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Top Ten Songs of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite songs from the 90s?

    By: Joshep
    • 10. Smashing Pumpkins by Tonigth, Tonigth
      excleente cancion una de las mejores.
    • 9. Wonderwall by Oasis
      aunque no se lo merecen a la gente le gusto la cancion, realmente no me parecen buenos musicos.
    • 8. Ray of Ligth by Madonna
      el renacimiento de la diva del pop, mucho mas electronica y menos pop, Quien no bail� con esta canci�n????
    • 7. Closer by Nine Inch Nails
      la opera prima de este grupo, el mejor de los noventa Trent Reznor
    • 6. Lenny Kravitz by Fly Away
      aunque prefiero la canci�n Believe, esta cal� mucho mas entre el gusto comercial
    • 5. Jeremy by Pearl Jam
      mi grupo preferido, excelente cancion
    • 4. Creep by Radiohead
      de esas canciones que escuchas y retumban en tu cabeza
    • 3. November Rain by Guns 'n Roses
      Historica, el solo de piano con la guitarra de Slash es increible
    • 2. Smell Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      El Himno de los alienados
    • 1. Unforgiven by Metallica
      es el unico single que se ha mantenido desde 1991 en las listas de popularidad por casi 10 a�os

    me gustaria poner, Teardrop - Massive Attack, Enjoy The Silence Depeche Mode, y canciones como One de U2 o Nothing Compares 2 U de Sinead O' Connor pero estan en los noventa y muchas personas piensan que son de los 80's
    By: Brittany
    • 10. Enter Sandman by Metallica
      Metallica rocks!!! I know it doesn't belong at #10, but it's time to give the other artists a chance to shine!
    • 9. When You Come Around by Green Day
      Green Day just pumps you up with all of their songs...they are all so lively!
    • 8. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
      This song just touches you....and it's a beautiful song
    • 7. Loser by 3 Doors Down
      whether I chose "loser" or "kryptonite" they both are awesome and prove that 3 doors down is an awesome band themselves
    • 6. Last Resort by Papa Roach
      Basically this song just rocks!!!!!
    • 5. Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chilli Peppers
      I love all the Red Hot Chilli Peppers songs and I just happened to like this one a little bit more!!
    • 4. I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith
      This song is for all of my family....and I don't think I've heard a more touching family song! Leave it to Aerosmith to right the best songs...since they are one of the best bands in the world!!
    • 3. Losing My Religion by R.e.m.
      I don't know one person that didn't love "losing my religion"!!!
    • 2. Possum Kingdom by The Toadies
      I think this song should have tied for #1...but since you can't do that it's #2. "possum kingdom" is the best song and it was overlooked by the public...so if you get a chance download it cuz it's the coolest song ever!!!!
    • 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      Nirvana is my personal favorite band ever!!!! whether I picked "smells like teen spirit" or "come as you are" or any of their other awesome songs....I just feel that they personally are #1!!!! Kurt Cobain was a genious and a god!!!!!

    By: Nestor Garza
    • 10. Unbelievable by EMF
    • 9. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
    • 8. Shine by Colective Soul
    • 7. Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots
    • 6. Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode
    • 5. Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode
    • 4. Joga by Bjork
    • 3. Only You by Portishead
    • 2. Paranoid Android by Radiohead
    • 1. The Devil You Know by Jesus Jones

    By: Mothman
    • 10. You Know You're Right by Nirvana
      Previously unrealeased, and in my opinion, kurts best work... it would be #1, but it didnt have the impact one the world like Smells Like Teen Spirit, or any of the others above, because it was unrealeased...
    • 9. Alive by Pearl Jam
    • 8. November Rain by Guns'N'Roses
    • 7. Lithium by Nirvana
    • 6. Nothing Else Matters by Metallica
    • 5. A.D.I.D.A.S by Korn
    • 4. Outside by Staind
    • 3. Heaven Beside You by Alice In Chains
    • 2. Every Rose Has Its Thorne by Poison
      May be a little old, but was great
    • 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      The best song of all time in my opinion...kurt will always be in our hearts

    By: Niks
    • 10. The Answer to Our Life by Backstreet Boys
    • 9. The Call by Backstreet Boys
    • 8. The One by Backstreet Boys
    • 7. Dying To Be Alive by Hanson
      1 o' d gr8est lyrics o' all time, so touching, so real, so perfect,gr8 meaning, got to love it
    • 6. Friends Never Say Goodbye by Elton John
      no musicvideo, but this song truly symbolises friendship as the best relationship
    • 5. Home by Bone Thugs n' Harmony feat. Phil Collins
      a gr8 rap, incredible lyrics, with genius voice of Phil Collins in the mix
    • 4. I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys
      nothing more to say, the title is enough to take u in the flow of real gr8 music
    • 3. Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely by Backstreet Boys
      the best silent ballad there is in any era......
    • 2. Take On Me by A1
      what a tune, what a rhythm, what lyrics, simply fantastic,A-ha's original was as good but we r talking abt 90's
    • 1. Everybody (Backstreet's Back) by Backstreet Boys
      The most appealing song that the backstreet boys declaring they r back with a bang, the song rocks, great lyrics,great dance,bsb rock.

    By: Dan Irimus
    • 10. Forgout About Dre by Dr.dre&eminem
    • 9. Jeremy by Pearl Jam
    • 8. Soundgarden by Black Hole Sun
    • 7. Role Model by Eminem
    • 6. Audioslave by Like A Stone
    • 5. St.anger by Metallica
    • 4. Papa Roach by Beetween Angels And Insects
    • 3. Pearl Jam by Alive
    • 2. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
    • 1. Lithium by Nirvana
      best song ever

    By: Sam
    • 10. The Sweetest Thing by U2
    • 9. Praise You by Fatboy Slim
    • 8. Janie's Got A Gun by Aerosmith
    • 7. Sabotage by Beastie Boys
    • 6. Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers
    • 5. Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A-Lot
    • 4. U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer
    • 3. Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band
    • 2. Right Now by Van Halen
    • 1. Losing My Religion by REM

    By: Sam
    • 10. Sweetest Thing by U2
    • 9. Praise You by Fatboy Slim
      hilarious video
    • 8. Janie's Got A Gun by Aerosmith
    • 7. Sabotage by Beastie Boys
    • 6. Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers
    • 5. Right Now by Van Halen
    • 4. No Rain by Blind Melon
    • 3. Losing My Religion by REM
    • 2. Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A-Lot
    • 1. U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer

    By: Brooklyn
    • 10. These Are The Days by Natalie Merchant
      Beautifull song, Beautifull woman.
    • 9. Mama Said Knock You Out by Llcoolj
      He is da don.
    • 8. Mo Money Mo Problems by Bad Boy
      They are wack now but back dem dayz we were bumping to this man.
    • 7. Dont Speak by No Doubt
    • 6. Losing My Religon by R.e.m
      This was some hot music. Too Too dope.
    • 5. Jeremy by Metallica
      To dope man.
    • 4. Kiss By A Rose by Seal
      What happen to this guy? That was a brilliant song.
    • 3. Swallowed by Bush
      This song is too wicked man, I swear.
    • 2. Satillite by Dave Matthews Band
      The guitar was brilliant in the begining and the song was what the 90's were made of.
    • 1. All Over You by Live
      This is a wicked song. The hook had people going like mad and the words are deep. To tight.

    By: Gervs
    • 10. Hurt by Nine Inch Nails
      One of NIN's greatest songs...
    • 9. Sober by Tool
      Any Tool song for that matter......
    • 8. Disarm by Smashing Pumpkins
      From earlier Pumpkins... awesome track
    • 7. Jeremy by Pearl Jam
      Great song + strange video = unforgetable
    • 6. Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine
      Finally a band with something to say comes along only to disappear a few years later
    • 5. Blind by Korn
      Redifined rap/metal....
    • 4. The Freshman by The Verve Pipe
      All about the lyrics and melody....
    • 3. Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chilli Peppers
      The Chilli Peppers at their best......
    • 2. Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden
      Great song and also another strange video....
    • 1. Lithium by Nirvana
      Although 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' would've been the 'wiser choice' this underrated track kills!

    This is more of an alternative/rock top 10. Honorable mention to Live, Cranberries, The Offspring, Green Day.... the list could go on

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