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This is a list of people who died during the 1990's. Exact dates are listed when known.

Deaths On This Day In History...February 28
1990,Colin Milburn, cricketer (9 Tests for England, 654 runs), dies
1990,Fabia Drake, actress (Nice Girl Like Me), dies at 86
1990,Tuppy Owen-Smith, S Afr cricketer (batsman v England 1929), dies
1991,Guillermo Ungo, member of El Salvador junta (1979-80), dies
1992,Angelique Pettyjohn, actress (Body Talk, Star Trek), dies at 49
1992,Emilla Sherman, choreographer/rockette, dies
1992,La Lupe, Cuban singer, dies of a heart attack in the Bronx at 53
1993,Fer A Olthoff, Dutch WW II resistance fighter (Het Parool), dies
1993,Franco Brusati, Italian dir/writer (Bread & Chocolate), dies at 70
1993,Ishiro Honda, Japanese director/producer (Godzilla), dies at 81
1993,Joyce Carey, [Lawrence], English actress (Number 27), dies at 94
1993,Ruby Keeler, actress (42nd Street, Dames), dies of cancer at 82
1994,Aisin Giorro Pu Chieh, brother of Last Emperor of China, dies at 86
1994,Buster Holmes, chef/restaurateur, dies at 88
1994,Elbert "Skippy" Williams, tenor Sax player, dies at 77
1994,George Osborne Sayles, historian, dies at 92
1994,Leopoldina Poldi Feichtegger Gerhard, dies at 90
1994,Pu Yi, brother of last Chinese emperor, Pu Yi, dies at 87
1995,Herman "Ace" Wallace, blues guitarist/singer, dies at 69
1995,Keith Rigg, cricketer (8 Tests for Australia 1931-37), dies
1995,Max Rudolf, conductor, dies at 92
1996,Daniel Chipenda, angolam politician, dies at 64

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