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Top Ten Songs of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite songs from the 90s?

    By: demski
    • 10. karma police by radiohead
      arrest this girl her hitler hairdo is making me feel ill
    • 9. under the bridge by red hot chili peppers
      Under the bridge downtown is where I drew some blood Under the bridge downtown I could not get enough
    • 8. losing my religion by r.e.m.
      That's me in the corner That's me in the spotlight losing my religion
    • 7. the world i know by collective soul
      And I step to the edge to see my world below
    • 6. pure morning by placebo
      My friend confessed she passed the test And we will never sever
    • 5. govinda by kula shaker
      Govinda - OM ....
    • 4. it's like that by run-d.m.c.
      Let it go for little zoff like this
    • 3. mary jane's last dance by tom petty
      Oh, my, my, oh, hell, yes
    • 2. song 2 by blur
      but I'm never sure why I need you Pleased to meet you yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh yeah
    • 1. ava adore by smashing pumpkins
      In you I feel so hungry, in you I crash cars We must never be apart

    also there's tons of other top ten songs
    By: demski
    • 10. evenings over the rooftops by edgar broughton band
      the air was thick like honey
    • 9. tomorrow night by atomic rooster
      Like a bad dream I can't fight tomorrow night
    • 8. sebastian by cockney rebel
      Dance on my heart, laugh, swoop and dart, la-di-da-di-da And we all know, oh yeah!
    • 7. they won't go when i go by stevie wonder
      oooh whooo oh oooooh whooooo whoa whoa whoo
    • 6. girl from germany by sparks
      strange - strange
    • 5. don't eat the yellow snow/nanook rubs it by frank zappa
      Watch out where the huskies go
    • 4. wish you were here by pink floyd
      Running over the same old ground
    • 3. lucky man by emerson lake and palmer
      He had white horses
    • 2. walk on the wild side by lou reed
      And the colored girls go
    • 1. back in judy's jungle by brian eno
      Back in Blighty, there was you there were milkmen every morning But these endless shiny trees never used to be that way

    this is very hard, guess this list is changing every 6 hours, so this here's a spot on my 70favs of the moment, August, 29/01 10:30
    By: Kezza
    • 10. Just a girl by No Doubt
    • 9. Naked by Reef
      It's one of those summer tunes that you can listen to over and over again...the singer ain't half bad either!!!
    • 8. Faith by George Michael
      The smoothy with the sexy videos....one cool bloke with a catchy and fun song!
    • 7. Pride by U2
      Again - thay have to be there. A band that will last forever and keep producing brilliant songs.
    • 6. Jungle by Guns n Roses
      Fantastic album - not my favourite tune but a good,liked by all, foot-tapper all the same!
    • 5. Losing My Religion by REM
      They have to be there lets face it - they are brilliant.
    • 4. Time Bomb by Rancid
      Old skool punk at its best!
    • 3. Wild America by Iggy Pop
      The best old guy around!And he can dance!
    • 2. Nancy Boy by Placebo
      One of their best songs from their best album.
    • 1. New Pollution by Beck
      The guy is GOD!

    I have chosen these songs for various reasons...if you don't like it then you know what you can do....PUT IN YOUR OWN TOP 10!
    By: Kent
    • 10. Closer by Nine Inch Nails
    • 9. Disco Science by Mirwais
    • 8. One Headlight by Wallflowers
    • 7. Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack
    • 6. Mastermind by Deltron 3030
    • 5. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
    • 4. Once Again by Handsome Boy Modelling School
    • 3. Blue Flowers by Dr Octagon
    • 2. Paranoid Android by Radiohead
    • 1. Aint Nothing But A G-thang by Dr Dre

    These songs are in no particular order.
    By: Stewart P
    • 10. Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush
      The best cover version ever! (not as good as Kate Bush's original, though)
    • 9. If It Makes You Happy by Sheryl Crow
    • 8. The Power Of Goodbye by Madonna
    • 7. Everybody Here Wants You by Jeff Buckley
    • 6. Joga by Bjork
    • 5. Secretly by Skunk Anansie
    • 4. Spiderwebs by No Doubt
    • 3. And So Is Love by Kate Bush
      Where is Kate Bush?
    • 2. Stutter by Elastica
    • 1. Ridiculous Thoughts by The Cranberries

    By: sendill
    • 10. Please frogive me by Bryan adams
      From rock to ballad,this guy can do it all!
    • 9. Wild world by Mr.Big
      heard this abt 5 yrs back but is still on my lips.
    • 8. Picture of you by Boyzone
      From the OST "Mr.Bean"
    • 7. Hotel california by The eagles
      above par work from the eagles
    • 6. When love and hate collide by def leppard
      My fav from the brit band
    • 5. We're gonna win by Bryan adams
      A song dedicated to his footballer friend by the singer,sure does lifts ur spirts!
    • 4. Its my life by Bon jovi
      I like the video more ,but still tht doesnt stop this song from making my top 5.
    • 3. Sweet child of mine by Guns and roses
      Slash is gr8,isnt he?
    • 2. Summer of '69 by Bryan adams
      probably the best soft rock song ever!
    • 1. Real love! by The beatles
      the legendary band came up with this song in their antholgy album and they proved why they r considered the greatest!!!

    By: caroline
    • 10. casey jones by grateful dead
      i think this is my favorite g.d. song. i like the beat and the words really dig deep.
    • 9. crazy train by ozzy osborne
      ozzy rocks. all the music is awesome. crazy train just happens to be my favorite song.
    • 8. pardon me by incubus
      this song takes me back. i relate to this song a lot. this is for my friend mike.
    • 7. song #2 by blur
      this song as a good beat.
    • 6. sweet home alabama by lynrd skynrd
      this song just touches the soul. brings me to a place like no other...with home cooked meals and home apple pies. so much southern hospitality.
    • 5. all along the watchtower by jimi hendrix
      jimi!! what is there to say about jimi. he was a magnificent guitar player and made some of the best sounds ever!
    • 4. sweet child 'o mine by guns 'n roses
      guns and roses is a great band and this song is extraordinary. the music made is unbelievable!
    • 3. close to you by the carpenters
      karen carpenter has the most beautiful voice. this song reminds me of so many friends i had left behind.
    • 2. stairway to heaven by led zeppelin
      this song touches me. it's beautiful!!
    • 1. wish you were here by pink floyd
      pink floyd is so interesting....they add sound effects to all their songs. they're trippie.

    honorable mention to - november rain: guns 'n roses (valeria, this is for you), matador: starlight mints, and any song by hookahville and the string cheese orchestra
    By: Daniel
    • 10. Stinkfist by Tool
      Bloody good video clip. Raw song. Like it alot.
    • 9. Give Into Me by Michael Jackson
      A riff that continues to stand out.
    • 8. Baby One More Time by Britney Spears
      A debut like this can't be ignored. (Her only decent song though).
    • 7. Bullet With Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins
      This song was a fluke. The band sux anus. But I Like It!
    • 6. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
      Had to put this one in. Their one hit wonder almost.
    • 5. Wash Away Those Years by Creed
      Most of the song is average, except for the change that happens around the 4 minute mark. THIS PART MADE THIS SONG FOR ME. "For We Have Crossed Many Oceans, And We Labor In Between" Such powerful words behind a fantastic voice and guitar riff!!!
    • 4. Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) by The Offspring
      Fluke I think. Overkilled but I have to give credit to this song.
    • 3. Bullet In The Head by Rage Against The Machine
      The song I think has the most rage captured more than any other song around. That ending bass riff and guitar sound SO Fucking Good!!!
    • 2. Self Esteem by The Offspring
      A song that captured the essence of the lyrics. Or visa versa. Brilliant.
    • 1. Know Your Enemy by Rage Against The Machine
      I haven't been able to find a song so tight-fit ever since. I don't know how but the whole songs sticks together so well, and laid foundations for many songs since. ALSO #1 *RIFF* OF THE NINETIES!!!!

    Hard to pick a Top 10 but KNOW YOUR ENEMY deserves its place. Just get a copy of that album and listen to that damn fine song.
    By: Mike S.
    • 10. Breakfest at tiffanys by Deep BLue Something
      Do you remeber, b/c this a great song
    • 9. Victory by Biggy, Puffy, and Busta Rhymes
      One of the greatest rap songs ever, very motivating
    • 8. Run Away train by Soul asylum
      Its just a real good song
    • 7. I'm going to be 500 miles by The Proclaimers
      Every knows the words to this song
    • 6. Jump Around by House of Pain
      Amazing song with a great beat
    • 5. Machine Head by Bush
      This song can get you pumped up for anything
    • 4. Life is a highway by Tom Cochrane
      Makes you just wanna go for a ride all night long
    • 3. Mr. Jones by Counting Crows
      Muy Bien song lol
    • 2. Notorious B.I.G and puffy by Mo Money Mo Problems
      Classic rap song of the 90's
    • 1. To be with you by Mr.Big
      Not only the greatest song of the 90's, but of all time

    THE 90's ROCKED!!!
    By: Super Sloan
    • 10. Long Way Down by Michael Penn
      Beautiful song, perfectly crafted.
    • 9. Sick of Myself by Matthew Sweet
      Pop-Guru...enough said.
    • 8. All Mine by Portishead
      Dizzying eclecticism.
    • 7. Sandalwood by Lisa Loeb
      Just brings back fantastic memories of a wonderful cafe I used to hang in.
    • 6. Porcelain by Better than Ezra
      Joined me on many a road trip. Incredible song.
    • 5. One by U2
      I remember the day I first heard this. It threw me for a loop. This song proves the greatness this band encompasses.
    • 4. Creep by Radiohead
    • 3. The Ghost at Number One by Jellyfish
      I love this band. They were the '90's best kept secret.
    • 2. Lover You Should've Come Over by Jeff Buckley
      If there is any song in this world to send shivers through your soul, this is it. His music and legacy live on.
    • 1. All Apologies by Nirvana
      You can hear the pain in his voice. An eerie willingness on his part to give in. He was telling all of us that he had enough.

    Holy hard choice Batman!! I had to leave out so many others. The Posies would have been my 11th choice. Like Nigel Tufnel...his amp goes to 11. Therefore my 11th pick is included!! Cheers All

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