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This is a list of people who died during the 1990's. Exact dates are listed when known.

Deaths On This Day In History...May 28
1990,Giorgio Manganelli, writer, dies at 67
1990,Hussein Bin Onn, 1st minister of Malasia (1976-81), dies
1990,Joseph Hardy, actor/director (Tree Grows in Brooklyn), dies at 71
1991,Brigitte B Fischer, writer, dies
1991,Ethel Lois Payne, journalist (Chic Defender), dies at 79
1993,Billy Conn, boxer/actor (Pittsburgh Kid), dies at 75
1993,Charles Barnett, cricketer (20 Tests for England), dies
1994,Julius Boros, pro golfer (US Open 1952), dies of heart attack at 74
1994,Rita Gillespie, tV Director, dies at 65
1995,Daniela Rocca, actress (Battle of Austerlitz), dies at 57
1995,Henning Kronstam, dancer, dies at 60
1995,Jean Elizabeth Leuckert Muir, designer dressmaker, dies at 66
1995,Jean Muir, (Dress Queen), British model, dies at 66
1996,John "Jack" Layden, local politician, dies at 70
1996,Sidney Greenbaum, grammarian, dies at 66

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