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This is a list of people who died during the 1990's. Exact dates are listed when known.

Deaths On This Day In History...July 18
1990,Georges Dargaud, French publisher (Asterix, Kuifje), dies at 78
1990,Karl Menninger, psychatrist (Menninger Clinic), dies at 96 of cancer
1991,André Cools, Belgian budget minister, murdered at 63
1991,Harold Butler, cricketer (2 Tests for England 1947-48, 12 wkts), dies
1992,Jan Pelleboer, Dutch meteorologist, dies
1992,Mollie Parnis, fashion designer (Mamie Eisenhower), dies
1992,Rudolf Ising, cartoonist (Looney Tunes, Merrie Melodies), dies at 88
1992,Viktor Louis, Russian journalist, dies
1993,Jean Negulesco, director (3 Coins in a Fountain), dies at 93
1993,John Beck, US producer (Harvey, Singing Nun), dies at 83
1993,Robert Davis, dies of emphysema at 76
1993,Sergei Y Vozovikov, Russian major/cosmonaut, dies in accident at 35
1993,Vladimir Pavlovich Barmin, Chief designer of Soviet launch pads, dies
1994,Gottfried Reinhardt, [Goldmann], German/US director, dies at 83
1995,Fabio Casartelli, Italian olympian (Oly-gold-92), dies at 24
1996,Hans Fellner, bookseller, dies at 71
1997,Eugene Shoemaker, astronomer (Shoemaker-Levy comet), dies at 69

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