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Top Ten Songs of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite songs from the 90s?

    By: Jennifer
    • 10. Name by Goo Goo Dolls
    • 9. Waterfalls by TLC
      This song made me cry
    • 8. All For You by Sister Hazel
    • 7. Follow You Down by Gin Blossoms
      I still love the Gin Blossoms
    • 6. Stay by Lisa Loeb
      Helllll yeah
    • 5. Wonderwall by Oasis
      Oasis still rocks
    • 4. The World That I Know by Collective Soul
    • 3. Runaway Train by Soul Asylum
      How can you leave that out
    • 2. Mr. Jones by Counting Crows
      Counting Crows was also a great 90's band - and still around now
    • 1. The Sign by Ace of Base
      Ace of Base rocked the 90's. Simple as that.

    Half of the songs on these lists are from 2000 or 1999. Cracks me up. These are Real 90's songs. LOL
    By: Carly
    • 10. Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers
    • 9. Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground
    • 8. All For You by Sister Hazel
    • 7. Creep by Radiohead
    • 6. Take a Picture by Filter
    • 5. Inside Out by Eve 6
    • 4. Bitch by Meredith Brooks
    • 3. Kiss the Rain by Billie Myers
    • 2. Soundgarden by Black Hole Sun
    • 1. Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind

    By: Valeria
    • 10. Cannonball by The Breeders
      fantastic chillout song.
    • 9. Glorybox by Portishead
      trip-hop's finest.
    • 8. 32 Flavors by Ani Difranco
      one of the most influential female musicians of the 90s (i like her more than tori amos and fiona apple because she appears to be more authentic and genuine, less prone to amplify her emotional wounds into greek tragedies).
    • 7. Date Rape by Sublime
      funniest lyrics, amazing band capable of mixing different styles of music into a unique fresh sound.
    • 6. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
      i'm a hopeless romantic, you're just hopeless. ;)
    • 5. Time Bomb by Rancid
      real punk's least punk band and pop's most punk band. this song just makes me happy.
    • 4. Satellite by Dave Matthews Band
      beautiful lyrics, laid-back tune. dave matthews...
    • 3. Tonight, Tonight by Smashing Pumpkins
      i worship billy corgan, i love the entire mellon collie album but this song stands out most... perhaps because of the incredible video that they made for it.
    • 2. Long December by Counting Crows
      the 90s melancholy character.
    • 1. Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley
      This cover of Leonard Cohen's song is breath-taking. Jeff Buckley's voice and musical skills are amazing, the most intense love song of the 90s, without a doubt.

    By: Jay
    • 10. Blue by Eifel 65
    • 9. Mambo #5 by Lou Bega
    • 8. I Get Around by Tupac
    • 7. My Name IS by Eminem
    • 6. Ironic by Alanes Morresette
    • 5. Torn by Natalia Imbruelia
    • 4. Can't Touch This by MC HAmmer
    • 3. Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney spears
    • 2. Notorious BIG by Hypnotize
    • 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

    By: Mike R
    • 10. Jeremy by Pearl Jam
      pearl jams best song has to be on the list somewhere
    • 9. I Am The Highway by Audioslave
      with out a doubt the most talented band ever, cant wait for these guys to put out more albums, and they said there will be more in concert
    • 8. Sex Type Thing/ Big Empty by Stone Temple Pilots
      my favorite band must show up on the list
    • 7. Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin
      should be number 1,...im not putting it number 1
    • 6. Zero by Smashing Pumpkins
      name one song that rocks harder
    • 5. Lithium by Nirvana
      better than smells like teen spirit, cant ask for much more than that
    • 4. Longview by Greenday
      best song by greatest punk band
    • 3. Come Out And Play by The Offspring
      has there ever been a more catchy song
    • 2. Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden
      not my favorite band, not my favorite song by them. but the best band of atleast the 90's and there will never be another song like blackhole sun
    • 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      great but this is not the best song, howeverit changed everything in music how can anyone have a number one song anyway

    top 5 albums not in any order: foo fighters colour and the shape soundgarden superunknown silverchair, thats right silverchair Neon Ballroom stone temple pilots shangri la di da in utero by nirvana
    By: Stuart
    • 10. Give In To Me by Michael Jackson
      An odd choice but the guitar work on this track by Slash of GnR is sure to strengthen his claim as the greatest guitarist ever
    • 9. Time Of Your Life by Greenday
      The "End of a great night" anthem.
    • 8. Kite by U2
      An unreleased track but the vocals are Bono at his best.Real spine tingler
    • 7. Sacrafice by Creed
      Powerful,Deep lyrically and an explosive intro to blow your ears off.
    • 6. Disco Down by Shed Seven
      A good dig at the dance music scene and a cry for real music to shine.This is one of the most under-rated bands ever
    • 5. Scar Tissue by Red Hot Chilli Peppers
      Amazing guitar work and awesome lyrics gel to create some of the chillis best work to date.
    • 4. Angel by Aerosmith
      Really shows off Steven Tylers vocal range and puts them on the map as one of the greatest.Great rock edged ballad!
    • 3. Come As You Are by Nirvana
      Kurt is a big loss to the music world but he did leave us gems like this.
    • 2. Sweet Child O Mine by Guns &nroses
      Top Band.Top Songs.This is the bollocks!
    • 1. Live Forever by Oasis
      Excellent vocals which typify Liam Gallagher with an emotional link to John Lennon

    I'm Scottish and proud of it
    By: Clay
    • 10. Jane Said by Janes Addiction
    • 9. Park Life by Blur
    • 8. Gentlemen by The Afghan Whigs
    • 7. Ode To No One by Smashing Pumpkins
    • 6. Pinkerton (the Album) by Weezer
    • 5. Creep by Radiohead
    • 4. With Out You Im Nothing by Placebo
    • 3. Do You Remember The First Time by Pulp
    • 2. Brim Full Of Ashes by Corner Shop
    • 1. Popular by Nada Surf

    By: Steph
    • 10. My Own Prison by Creed
      really spiritual song, even if you're not christian (which i'm not).
    • 9. Bro Hymn by Pennywise
      huzzah for pennywise
    • 8. Drive by Incubus
      love incubus, i have loved every single one of their albums.
    • 7. Playboy Mommy by Tori Amos
      yeah, she's wierd and twisted, but so talented...
    • 6. Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers
      i've listened to it millions of times, and still love this song.
    • 5. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      everyone needs a little nirvana in their lives.
    • 4. Street Spirit by Radiohead
      sweet sweet depressing radiohead
    • 3. Xplosive And Next Episode by Dr. Dre
      to tuff to choose between the two songs. 'nuff said, werd...
    • 2. B-boy Document 99 by High & Mighty
      best song to break to.
    • 1. November Rain by Guns 'n' Roses
      classic, will always be a beautiful song.

    By: Alex
    • 10. Nirvana by You Know You're Right
      Sometimes i feel this way.
    • 9. Dmx by What These Bitches Want
      What do women want from us guys?
    • 8. Cypress Hill by I Want To Get High
      Wanna get high?
    • 7. Cypress Hill by Hit's From The Bong
      Wanna get high?
    • 6. Radio Head by Creep
      Felt that way before. Sometimes still do.
    • 5. Uncle Cracker by Follow Me
      It's happened to me.
    • 4. Dean Martin by Amore
      LMFAO long story again. dont ask.
    • 3. Dmx by 24 Hours To Live
      Deep man. Deep.
    • 2. Usher by You Got It Bad
      Long story dont ask.
    • 1. Cracker by Low
      It's a good song, what can i say?

    I gots lots of songs i'll send you directly. IM me on my AIM s/n ItalianGuy1620. Ask me if i have the time though.
    By: Stephen Moran
    • 10. One by U2
      timeless classic!
    • 9. Sabotage by Beastie Boys
      just for the video!
    • 8. Slide Away by Oasis
      great chrous
    • 7. 74/75 by The Connels
      remember this song, its a classic!
    • 6. Lithium by Nirvana
      cracking song
    • 5. Paranoid Android by Radiohead
      its like 3 songs in one!
    • 4. Adored by Stone Roses
      the best bass riff ever!
    • 3. Sliver by Nirvana
      pure grunge, brillant!
    • 2. Pyramid Song by Radiohead
      so haunting, it make me shiver
    • 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      one of the most definig moments in rock history

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