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Top Ten Songs of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite songs from the 90s?

    By: Heri for a HIP HOP chart
    • 10. asimbonanga by Johnny Clegg
      not such a great song but hell it talks about freedom
    • 9. bombastic by shaggy
    • 8. regulate by Warren G
    • 7. I'll be missing you by Puff Daddy
    • 6. Mon papa a moi est un gangster by Stomy Bgsy
      French Hip Hop Really funny song
    • 5. r Kelly by I wish
    • 4. Forgive Them Father by Laurynn Hill
    • 3. watch out now by beatnuts
      great rythm
    • 2. L L Lies by Diana King
      song for Girls
    • 1. you make me wanna by usher

    Well the chart I gave is obviously a hiphop TOP10 :-) but it woud be funny to compare rock hits with hip hop or acid jazz music so maybe i'll come back next time to give my pop top10 hits from a french guy who just tries to give a different point of view
    By: Nina
    • 10. Deep Inside of You by Third Eye Blind
      This is one of my favorite bands...and this song is so great..."And I never felt alone...'til I met you"
    • 9. Colorblind by Counting Crows
      This song has such a great message...it really does...
    • 8. Brick by Ben Folds Five
      Profound lyrics, and a tune that will never get out of your head...what else is there?
    • 7. Seasons by Good Charlotte
      This band kicks arse, and this song is the most romantic punk song ever!
    • 6. Changes by Tupac
      Great song...all I can say...
    • 5. Higher by Creed
      Totally describes the world at the turn of the century...total crap! HA! No morals for anyone, but this song takes you to another level...
    • 4. Seasons of Love by Jonathan Larson (RENT)
      Rent is the best musical EVER...and this song describes life so well.
    • 3. Don't Speak by No Doubt
      This is such a great song...Gwen Stefani put her heart and soul into this one...
    • 2. Money by Flying Lizards
      This is in the movie EMPIRE RECORDS, one of the coolest movies ever!
    • 1. I Want You To Want Me by Letters to Cleo

    By: Hip Hop Syndicate
    • 10. Waterfalls by TLC
      Dont go chasin waterfalls.. listen to the rivers and tha lakes that ya used to.. Very interesting song from TLC before No Scrubs.
    • 9. Hey Lover by LL COOL J
      Probably LL's best song of all time, really got da ladiez...
    • 8. CREAM by Wu-Tang Clan
      Cash Rules Everything Around Me .. CREAM get da Money.. DOLLA DOLLA BILLZ YAAAA!!
    • 7. Gangstas Paradise by Coolio
      Another MC to hit it big and leave the scene.. Gangstas Paradise was a song that all people from the urban streets could understand.
    • 6. I wish by Ski-Lo
      This one time wonder really brought all tha fellas the lift they needed to pick up dem femalez.
    • 5. Puff Daddy by I'll be missin you
      After tha death of B.I.G. this song is probably the most rememerable song of Puff Daddy before the time of Pdiddy.
    • 4. Ghetto Superstar by Mya, Pras & ODB
      This song brought all tha ghetto into hip hop.. heh
    • 3. Big Poppa by Notorious B.I.G.
      To ladys in tha place with style and grace.. Allow me to name this song #3..
    • 2. Aint nothin but a g-thang by Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg
      Aint nothin but a g-thang baby 2 broke down niggaz goin crazy..
    • 1. Changes by 2-pac
      This song released after the death of 2-pac brought the Hip Hop scene a big change.

    By: Scott Lyden
    • 10. Wake Up by Rage Against The Machine
    • 9. Basketcase by Green Day
    • 8. Loser by Beck
    • 7. Bittersweet by Fuel
    • 6. Shimmer by Fuel
    • 5. Dammit by Blink 182
    • 4. Adam's Song by Blink 182
    • 3. Special by Garbage
    • 2. Celebrity Skin by Hole
    • 1. 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins

    By: nick
    • 10. Jump Around by House of Pain
    • 9. Karma police by radiohead
    • 8. I alone by live
    • 7. Big Poppa by Notorius BIG
    • 6. Undone by weezer
    • 5. outshined by soundgarden
    • 4. would by alice in chains
    • 3. Smells like Teen Spirit by nirvana
    • 2. song 2 by Blur
    • 1. Bulls on Parade by Rage against the Machine

    By: sylvia yang
    • 10. skyfall by neve
      i guess its about change and how fast everything goes. + what you want to be. + how nothing makes sense sometimes..
    • 9. sweetness (new one) by jimmy eat world
      just listen
    • 8. rainbow to the stars by dj= dj mystik
      i really like techno it just gets you happy when ur not happy. this ones one of my favoritays~ i like umm that one final fantasy 8 one.. i dunno what its called. i 4got.. its pretty tho!
    • 7. someday by zebrahead
      i know this sounds kinda corny but: it just makes you kinda pumped up and ready to go wherever!! haha.
    • 6. let me down by no use for a name (nufan)
      kinda how nothing else matters except someones emotions...how you feel-how they feel. i think it tells kinda who your are now matters..who you were then doesnt.
    • 5. tell me by pivit
      you can sing this to someone... its really ::pretty:: it makes you wanna make someone just listen to you? i dunno... *unexplainable*
    • 4. lately by the ataris
      i like it because it tells how other people can hurt you so bad + how easy it can be to wanna not exist...at all. + how one person can change everything.
    • 3. anything by 3rd eye blind
      3rd eye blind is all emotional :D thrye just really good.. i like "wounded"too..thats pretty good.
    • 2. blink 182 by all the small things
      all the little things matter good + bad bad=that one song by good charlotte "the little things" how little things make u break down..
    • 1. mighty mighty bostones by the impression that i get
      note 4rum-sylvia: THeSe son9s aRe noT iN oRdEr its all about pain + how hard it is to have a good life. you just need a lot of luck.

    anything by the cure..the ramones..r.e.m would've been great! i like back tthings like that. but ya- i like a poop load of songs but those wre the ones i could think of at the top of my dumb head. uh just for ur info: imma stupid girl thats 15/f/wa *86 um my aim sn rite now is: o8 stussy 8o + uh if u wanna talk to me thn ok. haha. have a swell day.
    By: Dan
    • 10. To The Moon And Back by Savage Garden
      I couldn't leave this great pop band off the list and this is my favourite of theirs. AUSSIE ROCKS
    • 9. Walkin On The Sun by Smashmouth
      Apart from this song and Allstar, Smashmouth really suck in my opinion but I do love this song, it's great.
    • 8. Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind
      A great song! Lively, fun, it just rocks!
    • 7. Heart In Hand by Vertical Horizon
      It's impossible to leave out Vertical Horizon from this list, they're just so good, and this earlier one of theirs just does it for me. Matt Scannel's guitar playing is just awesome.
    • 6. Ana's Song by Silverchair
      Silverchair are a pretty good band and this is them at their best. Miss You Love is also good but I like this one just a little more. AUSSIE ROCKS!
    • 5. 72 Hour Daze by Taxiride
      I like this one only slightly more than Get Set. AUSSIE ROCKS!
    • 4. With Arms Wide Open by Creed
      I love this song more every time I hear it, Creed rock.
    • 3. Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls
      One of the greats of the 90s from one of the great bands. Plus it reminds me of my girlfriend.
    • 2. Push by Matchbox 20
      The song that made them famous. The emotion Rob puts in his singing is like no other singer, and this is their best one.
    • 1. Smooth by Santana
      When this was new I didn't like it all that much, but it grew on me very quickly and has been my favourite song for more than a year now. It's one of those songs that gets tattoes on your brain. And besides, you'd expect something this good when you combine Santana and Rob Thomas.

    Impossible to have a real top 10 favourite songs from the 90s, there are just so many great ones.
    By: Matt Woo
    • 10. You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette
    • 9. Champange Supernova by Oasis
    • 8. Storms In Africa by Enya
    • 7. Crying by Aerosmith
    • 6. Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton
    • 5. Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band
    • 4. Linger by Cranberries
    • 3. Jeremy by Pearl Jam
    • 2. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
    • 1. November Rain by Guns 'n Roses

    By: Marius
    • 10. Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve
    • 9. Paranoid Android by Radiohead
      Maybe not the Bohemian Rhapsody of the 90's, but still, it's my favorite Radiohead song.
    • 8. Jeremy by Pearl Jam
      King Jeremy, the wicked, ruled his world.
    • 7. November Rain by Guns N' Roses
      It's magic.
    • 6. Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode
      The oldest song on this list. Not much to say, really, besides that it's a great song.
    • 5. Loser by Beck
      I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me.
    • 4. Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden
      Amazing song, superb video.
    • 3. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      Here we are now - entertain us!
    • 2. Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers
      Beautiful mix of vocals, guitar and bass.
    • 1. Losing My Religion by R.E.M
      The song that really represents the 90's!

    By: Juan Ramirez
    • 10. Justo en el Momento by Sasha Sokol
      cuando todo estaba muerto
    • 9. En Silencio by Thalia
      en dibujos animados describiendo todo y nada de mi
    • 8. If i give you everything by Noa
      would you open your heart and let me in
    • 7. On ne chage pas by CÚline Dion
      on met juste le costumes d'autres sur soi
    • 6. Unsent by Alanis Morrissette
      what was wrong with me?
    • 5. Possibly Maybe by Bj÷rk
      i wouldn't mind, perhaps, spending little time with you
    • 4. To Have and Not to Hold by Madonna
      you're to have not to hold
    • 3. Silent all these years by Tori Amos
      you turn now to stand where i stand
    • 2. Foolish Games by Jewel
      you're breaking my heart
    • 1. HYPERBALLAD by Bj÷rk
      Will my eyes be closed or open?

    that's all i can feel

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