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Top Ten Songs of the 90s

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80s Top Songs

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 90s?

    By: Jojo
    • 10. Nobodies by Marlyn Manson
    • 9. See You Soon by Coldplay
    • 8. No One by Cold
    • 7. Bleed by Cold
    • 6. Daylight Again by Csny
    • 5. Trust by Megadeth
    • 4. Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit
    • 3. Coma White by Marlyn Manson
    • 2. Just Got Wicked by Cold
    • 1. Stillborn by Zakk Wylde
      cool guitar reefs. feel the sway of the guitar waves

    just listen to these songs! man you will love till you're deaf. guaranteed satisfaction. non liar organization of acoustic diggers. above selections is my 1 year of acoustic research, an 18 hr./day session. try it
    By: Dustin
    • 10. Hemorage by Fuel
    • 9. Rooster by Alice In Chains
    • 8. Walk by Panter
    • 7. Nothing Else Matters by Metallica
    • 6. Nookie by Limp Bizkit
    • 5. Faith by Limp Bizkit
    • 4. Unforgiven 2 by Metallica
    • 3. My Own Prisoner by Creed
    • 2. Cowboy's From Hell by Pantera
    • 1. Plush by Stone Temple Pilots

    These Songs Rock
    By: Max
    • 10. Papa Noah by Seeed
    • 9. Don't Mug Yourself by The Streets
    • 8. The Zephyr Song by Red Hot Chili Peppers
    • 7. Siehst Du Das Genauso? by Sportfreunde Stiller
    • 6. Gigi Winer by T.o.k.
    • 5. I Can See Clearly Now by Ub 40
    • 4. Denkmal by Wir Sind Helden
    • 3. Fit But You Know It by The Streets
    • 2. I Miss You by Blink 182
    • 1. Same Size Feet by Stereophonics

    It's impossible to chose 10 songs out of a century anyway. could list 100 of songs that deserve a place in this list.
    By: Samantha Weaver
    • 10. Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey
      Not a huge Mariah fan in general, but there was a couple albums in the 90s of hers I enjoyed, and this is one of my fav songs of hers!
    • 9. Forgot About Dre by Eminem & Dr Dre
      This song made me like Eminem...I Love it!
    • 8. Ana's Song by Silverchair
      Excellent band....great song! They had to be on my list somewhere!
    • 7. Waterfalls by Tlc
      You also can't have a 90s music list without TLC...and this is one of their best songs! RIP Lisa!
    • 6. Little Rock by Collin Raye
      Country again...my fave country song....such a beautiful, sad song.
    • 5. Any Man Of Mine by Shania Twain
      For the middle of the 90s I started to listen to country, and only country, as the "popular" music wasn't doing anything for me...and this was one of my favs!
    • 4. I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys
      The best BSB song...and the best boyband there ever was(except The Osmonds, if they're to be considered a boyband:P)
    • 3. November Rain by Guns N Roses
      One of the greatest songs ever! Excellent band!
    • 2. Mmmbop by Hanson
      I just adore Hanson!:) And this was their first hit, so I had to use this one!
    • 1. Alanis Morisette by You Outta Know
      It's just a great song....can't have a 90s music list without it!

    So many other songs I coulda picked! I think Ace Of Base "The Sign" would be #11 lol:P
    By: Woody
    • 10. I'm Not an Addict by K's Choice
    • 9. Jeremy by Pearl Jam
    • 8. Blow up The Outside World by Soundgarden
    • 7. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nivana
    • 6. Sleepyhouse by Blind Melon
      Shannon Hoons amazing amazing song
    • 5. She Talks to Angels by Black Crowes
    • 4. Mr. Jones by Counting Crows
    • 3. Wonderwall by Oasis
    • 2. Closer by Nine Inch Nails
    • 1. The Warmth by Incubus
      Not really 90's but the song did come out in 1999 so...it works

    By: Will
    • 10. Down In A Hole by Alice In Chains
      I could fill up every spot with AIC
    • 9. Suicidal Dream by Silverchair
    • 8. Low by Cracker
    • 7. Creep by Radiohead
    • 6. Hurt by Nine Inch Nails
      Even Jonny Cash redid this song
    • 5. Hey Jelousy by Gin Blossoms
    • 4. Heaven Beside You by Alice In Chains
      Need I say more
    • 3. Plush by Stone Temple Pilots
      Another great band
    • 2. You by Candlebox
      Awesome song, one of the very best albums I have ever heard
    • 1. Get Born Again by Ailce In Chains
      How do you people all forget about this great band

    By: Sebastian
    • 10. Old Man & Me by Hootie & The Blowfish
    • 9. Macarena by Los Del Rio
    • 8. Standing Outside A Booth by Primitive Radio Gods
    • 7. Tonight Tonight by Smashing Pumpkins
    • 6. Stupid Girl by Garbage
    • 5. Champagne Supernova by Oasis
    • 4. 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins
    • 3. Counting Blue Cars by Dishwalla
    • 2. You Learn by Alanis Morissette
    • 1. Ironic by Alanis Morissette

    By: Ashley
    • 10. Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice
      ...I know I'll regret it, but it is catchy
    • 9. 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins
      This is awesome
    • 8. Spiderwebs by No Doubt
      Now thats some good music
    • 7. When I Come Around by Green Day
      Any green day song deserves to be on this list
    • 6. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
    • 5. Closing Time by Uhhhh ?
      I love this song, not sure who its by though
    • 4. Time by Hootie & The Blowfish
    • 3. Can't Touch This by Mc Hammer
      Ahhh, such a great song
    • 2. Jump Around by House Of Pain
    • 1. Basket Case by Green Day
      Always a kick ass song

    Rock on 90s
    By: Sopleme El Culo
    • 10. Los Pollitos by Jose Capmany
    • 9. Cuantas Noches by El Parque
    • 8. The Beautiful People by Marilin Manson And The Spooky Kids
    • 7. Troy by Wizard Of Oz
    • 6. Zombie by The Cranberies
    • 5. Santeria by Sublime
    • 4. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
    • 3. De Musica Ligera by Soda Estereo
    • 2. November Rain by Guns & Roses
    • 1. Matador by Fabulosos Cadillacs

    By: Elwood
    • 10. Love Buzz by Nirvana
      Can you guess my favorite band?!
    • 9. In Bloom by Nirvana
      *Stares at Nirvana poster*
    • 8. Floyd The Barber by Nirvana
      This one came out in 1989, but I'll make an acception.
    • 7. Pennyroyal Tea by Nirvana
      You know you looove it.
    • 6. Sliver by Nirvana
      Grunge is dead.
    • 5. The Man who sold the World by Nirvana
      Kurt Is God.
    • 4. Lithium by Nirvana
      This is what I live by.
    • 3. Come as you are by Nirvana
      Nirvana is my life
    • 2. All Appologies by Nirvana
      I obviously love Nirvana...
    • 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      Everybody knows that Nirvana was THE band of the 90s!

    You mean...there were other bands beside Nirvana?

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