrics
    • 4. Runaway Train by Soul Asylum
      realy dark lyrics
    • 3. The Man Who Sold The World by Nirvana *cover*
      The rest could have been here, but yeah, have one song per band
    • 2. Natural One by Folk Implosion
      Something about this song
    • 1. Walking Contradiction by Green Day
      Gotta be one of Green Day's best

    Alternative Classics, mostly
    By: Jordan
    • 10. Bum Bum Song by Tom Green
    • 9. What If by Creed
      Creed singing "What if, what if, what if, what if, what if I...what if, what if, what if, what if, what if I" really got me into listening to them.
    • 8. Wait And Bleed by Slipknot
      This song rocks.
    • 7. Freak On A Leash by Korn
      gotta love this song. Cool music video.
    • 6. Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit
      I would put the Alien Ant Farm re make of Smooth Criminal here but that wasen't made in the 90's.
    • 5. Beautiful People by Marylin Manson
      Oooohhhh yeeah, this song rocks! And so does he re make of Sweet Dreams but I am deciding to put songs from different people as the top 10.
    • 4. Voodoo by Godsmack
      I'm not the one whose so far away, when I feel the snake bite enter my veins, never did I wanna be here again. then I wonder why came you gotta love the song.
    • 3. Sex & Candy by Marcy Playground
      "I smell sex and candy yeah yeah mhmmm."
    • 2. Dragula by Rob Zombie
      I don't know anyone who doesn't love this song.
    • 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      Great Song

    Well, those are my top 10, and if you don't think these songs are great you can....do something really bad! I guess.....ok bye now, I'm leavig now....good bye...adios amigo...or amiga, whatever you are....period.
    By: Chad Hyett
    • 10. Disarm by Smashing Pumkins
      Really, Really relevant.
    • 9. Outside (acoustic) by Staind
      It might be played out bet Staind is damn good.
    • 8. Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam
      Different versions make it kind of cool and everchanging
    • 7. Far Behind by Candlebox
      I don't know, it's kind of catchy.
    • 6. Wrong Way Or What I Got by Sublime
      Sublime was great and they could have been a lot better.
    • 5. Plush (acoustic) by STP
      Scott Weiland can really sing when he's sober.
    • 4. Long Day (acoustic) by Matchbox 20
      Great song, Great vioce.
    • 3. 3 Libras by A Perfect Circle
      Touching, makes you think why can't I have that.
    • 2. Glycerine by Bush
      This song sums up every relationship everyone has ever had
    • 1. Elderly Woman Behind A Counter In A Small Town by Pearl Jam
      1)Have to include Pearl Jam (not the best but the best of the 90's) 2)What a great song!! Never get tired of it.

    Beatles and Led Zeppelin are the best but they were way before my time and the 90's.
    By: Dynamize
    • 10. Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice
      Loved it when I was a kid, still have a soft spot for it, ashamed to admit I liked it now :o)
    • 9. Jump Around by House of Pain
      Everyone says it, because it's TRUE: Ultimate Party Tune=Yes!
    • 8. Open Up by Leftfield
      John Lydon doing something GOOD after the Sex Pistols (go away Public Image Ltd.), and doing it in a great early 90s dance fashion. Well done! :o)
    • 7. Life Is Sweet by Chemical Brothers
      The song's so WARM, takes you on a journey.
    • 6. Novacaine For The Soul by Eels
      Depressing, yet defiant.
    • 5. Don't Look Back In Anger by Oasis
      Seminal song this.
    • 4. The Day We Caught The Train by Ocean Colour Scene
      One of the ultimate summer songs.
    • 3. Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead
      So ethereal, definitely haunting.
    • 2. Whippin' Piccadilly by Gomez
      Great song to bop to.
    • 1. The Sunshine Underground by Chemical Brothers
      Possibly THE most BEAUTIFUL song ever. One of those songs you want to reach out and touch.

    A lot of my choices are mid to late 90s, mainly cuz my mind draws a blank for the earlier stuff, not sure if it's late 80s. Others that didn't quite make it but are worthy of mentioning: Nancy Boy by Placebo; All I Need by Air; Happy by Travis; Born Slippy by Underworld; Sabotage by Beastie Boys.
    By: john orourke
    • 10. Breakfast At Tiffany's by Deep Blue Something
    • 9. Glicerine by Bush
    • 8. Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots
    • 7. Alive by Pearl Jam
    • 6. Alice In Chains by Heaven Beside You
    • 5. Cross Roads by Bone Thugs N Harmony
    • 4. Hook by Blues Traveler
    • 3. Everlong by Foo Fighters
    • 2. Lay Me Down by Live
    • 1. Better Man by Pearl Jam

    By: MoMusic
    • 10. Time Of My Life by Green Day
      I'm not a Green Day fan, but this is a great song
    • 9. Losing My Religion by R.E.M
      Great song, my favorite R.E.M song
    • 8. Waterfalls by TLC
      Very poignant song
    • 7. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      I can't deny the impact this song had on the culture of the decade Not really what I listen too, but I'm drawn to this song
    • 6. Nobody Knows by Tony Rich Project
      Such a smooth, beautiful song.
    • 5. Crush by Dave Matthews Band
      Talk about a band with real talent. This is one of the most beautiful songs of the decade
    • 4. Semi Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind
      Very powerful song about a very serious subject
    • 3. Jump Jive N Wail by Brian Setzer Orchestra
      A fantastic remake of the Louis Prima classic. Put on your dancing shoes when listening to this one
    • 2. Smooth by Santana And Rob Thomas
      Sure it's the most over played song of the 90's but the opening guitar lick from Santana will hook you every time.
    • 1. Do Wop That Thing by Lauren Hill
      The multi talented grammy award winner Lauren Hill took hip hop and made it real, poetic and respectable

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